House of Lords Journal Volume 1: 12 March 1552

Pages 410-411

Journal of the House of Lords: Volume 1, 1509-1577. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1767-1830.

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DIE Sabbati, videlicet, 12 die Martii,

Proceres tam Spirituales quam Temporales, quorum nomina subsequuntur, presentes fuerunt:

p. Archiepus. Cantuarien.
p. Archiepus. Eboracen.
p. Epus. London.
Epus. Dunelmen.
p. Epus. Winton.
Epus. Sar.
Epus. Coven. et Lichef.
Epus. Bath. et Wellen.
p. Epus. Assaven.
p. Epus. Carliolen.
p. Epus. Heref.
p. Epus. Cestren.
Epus. Wigorn.
p. Epus. Norwicen.
Epus. Peterburgen.
Epus. Bangoren.
p. Epus. Bristoll.
Epus. Oxon.
Epus. Cicestren.
Epus. Landaven.
p. Epus. Meneven.
p. Epus. Gloucestren.
p. Epus. Exon.
Epus. Roffen.
p. Epus. Elien. Cancellarius Anglie.
p. Marchio Winton, Thesaurar. Anglie.
p. Dux Northumberland, Presidens Consilii.
p. Comes Bedford, Custos Privati Sigilli.
p. Dux Suff.
Marchio Northampton, Magnus Camerarius.
Comes Arundell.
p. Comes Oxon.
Comes Westmerland.
p. Comes Salopp.
p. Comes Derbie.
p. Comes Wigorn.
p. Comes Rutland.
Comes Cumberland.
p. Comes Sussex.
Comes Huntington.
p. Comes Bath.
Comes Penbroke.
p. Vicecomes Heref.
Ds. Clynton, Magnus Admirallus Anglie.
p. Ds. Darcie de Chechy, Camerarius Hospitii Dni. Regis.
p. Ds. Burgaveny.
p. Ds. Audeley.
p. Ds. Zouche.
Ds. Dalawar.
Ds. Morley.
p. Ds. Dacres de Gillisland.
Ds. Cobham.
p. Ds. Sturton.
p. Ds. Latymer.
Ds. Graye Wilton.
Ds. Connyers.
Ds. Mountegle.
p. Ds. Sandes.
p. Ds. Windesor.
Ds. Boroughe.
Ds. Braye.
p. Ds. Wentworth.
Ds. Mordaunt.
p. Ds. Evers.
Ds. Wharton.
Ds. Ryche.
p. Ds. Willoughbie.
Ds. Stafford.
Ds. Darcie.
Ds. Paget.

Provision or Premunire.

HODIE 2a vice lecta est Billa, for the taking away of Provision, or Premunire, que commissa est ad ingrossandum.

Earl of Oxford.

Eodem die, 1a vice lecta est Billa, touching the Earl of Oxforde.


Eodem die, 1a vice lecta est Billa, That no Person shall keep above Two Thousand Sheep.

Holidays and Fast days.

Eodem die, 3a vice lecta est Billa, for the keeping of Holidays and Fasting-days, which was respected, for a Proviso for the Knights of the Order of the Garter to celebrate their Feasts.

Hodie allate sunt a Domo Communi quatuor Bille: quarum


Prima, For the having of Two Thousand Sheep, que prima vice lecta est.

Hatts, Dornykes, and Coverlets.

Secunda, For the making of Hats, Dornykes, and Coverlets, within the City of Norwiche.

Exigents in Lancaster.

Tertia, For Writs of Proclamations upon Exigents to be awarded within the County Palatine of Lancastre.


Quarta, For the buying and selling of Offices; sent down unto them before that Time from the Lords, with a Proviso for the Judges, which Proviso they required it might be taken from the same and cancelled.

Broad Cloths.

Item, The same Time was brought up by them One Old Bill, touching the weaving and making of Broad Woollen Cloths by divers Persons.

E. of Oxford.

Eodem die, etiam lecta est Provisio quedam, annectenda Bille pro Comite Oxonii, 1a vice.


Dominus Cancellarius continuavit presens Parliamentum usque in diem Lune prox. hora octava mane.