House of Lords Journal Volume 2: Acts passed 16 January-18 March 1581

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Journal of the House of Lords: Volume 2, 1578-1614. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1767-1830.

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Acts passed 16 January-18 March 1581

ACTS passed in the Session of a Parliament holden and begun at Westm. the 16th Day of January, Anno 23° Reginæ Elizabethæ, and there continued and kept until the 18th Day of March following.

Calendar of Acts passed this Session.

1. AN Act to retain the Queen's Majesty's Subjects in their due Obedience.

2. An Act against Seditious Words and Rumours uttered against the Queen's most Excellent Majesty.

3. An Act for the Reformation of Errors in Fines and Recoveries.

4. An Act for the Fortifying of the Borders towards Scotelande.

5. An Act touching Iron-mills near unto the City of London and the River of Thames.

6. An Act for the Repairing of Dover Haven.

7. An Act for the Increase of Mariners, and for Maintenance of the Navigation.

8. An Act for the true melting, making, and working of Wax.

9. An Act for the Abolishing of certain deceitful Stuff used in the dying of Cloths.

10. An Act for the Preservation of Pheasants and Partridges.

11. An Act for the Re-edifying of Cardiffe-bridge, in the County of Glamorgan.

12. An Act for an Addition to a former Act, made Anno 13° of Her Majesty's Reign, for the Paving of a Street without Algate, leading to Her Highness's Store-houses at The Mynories, and other Placcs.

13. An Act for the Inning of Earythe and Plumstedmarsh.

14. An Act of a Subsidy granted by the Clergy.

15. An Act for a Subsidy and Two Fifteenths granted by the Temporalty.

16. An Act for the Queen's Majesty's most Gracious, General, and Free Pardon.

17. An Act for the Partition of certain Lands between the Co-heirs of the Lord Latymer.

18. An Act for the Re-edifying of the Town of Cringleforde, near the City of Norwiche.

19. An Act for the Naturalizing of certain Englishmen's Children, born beyond the Seas.

20. An Act for the Perfecting of Assurances of certain Lands, for the Maintenance of a Free Grammar school, within the City of Coventrie.

21. An Act for the Establishing of an Agreement, between Sir Henry Nevyll, Knight, and Dame Anne Gresham, Widow, for the better performing of the Last Will of Sir Thomas Gresham, Knight, deceased, and for the Payment of his Debts.

22. An Act for the Assurance of a Rent of Fourscore and Two Pounds, and Ten Shillings, to the Bishop of Coventrye and Lychefelde.

23. An Act for the Restitution in Blood of Philipp Earl of Arundell.

24. An Act of Pardon and Restitution in Blood of John Seint Leger, and Dudleye Seint Leger.

25. An Act for the Restitution in Blood of Anthonye Maynye, Esquire.

26. An Act for the Assurance of certain Lands to the Lord Compton.

27. An Act, ratifying a Decree and an Award in the Chancery, touching certain Copyholders and Customary Tenants of the Manors of Moore, Newnam, Lyndryche, Knighton, and Pensockes, in the County of Worcetre.

28. An Act, That Gavel-kind of Lands, within the City of Excetre, may be Inheritable as Lands at the Common Law.

29. An Act for Ratifying of an Award made between William Hyde and William Darrell, Esquires.

30. An Act concerning the Hospital of Ledburye, in the County of Hereforde.


  • 1. The Prorogations that follow are all transposed in the Original, except the last. As there are Transcripts of most of them in a different Part of the Journal, these only are inserted, as the most compleat.