House of Lords Journal Volume 12: 4 November 1673

Journal of the House of Lords: Volume 12, 1666-1675. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1767-1830.

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'House of Lords Journal Volume 12: 4 November 1673', in Journal of the House of Lords: Volume 12, 1666-1675, (London, 1767-1830) pp. 592-593. British History Online [accessed 2 March 2024]


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DIE Martis, 4 die Novembris.


Domini tam Spirituales quam Temporales præsentes fuerunt:

His Royal Highness the Duke of Yorke.
Arch. Cant.
Epus. London.
Epus. Winton.
Epus. Ely.
Epus. Sarum.
Epus. Petriburgh.
Epus. Landaffe.
Epus. Exon.
Epus. Chichester.
Epus. Oxon.
Epus. Bristoll.
Epus. Gloucester.
Epus. Bath & Wells.
Ds. Cancellarius Angliæ.
Ds. Thesaurarius Angliæ.
Ds. Custos Privati Sigilli.
L. Great Chamberlain of Engl.
L. Steward.
L. Chamberlain.
Comes Huntington.
Comes Suffolk.
Comes Dorsett.
Comes Sarum.
Comes Bridgwater.
Comes Denbigh.
Comes Midd.
Comes Bollingbrooke.
Comes Westmerland.
Comes Manchester.
Comes Berks.
Comes Dover.
Comes Sunderland.
Comes Scarsdale.
Comes Bath.
Comes Craven.
Comes Arlington.
Vicecomes de Stafford.
Vicecomes Fauconberg.
Vicecomes Hallyfax.
Vicecomes Yarmouth.
Ds. Awdley.
Ds. Berkeley de Berk.
Ds. Fitzwalter.
Ds. Grey de Wark.
Ds. Maynard.
Ds. Howard de Esc.
Ds. Mohun.
Ds. Newport.
Ds. Lucas.
Ds. Gerard de Brandon.
Ds. Berkeley de Strat.
Ds. Delamer.
Ds. Freschvile.
Ds. Arundell de Treric.
Ds. Butler de Moore Park.
Ds. Butler de Weston.
Ds. Grey de Rolleston.


Mary Price, Queen's Servant, Privilege:

Upon Complaint made this Day to the House, "That Mrs. Mary Price, One of the sworn Servants in Ordinary to the Queen's Majesty, is arrested, by John Colvert, at the Suits of Abraham Gratio alias Labree, a Frenchman, Richard Shore, Mathewe Smith, William Groves, Henry Bradbury, and Richard Hill, and is now in the Custody of Serjeant Wm. Dyke, Keeper of The Gatehouse Prison in Westminster (sitting the Parliament), contrary to the Privilege of Parliament:"

It is thereupon ORDERED, by the Lords Spiritual and Temporal in Parliament assembled, That the said Mary Price be forthwith set at Liberty from her present Restraint; and this shall be a sufficient Warrant on that Behalf.

King present.

His Majesty being present this Day, and sitting in His Royal Throne, adorned with His Regal Robes and Ornaments, the Peers being also in their Robes; the Gentleman Usher of the Black Rod received Command from His Majesty, to signify His Pleasure to the House of Commons, "That they attend Him presently."

And accordingly the Commons being come, with their Speaker; the King made a short Speech, as followeth:

King's Speech.

"My Lords and Gentlemen,

"I need not tell you how unwillingly I call you hither at this Time, being enough sensible what Advantage My Enemies both Abroad and at Home will reap by the least Appearance of a Difference betwixt Me and My Parliament; nay, being assured they expect more Success from such a Breach (could they procure it) than from their Arms.

"This, I say, shall (whilst I live) be My chief Endeavour to prevent; and for that Reason I think it necessary to make a short Recess, that all good Men may recollect themselves against the next Meeting, and consider whether the present Posture of Affairs will not rather require their Applications to Matters of Religion, and Support against our only Competitors at Sea, than to Things of less Importance; and in the mean while, I will not be wanting to let all My Subjects see, that no Care can be greater than My own, in the effectual suppressing of Popery; and it shall be your Faults if, in your several Countries, the Laws be not effectually executed against the Growth of it.

"I will not be idle neither in some other Things which may add to your Satisfaction; and then I shall expect a suitable Return from you.

"And so I shall give Order to the Lord Chancellor to prorogue you to the Seventh of January next."

Parliament prorogued.

Then the Lord Chancellor, coming from his Place, received His Majesty's Order on his Knee; and returning to his Place, said,

"My Lords and Gentlemen,

"It is His Majesty's Pleasure, that this Parliament be prorogued to the Seventh Day of January next; and this Parliament is prorogued to the Seventh Day of January next."

Hitherto examined by us,

J. Bridgewater.
E. Howard.