Parishes: St Edmund King and Martyr

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The Cartulary of Holy Trinity, Aldgate. Originally published by London Record Society, London, 1971.

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[f. 72] In the parish of St. Edmund Graschrich

358. Composition between the dean and chapter of St. Paul's and Holy Trinity whereby the rector of the parish church pays 13s. 4d. p.a. to Holy Trinity; agreement between the two parties on the right of advowson to the church of St. Edmund the King near Graschirch, a disagreement having arisen when the living was vacant and reference being made to a decree (fn. 1) (ordinacio) of Gilbert Foliot, former bishop of London; it was agreed that the prior and convent should continue to have a pension of 1 mark annually stated in this decree but that they should pay to the dean and chapter ½ mark annually on 22 Nov. and that as often as the church falls vacant, without contradiction or hindrance from the dean and chapter, the prior and convent shall present to the said church; sealed chirograph; dated 27 Oct. 1300.

359. Confirmation of Richard (fn. 2) bishop of London of 358; ratification and approval; sealed; dated at Foleham 8 Nov. 1300.

360. Recognition of Martin rector of St. Edmund of the pension mentioned in 358 [f. 72v] after a disagreement concerning the payment, the prior and convent remitted arrears to Martin who promised to pay the pension in full from that time forward and if he failed to pay he was to become liable for the payment of the arrears in full; sealed; dated 28 Oct. 1260.

361. [1147–67] Lease by Ralph prior and convent to David son of Ralph de Cornhull of land which was of Suething Be(n)ercher(u)er in Bersker(u)ereslane; rent 6s. p.a.; witnesses, [not named].

362. [List of those paying rent]: David de Cornhull; William his son who granted the tenement to William Nied [See also after 363] as appears in the following charter.

363. Grant of William son of David de Cornhulla to William Nied of certain land in Benerche(u)erelane; abutments, the land of Benet the Goldsmith and land which was of John Scot, containing in length 9½ ells and in width along the king's highway 7½ ells.

362 contd. Benet Gelusdi, goldsmith; Richard son of Benet who granted the land with other lands annexed to the nuns of Haliwell and the sealed charter of Holy Trinity remains with the nuns in a book of the nuns called 'Domesday' folio 52 and the nuns paid the rent as long as the land was in their hands.

363a. Inquisition by which the jurors swear that Robert Motone was seised of one brewhouse in the parish of St. Edmund and of three shops in Birchenlane in the same parish from which he paid 6s. p.a. to Holy Trinity.

364. [List of those paying rent]: Alice Rous; Adam Rous, 48 Ed. III; the prior of St. Bartholomew, 8 Ric. II; John Pays, 20 Ric. II; John Chircheman, 1 Hy. IV; Robert Wedyngdon, 1 Hy. V; Stephen Forster, Hy. VI; Agnes his wife, Ed. IV; now (fn. 3) Thomas Wellys, draper.

365. [f. 73] Note: that in a charter (fn. 4) of John Schaftysbury enrolled 18 Ed. I mention is made of a tenement situated between the tenement of Alice atte Vyne on the east and north and the king's highway on the south and west owing to the nuns of Haliwell 9s. p.a.

366. [1222–30] Lease of Richard prior and convent to Ede(u)a Bel(ere)ce wife of Estmundus Cap(er)e of land with houses in the parish of St. Edmund; abutments, the land of Ralph Flael on the west and the land of Geoffrey Frowic on the east; in width along the king's highway at the south end 9½ ells, in the middle 8 ells 15 ins. and at the north end 5¾ ells and in length from the king's highway to the court of the said Ralph on the north 28 ells; rent 5s. p.a.; not permitted to pledge the land with houses to the Jews or to transfer the house without the consent of the canons; if the tenement is burnt by a fire of Ede(u)a's own making and she or her heirs do not wish to leave it they shall pay to the canons ½ mark of silver; [f. 73v] gersuma 2 marks of silver; swore fealty; witnesses, John Travers, Walter de Insula, aldermen.

C.A.D., i, A 1808.

367. [List of those paying rent]: E. Bel(ere)ce; Henry Bole; Gilbert Marescall who granted the land to Richard Marescall who paid 5s. as appears from a charter enrolled 19 Ed. II; Richard Marescall, 1 Ed. III; Roger Lapyn, 6 Ed. III; John Warner, 30 and 34 Ed. III [See also after 368] as appears by the following plea.

368. Common plea held in the Husting, Mon. 9 Mar. 1360.
John Warner complained that on Wed. 4 Feb. 1360 the prior came to his free tenement in the parish of St. Edmund in Lumbardstrete and took naam worth 13s. 4d. etc. until by gage and pledge of Simon de Bedyngton, one of the sheriffs, etc.; the prior by his attorney Alan de Horwode said that the taking of the naam was lawful because the tenement owed a rent of 5s. p.a. to the prior and convent and 30s. was in arrears for six years and the prior claims naam for two and a half of the six years and the prior retains the naam of 13s. 4d. which is not subject to replevin (habeat retornum namiorum predictorum irripleg') John Warner is in mercy.

367 contd. Walter Leycestre, 48 Ed. III and 8 Ric. II and this tenement is situated on the north side of Lumbardstrete.

369. [f. 74] [1270–1] Grant by William le Cornere, citizen, to Eustace prior and convent of a quit rent of ½ mark which the grantor was accustomed to receive from land and houses which Master Adam de Cantebrigg' holds in the parish of St. Edmund the King and Martyr; if the tenement fails through lack of maintenance or through fire, the grantor obliges himself and his heirs that the canons may distrain on his whole tenement which he has in the parish of St. Dunstan, formerly of Ledulf, for the rent up to 60s. or until such time as he and his heirs provide another ½ mark of quit rent; the canons gave 60s. to expedite the grantor's business; sealed; witnesses, John Adrian, mayor, Gregory de Rokesle, Henry Valensi, sheriffs, Matthew Bokerell, alderman of this ward. (fn. 5)

C.A.D., i, A 1800.

370. [List of those paying quit rent]: Master Adam de Cantebrigg'; Elias le Hodere; Gilbert Marshall (Marescallus), 1 and 5 Ed. II; Robert atte Folde, 19 Ed. II and 1 Ed. III; Matilda atte Vyne, 6 and 30 Ed. III; Richard Toky, 33 and 49 Ed. III and 8 Ric. II and the tenement is situated on the south side of Lumbardstrete.

371. Grant by John Bekeounte (fn. 6) son of Geoffrey Bekeounte (fn. 6) to Holy Trinity of a quit rent of 4s. p.a. from certain land which Gilbert de Schelford held of the grantor in the parish of St. Edmund next the land of William Chamberlain (Camerarii) [f. 74v] on the west; to hold in free alms; 2s. of this quit rent are to be spent on the refection of the canons on the grantor's anniversary; the canons are to have the same liberty to compel the tenants of the fee as the grantor; in the event of non-payment the canons have the right of entry upon the capital messuage; dated 2 Feb. 1222; witnesses, John Travers, Gilbert son of Fulk, aldermen.

C.A.D., ii, A 2113.

372. [1221] Agreement between John Bokeount son of Geoffrey Bokeount and Nigra wife of Master Henry de Waltham that John had sold and quitclaimed to Master Henry and Nigra his wife all the lands and rents which he had in the parish of St. Edmund; abutments, the land that was of Walter the Shoemaker (Calcearii) and the land of Gilbert de Seluorde; all is conveyed except a rent of 4s. p.a. which Gilbert was accustomed to pay to Holy Trinity; to hold to Master Henry and Nigra his wife for a payment of 17 marks of silver; John received 5 marks beforehand and the remaining 12 marks are payable to the said John or his assigns in the octave of St. Martin after the consecration of lord E. de Fawkenberge as bishop of London, 6 marks, and on the morrow of St. Andrew, 6 marks; these 12 marks to be handed over to John by E. the sub-prior of Holy Trinity (tradi ad opus prefati Johannis in manibus E. supprioris) who received the seisin of the land and rents on the part (ad opus) of Master Henry and Nigra by such an agreement that if the first term for the payment of the 6 marks was disregarded then Henry and Nigra lose the 5 marks agreed upon and the charter placed in the hands of the sub-prior at the time of this sale shall be delivered (liberabitur) to the said John; if the last term for the payment of the [second] 6 marks be disregarded then the first 5 marks shall be forfeited and the said John shall refund 6 marks to Henry and Nigra on the feast of St. Nicholas [6 Dec.]; on the return of the 6 marks the charter of sale shall be handed over to John; and John [f. 75] shall be free to do as he pleases with the seisin of the land and rents without any impediment; this agreement was sworn to hold to Henry and Nigra; and because Nigra had no seal, the part remaining with John Bokeount at her request is sealed with the seal of John Travers, alderman; witnesses, John Travers, alderman, Simon Blundus, Thomas son of William Wilkyn.

C.A.D., iii, A 6080.

373. [List of those paying quit rent]: Gilbert de Schelford; Elias le Hoder; E. Pheleper; Gilbert Marshall, 1 and 5 Ed. II; Robert atte Folde, 19 Ed. II and 1 Ed. III; Matilda atte Vyne, 6 and 30 Ed. III; Richard Toky, 33 and 49 Ed. III and 8 Ric. II; John Sandherst; then the land was divided for Richard Baynard paid 2s. for half the tenement and the perpetual chaplain of the chantry of Matilda atte Vyne 2s. for the other half; and Richard Baynard in addition to 2s. paid 6s. 8d. p.a. for a tenement once of Adam de Cantebrigg and thus he paid 8s. 8d. p.a. 10 Hy. IV and 7 Hy. V as appears by the following agreement, and the tenement is situated on the south side of Lumbardstrete.

374. [f. 75 inset] (fn. 7) Charter of Robert prior and convent of Holy Trinity; since John Rosamund for the salvation of his soul etc. had granted, before the statute of mortmain, to Holy Trinity and to brother Eustace its prior ½ mark of quit rent which he had of the gift of Adam de Gysseborne and Marcella his wife from all his lands with houses which Adam and Marcella held of Gilbert de Selford in the parish of St. Edmund to hold to the prior and convent in free alms; and since the king by letters patent granted and ratified to the rector and parishioners of St. Michael in Cornhull for the maintenance of a certain fraternity in honour of St. Anne founded in the said church; and since a controversy arose between the prior on the one side and Thomas Whythed, rector of St. Michael, John Whytby, rector of St. Mary Abchirch in Candelwykstrete, Robin Lardener and Thomas Baldok, masters of the fraternity on the other side; and since the prior pleaded through the assize against the afore-mentioned; it was settled in this way that they paid 20s. to the prior for all costs, damages and arrears of quit rent and agreed for themselves and for all the brothers of the fraternity to pay ½ mark p.a. to the prior and his successors; sealed by all five; witnesses, Thomas Kent, Roger Stocton, Robert Rus; dated 25 June 1404.

C.A.D., ii, A 2225.

375. [f. 75 inset v] [1269–70] Grant by Adam de Gyesburne to Master John Rosamund of ½ mark of quit rent from the grantor's land with houses built thereon in the parish of St. Edmund which he has by the grant of Gilbert de Selford whose entrance is between the house of Henry le Paumer on the east on (iuxta) the king's highway and the house of Henry called le Bole on the west; to hold to Master John, his heirs and assigns for ever; gersuma 5 marks; sealed; witnesses, Hugh son of Otto, warden of London, Robert de Kornelle, Thomas de Basyng, sheriffs, Matthew Bokerel, alderman, Nicholas the rector of the place (rector loci).

376. [f. 75] Note: that Master John Rosamund granted the 6s. 8d. [conveyed in 375] to the church of Holy Trinity as appears by Charter Seven (fn. 8) of several parishes.

377. [List of those paying quit rent]: Master John de Bedford; Henry de Fornham who granted the tenement to Reginald de Subiria [See also after 378] as appears by the following charter written in the register of the rectors of London.

378. [1277] Grant by Henry de Fornham, clerk, to Reginald de Subiria, a friend, of all that tenement with houses once of John de Bedford, vicar of the church of Westham ?, London diocese, which the grantor bought of the said John; the tenement is situated in the parish of St. Edmund near Greschirch; abutments, the tenement of Ralph de Cestre on the west and the tenement of Ydonia widow of Geoffrey de Trye on the east extending in length from the king's highway on the south side to the tenement of the said Idonea on the north; to hold in fee in perpetuity; rent one rose on 24 June and to the chief lords of the fee the services due, to the nuns of Halliwell 12s. to the canons of Holy Trinity ½ mark and to the chaplains of the parish churches of London 3s. 4d. for pittances and to Idonea daughter of the late Roger de Scadeburgh, citizen of London, one clove-gillyflower at Easter; gersuma 30 marks; sealed; witnesses, Gregory Rokesle, mayor, John Adrian, Walter le Engleis [sic], sheriffs, Nicholas de Wynton, alderman of the ward.

377 contd. John de Totenham; William le Furbur, 1, 5 and 19 Ed. II and I Ed. III; Gilbert de Mordone, 6 Ed. III; Robert Scherwode, 30 Ed. III; Richard Rothyng, 49 Ed. III; Robert Andrewe junior, Thomas Andrewe, 8 Ric. II; now [1425–7] the fraternity of St. Anne of St. Michael's church Cornhull as appears at the following sign (fn. 9) and the tenement is situated on the north side of Lumbardstrete.

379. Total of this parish 28s. 4d. and it is tithed as it appears in the king's exemplification.


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