House of Lords Journal Volume 12: 23 October 1667

Journal of the House of Lords: Volume 12, 1666-1675. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1767-1830.

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'House of Lords Journal Volume 12: 23 October 1667', in Journal of the House of Lords: Volume 12, 1666-1675, (London, 1767-1830) pp. 122-123. British History Online [accessed 20 April 2024]


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DIE Mercurii, 23 die Octobris.

Domini tam Spirituales quam Temporales præsentes fuerunt:

His Royal Highness the Duke of Yorke.
Arch. Eborac.
Epus. Durham.
Epus. Winton.
Epus. Ely.
Epus. Norwich.
Epus. Litch. et Cov.
Epus. Hereford.
Epus. Chester.
Epus. Sarum.
Epus. Petriburgh.
Epus. Carlile.
Epus. Bangor.
Epus. Landaffe.
Epus. Asaph.
Sir Orlando Bridgman, Mil. et Bar. Ds. Custos Magni Sigilli.
Johannes Ds. Robertes, Custos Privati Sigilli.
Dux Bucks.
Dux Richmond.
Marq. Worcester.
Robertus Comes Lyndsey, Magnus Camerarius Angliæ.
Comes Kent.
Comes Nottingham.
Comes Suffolk.
Comes Dorsett.
Comes Bridgwater.
Comes North'ton.
Comes Devon.
Comes Denbigh.
Comes Clare.
Comes Bolingbrooke.
Comes Berks.
Comes Rivers.
Comes Dover.
Comes Portland.
Comes Scarsdale.
Comes Essex.
Comes Anglesey.
Comes Carlile.
Comes Craven.
Comes Burlington.
Vicecomes Say et Seale.
Vicecomes Conway.
Vicecomes Mordant.
Ds. Delawarr.
Ds. Sandis.
Ds. Windsor.
Ds. Cromwell.
Ds. North.
Ds. Chandos.
Ds. Petre.
Ds. Arundell de Warder.
Ds. Howard de Charlt.
Ds. Grey d War.
Ds. Lovelace.
Ds. Howard de Esc.
Ds. Powis.
Ds. Newport.
Ds. Byron.
Ds. Vaughan.
Ds. Carington.
Ds. Lucas.
Ds. Rockingham.
Ds. Lexington.
Ds. Wotton.
Ds. Berkley de Strat.
Ds. Holles.
Ds. Cornwallis.
Ds. Delamer.
Ds. Townsend.
Ds. Ashley.
Ds. Arundell de Trerice.


Bill for preventing Sale of Offices.

Hodie 1a vice lecta est Billa, "An Act for preventing Corruption, Extortion, and Abuses in Officers, by Sale of Offices."

ORDERED, That this Bill be read the Second Time To-morrow Morning.

ORDERED, That the Duke of Richmond is added to the Committee of Privileges, Committee for Petitions, and Committee for Trade.

ORDERED, That the Committees of Inspection into the Laws, and the Proceedings at Law, do meet on Friday next, in the Afternoon.

The Lord Delawar and the Lord Powis are added to the Committee for Privileges.

The Lord Viscount Say et Seale and the Lord Chandos are added to the Committee for the Journal Book.

Lords answering upon Honour to be considered.

Upon Information to this House, by the Lord Holles, That he hath been lately called to be a Witness in a Cause depending in the Prerogative Court, and hath put in his Deposition upon Honour; but it will not be received as valid unless it be upon Oath; which his Lordships is cautious of, in regard of the Privileges of the Peers in such Cases; therefore his Lordship desired to know the Pleasure and Directions of this House therein:"

Whereupon it is ORDERED, That the Consideration of this Business is referred to the Committee of Privileges, who are to report their Opinion therein to this House.

Precedents of Entries of King's Answers to Addresses.

ORDERED, That it is referred to the Committee of Privileges, who are to meet To-morrow in the Afternoon, at Three of the Clock, to search Precedents, whether, when both Houses of Parliament have waited upon the King with an Address, and the King hath spoken any Thing in Answer to it, the same hath been reported, and entered into the Journal Book.


Dominus Custos Magni Sigilli declaravit præsens Parliamentum continuandum esse usque in diem Jovis, 24um diem instantis Octobris, hora decima Aurora, Dominis sic decernentibus.