Parishes: St Leonard Eastcheap

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The Cartulary of Holy Trinity, Aldgate. Originally published by London Record Society, London, 1971.

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[f. 59] In the parish of St. Leonard Estchep or Milkechirche

297. Alan son of Peter gave to Holy Trinity 8s. p.a. from a certain stall as appears in Charter Ten (fn. 1) of several parishes.

298. [List of those paying rent]: Benet son of Turkyll; Benet Long; Robert Rippyle; Richard Sharp who granted the tenement to William de Cray paying therefrom 8s. to Holy Trinity as appears in their charter (fn. 2) enrolled after 12 Mar. 1310 and he paid 19 Ed. II; William Bray, 1 Ed. III; Nicholas Bray, 6 Ed. III; Andrew Turk, 30 Ed. III; John Spaldyng, 34 Ed. III; his widow, 37 Ed. III; Robert Spaldyng 47 and 49 Ed. III; William I(u)ory, 8 Ric. II who bequeathed the tenement to the church of St. Clement as appears in his will (fn. 3) enrolled after 13 Jan. 1391 and this tenement is on the north side of Candelweykstrete.

299. Grant by Ralph [rectius Richard] prior and convent to William Melkere of land; abutments, the land of Hugh de Estchep on the north and the land of Stephen son of Nicholas on the south; the canons have discharged (disgacionaverunt) shartford in the Husting; rent 6s. p.a.; if grantee wishes to lease or sell, the canons to have the preference by a bezant of 2s.; gersuma 7 marks; done in the year 1243; witnesses, Ralph Sperlyng, alderman, Reynger de Bungay and the grantee undertook to build on the land as appears by the following charter.

C.A.D., i, A 1743.

300. [1243] Charter of William le Melkere, citizen, announcing his obligation for himself and his heirs to the prior and convent to build on a piece of empty land which he holds of the canons next to the messuage of Hugh de Estchep within this present year in such a way as they or their attorney shall approve as he is bound to do by the terms of 299 by the 6s. rent from the aforesaid shop and by 4s. from another shop currently in our hands [? Holy Trinity] by the will (fn. 4) of Hugh Robiry; he concedes that he shall distrain in all his capital messuage as appears from a plea [f. 59v] that the prior and convent impleaded William in the Husting by royal writ concerning 6s. of annual rent and also concerning rent of 4s. p.a.

C.A.D., i, A 1736.

301. [List of those paying rent]: William Melkere; Thomas Estcheap; Christine Box; Henry Gyldeford, 1 Ed. II who granted the tenement to St. Paul's as appears in a composition (fn. 5) of the executor of the same (in composeicione executoris eiusdem) enrolled 7 Ed. II.

302. Geoffrey son of Stephen granted to Peter prior and convent a quit rent of 6s. in the west corner opposite (in occidentali cornerio versus) London Bridge as appears in Charter Eleven (fn. 6) of several parishes.

303. [List of those paying the quit rent]: Reginald the Butcher; Reginald Scaldour; Osbert Scaldur; William Prensse; William Tresse; Richard Curteys; afterwards Thomas Derby, prior of the New Hospital without Bishoposgate.

304. Grant by Roger the Butcher to Richard prior and convent of 1 mark of quit rent from land and houses; abutments, the land that was of Robert Bruscus and the land that was of Goda the Usurer (Feneratricis); rent to the grantor and his heirs 1d. p.a.; prior and convent to have the right to distrain on the premises (managium) and to take naam and also to plead gavelet until they have received 1 mark p.a.; [f. 60] gersuma 10 marks of silver; dated 1230; witnesses, Roger Duc, mayor, Richard Renger, alderman, John Hanin, deputy alderman (subaldermanno).

305. [List of those paying quit rent]: Roger the Butcher; Roger Sweyft who granted 3s. p.a. to Holy Trinity [See also after 306] as appears by the following charter.

306. [1227–31] Grant by Roger Swyft, butcher, to Richard prior and convent of a quit rent of 3s. p.a. from a certain shop in Eastcheap which is situated between two shops of Walter Goye; right to the prior and convent to distrain both on his capital messuage and on the shop until satisfied as to arrears of rent; for this grant the canons paid 2 marks; witnesses, Roger le Duc, mayor, Roger Renger, alderman, John Hanin, deputy alderman.

305 contd. Roger paid 16s. 4d. and after him; John Dogett; Stephen Aswy who granted 14s. from the same tenement [See also after 307] as appears by the following charter.

307. [1276–7] Grant by Stephen Aswy son of Ralph Aswy, citizen, to Eustace prior and convent of a quit rent of 14s. p.a. from the whole tenement which John Doget held of the grantor; abutments, the land and house of Richard Densouth on the north and the house of Richard le Kyng on the south extending from the king's road on the east to the land and house of Adam Mullyng on the west; to hold in free alms; [f. 60v] sealed; witnesses, Gregory de Rokesle, mayor, Ralph le Fevre, Robert de Arras, sheriffs.

305 contd. John Doget paid 30s. 4d. p.a. and after him; Boidewinus de Grene who granted the tenement to John Sterr(e) as appears in their charter (fn. 7) enrolled 3 Ed. II; John Sterr(e), 5 Ed. II; John de Mockyngg, 19 Ed. II and 5 Ed. III; William Knyght, 6 Ed. III; then the land was divided for Thomas de Bury, 10 Ed. III paid 15s. 2d. [See also after 308] as appears by the following plea.

308. [1338] Plea [no heading]; the prior of Holy Trinity seeks against Thomas Bury, butcher, a messuage as gavelet; asserts that Thomas holds of him and his church for a rent of 15s. 2d. p.a. of which rent Roger Poly, once prior, was seised by Boidinus atte Grene; 30s. 4d. in arrears on the day of the suing out of the writ, 12 Mar. 1338, for two years; messuage not distrainable for a year and a day; sought as gavelet etc.; Thomas came and recognised that he was tenant; the prior recovers against Thomas de Bury for a year and a day as gavelet unless meanwhile Thomas satisfies the prior as to arrears etc.; afterwards he satisfied him etc.

305 contd. Robert Furneux, 34 Ed. III; John Leman and Andrew Pekeham, 48 Ed. III; John Dogett, 8 Ric. II and Nicholas Mockyng paid 15s. 2d. [See also after 309] as appears in the following.

309. [French] May it please the mayor and alderman that the prior has a fee etc. to which fee he had access to distrain through the edge of the tenement of Nicholas son and heir of John de Mockyngg, [f. 61] late citizen and fishmonger, but that the said Nicholas has stopped up the entry through which he was accustomed to distrain so that he cannot enter his fee to distrain for his services whereby the prior seeks a remedy and that you shall make an entry according to the usages of the City as has been done to others time out of mind.

[Latin] By virtue of which bill the sheriffs are ordered to summon Nicholas to be at the next Husting of Common Pleas to reply to the prior etc.; Alan de Horew[ode] attorney for the prior; afterwards at the Husting of Common Pleas held Mon. 28 May 1358 the prior came by his attorney, the sheriff testified that Nicholas was summoned by William atte Walle and William Lemman etc. and Nicholas was not present; the sheriffs to distrain on Nicholas etc.; at the Husting held Mon. 11 June 1358 the prior came and Nicholas in person sought the hearing of the bill etc. and Nicholas says that he is in the wardship of John Malewayn who has in his custody all his muniments concerning the rent of this tenement and without these he cannot answer and he seeks aid from the aforesaid John and this is granted; then at the Husting held Mon. 23 July 1358 the prior came by his attorney, Nicholas did not come and thereupon the prior etc. sought an enquiry through the oath of lawful men of the neighbourhood as to whether the prior and his predecessors had been accustomed to have free entry and egress to distrain for his services as appears in the bill and the mayor and aldermen agree that it seems to them that this is the ancient custom in the City and the sheriff ordered to summon twenty-four proven and lawful men of the neighbourhood to enquire etc.; [f. 61 v] the truth of the articles of the bill; then at the Husting held Mon. 22 Oct. 1358 the prior came by his attorney, Nicholas did not come and the jury came, John Vannere, Henry atte Beth, Robert Boyden, John Lemman, Nicholas Sahipp, Robert Lodewyk, Philip Page, John Musard, Adam Kylinworth, Walter Vannere, John de Ware, John Herlawe who say on oath that John de Mockyng father of Nicholas whose heir he is had a tavern in the parish called Poulestaverne which tavern Paul le Taverne now holds on lease of Nicholas and they say that the prior had free entry through the door of the tavern to distrain in a certain house of John de Bury, butcher, which house Robert Fourneaux, John Fraunceys and Margery who was the wife of Richard Lemman, butcher, now hold and they say that John Mockyng for fourteen years last past made obstructions (quedam de meremio terra plastrata) on the north side in the tavern in the place where the prior was accustomed to have free entry and exit to distrain and so the place is maliciously stopped up so that the prior cannot distrain; the prior sought judgement; granted by the mayor and alderman that this place etc. should be unstopped so that the prior shall have entry etc.; the sheriffs ordered to go to the place and both by view of the jurors and other men of the neighbourhood of Eastcheap cause the wall to be unstopped; this done, the sheriffs to certify the mayor and alderman at the next Husting; at the Husting held Mon. 5 Nov. 1358 the prior by his attorney and the sheriffs by Thomas Listyngston their chief clerk (capitalem clericum) reported that it had been done so that the prior could distrain; and Nicholas paid well as appears by an inquisition (fn. 8) taken before John Wroth, mayor and escheator, [f. 62] on Mon. 16 Nov. 1360; Reginald le Fuller and others, jurrors, say that Nicholas had a great tenement with one shop worth £13 6s. 8d. p.a. from which he paid a quit rent of 15s. 2d. to the prior of Holy Trinity.

305 contd. Elmyngus Leget, 48 Ed. III and 8 Ric. II; Adam Bamme, 20 Ric. II; his widow throughout Hy. IV, V and VI; John Phillipot, 10 Hy. VI and these two tenements are situated adjacent on the west side of Briggestrete.

310. [1222–48] Grant by Ralph de Gardino and Roesia his wife to Richard prior and convent of a quit rent of 1s. p.a. out of 4s. which Robinellus the Butcher was accustomed to give the grantors annually for half of a certain shop which he holds of them in the Shambles of Estcheap; to hold in free alms; sealed; witness, Gilbert son of Fulc, alderman.

C.A.D., ii, A 2099.

311. [List of those paying quit rent]: Robinellus the Butcher; Denise Robinel; Reginald Ca(n)efeld; Richard Sharpp; Nigel de Hakenay; Richard de Hakeney, 1 and 19 Ed. II and 1 Ed. III who bequeathed the shop to the church of St. Mary atte Hill as appears in his will (fn. 9) enrolled; now [1425–7] the churchwardens.

312. [1197–1221] Lease by Peter prior and convent to Richard the Butcher (Mascecario) son of Siwat of a shop in Estcheap; rent 6s. p.a.; swore fealty;

[f. 62v] on the south side it is contiguous to the land of the hospital of St. Giles and in depth it is 4 ells 4 ins. and in width 3 ells 2 ins.; gersuma ½ mark; witnesses, John de Balleo, Alan son of Peter, Nicholas the Butcher.

C.A.D., i, A 1692.

313. [List of those paying rent]: Richard Blandecute or Macererier; Matilda daughter of Richard granted the tenement to Robinel [See also after 314] as appears in the following charter.

314. [c. 1230] Grant by Elias the Mercer and Matilda, daughter of Richard, his wife, to Robinel the Butcher of a shop; abutments, the shop of Robert Long on the north and the shop of Benet Long on the south; paying to the canons of Holy Trinity 6s. p.a. and to the grantors and their heirs 1d. at Easter; gersuma 40s. sterling; witnesses, Richard Renger, Ralph Sperlyng, alderman, Alan the Draper.

C.A.D., i, A 1691.

313 contd. Robinel; Denise Robinel; Boidewinus Grene, butcher, 1 Ed. II; Alice, his wife, 1 Ed. III; Nicholas Bray, 6 Ed. III; Andrew Turk, 30 Ed. III; Robert Spaldyng, 48 Ed. III; John Brounesby; William Yvory bequeathed the tenement to the church of St. Clement as appears in his will (fn. 10) enrolled after 13 Jan. 1391.

315. Total of this parish 57s. 2d. and it is tithed as appears in the king's exemplification.


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