House of Lords Journal Volume 1: Note of acts

Page 198

Journal of the House of Lords: Volume 1, 1509-1577. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1767-1830.

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Page 198

Index Statutorum conclusorum in prima Sessione Parliamenti, inchoati et incepti apud Westm xvi die mensis Januarii, Anno Regni Regis Henrici Octavi xxxiii°.

AN Act of the Attainder of Richarde Pates and Sethe Holland, Clerks.

An Act to proceed by a Commission of Oyer and de Terminer against such Persons as shall confess Treason, &c. without remanding the same to be tried in the Shire where the Offence was committed.

An Act against them that counterfeit Letters, or Privy Tokens, to receive Money or Goods in other Mens Names.

An Act for the Priviledge of King's-Towne-upon-Hull.

An Act concerning buying of Fish upon the Sea.

An Act for Leases of Hospitals, Colledges, and other Corporations, to be good and effectual, with the Consent of the more Part.

An Act for folding of Cloths in North Wales.

An Act for Pewterers.

An Act for the Dissevering of the Bishoprick of Chester, and of the Isle of Man, from the Jurisdiction of Canterbury, to the Jurisdiction of Yorke.

An Act for great Horses.

An Act for Sir Gilbert Talbot, concerning the Manor of Grafton and Upton Waren.

An Act for the uniting the Prebend of Blowberye to the Bishoprick of Sar.; and for assuring the Lordship of Godalmynge to Thomas Paston, in recompence of the same Prebend.

An Act for the Town of Lynne, touching the Revocation of two Fairs.

An Act for the Conduits at Gloucester.

An Act against the Conveyance of Brass, Latten, and Bell Mettal, over the Sea.

An Act against Conjurations, and Witchcraft, Sorcery, and Enchantments.

An Act for the true making of Kerseys.

An Act for Murder and malicious Blood-shed within the Court.

An Act to enable Persons, late Religious, to sue and be sued.

An Act touching the Translation of the Sanctuary from Manchester to West Chester.

An Act for Cross-bows and Hand-guns.

An Act of Exchange between the Lord Admiral and the Bishop of Rochestre, of the Houses of Saint Swythynes in Southwerk and Cheswyke.

An Act for the Confirmation of the Authority of the Dean and Chapter of Lichfelde, in making Leases and other Grants.

An Act touching the Honour of Ampthill.

An Act for repairing of Rochestre, Stamford, and divers other Towns.

An Act for the Parish Church of Whytegate to be made a Parish Church of itself, and no Part of the Parish of Over.

An Act for Butchers to sell, at their Liberty, by Weight or otherwise.

An Act against false Prophecies, upon Declaration of Names, Arms, Badges, &c.

An Act to make frustrate certain Conveyances in the Law, devised by Sir John Shelton.

An Act for the Court of Wards and Liveries.

An Act that no Man shall be Justice of Assize in his own Country.

An Act for Worsted Yarn in Norff.

An Act for the Maintenance of Artillery, debarring unlawful Games.

An Act for the making free of certain Children born beyond the Sea, and to put the same Children in the nature of mere Englishmen.

An Act for the Confirmation and Continuance of certain Acts.

An Act for the Chancellor of the Dutchy of Lancaster, the Chancellor of the Augmentations, and certain other Noblemen, to retain Chaplains.

An Act for certain Lands to be assured to the King's Colledge in Cambrydge.

An Act for the Jointure of the Lady Marques Dorsett.

An Act for certain Lordships translated from the County of Denbigh to the County of Flinte.

An Act concerning certain Lands to be assured to the Lady Dacres.

An Act for the Exposition of a certain Statute concerning Shipping of Cloths.

An Act for the Execution of certain Statutes.

An Act for the Erection of the Court of Surveyors.

An Act for the Honour of Grafton.