House of Lords Journal Volume 1: 15 March 1543

Page 218

Journal of the House of Lords: Volume 1, 1509-1577. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1767-1830.

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Page 218

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MEMORANDUM, quod die Jovis, videlicet, 15 Die Martii,

Proceres tam Spirituales quam Temporales, quorum nomina subscribuntur, presentes fuerunt:

p. Reverendiffimus in Christo Pater Archiepus. Cant.
Archiepus. Eboracen.
Epus. London.
Epus. Dunelmen.
p. Epus. Winton.
Epus. Exon.
p. Epus. Lincoln.
p. Epus. Elien.
Epus. Bathe. et Wellen.
Epus. Norwicen.
p. Epus. Meneven.
p. Epus. Assaven.
Epus. Landaven.
p. Epus. Carliolen.
p. Epus. Sar.
Epus. Wigorn.
Epus. Coven. et Lithe.
p. Epus. Hereforden.
Epus. Roffen.
Epus. Westm.
p. Epus. Gloucestr.
p. Epus. Peterburgen.
Epus. Cestren.
p. Epus. Bangoren.
p. Epus. Bristoll.
p. Epus. Oxon.
p. Ds. Audeley de Walden, Cancellarius Anglie.
p. Dux Norff. Magnus Thesaur. Anglie.
Dux Suff. Magnus Magister Hospitii Dni. Regis.
p. Ds. Russell, Ds. Privati Sigilli.
Marchio Dorset.
Comes Hertford, Magnus Camerarius Anglie.
Comes Arundell.
p. Comes Oxon.
Comes Westmerland.
p. Comes Salopp.
p. Comes Derbye.
Comes Wigorn.
Comes Cumbr.
Comes Rutland.
Comes Hunt.
p. Comes Sussex.
Comes Bathe.
Comes Bridgewater.
Vicecomes Lisle, Magnus Admirallus Anglie.
Ds. Audeley.
Ds. Zouche.
Ds. Dallawarr.
p. Ds. Morley.
Ds. Dacres.
p. Ds. Cobham.
Ds. Mantravers.
Ds. Ferrers.
p. Ds. Poys.
p. Ds. Clinton.
p. Ds. Stourton.
Ds. Scrope.
Ds. Grey de Wilton.
p. Ds. Mountjoye.
Ds. Lomeley.
Ds. Mountegle.
Ds. Sands.
Ds. Windesore.
p. Ds. Wentwoorthe.
Ds. Burghe.
Ds. Mordaunte.
p. Ds. Saint John.
Ds. Parr.
p. Ds. Crumwell.

Subsidy of the Spirituality.

HODIE 2a vice lecta est Billa for the Subsidy of the Spirituality; que quidem Billa tradita est Regio Attornato, ad Domum Communem deferenda.

Ep. of Norwich-Paston.

Item 2a vice lecta est Billa for an Exchange of certain Lands between the Bishop of Norwiche and Thomas Paston, Esquire, one of the Gentlemen of the King's Majesty's Privy Chamber, cui Proceres assenserunt.

Surgeons Conclus.

Item 3a vice lecta est Billa, That Persons being no common Surgeons may minister Medicines, notwithstanding a former Statute.

London and Westminster Conclus.

Item 3a vice lecta est Billa for the paving of certain Streets and Lanes, in London and Westm.

Lands granted by the King.

Item, an Act touching Lands given by the King's Majesty.


Item 3a vice lecta est Billa for the true making of Saddles.

Hodie allate sunt a Domo Communi septem Bille concluse: videlicet,


The Act for the Subsidy of the Temporalty.

Item, the Subsidy of the Clergy.

Burgh's Children.

Item, a Bill for the Declaration of Elizabeth Burghe's Children to be Bastards.

Hungerford and Neville.

Item, the Act for the Restitution in Name and Blood of Walter Hungreford and Edward Nevell.


Item, an Act for the Assurance of the Inheritance of Hughe Denys.


Item, an Act for a Jointure to be assured to Anne Sidney.


Item, an Act to authorize certain of the King's Majesty's Council to set Prices upon Wines.

Item allate sunt a Domo Communi due alie Bille: videlicet,


The Bill for paving of Cambridge.

Coals and Wood.

Item, a Bill for measuring of Coals and Assize of Wood.

Item, allata est alia Billa: videlicet,


The Bill concerning the explanation of the Statute of Wills, with a new Proviso; que Billa, cum nova Provisione, expedita est et conclusa.


Dominus Cancellarius prorogavit presens hoc Parliamentum usque in tertium diem Aprilis prox. hora consueta.