The Apprenticeship of a Mountaineer: Edward Whymper's London Diary, 1855-1859. Originally published by London Record Society, London, 2008.

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Edward Whymper, 'Bibliography', in The Apprenticeship of a Mountaineer: Edward Whymper's London Diary, 1855-1859, (London, 2008) pp. 219-223. British History Online [accessed 24 May 2024].

Edward Whymper. "Bibliography", in The Apprenticeship of a Mountaineer: Edward Whymper's London Diary, 1855-1859, (London, 2008) 219-223. British History Online, accessed May 24, 2024,

Whymper, Edward. "Bibliography", The Apprenticeship of a Mountaineer: Edward Whymper's London Diary, 1855-1859, (London, 2008). 219-223. British History Online. Web. 24 May 2024,

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Manuscript material

Scott Polar Research Institute, University of Cambridge

MS 822/1/1-9; BJ. Whymper, Edward. 'Lecture note books.'

MS 822/39; BJ. 'Clarendon House School reports, certificates, commendations.'

MS 822/39; BJ. Whymper, Edward. 'Diary 1855 – 1859.'

MS 822/4; BJ. Whymper, Edward. 'Diary for the year 1872.'

MS 822/37/1-2; BJ. Whymper, Edward. 'Proof prints of wood engravings.'

Alpine Club Archives

1922/B35. Whymper, Edward. 'Greenland correspondence.'

British Library

Additional MS 63112 (Blakeney Collection). 'Correspondence.'

Additional MS 46664 (Bentley Papers). 'Bills, receipts.'

Additional MS 46666. 'Bills, receipts.'

Angus Library, Regent's Park College, Oxford

Maze Pond Minute Book 1840 – 1860

Maze Pond Minute Book 1861 – 1871

Maze Pond Account Book 1844 – 1861

John Murray Archive, National Library of Scotland

MS 42727. 'Copies ledger C 1828–1849.'

MS 42729. 'Copies ledger D 1838–1880.'

MS 42730.'Copies ledger E 1846-1876.'

MS 42763. 'Commission book 1843-1858.'

MS 42764. 'Commission book 1851-1873.'

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