The Common Paper: Assessments for wheat, Oct 1562 and Jan 1562/3

Pages 67-68

Scriveners' Company Common Paper 1357-1628 With A Continuation To 1678. Originally published by London Record Society, London, 1968.

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Assessments for wheat, Oct 1562 and Jan 1562/3

[p. 283 transcript] (fn. 1) Tempore Joh'is Hulson et Thome Wytton'

The ceassement of the fyrste payement for wheate by a warrante dated from Sr Thomas Lodge then Lorde Mayor the thyrde daye of Octobre 1562 Thomas Wytton guard, 40s.; Mr Blackwell, 20s.; Mr Lee thelder, 20s.; Mr Melsham, 20s.; Mr Wente, 20s.; Mr Norden, 20s.; Mr Godfrey, 20s.; Mr Thomas Pierson, 20s.; Mr Wylli'm Pierson, 20s.; Mr Brokesbye, 20s.; Mr Atkynson', 20s.; Mr Owtred, 20s.; Mr Bonde, 20s.; Peter Baker, 20s.; Wylfryde Lutye, 20s.; John Scampion', 20s.; Humfrey Brooke, 20s.; Alexander Rotherforth, 10s.; Thomas Hulson', 10s.; John Dalton', 10s.; Anthony Hyggyns, 10s.

Tempore Thome Wytton' sole

The ceasment of the seconde payement for wheat by the sayde Lorde Mayors warrant dated the xxiijth daye of January, 1562

Thomas Wytton' guard, 10s.; Mr Blackwell, 10s.; Mr Lee thelder, 10s.; Mr Melsham, 10s.; Mr Went, 10s.; Mr Norden, 10s.; Mr Godfrey, 10s.; Mr Thomas Pierson, 10s.; Mr Wylli'm Pierson, 10s.; Mr Brokesby, 10s.; Mr Atkynson, 10s.; Mr Owtred, 10s.; Mr Bonde, 10s.; Mr Baker, 10s.; Anthony Hyggyns, 13s. 4d.; Paule Pope, 10s.; Wylfryde Lutye, 10s.; Humfrey Brooke, 10s.; Thomas Browne & Rob'te Wylson, 20s.; Rauf Hall, 13s. 4d.; John Lee the yonger, 13s. 4d.; Thomas Bradfo'rth, 13s. 4d.; Wylli'm Braynewood, 13s. 4d.; William Ownslowe, 10s.; Wylli'm Tysdale, 10s.; Nycholas Kyngestone, 13s. 4d.; Thomas Starferton, 10s.; Frannces Bryght, 13s. 4d.; Edwarde Holme, 13s. 4d.; George Kevah', 13s. 4d.; Frannces Kydde, 10s.; Mychaell Howman, 10s.; Thomas Hulson, 10s.; John Dalton', 10s.; Wylli'm Charnocke, 10s.; Robert Davyson, 5s.; Wyllim Laying, 5s.

All whiche severall som'es Cessed and Collected in the tyme of John Hulson and Thomas Wytton amountynge in all to the some of Fouertie poundes were receyved by Thomas Atkynson one of the wardens of this Companie in Anno 1564 of Mr John Whyte Alderman And paide over by hym anno predict' as foloweth viz' To the saide Thomas Wytton' for the foote of his accompte Tenne poundes and the Residue thereoff unto the severall lenders of the same as by theire Acquitannces and Bylls delyvered in of the Receipte of the same yt dothe and maye more playnelie appere


  • 1. In the manuscript the names are arranged in columns and the money is given in Roman figures; the latter have been converted to Arabic figures for convenience. The superscript letter r of 'Mr' has been brought down to the line.