Parishes: St Mary Colechurch

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The Cartulary of Holy Trinity, Aldgate. Originally published by London Record Society, London, 1971.

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[f. 102] In the parish of St. Mary Colechirch

527. [1214–16] Grant by Geoffrey de Maundevilla (Maundevyle), earl of Essex and Gloucester to Gilbert de Walecune (Waketone) for his homage and service of all the grantor's land with houses in the parish of St. Mary de Colechirch between the land and houses of John Walensis on the west which is of the fee of Hugh de Nevile on the north which land lies at the corner of a lane called Ysmongerslane; to hold in perpetuity; the grantee and his heirs to pay the grantor and his heirs a tercel (tercellium) or 4 bezants on St. Margaret's day; the grantee to perform the service to the chief lords of the fee, to the monks of St. Albans 7s. p.a. and to the monks of Christchurch Canterbury 11s. p.a.; the grantor and his heirs to demand nothing from the land except the tercel; Gilbert to pay any tallage or aid; gersuma 20 marks of silver; witnesses, William de Mandavilla, Hugh de Byblesword, then steward, Serlo, then mayor of London and many others.

528. [1220–1] Grant and sale by Gilbert de Waleton to Master Alexander de Dorchester of all the land and houses which the grantor had from Geoffrey de Mandavilla [in 527] at the corner of Ysmongerislane; gersuma 20 marks of silver; witnesses, Serlo the Mercer, mayor, William son of Benet, alderman, Richard Renger, Joce Junior, sheriffs.

529. [f. 102v] [1227–44] Will of Master Alexander de Dorchester; his body to be buried in the church of Holy Trinity and all his rents in the market and in the parish of St. Mary Colechirch between the land of John Walensis on the west and the fee of Hugh de Nevill on the north to Holy Trinity; all his debts to be paid from his movables viz. to the king £300; any defaults to churches are to be made good by his executors (Item defectus ecclesiarum mearum volo ut rationabiliter et modeste suppleantur secundum provisionem executorum meorum); to Holy Trinity ½ mark for pittances on the testator's anniversary day for ever and this ½ mark is to be obtained from his money by the provision of his executors; to Simon the Cook, the house which William the Baker used to hold of the hospital without Bisshopsgate; to Grun the house which Edward the Vintner used to hold [and] 20s.; to Jordan 100s.; the custody of the land which the testator has at (de) Wintellesbury until his term (usque ad terminum meum) to Walter Reyn his nephew so that Robert his ward (alumpnus) shall have half until the aforesaid term and to the same Robert 40s.; to Nicholas the chaplain 20s.; to the chaplains of London 40s.; 10s. to the poor and also 40s. to be distributed on the day of burial; to the three hospitals, namely, St. Bartholomew, St. James and St. Thomas ½ mark p.a. each to be taken from his house in the parish of St. Peter Bradestrat; to each hospital round London ½ mark, namely to the nuns of Halywell, the nuns of Clerkenwell and the nuns of St. Helen; all the testator's mentioned and unmentioned movables and immovables and all his goods and his debts he hands over completely to the ordering of his executors; appointed as executors of the will, the bishop of Chichester, chancellor of the king, the bishop of Bath and Wells, Richard prior of Holy Trinity, Richard the chaplain of the church of St. Peter Bradestrat, Robin [sic] the testator's clerk.

C.A.D., ii, A 1915.

530. [1264–5] Grant by Gilbert prior and convent to William de Wilyhale (Wylihale) son of Robert de Eston, citizen, of certain land with three shops, a seld and houses built thereon in Chepeward in the parish of Colechirch; abutments, the land and houses of Peter son of Alan on the west and the land and houses of Roger le Seriaunt on the east extending in length from the king's street to the messuage of the Fratres de Penetencia Jewry on the north; rent 10 marks p.a.; quitclaim against the lords of the fee; if the grantee wishes to sell, the prior and convent to have the preference by ½ mark; the grantee is not to pull down the houses [f. 103] or let them decay but to maintain them; swore fealty; chirograph sealed; witnesses, Thomas son of Thomas, mayor and alderman of this ward, Peter Augier, Edward Blund, sheriffs.

C.A.D., i, A 1673.

531. [List of those paying rent]: William de Wilyhale; John Lok; William de Burgo, 1 and 19 Ed. II and 1 Ed. III [See also after 532] as appears by the following indenture.

532. Indenture made between Roger prior of Holy Trinity of the one part and William de Burgo, clerk, and Margery his wife of the other part concerning a rent of 10 marks p.a. which William and Margery now hold of the gift and enfeoffment of John Lok of the prior and convent; because of certain disagreements William and Margery declare that they hold of the prior and concede for themselves and their heirs that they hold by this service and that the prior may distrain; sealed counterpart; dated London 19 Apr. 1327.

C.A.D., i, A 1672.

531 contd. William de Burgo, 3 Ed. III; Thomas Cavendych, 6 Ed. III; Thomas Broun, 30 Ed. III; his widow, 31 Ed. III as appears by Acquittance Two (fn. 1) of several parishes; Thomas Broun, 8 Ric. II; his widow, 1 Hy. V.

533. [1246] Grant by Richard prior and convent to William Wylihale (de Wylihale) of certain land with shops, selds and solars built thereon in the parish of Colechirch between Ysmongereslane on the east and the land of Peter son of Alan on the west extending from the king's highway of Cheap to the land of Peytevin the Jew on the north; rent 10 marks p.a.; William and his heirs are not to deteriorate the tenement nor to sell or pledge it to Jews or to other religious [f. 103v]; if the grantee wishes to lease it to others, the prior and convent to have the preference by a bezant of 2s.; swore fealty; gersuma 100 marks of silver; witnesses, John de Gysors, mayor, Robert de Cornhell, Adam de Bentleghe, sheriffs.

C.A.D., i, A 1646.

534. Quitclaim by John son and heir of William Wylihale senior, once citizen of London, to Eustace prior and convent of three houses, shops, solars and cellars; abutments, [as in 533] which rent the canons had by the grant of William at Ston, Robert son of Hervi and Master Thomas Aelwy, canon of St. Paul's, executors of the will; the grant is for the maintenance of three chaplains, canons or seculars, to celebrate for the soul of William etc., in Holy Trinity for ever; quitclaim; the grantor and his heirs not to proceed in any court civil or ecclesiastical against the canons; sworn before the official of the archdeacon of London; sealed; witnesses, Gregory de Rokeslee, mayor, William le Mazerer, Robert de Basing, sheriffs; dated Christmas 1278.

C.A.D., ii, A 2236.

535. [1263–4] Grant by Gilbert prior and convent to Roger le Seriaunt of certain land with houses built thereon in Chep Ward which land contains in length between the house of the Fratres de Penetencia Jewry on the north and the house of the canons held by Eymerycus Bruning on the south, 15 ells and in width along Ysmongerslane and the selds of the canons 8½ ells; rent 57s. 4d. p.a.; gersuma 2 marks sterling; if the grantee wishes to sell, the prior and convent to have the preference by ½ mark of silver; Roger and his heirs [f. 104] shall not pull down the houses or let houses built thereon decay nor allow stone walls to be thrown down but shall maintain them at his own cost; the canons may distrain on the grantee's tenements in the parish of St. Matthew Friday Street; swore fealty; chirograph sealed; witnesses, Thomas son of Thomas son of Richard, mayor, Thomas de Forda, Gregory de Rokeslee, sheriffs.

C.A.D., ii, A 2072.

536. [List of those paying rent]: Roger le Seriaunt; William de Wylihale who bequeathed all the rent which he had in Cheap of the fee of the prior and convent as appears in his will (fn. 2) [See also after 537] and afterwards Ralph prior and convent granted the same land to Richar de Refham (fn. 3) for £7 p.a. except the shop on the corner.

537. Agreement between Ralph prior and convent and Richer de Refham, citizen and mercer, over the exaction of a certain rent; concluded that the prior with the assent of the convent granted that Richer held of the prior the following tenements; that which Roger le Seriaunt once held at a rent of 57s. 4d. p.a. situated between Ysmongerslane and the tenement once of Adam de St. Albans, farrier, in the parish of St. Mary Colechirch and that solar on the corner of the lane between the lane itself and the solar once of Adam de St. Albans 'next chepe' from which solar the prior and convent received 33s. p.a. and also three shops next Chepe street of which, Richer has two shops by the lease of the prior and convent for 40s. p.a. and the third shop by the lease of Peter de Hildresham for 24s. p.a.; for a rent of £7 p.a. paid to the prior and convent; prior and convent release and quitclaim to Richer and his heirs all right and claim to the title of the aforesaid shops and solars beyond £7 p.a. in rent and remit all arrears before Michaelmas 1304; Richer gave 1 mark p.a. of quit rent from the tenement at the corner of Ysemongerlane which mark he had by the lease of John de Chelse, chandler (unctarius); the prior and convent and their successors to have the right of distraint; [f. 104v] counterpart sealed; witnesses, John le Blunt, mayor, Roger de Pareys, John de Lyncoln, sheriffs; dated London Fri. 30 Oct. 1304.

536 contd. Richer de Refham, 32 Ed. I, 1 and 19 Ed. II and 1 Ed. III; John Refham, 6 Ed. III; his widow, 30 Ed. III; Adam Fraunces, 48 Ed. III and throughout Ric. II and Hy. IV; Thomas Charleton, throughout Hy. V and the tenement is situated on the north side of Cheap (fori London') between Ir(en)mongerslane on the east and the tenement of the late Thomas Broun on the west [26 lines blank].

538. Total of this parish £13 13s. 4d. and it is tithed at this in the king's exemplification.


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