Parishes: St James Garlickhithe

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The Cartulary of Holy Trinity, Aldgate. Originally published by London Record Society, London, 1971.

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[f. 109] In the parish of St. James Garlykhythe

565. Note: William the Chamberlain gave to Richard prior and convent 15s. p.a. of land with houses upon it which Ralph Ely once held in the parish of St. James as appears in Charter Seventeen (fn. 1) of several parishes.

566. [List of those paying quit rent]: Ralph de Ely and then the land was divided for Stephen Crasser paid 5s. p.a. for the part which abutted on Cordweynstret and John Tavers 10s. for that part which abutted on Kyronlane: after Stephen Crasser, Ralph le Justice confirmed this grant to the church of Holy Trinity as appears in Charter Eighteen (fn. 2) of several parishes and from this tenement abutting on Cordweynstret 5s. p.a. was paid by Adam le Tailour; Stephen de Upton; John de Oxford, 1 Ed. II; Henry at Swan, 19 Ed. II; Stephen Upton, 1 Ed. III; Michael Mynot, 3 and 6 Ed. III; Richard Mallyng, 30 Ed. III; Walter Neel, 31 Ed. III; the bishop of Rochester, 34 Ed. III; John Mychel, 36 Ed. III; Gilbert Bonet, 48 Ed. III and 8 Ric. II; Robert Newton who granted the tenement to John Crouche and Isabel his wife who paid 5s. to Holy Trinity as appears by their charter (fn. 3) enrolled 3 Hy. IV: after John T(r)avers from the tenement abutting on Kyronlane 10s. was paid by William Haddstok, 20 Ed. I [See also after 567] as appears by the following plea.

567. Common plea held in the Husting, Mon. before St. Peter 1292.

William de Haddestok came and recognised that 10s. p.a. of quit rent was due to Holy Trinity from his messuage in the parish of St. James Garlekheth and that 40s. of arrears was payable to the prior on Tues. 15 Apr. 1292; Henry Waleys, then mayor [sic] of London; the recognisance was enrolled.

566 contd. John de St. Albans who granted the tenement to Bartholomew Vyndi(n)es who paid 10s. to Holy Trinity as appears by their charter (fn. 4) enrolled 7 Ed. II; Gauselinus Pagan, 1 Ed. III; Michael Mynot, 3 Ed. III; Richard Mallyng, 30 Ed. III; John Middleton, 33 Ed. III; Gilbert Bonet, 37 Ed. III; Adam Chongonur, 40 Ed. III; Peter Lacy, 46 Ed. III; Richard Lyons, 49 Ed. III and 3 Ric. II; William More, 1 Hy. IV as appears by the following acquittance.

568. Indenture between Robert prior and convent and William More, citizen and vintner, witnesseth that on this day the prior received 5s. in full payment of all arrears of a quit rent of 10s. due from a tenement once held by Richard Lyouns in Kyrunlane; sealed by both parties; dated London 6 Oct. 1399.

569. Total of this parish 15s. and it is tithed at this in the king's exemplification.


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