House of Lords Journal Volume 14: 7 May 1690

Pages 487-488

Journal of the House of Lords: Volume 14, 1685-1691. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1767-1830.

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DIE Mercurii, 7 die Maii.

Domini tam Spirituales quam Temporales præsentes fuerunt:

Epus. London.
Epus. Durham.
Epus. Winton.
Epus. Landaffe.
Epus. St. Asaph.
Epus. Rochest.
Epus. St. David's.
Epus. Sarum.
Epus. Worcester.
Epus. Chichester.
Epus. Bristoll.
Dux Cumberl'd.
L. President.
Dux Norfolke.
Dux Somersett.
Dux South'ton.
Dux Grafton.
Dux Ormond.
Dux Bolton.
Marq. Hallifax.
L. Great Chamberlain.
L. Chamberlain.
Comes Oxford.
Comes Kent.
Comes Huntingdon.
Comes Bedford.
Comes Pembrooke.
Comes Lincolne.
Comes Bridgewater.
Comes Denbigh.
Comes Bristoll.
Comes Clare.
Comes Bollingbrooke.
Comes Westm'l'd.
Comes Manchester.
Comes Mulgrave.
Comes Rivers.
Comes Stamford.
Comes Kingston.
Comes Carnarvan.
Comes Scarsdale.
Comes Bath.
Comes Carlisle.
Comes Craven.
Comes Burlington.
Comes Sussex.
Comes Feversham.
Comes Macclesfeild.
Comes Radnor.
Comes Berkeley.
Comes Nottingham.
Comes Rochester.
Comes Abingdon.
Comes Portland.
Comes Fauconberge.
Comes Monmouth.
Comes Montagu.
Comes Marlborough.
Comes Torrington.
Comes Warrington.
Comes Scarborough.
Viscount Newport.
Viscount Weymouth.
Viscount Sidney.
Viscount Longueville.
Ds. Delawar.
Ds. Ferrers.
Ds. Eure.
Ds. Wharton.
Ds. Howard.
Ds. North.
Ds. Chandois.
Ds. Sidney.
Ds. Brooke.
Ds. Maynard.
Ds. Herbert.
Ds. Leigh.
Ds. Jermyn.
Ds. Byron.
Ds. Vaughan.
Ds. Culpeper.
Ds. Clifford.
Ds. Lucas.
Ds. Rockingham.
Ds. Berkeley.
Ds. Granvill.
Ds. Cornwallis.
Ds. Crew.
Ds. Keveton.
Ds. Carteret.
Ds. Ossulston.
Ds. Dartmouth.
Ds. Godolphin.
Ds. Cholmondley.
Ds. Ashburnham.


Message from H. C. to return the Queen's Regency Bill.

A Message was brought from the House of Commons, by Lord Viscount Falkland and others:

Who returned the Bill formerly sent down, intituled, "An Act for the Exercise of the Government by Her Majesty during His Majesty's Absence;" wherein the House of Commons have made some Amendments, to which they desire their Lordships Concurrence.

ORDERED, That this House will take these Amendments into Consideration To-morrow Morning.

Sir Edwin Sadler's Bill.

Hodie 2a vice lecta est Billa, "An Act to enable Sir Edwin Sadler to sell Lands, for Payment of Debts."

ORDERED, That the Consideration of this Bill is referred to these Lords following:

Dux Bolton.
Comes Bedford.
Comes Mulgrave.
Comes Rivers.
Comes Stamford.
Comes Kingston.
Comes Craven.
Comes Feversham.
Comes Macclesfeld.
Comes Rochester.
Comes Mountagu.
Comes Warrington.
Comes Scarborough.
Vicecomes Weymouth.
Vicecomes Longueville.
Epus. Winton.
Epus. St. David's.
Epus. Wo'cester.
Epus. Chichester.
Epus. Bristol.
Ds. North.

Their Lordships, or any Three; to meet To-morrow, at Nine of the Clock, in the Prince's Lodgings.

Complaints against Lieutenancy of London.

After reading the Lists of the Lieutenancy and Militia of the City of London, delivered into this House by the Clerk of the said Lieutenancy:

It is ORDERED, That Saturday next be, and is hereby, appointed for this House to receive Complaints, upon Oath or Record, against any Persons now in the Lieutenancy or Militia of the City of London.

Bill for the Queen to be Regent.

ORDERED, That To-morrow, at Eleven of the Clock in the Forenoon, this House shall read, and take into Consideration, the Amendments sent from the House of Commons to the Bill, intituled, "An Act for the Exercise of the Government by Her Majesty during His Majesty's Absence," the First Business; and that all the Lords be summoned to attend the House.


Robertus Atkins, Miles de Balneo, Capitalis Baro de Scaccario, Orator Procerum, declaravit præsens Parliamentum continuandum esse usque in diem Jovis, videlicet, 8um diem instantis Maii, hora decima Aurora, Dominis sic decernentibus.

Hitherto examined by us, this 23th Day of May, 1690,

J. Bridgewater.
North & Grey.