Parishes: St Lawrence Pountney

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The Cartulary of Holy Trinity, Aldgate. Originally published by London Record Society, London, 1971.

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[f. 78] In the parish of St. Lawrence Candelwykstrete

394. [1147–67] Lease by Ralph prior and convent to Brithmar, son-in-law of Godwin Brothesouche of land in the parish which Roger the nephew of Hubert and Brithmar himself and also David Da(c)er held; rent 10s. p.a.; the land is in Ebbegate, London; witnesses, Ralph the clerk, Godwin the alderman, Estmundus the alderman, John the bedel, Stephen the convert (Conversus), David Dac(us).

395. [List of those paying rent]: Brithmar; Eudo the Cutler; William de Wroth; Henry de Staundon who had two daughters (fn. 1) Christine and Wimark who granted the tenement to Serlo the Mercer [See also after 396] as appears by the following charter.

396. [c. 1197-c. 1225] Grant by Christine and Wymark daughters of Agnes daughter of Henry de Staunton to Serlo the Mercer of all the land in the parish of St. Lawrence by (versus) the Thames which lies between the land of Serlo on the east and the land that was of Adrian de Winchester (Wynton) on the west, containing in breadth along the front to the king's highway 8¾ ells and in length 36¾ ells and in frontage along St. Martin's lane 12 ells; rent to the grantors and their heirs ½ lb. of cumin or 1d. at Michaelmas to each saving the service to the chief lord which Serlo must do; Christine and Wymark and their heirs not able to dispossess the grantee and his heirs.

Margin: Iste carte sigillate habentur in Novo Hospitali extra Bisshopsgate.

395 contd. The New Hospital without Bisshopesgate which paid 10s. p.a. to Holy Trinity [See also after 397] as appears by the following charter.

397. [c. 1197-c. 1225] Grant by Serlo the Mercer for the safety of his soul and that of Isabel his wife etc. to the New Hospital without Bisshopesgate for the maintenance [f. 78v] of the poor; to hold in free alms; of all the grantor's lands in the parish of St. Lawrence; all the land he had of Geoffrey son of Henry de Tanton; abutments, the land that was of Adrian de Winchester and the lane of St. Martin Orgar extending along this lane from the king's highway on the south to the land that was of Arnold Moyne on the north; the grantees to pay the service due to the chief lords of the fee, namely for the land held of Geoffrey to Geoffrey and his heirs 1 lb. of cumin or 2d. and from the same land to the canons of Merton 5s. p.a. and from the land held of Christine and Wymark to them and their heirs 1 lb. of cumin or 2d. and from the same land to the canons of Holy Trinity 10s. p.a.

395 contd. The New Hospital which leased the land to Thomas son of Adrian but the hospital continued to pay 10s. p.a. to Holy Trinity; William de Stanford who recognised himself to be bound to pay to the Hospital without Bishoppesgate 22s. p.a. from one of the two tenements which he held and from which a rent of 10s. was due to Holy Trinity as appears by their charter (fn. 2) enrolled 25 July 1344; John Leycestre, 43 Ed. III; John Walkote, 8 Ric. II; John Tetesbury, 12 Hy. IV as appears by the following acquittance.

398. Indenture witnessing that William prior and convent received of John Tetesbury, citizen and skinner (pelliparius), 5s. for the term of Christmas last in payment of all arrears due on the payment of 10s. p.a. from a tenement once of Stephen Stamford and afterwards of William Stamford in the parish of St. Lawrence; abutments, the land of the said John on the west and a tenement of the prior and convent which is next Ebgate on the east; 5s. to cover the arrears except for £3 which John, his heirs or executors are to pay on 26 Dec. next; sealed by both parties; dated 29 Dec. 1413, and the tenement is situated on the north side of Tamesestrete.

399. Note: that Thomas the priest, son of Alwin Sherehog, gave to Holy Trinity, when he was made a canon, land adjacent to the wall of the cemetery of St. Lawrence which afterwards the prior and convent leased to Ralph Sumer.

400. [f. 79] [1222–48] Lease by Richard prior and convent to Ralph Sumer of land which William Locwrichte held; rent 4s. p.a.; witnesses, William the priest of Scherehog, Andrew the priest, Richard the priest, Jordan the priest, Roger Hat, Robert de Chent, William Russo and Gregory his brother.

C.A.D., iv, A 7360.

401. [List of those paying rent]: Ralph de Sumeri; Emma his daughter who granted the tenement to Joce the Weigher (Ponderator) [See also after 402] as appears by the following charter.

402. Grant by Emma daughter of Ralph de Sumeri to Joce the Weigher of all the land of the grantor's father in the parish of St. Lawrence; abutments, the cemetery of that church on the south and the land that was of Matthew Blund, alderman, on the north containing in frontage on the east of the king's highway 11½ ells and at the west end 12 ells and in length at both sides 27 ells; rent to the grantor 6d. p.a. and to Holy Trinity 4s. p.a.; [no witnesses].

401 contd. Bola daughter of Joce granted the land to William de Cheyndeduit, rector of St. Lawrence, and he gave it to St. Peter Westminster and the monks of Westminster duly paid; now [1425–7] the hall and the chamber (aula et camera) of the master of the college of St. Laurence founded by Sir John Pulteney, kt.

403. Total of this parish 14s.


  • 1. Rectius grand-daughters.
  • 2. H.R. 71 (92).