House of Lords Journal Volume 11: 9 June 1660

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Journal of the House of Lords: Volume 11, 1660-1666. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1767-1830.

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DIE Saturni, 9 die Junii.

PRAYERS, by Mr. Hodges.

Domini præsentes fuerunt:

1 Dux Yorke.
L. Chancellor, Speaker.
2 Dux Bucks.
3 Marq. Dorchester.
4 L. Great Chamberlain.
5 L. Chamberlain.
7 Comes Northumb'l.
9 Comes Derby.
16 Comes Dorset.
22 Comes Denbigh.
26 Comes Monmouth.
25 Comes Berks.
31 Comes Portland.
10 Comes Rutland.
21 Comes North'ton.
34 Comes Leichfeild.
13 Comes Lyncolne.
41 Viscount Fauconbridge.
27 Comes Stamford.
29 Comes Carnarvon.
15 Comes Suffolke.
18 Comes Exon.
12 Comes Pembrooke.
24 Comes Westm'land.
17 Comes Sarum.
19 Comes Bridgwater.
33 Comes Scarsdale.
14 Comes Nottingham.
39 Viscount Campden.
11 Comes South'ton.
32 Comes Strafford.
30 Comes Newport.
35 Comes St. Albans.
28 Comes Winchilsea.
6 Comes Oxon.
20 Comes Leycester.
36 Viscount Mountagu.
37 Viscount Say & Seale.
23 Comes Bollingbrooke.
38 Viscount Conway.
40 Viscount Stafford.
8 Comes Shrewsbury.
23 Ds. Fynch.
14 Ds. Robertes.
15 Ds. Craven.
25 Ds. Leigh.
19 Ds. Coventrye.
22 Ds. Herbert.
9 Ds. Hunsdon.
3 Ds. Sandys.
21 Ds. Mohun.
33 Ds. Lexington.
17 Ds. Pawlett.
18 Ds. Maynard.
28 Ds. Byron.
20 Ds. Howard.
27 Ds. Loughborough.
16 Ds. Lovelace.
13 Ds. Grey.
6 Ds. Wharton.
24 Ds. Newport.
10 Ds. Gerard.
26 Ds. Hatton.
8 Ds. Chandos.
7 Ds. Willoughby.
1 Ds. Aberg'enny.
12 Ds. Brooke.
31 Ds. Bellasis.
4 Ds. Stourton.
32 Ds. Rockingham.
2 Ds. De la Warr.
29 Ds. Vaughan.
5 Ds. Cromwell.
11 Ds. Arrundell.
30 Ds. Lucas.

Order concerning Needwood Forest.

ORDERED, That there be an Order to stop cutting and lopping Timber and Wood, in Needwood Forrest, in the County of Stafford; and that no Wood already cut which is upon that Ground, or carried into any other Place, shall be carried away without further Direction of His Majesty; and that Commissioners Names be delivered in, to put these Orders into Execution.

Wakelin, for treasonable Words.

Upon Information to this House, "That one Clement Wakelin, of Tatenhill, in the County of Stafford, hath spoken treasonable Words against His Majesty:"

It is ORDERED, That the next Justices of Peace upon the Place shall take the further Examination of this Business upon Oath, and proceed against the said Clement Wakelin according to Law.

Count. of Derby's Petition about the Murder of her Husband.

Upon reading the Petition of the Countess Dowager of Derby, concerning the Murder of her Husband, the Earl of Derby:

It is ORDERED, To be referred to the Committee of Privileges, who are to take the same into Consideration, and make Report thereof to this House.

Report concerning the House choosing a Speaker.

The Lord Robertes reported from the Committee for Privileges, their Result concerning the Business re-committed to them, concerning the Lords choosing their own Speaker; which was read, as followeth, videlicet,

"That it is the Duty of the Lord Chancellor, or Lord Keeper of the Great Seal of England, ordinarily to attend the Lords House of Parliament; and that in case the Lord Chancellor or Lord Keeper of the Great Seal be absent from the House of Peers, and that there be none authorized under the Great Seal from the King to supply that Place in the House of Peers, the Lords may then choose their own Speaker during that Vacancy."

Standing Order concerning a Speaker.

ORDERED, That this House confirms this Report; and that it be entered among the Standing Orders of this House in the Roll.

Standing Orders read.

The Roll of the Standing Orders of this House was this Day read.

Violation of the Privileges of Peers to be considered.

ORDERED, That it is referred to the Committee for Privileges, to consider the great Violation that hath (fn. 1) been committed upon the Peers of this Realm, by restraining their Persons, burning them in the Hand, refusing their Privileges when they have been claimed, or any other Breaches; and that the said Committee have Power to send for all Offenders in these Kinds; and, after Examination thereof, to report the State thereof to this House.

Petition to the King, about His Proclamation against Prophaneness.

The Lord Wharton reported the Draught of a Petition to the King from both Houses of Parliament, touching His Majesty's enjoining the Reading His Proclamation against Prophane Persons, &c; which, being read, was approved of, and ordered to be sent to the House of Commons, for their Concurrence therein.

Sent to H. C.

Which accordingly was sent down, by Doctor Childe and

Report concerning the King's Readiness to perform all things in His Declaration.

The Lord Chancellor gave the House Account, "That Yesterday he delivered their Lordships Sense to His Majesty, in the Presence of this whole House, concerning their Lordships Acceptance of His Majesty's Gracious Offer of Pardon in His Declaration. And His Majesty was graciously pleased to express His Willingness and Readiness to satisfy all the Particulars offered in His Declaration, both concerning their Lordships and all other Persons.

Halke's Petition.

Upon reading the Petition of John Halke:

It is ORDERED, That the Consideration of the same is referred to the Committee for Petitions.

Finch's, D.

ORDERED, That the Petition of Fynch is re-committed to the Consideration of the Committee for Petitions, who are to report their Opinion therein to this House.

Peers to take the Oath of Allegiance.

ORDERED, That all the Peers do take the Oath of Allegiance on Thursday next, in the Manner as formerly it hath been.

Marq. Winton and L. St. John.

ORDERED, That Wednesday next the Committee for Petitions do take into Consideration the Business between the Marquis of Winton and his Son; and to summon all Parties concerned therein.

Weaver to attend, about Millet's Cause.

ORDERED, The Keeper of The Poultry Compter do bring Weaver before the Committee for Petitions, from Time to Time, as often as there shall be Occasion, to give in his Testimony in the Cause of Millet.

L. Purbeck's Business.

ORDERED, That the Business concerning the Lord Viscount Purbecke be recommended to the Consideration of the Committee for Privileges.

E. of Denbigh, Leave to be absent.

ORDERED, That the Earl of Denbigh hath Leave to be absent from his Attendance on this House for some Time.

ORDERED, That the Earl of North'ton be added to the Committee for Privileges.

ORDERED, That the Lord Chief Baron and Justice Hyde do attend the Committee for Petitions.

Order to stay the Waste of Timber, in Needwood Forest.

Upon Information given this Day to the House, "That there is great Waste committed, in the Forest of Needwood, in the County of Stafford, by cutting, felling, and carrying away, Timber and other Wood out of the said Forest of Needwood; and that there is Timber and Wood carried thence, and laid upon some Ground near to the said Forest:"

It is ORDERED, by the Lords in Parliament assembled, That there shall be no more Timber or Wood cut or felled in the said Forest; nor that any already cut or felled shall be carried away from off the same, or any Part thereof, until His Majesty's Pleasure be further known; and that all such Wood and Timber that is certainly known to be cut and carried out of the said Forest, and laid upon any other Ground near thereunto, shall not be sold or removed from thence, until His Majesty's Pleasure be likewise further known therein. And it is hereby specially recommended to the Lord Aston, Sir Thomas Lee, Sir Harvy Baygood, Sir Charles Wolsely, Sir Charles Edgerton, Edward Baygood Esquire, Bryan Broughton Esquire, Daniell Watson Esquire, George Vernon Esquire, Edward Vernon Esquire, and Michaell Bidle Esquire, jointly or severally, to see this Order put in due Execution, for the Service of His Majesty; and, in case Obedience be not yielded hereunto, that Information be given to this House, that such further Course may be taken therein as shall be meet.


House adjourned till Wednesday, at 10 a Clock.


  • 1. Deest in Originali.