Parishes: All Hallows Lombard Street

Pages 64-66

The Cartulary of Holy Trinity, Aldgate. Originally published by London Record Society, London, 1971.

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[f. 65v] In the parish of All Hallows Graschrich

329. [1250–1] Grant by Ives le Gwayt and Matilda his wife to John prior and convent of ½ mark of quit rent together with 20s. p.a. which the canons already had from the tenement with houses built thereon; abutments, land of Aurifilia, daughter of Alan Oyldelaru(m) on the north and land that was of William Wylekyn on the south; 20s. was by gift and confirmation of Augustine the Mercer; the canons can take naam and distrain both for 6s. 8d. and 20s. until satisfied; gersuma 60s.; Ives and Matilda in full Husting; for greater security the sale was enrolled there (ad maiorem securitatem dictam vendicionem ibidem irrotulari fecimus); sealed; done in Lent 1251; witnesses, John Norman, mayor, Humphrey le Fevre, William son of Richard, sheriffs.

C.A.D., ii, A 2226.

330. [List of those paying quit rent]: Ives le Gwayt, 35 Hy. III; Henry de Eure; Berthus de Rudham; Christine Gorges; Roger de Frowyk, 1 Ed. III; Arnold Chaundeler, (fn. 1) 19 Ed. II and 1 Ed. III; Richard de Berkyng, 5 and 30 Ed. III; Walter Berneye, 40 and 49 Ed. III; John Heylisdon, 6 Ric. II; John Seyton, 10 Ric. II; Henry Pomifreyt, 4 Hy. IV and throughout the said King Henry; William Tristour; John Conventre, 3 Hy. VI; John Cornewayle; now the fraternity of the fishmongers (fratres pissinariorum) (fn. 2) and the tenement is situated on the west side of Graschirchstrete with the tenement of Humphrey Poumfreyt on the south.

331. [f. 66] [1222–9] Grant by Richard prior and convent to Geoffrey de Frowyk, goldsmith, of land of the canons' fee on the west and the street next to the cemetery of All Hallows on the east; abutments, the king's highway on the south and the land that was of William Wilekyn, alderman, on the north and the land of Geoffrey Delabore on the east and Thomas de D(un)ol(mi)a on the west; rent ½ mark p.a.; if the grantee or his heirs wish to sell etc. the canons to have the preference by 2s.; Geoffrey, his heirs and assigns to be allowed to lease the fee to whomsoever they wish, except Jews, saving the right of the canons; Geoffrey swore fealty; gersuma 20s.; witnesses, John Travers, alderman, Henry de Colchirch.

332. [List of those paying rent]: Geoffrey de Frowyk; Geoffrey de Essex; Robert son of John; Robert de Lincoln; Richard Palmer; William A(rn)yze, 1 Ed. II; John atte Rye, 19 Ed. II and 6 Ed. III; Richard Carleton, 11 Ed. III; Katherine his wife, 34 Ed. III; then the land was divided for Roger Bernard paid 3s. 4d. for his part, 48 Ed. III and Nicholas Exton 3s. 4d. the same year: after Roger Bernard; the dean of Westminster chapel: after Nicholas Exton; John Curteys, 8 Ric. II and 5 Hy. IV and the ? issues (euntes) are openly enough demonstrated in the charter.

333. [f. 66v] Grant by the convent of Christchurch to Daniel of certain land which it had by the gift of Ralph son of Herl; witness, Ralph Aurfice.

C.A.D., ii, A 2214.

334. [List of those paying rent]: Daniel; John his son to whom the prior and convent granted the aforementioned land at a rent of 8s. [See also after 335] as appears by the following charter.

335. [1212–13] Grant by the prior [unnamed] and convent to John son of Daniel of all that messuage (managium); abutments, the land which is of the fee of the monks of St. Saviour of Bermondsey and the land of the nuns of St. Helen; containing in width along the street 16 ells less 1 in. and in width against the ? courtyard (versus curtim) 8½ ells and in length from the king's highway to the land that was of Ralph Cucu, 54 ells less 1 in.; all in wood and stone etc.; rent 8s. p.a.; swore fealty; for the grant, lease and confirmation the grantee increased the rent by 4s. p.a.; on this tenement; witnesses, Roger son of Alan, mayor, Gervase de Aldermaunebury, Richard son of John, John son of James, Robert Blund, William de Parisius [sic], Master Roger the Doctor, John de Lilesn', William de Waltham, then chamberlain, German Parment(ter), Hugh de Sartrino, Richard the Priest (?presbitero), Richard de Beninton.

C.A.D., ii, A 2215.

334 contd. John son of Daniel which John had other land beside the aforesaid land for which he paid to the church of St. Helen 4s. p.a. which 4s. the prioress and convent of St. Helen granted to Matilda [See also after 337] as appears by the following quitclaim.

336. [c. 1215–29] Grant by Matilda prioress of the church of St. Helen to Matilda wife of Robert the son of Alice and her heirs of 4s. p.a. of quit rent which John son of Daniel [f. 67] was accustomed to pay the grantor from land in the parish; abutments, the land of John son of Daniel and the land of Geoffrey Marshal; quitclaim; 40s. for the grant; witnesses, William son of Alice Marshall daughter of Alice, John Travers.

337. Note: the above-mentioned Matilda granted to the prior and convent of Holy Trinity the aforesaid 4s. for the salvation of the soul of her late husband Robert son of Alice and handed to Holy Trinity charter 336, and so John son of Daniel paid 12s. p.a.

334 contd. Osbern de Stapilford; John Wylymyn, 'ferrour', 1 Ed. II as appears by the poundage (pondagium) Cambin Fulberti, 6 Ed. III; his widow viz Christine Cambyn, 30 Ed. III; Henry Pykard, 39 Ed. III; Margery Pykard, 48 Ed. III and 8 Ric. II; John Pykard throughout Hy. IV and 7 Hy. V and this tenement is situated on the east side of Graschirchstrete.

338. [1201–10] Grant by Hugh prior of St. Saviour in Bermundeseye to John son of Daniel of land; abutments, land of the said John and land of John son of James, goldsmith, rent 7s. p.a.; sealed; no witnesses.

Margin: Nota quod haberemus vs. in eadem parochia de terra Walteri filii Jacobi aurifabri iuxta terram predicti Johanis filii Daniel ut patet in carta xia de pluribus parichiis. (fn. 3)

339. [f. 67v: 34 lines blank] Total of this parish 45s. 4d. and nevertheless it is tithed at 53s. 10d. in the king's exemplification.


  • 1. Above the line: 'pon'. Margin: pondagium.
  • 2. In a later hand.
  • 3. 1012.