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The Cartulary of Holy Trinity, Aldgate. Originally published by London Record Society, London, 1971.

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[f. 128] In the parish of St. Michael in Bassyngeshawe

711. [1301] Grant by Stephen prior and convent to John Dode, citizen, of land; abutments, the land of John Dode himself, late of William Sprot on the north and the tenement of Margery la Fo(u)ndur on the south and extending in length from the street on the east side to the curtilage of the Guildhall on the west side; rent 1 silver mark p.a. and to Joan, daughter and heir of the late William de Hodestok, and her heirs in the name of Holy Trinity 20s. p.a.; gersuma 10 marks sterling; the grantee and his heirs to maintain all buildings and houses in repair at their own costs for ever; if the rent is in arrears, the prior and convent are allowed to enter the grantee's tenement, late of John Sprot, and distrain until they are fully satisfied; sealed counterparts; witnesses, John le Blound, mayor, Peter de Bosenham, Robert le Callere, sheriffs; dated London Wed. 20 Dec. 1301.

C.A.D., ii, A 1860.

712. [List of those paying rent]: John Dode; John de Steynton, 1 Ed. II; John Berdfeld, 19 Ed. II and 1 Ed. III; Robert Hanham, 13 Ed. III [See also after 713] as appears by the following plea.

713. Common plea held in the Husting [1339].

Robert de Hanham complains that on Fri. 1 Oct. 1339 the prior came etc. and took naam worth 20s. etc. until by gage and pledge of William de Thorney, one of the sheriffs, etc.; the prior came and defended his action because the tenement was held of him at a rent of 13s. 4d. and was 40s. in arrears for three years past and he took 20s. for one and a half years; Robert said that he had no interest in the tenement except iure uxoris [no further details].

712 contd. William Thodyngton called Dodenham, 30 and 48 Ed. III; Henry Forster; Adam Fraunceys, 8 Ric. II and the tenement is situated on the west side of Bassingshawe.

714. [1222–48] Grant of Richard prior and convent to Wiganus de Arcubus of land in Bassieshawe; abutments, the land of Wiganus himself and the land of Sabina widow of Alan son of Peter containing in width along the front next the street [f. 128v] on the east 25¼ ells and in length, on the north side 10¾ ells and on the south side 8½ ells and at the west end 27¾ ells; rent 2s. p.a.; if the grantee or his heirs wish to pledge or sell the fee, the canons to have the preference by 12d.; swore fealty; if the grantee or his heirs fail to pay the rent for one whole year, the prior and convent shall take into their own hands the land with houses, if there are any houses, or other fixtures, without compensation (sine recuperacione) to the grantee etc. unless the prior and convent wish to show any favour to them in these matters (nisi prior et conventus eis super hiis aliquam graciam facere voluerint), gersuma 4s.; witness, Hugh Tabur, alderman.

C.A.D., ii, A 1923.

715. [List of those paying rent]: Wiganus de Arcubus; the daughter of Wiganus; Martin de Oxford otherwise Preaty who gave the tenement to William Manhale [See also after 716] to whom Gilbert prior and convent confirmed the gift as follows.

716. [1262–3] Confirmation of Gilbert prior and convent to William Manhale, citizen, of land which he had of the gift of Martin Prea(t)y and Matilda his wife; abutments, the land of William Manhale on the south and the land of the late Richard Queyntel on the north extending from the street on the east side to the land of John le Minour on the west; rent 2s. p.a. to Holy Trinity; William gave 1 silver mark for this confirmation and a bezant worth 2s. for pittances; chirograph sealed; witnesses, Thomas son of Thomas, mayor, Robert de Muntpeller, Osbert de Suthfolk, sheriffs, Richard de Walbrok, alderman.

C.A.D., i, A 1637.

715 contd. Roger Miles, 4 Ed. III; Robert Burton, 6 Ed. III; Thomas Burton, 30 Ed. III; the earl of Oxford, 32 Ed. III; John Frowyk, 34 Ed. III; John de Stowe, 40 Ed. III; John Chapman, 48 Ed. III; the church of St. Mary Magdalen for the chantry of John Ofham and this tenement is on the west side of Bassyngshawe.

717. [1197–1221] Grant of Peter prior and convent to Warin (Warinerius) le Sa(vun)er of land which was of Jordan Saet containing in width throughout 23 ells and in length from the street to the east side from the south end (parte) 27½ ells and from the north end 26 ells; rent 15s. p.a.; if the grantee and his heirs wish to sell or pledge the fee, the prior and convent to have the preference by 1 gold bezant; swore fealty; [f. 129] gersuma 3 marks for pittances; witness, William Wilkyn, woolmonger (lanarius).

Original deed P.R.O. E 42/440.

718. [List of those paying rent]: Warin Soppier; Aldwin Hume; his wife Alice who sold the tenement to John Travers [See also after 719] who paid Holy Trinity 15s. p.a. as appears by the following charter.

719. Grant by Alice daughter [sic] of Aldwin Hume, in her widohood, to John Travers land with houses in the parish of St. Michael; abutments, the land of Hugh Tabur on the south and the land that was of Adam de Ware on the north; [measurements as in 717]; John is allowed to lease it to whomsoever he wishes; rent to the grantor and her heirs, ½ lb. of cumin or 1d. within the octave of Easter and to Holy Trinity 15s. p.a.; John gave to Alice 40s. gersuma; witness, Hugh Tabur.

C.A.D., iii, A 6054.

718 contd. Richard de Parys; Edward de Littlinton [See also after 720] as appears by the following recognisance.

720. [1249–50] Recognisance of Edward de Littlinton, whittawer (allutarius), that he holds a tenement which he has bought from John Travers at a rent of 15s. p.a. to Holy Trinity; sealed; witnesses, Roger son of Roger, mayor, John de Tolesane, Ralph Hardel, sheriffs.

718 contd. Robert de Araz; Walranius de Recheford, 1 and 19 Ed. II and 1 Ed. III; Thomas Chamberlayn, 6 Ed. III; Henry Chamberlayn, 11 Ed. III [See also after 721] as appears by the following plea.

721. Common plea held in the Husting, Mon. 19 Jan. 1338.

The prior offers himself against Walter de Ca(v)ewediss concerning a plea about one piece (placed) of land containing 27 ells in length and 23 ells in width which the prior seeks against Walter as gavelet; this plea was decided otherwise in court, namely at a court held on Mon. 26 Jan. 1360 when it was considered that the prior should recover seisin of the land by default which Walter had made after the land was in the hand of the City on account of Walter's default after he had been summoned three times and essoined; the prior held for a year and a day and still Walter did not come and the prior recovered the piece of land as sharford and Walter was in mercy.

718 contd. Walter Ca(v)ewedisch, 35 Ed. III [See also after 722] as appears by the following plea.

722. Common plea held in the Husting, Mon. 24 May 1361. (fn. 1)

The prior seeks against Henry Chamberlayn a messuage as gavelet and says that Henry holds of him at a rent of 15s. and that the late prior Richard de Wymbyssh was seised by Walranus de Rocheford of which £9 was in arrears on the day of the suing out of the writ, 10 May 1336, for twelve years past and the tenement was not distrainable for a year and a day and he sought as gavelet; Henry said that the messuage was in the seisin of John at Re of Aspeden which messuage he gave out of his seisin to Waleranus de Rocheford, kt., to hold for life so that after the death of Waleran the tenement reverted to H. Chamberlayn and Parnel his wife for the term of the lives of Henry and Parnel and their son Thomas and his heirs in perpetuity and Henry has a charter enrolled in the Husting testifying this; [f. 129v] and Henry says that W[aleran] and P[arnel] are dead and he holds for the term of his life with a reversion to Thomas; a process between the parties at a court held Mon. 16 Mar. 1338, and Thomas son of Henry came and he could not deny that the messuage is held of Holy Trinity; the prior to hold for a year and a day unless he is satisfied; Henry and Thomas in mercy and later they satisfy the prior as to the arrears.

Margin: Placitum precedens deberet hic poni placitum.

718 contd. The widow of William Carwe, 35 Ed. III; William Calesby, 48 Ed. III; widow of John Middilton, 8 Ric. II and this tenement is situated on the east side of the street of Bassingshawe.

723. Note: Richard Flitt and Alice his wife sold to Holy Trinity 4s. p.a. of quit rent as appears in Charter Twenty-two (fn. 2) of several parishes.

724. Note: William de Haverhill tenant of the said tenement recognised the rent to be due to the prior as appears by Charter Twenty-three (fn. 3) of several parishes.

725. [List of those paying quit rent]: William de Haverhull then the land was divided for Simon the Carpenter paid 2s. and Martin Smith (Faber) paid 2s.: after Martin Smith; his widow; the nuns of Halliwell until now [1425–7]: after Simon the Carpenter; Torald the Carpenter to whom Simon had granted the tenement [See also after 726] as appears by the following charter.

726. Grant of Simon the Carpenter to Torald the Carpenter of certain land; abutments, the land of Richard Sten(n)batur on the south and the land that was of Martin Smith on the north containing in width along the street 6½ ells and in length from the street to the land of Roger Bat 30 ells, in width at the back 8 ells; to hold in fee paying 2s. p.a. to Holy Trinity; gersuma one gold bezant; witnesses, Robert the chaplain, William the Saltmonger.

C.A.D., ii, A 1919.

725 contd. Richard Tynbeter; John Barher; John Enefeld; Thomas Romayn. 1 and 5 Ed. II; Juliana Romayn, 19 Ed. II and 1 Ed. III; William Hanasted, 6 Ed. III; John Aubrey, 30 Ed. III; Hugh Fastolf, 40 Ed. III; John Bryan, 13 Hy. IV as appears by the following acquittance.

727. [1412] Acquittance of William Haradon prior and convent that they have received from John Bryan, citizen, 2s. in payment of arrears from the tenement between that of the prioress of Halliwell on the north and that of John Horer, brewer, and Alice his wife on the south; sealed by both parties; dated London 25 June 1412 [f. 130] and these tenements are adjacent on the east side of Bassyngeshawe.

C.A.D., iv, A 10369.

728. Total of this parish 34s. 4d.


  • 1. 722 should precede 721.
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