The Common Paper: Form of oath for scrivener on admission

Pages 74-75

Scriveners' Company Common Paper 1357-1628 With A Continuation To 1678. Originally published by London Record Society, London, 1968.

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Form of oath for scrivener on admission

Sacru' cujusl't p'sone p'stit' coram Gardianis mistere p'd'ce in sua admissione in Societatem eiusd'm mistere

I. N. of myn' owne Voluntarie Will' swere upon these holy Ev'ngelies by me bodily touched for to be true and lawefull in myn' Office and occupacion' of scryvanership of court 1're and to do my diligence that alle the feates the Whiche I shall make unto the seale shull be wele and lawefully made after my reason' and cunnyng And in especiall' that I shall not Write nor suffre to be Writen' by eny of myn' to my power or knowleche eny man'e feat or Writyng to be ensealed beryng date longe tyme before the makyng therof ner longe tyme after ner no blank Chartre ner other feate ensealed before the Writyng therof ner cloos l're beryng Date in ferre place ner of longe tyme Whereth[?rough] (fn. 1) eny untrouthe might be felt in my consoience ner no copie of eny dede ensealed but yf it be worde by worde by good examinacion' And for noon' haast or covetise that I shall not take upon me to make any feate touchyng enheritannce ner other feate of grete charge Wherof I am not of [word deleted] cunnyng wtout good advys and informacion' of counseill and alle the good rules and ordin'nces of the seid occupacion' or Craft I shall Wele and truly kepe and obs've unto my power as nygh' as god Woll' geve me grace So help me god [and alle Seintes and by this Book' deleted] and the hollye contentes of this booke [added in a different hand].


  • 1. Doubtful word. This page of the manuscript is very faint and partly worn.