House of Lords Journal Volume 11: 3 July 1660

Pages 81-82

Journal of the House of Lords: Volume 11, 1660-1666. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1767-1830.

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DIE Martis, 3 die Julii.

PRAYERS, by Mr. Hodges.

Domini præsentes fuerunt:

L. Chancellor.
1 Dux Bucks.
2 Marq. Winton.
3 Marq. Worcester.
4 Marq. Dorchester.
6 Comes Derby.
5 Comes Shrewsbury.
8 Comes Lyncolne.
21 Comes Berks.
32 Viscount Campden.
15 Comes Leycester.
27 Comes Winchilsea.
9 Comes Nottingham.
14 Comes Bridgwater.
10 Comes Suffolke.
24 Comes Rivers.
29 Comes Portland.
11 Comes Dorsett.
33 Viscount Stafford.
34 Viscount Fauconbridge.
12 Comes Sarum.
30 Viscount Say & Seale.
28 Comes Carnarvon.
19 Comes Bollingbrooke.
25 Comes Peterborough.
26 Comes Stamford.
17 Comes Bristoll.
7 Comes Bedford.
18 Comes Clare.
22 Comes Cleveland.
20 Comes Westm'land.
13 Comes Exon.
31 Viscount Conway.
23 Comes Monmouth.
16 Comes Denbigh.
35 Viscount Mordant.
14 Ds. Coventry.
6 Ds. Willoughby.
15 Ds. Howard of Esc.
18 Ds. Fynch.
23 Ds. Astley.
3 Ds. Stourton.
24 Ds. Lucas.
21 Ds. Loughborough.
16 Ds. Mohun.
13 Ds. Lovelace.
25 Ds. Rockingham.
5 Ds. Wharton.
11 Ds. Grey.
19 Ds. Seymour.
8 Ds. Hunsdon.
12 Ds. Robertes.
7 Ds. Chandos.
17 Ds. Herbert.
10 Ds. Howard of Charlton.
27 Ds. Berkley de Stratton.
26 Ds. Langdale.
9 Ds. Mountagu.
22 Ds. Ward.
1 Ds. Abergaveny.
20 Ds. Newport.
2 Ds. Berkley of Berkley.
4 Ds. Windsor.

Message from H. C. with a Bill.

A Message was brought from the House of Commons, by Mr. Prynn; who brought up a Bill for the Confirmation of the Privileges of Parliament, &c. wherein they desire their Lordships Concurrence.

Bill to confirm the Privileges of Parliament, and fundamental Laws.

Hodie 1a vice lecta est Billa, an Act, intituled, "An Act for the Confirmation and future Preservation of the Privileges of Parliament, and of the fundamental Laws made for Conservation of the Lives, Liberties, and Properties, of the Subjects."

Message to H. C. about Writings belonging to Peers.

A Message was sent to the House of Commons, by Mr. Hobart and

To desire that Mr. Jessop, their Clerk, may deliver all such Writings and Evidences which are in his Hands, as concerns any Peer, into the Custody of the Clerk of this House.

Mrs. Burleigh's Petition concerning the Death of her Husband.

The Earl of Berks reported from the Committee for Petitions, "That, upon the opening the Case of Mrs. Burleigh, concerning the Death of her Husband, the Committee finds what was done, was done by Commission from both Houses of Parliament, and in such a judicial Way as all Justices of Assize and other Persons acted in those Times; and therefore the Direction of this House is desired, before any further Proceedings be made herein.

"That several Members of the House of Commons attended the Committee in this Business; who desired that, if any Thing were charged against them, it might be brought to the Commons House of Parliament. The Committee thought it not fit to proceed, as to them, without acquainting the House of Commons therewith."

It is ORDERED, That this Business of Mrs. Burley be re-committed to the Committee for Petitions; to be heard on Friday next, in the Afternoon; and the Petitioner to be assigned such Counsel as she shall name.

E. of Cleveland's Order for Witnesses.

ORDERED, That the Earl of Cleveland shall have Order of this House, to summon such Parties and Witnesses as he thinks fit, to appear before the Committee to whom this Business is referred.

Johnson's Petition.

Upon reading the Petition of Johnston:

It is ORDERED, To be referred to the Committee for Petitions, to hear all Parties concerned, and report to this House.

Acts of Naturalization brought in.

The Clerk acquainted the Lord Chancellor, "That he had Two Acts of Naturalization delivered unto him; and the Parties do humbly beseech their Lordships, that they may have the Grace and Favour of this House, to receive them, and pass them as Acts."

Hereupon the House ORDERED, That they should be received and read.

Bedells Naturalization Bill.

Hodie 1a vice lecta est Billa, an Act, intituled, "An Act for the naturalizing of Edward Bedell, and Anne Bedell, Son and Daughter of Will'm Bedell, late of Mousdworth, in the County of Huntingdon, Esquire."

Bogan's D.

Hodie 1a vice lecta est Billa, an Act, intituled, "An Act for naturalizing of Richard Bogan, of the City of London, Merchant."

Order for seizing the King's Goods taken out of Ludlow Castle.

Upon Information given to the House, "That divers of the King's Goods, to a considerable Value, were formerly taken out of Ludlow Castle, and are still kept from the Use of His Majesty:"

It is ORDERED, &c. That Sir William Whitmore Knight and Baronet, Colonel Moore Governor of Ludlowe, and Captain Vincent Edwards Deputy Governor of the said Castle, or any of them, are hereby impowered to seize all such Goods, wheresoever they are, that they do know to belong really to His Majesty; and keep them in Safety, for His Majesty's Use, until they shall receive further Order therein.

Order for Persons to attend the Committee, with Papers about the Earl of Cleveland's Cause.

It is this Day ORDERED, by the Lords in Parliament assembled, That such Parties, Creditors, and Purchasers, hereunto annexed, as are concerned in the Petition of the Earl of Cleaveland and the Lord Wentworth, now depending in this House, and such others as the Petitioners shall desire, are to attend the Committee appointed for this Business, on the Ninth Day of this Instant July, at Three of the Clock in the Afternoon, in the Prince's Lodgings; and that the Parties herein concerned do then bring in the Accompt of their Debts being stated, and likewise give an Accompt of the Profits received out of the Estate of the said Earl of Cleveland and the Lord Wentworth, since the Time that they have had the Possession thereof, that such Course may be taken therein as their Lordships shall see Cause.


House adjourned till 10a cras.