Parishes: All Hallows Barking

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The Cartulary of Holy Trinity, Aldgate. Originally published by London Record Society, London, 1971.

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[f. 36] In the parish of All Hallows Berkynggechirche

181. [1197–1221] Grant of Peter prior and convent to Ralph the Capper (Capellarius) of land which was held immediately before him by William the Carpenter; width in front along (super) the lane 13¼ ells and depth from the lane to the west end 30 ells; abutments, the land formerly of Susanna Trentemarse and land which William the Carpenter held of the canons of Southwark (Suwerka); rent 4s. p.a.; if the grantee or his heirs wish to pledge or sell the land, the canons to have the preference by a bezant; swore fealty; to pay rent duly; gersuma 6s.; witnesses, Peter the Cutler (Cutellarius), Robert Goy, Ralph de Coventr'.

Original deed, P.R.O. E40/14313.

182. [List of those paying rent]: Ralph the Capper who gave this land to the prior and brethren of St. John of Jersualem as appears by the charter made between Holy Trinity and St. John of Jerusalem.

183. [1197–1221] Confirmation by Peter prior and convent to the prior and friars of the hospital of St. John of Jerusalem of the land and houses granted to them by Ralph Freure, capper, in free alms which he held of Holy Trinity; abutments, the land of the canons of Southwark and land formerly of Susanna Trentemars; rent 4s. p.a.; brother Richard, their vicegerent, swore fealty; witnesses, Thomas de Haverill; Solomon de Basinge.

Original deed, P.R.O. E40/14312.

184. [List of those paying rent]: the prior of the hospital of Jerusalem; John May; Simon le Mesagere, 5 Ed. II; Richard Gray, 19 Ed. II and 1 and 6 Ed. III; Thomas Ireland or Brandon, 30 Ed. III and 1 Ric. II.

185. [f. 36v] [1197–1221] Grant of Peter prior and convent to Henry son of Epi son of Goderic Murte and his mother of a dwelling (mansio) with land once of Goderic Murte; paying 1s. p.a. as a recognition (de recognicione) to the canons and their heirs as did Goderic and Epi his son; witnesses, Baldwin the priest, Haldenus, Geoffrey minister of the sheriff, Ordgarus Fince, Martin B(ani)sshere, Gunter (Guntro) de Arraz, Wulgarus, Adam, William son of Haldenus, L(iuin)gus the alderman.

Original deed, P.R.O. E40/14311.

186. [List of those paying rent]: Henry son of Epi; Peter Blund or Feltriere: Jordan de Turri; Robert de Turri; Ralph Beamond; John de Kyngeston, 1 and 5 Ed. II; Walter Cle(v)hand, 3 Ed. III [See also after 187] as appears by the following plea.

187. Common plea held in the Husting, Mon. 12 June 1329.
Walter Clevehand and Matilda his wife summoned three times, essoined once and a second time on Mon. 25 July [1328] and again on Mon. 16 Jan., the prior sought that they should perform their right service from the free tenement which they held of him and they had until this day in which to pay and they did not come and the tenement was seized into the hands of the City authorities and Walter was summoned to reply on Mon. 24 Sep. 1330; the prior said that Walter and Matilda held the tenement of him at a rent of 1s. and that Richard Wymbisch, once prior, was so seised and it was not distrainable for a year and a day and he sought gavelet according to the custom of the City and Walter and Matilda acknowledged this and paid the rent and arrears.

186 contd. Thomas Perle, 30 Ed. III; Reginald Lofe, [f. 37] [See also after 188] as appears by the following plea.

188. Common plea held in the Husting, Mon. 20 Feb. 1374.
On Mon. 6 Feb. 1374 the prior by John Aschwell his attorney appeared against Reginald Love that he should do him right service for a tenement in Ce(v)e(t)henlane; rent 1s.; in arrears five years before the day of the suing out of the writ, viz. 12 Oct. 1373 and the tenement is not distrainable for a year and a day and the prior seeks gavelet; Reginald was given a day and did not come; the sheriffs, John Fipbod (fn. 1) and Awbrei seized the property into the hands of the City authorities on Sat. 18 Feb. by the view of John atte Wall, Richard Kyngs, Roger Hinton and Richard atte Celer(er); the said Reginald summoned by John Wakefeld and John Asshewelle to be here at this day; Reginald came and by Gilbert Meldeborne his attorney recognised that he held the tenement of the prior at a rent of 1s. p.a. and that he owes 5s. for five years in arrears; the prior recovers the rent and arrears and Reginald is in mercy; and for security it was conceded that if Reginald ceased to pay for one whole year then the sheriffs should levy double the rent and pay it to the prior; and Reginald by his attorney agreed to this and paid 5s. arrears into court and thus the prior was satisfied.

186 contd. [f. 37v] Reginald Lofe, 49 Ed. III; Thomas Yrlond or Brandon, 1 Ric. II who granted the two tenements to Robert Knollys, kt., paying 5s. p.a. as appears in their charter (fn. 2) enrolled 3 Ric. II; now [1425–7] the college of Pon(ne)frert; and the tenement is situated between the cemetery of St. Olave on the north and the tenement formerly of John le Hurere on the south.

189. [1252–3] Grant by Philip de Belvaco to John prior and convent of 4s. p.a. of quit rent which Roger de la Ture paid the grantor from a certain house in the parish; abutments, the land of Master William de Turri on the south and another house of the grantor's between the land of Alan le Hurere on the north; rent to the grantor and his heirs, a rose on 24 June; gersuma 2½ marks of silver; witnesses, John de Tulesan, mayor, Thomas de Wymburn, William de Dunolm, sheriffs, John Gisors, Michael Tovy, Roger son of Roger, Nicholas Batte.

190. [1253–4] Grant by Philip de Belvaco to John prior and convent of certain land with houses; abutments, the house which Robert de Turri holds of the canons on the south and land of Alan the Capper (le Hurere) on the north; rent to the grantor and his heirs, a rose on 24 June; [f. 38] gersuma 21s. in silver; witnesses, Nicholas Batte, mayor, John de Norhamtona, Richard Picard, sheriffs, Roger son of Roger, Thomas Dunolm, Gervase Bran, William son of Richard, Adrian the alderman, Robert de Curryngham, William de Turri, Hugh de Eldyng.

191. [List of those paying quit rent under 189]: Roger de la Turre; Alan the Capper which Alan had also the land in the charter next written for 2s. p.a. and so Alan paid 6s.: after Alan; Roger Poete; Stephen Eldyng; John de Stratford, 5 Ed. II; Constance de Stratford, 19 Ed. II and 1 Ed. III whose executor granted the tenement to John le Hurere as appears in a charter (fn. 3) enrolled Mon. 22 May 1329 whose wife Isabel bequeathed the tenement to the church of All Hallows Barking as appears in a will (fn. 4) enrolled before 25 Mar. 1349 and the wardens (custodes) paid as appears by indentures made between them and the tenement is situated between the land of the college of Pontefrect on the north and [incomplete].

192. Charter (fn. 5) enrolled in the Husting, Mon. 4 May 1271. (fn. 6)
[1278–9] Stephen de Eldyng, capper, citizen of London, for the salvation of the grantor's soul etc., has given etc. 8s. of quit rent in free alms out of his whole tenement in Chikinelane and in the cemetery of All Hallows which is of the fee of the canons of Waltham Holy Cross which 8s. he has by the gift of Peter Maltmetere and Agnes his wife, free from all services; sealed; witnesses, Gregory Rokesle, mayor, William Mazerere, Robert de Basynges, sheriffs.

193. [List of those paying quit rent]: Solomon le Cofferere who granted the tenement to John Broun who paid 8s. to Holy Trinity as appears in a charter (fn. 7) enrolled 12 Ed. II; John Bedeford, 14 and 33 Ed. III; afterwards the abbot of Waltham; William Parker, 8 Ric. II.

194. [f. 38v] (fn. 8) Total of this parish 19s. and it is tithed as appears in the king's exemplification.


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