House of Lords Journal Volume 11: 22 May 1661

Pages 262-263

Journal of the House of Lords: Volume 11, 1660-1666. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1767-1830.

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DIE Mercurii, 22 die Maii.

Domini præsentes fuerunt:

His Royal Highness the Duke of Yorke.
Ds. Cancellarius.
Ds. Thesaurarius Angliæ.
Ds. Custos Privati Sigilli.
Dux Albemarle.
Marq. de Winton.
L. Great Chamberlain.
L. Steward.
L. Chamberlain.
Comes Oxon.
Comes Northumb.
Comes Derby.
Comes Bedford.
Comes Pembrooke.
Comes Lyncolne.
Comes Dorsett.
Comes Sarum.
Comes Exon.
Comes Bridgwater.
Comes North'ton.
Comes Warwicke.
Comes Devon.
Comes Denbigh.
Comes Midd.
Comes Bolingbrooke.
Comes Berks.
Comes Cleveland.
Comes Rivers.
Comes Dover.
Comes Petriburgh.
Comes Carnarvon.
Comes Newport.
Comes Chesterfeild.
Comes Thanett.
Comes Portland.
Comes Strafford.
Comes Sunderland.
Comes Scarsdale.
Comes (fn. 1) Sandwich.
Comes Anglesey.
Comes Bathon.
Comes Carlilc.
Viscount Say et Seale.
Viscount Conway.
Viscount Campden.
Viscount de Stafford.
Viscount Fauconberge.
Viscount Mordant.
Ds. Abergaveny.
Ds. Awdley.
Ds. Morley.
Ds. D'acres.
Ds. Darcy et Conyers.
Ds. Stourton.
Ds. Sandys.
Ds. Windsor.
Ds. Wentworth.
Ds. Crumwell.
Ds. Wharton.
Ds. Pagett.
Ds. Chandois.
Ds. Hunsdon.
Ds. Petre.
Ds. Arrundell.
Ds. Brooke.
Ds. Mountagu.
Ds. Howard de Charlt.
Ds. Grey.
Ds. Craven.
Ds. Lovelace.
Ds. Poulett.
Ds. Maynard.
Ds. Coventry.
Ds. Howard de Esc.
Ds. Seymour.
Ds. Newport.
Ds. Hatton.
Ds. Byron.
Ds. Vaughan.
Ds. Carrington.
Ds. Widdrington.
Ds. Lucas.
Ds. Bellasis.
Ds. Rockingham.
Ds. Gerard de Brandon.
Ds. Lexington.
Ds. Berkeley de Strat.
Ds. Holles.
Ds. Cornwallis.
Ds. Delamer.
Ds. Townesend.
Ds. Ashley.

PRAYERS, by Dr. Hodges.

Sir William Throckmorton, &c. take the Oaths.

Memorandum, That, before the Sitting of the House, Sir Wm. Throckmorton, Dame Elizabeth his Wife, and William Throckmorton his Son, took the Oaths of Supremacy and Allegiance, according to the Stat. of 7° Jacobi, before the Chancellor and divers other Lords, at the Lord Chancellor's Wool-sack, kneeling; the Clerk of the Crown reading the Oaths unto them: And this was before the Second Reading of the Bill for naturalizing of them.

Peers Poll Money.

ORDERED, That the Commissioners, or any Five of them, mentioned in the Acts concerning the Poll Bill, are to meet on Friday next, by Eight of the Clock, in the Prince's Lodgings near the House of Peers; and make a List of all such Lords as have paid, and what they have paid, as also who have not paid, upon the First and Second Act of Poll Money; and afterwards make Report thereof to this House.

Bill to prevent Tumults, &c.

The Earl of North'ton reported from the Committee, the Bill against Tumults, &c. with some Amendments, which the Committee offer to the Consideration of the House; which Amendments, being read Twice, were Agreed to. And the House ordered the said Bill to be engrossed, with the said Amendments.

Bill for preserving the King's Person.

Hodie 1a vice lecta est Billa, "An Act for securing and preserving His Majesty's Person and Government, against all treasonable and seditious Practices and Attempts."

ORDERED, That this Bill be read again the Second Time on Friday Morning next.

Bastard, Ld. Mohun's Servant, versus Neave, for arresting him.

This Day John Neave was brought to this Bar, being sent for as delinquent, by Order of this House, dated the 13th of May Instant, for causing Joseph Bastard, Servant to the Lord Mohun, to be arrested, contrary to the Privilege of Parliament.

And the said Neave, in his Answer, acknowledged he took the said Joseph Bastard upon Execution, for Damage he received by him the Nineteenth of January last; but he denied that the said Joseph Bastard was the Lord Mohun's Servant, but Servant to Mrs. Harris.

Upon which, divers Witnesses were examined upon Oath; but none of them did swear positively that the said Bastard is the Lord Mohun's Menial Servant.

And a Protection also under the Lord Mohun's Hand and Seal was read, acknowledging him to be his menial Servant.

Likewise so much of the Standing Orders of this House as concerned Privileges of Parliament, in Point of Servants, were read.

And, after some Debate, it is ORDERED, That the said John Neave for the present shall be released from his Restraint he lies under, giving sufficient Bond to the Serjeant at Arms, in whose Custody he is, to appear personally before this House within Twenty-four Hours after he shall be summoned; and that the further Debate upon the Merits of this Cause is deferred until the Lord Mohun comes to this House.

Hatfield Level Bill.

ORDERED, That the Bill concerning the Draining of Hatfeild Levell shall be read the First Time on Friday Morning next.

Lords Leave to be absent.

ORDERED, That the Earl of Dorsett and the Earl of Midd. have Leave to be absent from their Attendance upon this House, for a few Days.

Winston, E. of Thanet's Servant, arrested. Merchant and Latham sent for.

ORDERED, upon the Complaint of the Earl of Thanett, That the Serjeant at Arms attending this House, or his Deputy, shall attach the Body of Robert Merchant Ironmonger, at whose Suit Phillip Winston, a menial Servant of the Earl of Thanett, a Member of Parliament, and a Peer of this Realm, is arrested contrary to the Privilege of Parliament; and also shall attach the Body of Thomas Latham, a Serjeant belonging to The Poultrie Compter, London, who arrested the said Phillip Winston; and forthwith bring them before the Lords in Parliament, to answer their several Contempts to this House. And this to be a sufficient Warrant in that Behalf.


Dominus Cancellarius declaravit præsens Parliamentum continuandum esse usque in diem Veneris, videlicet, 24um diem instantis Maii, hora decima Aurora, Dominis sic decernentibus.


  • 1. Origin. Sawwich.