House of Lords Journal Volume 11: 4 May 1660

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Journal of the House of Lords: Volume 11, 1660-1666. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1767-1830.

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DIE Veneris, 4 die Maii.

PRAYERS, by Mr. Hodges.

Domini præsentes fuerunt:

16 Comes Manchester, Speaker.

1 Dux Bucks.
2 Comes Northumb.
3 Comes Derby.
6 Comes Lyncolne.
4 Comes Rutland.
5 Comes Pembrooke.
7 Comes Nottingham.
8 Comes Suffolke.
11 Comes Exeter.
12 Comes Bridgwater.
20 Comes Carnarvan.
17 Comes Berks.
10 Comes Sarum.
15 Comes Bollingbrook.
9 Comes Dorsett.
19 Comes Winchilsea.
22 Viscount Conway.
18 Comes Stamford.
13 Comes Denbigh.
21 Viscount Say & Seale.
14 Comes Midd.
2 Ds. Berkley.
3 Ds. Morley.
8 Ds. Chandos.
9 Ds. Hunsdon.
4 Ds. Dacres.
12 Ds. Tenham.
7 Ds. Willoughby.
13 Ds. Grey.
16 Ds. Howard of Esc.
10 Ds. Petre.
17 Ds. Capell.
6 Ds. Wharton.
15 Ds. Maynard.
14 Ds. Craven.
11 Ds. Gerrard.
5 Ds. Crumwell.
1 Ds. De la Warr.

L. Sandys's Case, concerning his Peerage.

The Earl of Dorsett reported from the Lords Committees of Privileges, the Case of the Lord Sandys, touching his Claim to sit in this House as a Peer of this Realm.

And his (fn. 1) Lordship said, "That upon Search made in the Office of the Petty Bag, in the Pawns there of Record, that in a Parliament held the Third of November, in the 21th Year of King H. VIII. William Sandys, of The Vyne, Chevalier, was summoned up by Writ of the said King, bearing Date the 9th Day of August, in the said Year.

"The like Writ of Summons, dated the First of December in the 36th Year of Henry the VIII. was directed to Thomas Lord Sandys.

The like Writs were directed to Thomas Lord Sandys, both in the 6th and 7th Years of the (fn. 3) said King Edward.

The like Writs were directed to Thomas Lord Sandys, in the several Years of the 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5th of Phillip and Mary.

"The like Writs were issued to William Sandys, of The Vyne, Chevalier, in the 28th, 30th, 35, 39, and 43th of Queen Eliz.

"The like Writ was issued to William Sandys, in the First Year of King James."

Upon this, it is ORDERED, That the Records be searched against To-morrow Morning; and then the Heralds are to attend, and give their Lordships Satisfaction herein, and in the Point of Place where the said Lord Sandys is to sit in this House as a Peer; the House being satisfied of his Lordship's Title to the Honour.

Answer from the H. C.

The Messengers sent Yesterday to the House of Commons, to give them Notice that their Lordships do intend to send Six Lords to wait upon His Majesty, to deliver Him the Letter from this House, (fn. 2) return this Answer, That the House of Commons conceive it needs no Answer.

Recusant Lords.

ORDERED, That Suspension be made of issuing out of Letters for attending this House, to those Lords that are Recusants, until the further Pleasure of this House be known.

Marquis of Winton's Order, for staying Waste on his Lands.

ORDERED, That a Stop be made for the Lord Marquis of Winchester's Lands and Woods to be delivered unto any Person by the Sheriffs; and that no Waste in any Kind be made upon the Premises, until the Pleasure of this House be further known; and that the Rents of those that are in Possession shall be staid in their Hands.

Judgement against the E. of North'ton, and Eight more Lords, to be vacated.

Upon Report of the Earl of Dorsett, from the Committee for Privileges, concerning the Judgement given in this House against the Earl of North'ton and others, in July, 1642:

It is ORDERED, That the Earl of Lyncolne, Earl of Dorsett, Viscount Say & Seale, and the Lord Craven, do presently meet, and draw up an Order, to repeal, null, and make void, the said Judgement, and report the same to this House presently; and the Lord Chief Baron Wyld do assist their Lordships.

Long's Petition.

Upon reading the Petition of Walter Long Esquire:

It is ORDERED, To be referred to the Lords Committees for Petitions, and by them to be reported to this House. (fn. 4)

Lords that were at Oxford.

ORDERED, The sending Letters to the Lords that were at Oxford shall be suspended until further Order.

Babington and Gunn, concerning Greenwich Park.

ORDERED, That the Petition of Mr. Uriah Babington, concerning the Park as well as of the House of Greenwich, be recommitted to the Committee for Petitions; and that Gunn, and all other Persons therein concerned, are to be heard; and that the Order of this House, made for the said Babington the 3d of this Instant May, be suspended from any Execution thereof until further Order of this House.

Order against Riots in London.

Whereas Information hath been given to this House, "That, on Tuesday or Wednesday last, a great Riot and Violence was offered to the Persons and Estates of some Inhabitants in the City of London:"

It is ORDERED, by the Lords in Parliament, That the Lord Mayor and other the Officers of the City do take Care, that for the future no such Riot or Violence be committed against such Inhabitants who live quietly, and give no Disturbance to the Authority of the Civil Magistrate.

"T. Lyncolne.
C. Nottingham.
W. Say & Seele."

Order for vacating the Judgement against the E. of North'ton, and Eight more Lords, in 1642.

The Earl of Dorsett reported from the Committee, the Draught of an Order concerning the Business of the Nine impeached Lords; which Order was read, and approved of by the House, as followeth:

"Whereas, upon Wednesday the Twentieth Day of July, 1642, it was, by the Lords then assembled in this High Court of Parliament awarded and adjudged in these Words following, that is to say,

"That Spencer Earl of Northampton, William Earl of Devon, Henry Earl of Dover, Henry Earl of Monmouth, Charles Lord Howard of Charlton, Robert Lord Rich, Charles Lord Grey of Ruthen, Thomas Lord Coventry, Arthur Lord Capell, shall not sit or vote in the Lords House during this present Parliament.

"2. That they shall not enjoy the Privileges of Parliament.

3. That they shall stand committed to The Tower during the Pleasure of this House.

"With other Matters therein contained, as by the said Judgement or Award remaining of Record may appear.

"Now, upon serious Debate and Consideration had by the Lords now assembled in Parliament, of the said Judgement or Award, and of the Matters and Things therein contained, they do declare, ordain, and adjudge, That the said Judgement or Award, and every Matter therein, shall be repealed, adnulled, and made void; and the same is hereby repealed, adnulled, and made void, to all Intents and Purposes, as if no such Judgement had been therein."

ORDERED, That the Lords of the Sub-committee for Privileges do take Care to see the said Judgement vacated as aforesaid.

Woodnet, a Pass to Holland.

ORDERED, That Mr. John Woodnett shall have a Pass for himself, Two Servants, and Two Horses, to go into Holland.

Sir Wm. Compton, Ditto.

ORDERED, That Sir William Compton shall have a Pass, to go into Holland, with Six Servants, and to return again into England.

E. Strafford, Leave to be absent.

ORDERED, That the Earl of Strafford is excused for his Absence from the House, in regard of his ill Health.

Antonio Vas, to be demanded of the Portugueze Ambassador.

Upon reading the Petition of Antonio Vas:

It is this Day ORDERED, by the Lords in Parliament, That the said Petition be shewed to the Portugall Ambassador, by the Gentleman Usher attending this House; and that the said Antonio be demanded of the said Ambassador, unless the said Ambassador shall shew Cause to the contrary to this House.


House adjourned till 9a cras.


  • 1. Deest in Originali.
  • 2. Sic.
  • 3. Origin. they return.
  • 4. After this, in the Original, occurs an Order, "That no Lords created since 1642 shall sit;" but it is crossed, and the following Note is opposite to it in the Margin, "This was vacated, by Order of the Lords, of the 31th of May, 1660.