Petition to the Lord Treasurer, 1604

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ii. Petition to the lord treasurer, 1604

(B.M. Cott. Nero Bif. 296)

723. The petition of the Spanish Company to the earl of Dorset, lord treasurer of England. (fn. 1)

That whereas in one of the articles between England and Spain, prohibiting the carrying over of wares of Holland and Zeeland to them, that more heed may be taken that no deceipt follow through the likeness of the wares, it is provided that the merchandise to be brought or carried out of England, Scotland and Ireland to the dominions of the king of Spain and the archdukes shall be recorded in the register of the town or city, and sealed with the seal from whence they shall be brought.

724. Forasmuch as the petitioners are desirous to observe the true intent of the articles, they do most humbly desire your good lordship's resolution, whether a certificate from the president of our company or his deputy under the seal of our company, that the said goods are registered and sealed, will be a sufficient testimonial in the courts of Spain to defend us from all trouble there, for such goods as carry any likeness with the goods of Holland and Zeeland.

725. And forasmuch as there be divers vintners, retailers and shopkeepers prohibited by our charter, which presume to adventure into Spain, and being without government will destroy the trade; the petitioners do most humbly desire your lordship's most honourable letters to the officers of the custom-house, that none be suffered to enter their goods unless they be certified by the president, his deputy, or treasurer of our company that they be free of our society; and we as we have been already bound to your good lordship and the rest of the honourable commissioners, for your lordship's care of us, will etc. . . . .

726. Endorsement by Dorset, 1 September 1604.

Memorandum: Daniel Dun and Sir Thomas Edmonds to consider of this point, for to me it seems just and reasonable that the president and company of the Spanish merchants by whom the said goods are levied and provided are able by their common seal to testify the same.


  • 1. The petition was discussed at the general court of 7 Sept. 1604 (see above, p. xxxv, 81 and below, 748).