House of Lords Journal Volume 3: 18 May 1621

Pages 126-129

Journal of the House of Lords: Volume 3, 1620-1628. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1767-1830.

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DIE Veneris, videlicet, 18 die Maii,

Domini tam Spirituales quam Temporales, quorum nomina subscribuntur, præsentes fuerunt:

p. Carolus Princeps Walliæ, etc.

p. Archiepus. Cant.
p. Archiepus. Eborum.
Epus. London.
Epus. Dunelm.
Epus. Winton.
Epus. Exon.
Epus. Petriburg.
Epus. Hereforden.
p. Epus. Wigorn.
p. Epus. Assaphen.
Epus. Norwicen.
Epus. Rossen.
Epus. Glocestren.
Epus. Meneven.
p. Epus. Covent. et Lich.
p. Epus. Carlien.
p. Epus. Bathon. et Well.
p. Epus. Bangor.
Epus. Elien.
p. Epus. Lincoln.
p. Epus. Cicestren.
p. Epus. Oxon.
Epus. Bristoll.
p. Epus. Cestren.
p. Epus. Landaven.
Epus. Sarum.
p. Jac. Ley, Miles et Bar. Ds. Capit. Justic. Locum tenens, etc.
p. Vicecomes Maundevil, Mag. Thes. Angliæ.
Comes Wigorn. Ds. Custos Privati Sigilli.
Marchio Buck. Mag. Admirallus Angliæ.
Marchio Winton.
p. Comes Oxon. Mag. Camer. Angliæ.
Comes Richmond, Sen. Hospitii.
p. Comes Pembroc. Cam. Hospittii.
p. Comes Arundel et Surr.
Comes Northumbr.
Comes Nottingham.
Comes Salop.
Comes Kanciæ.
Comes Derbiæ.
p. Comes Rutland.
Comes Cumbriæ.
Comes Sussex.
Comes Huntingon.
Comes Bath.
p. Comes South'ton.
Comes Bedford.
Comes Hertford.
p. Comes Essex.
p. Comes Lincoln.
p. Comes Suffolciæ.
p. Comes Dorset.
p. Comes Sarum.
Comes Exon.
p. Comes Mountgomery.
p. Comes Bridgwater.
Comes Leicestriæ.
Comes North'ton.
p. Comes Warwic.
p. Comes Devon.
p. Comes Cantabr.
p. Comes March.
p. Comes Holdernesse.
Comes Berk.
Vicecomes Mountague.
Vicecomes Wallingford.
p. Vicecomes Doncaster.
Vicecomes Purbeck.
Vicecomes Maunsfeild.
p. Vicecomes Feildinge.
p. Ds. Abergaveny.
Ds. Audeley.
p. Ds. Zouch.
Ds. Willoughby de Er.
Ds. Lawarr.
Ds. Morley et Mounteg.
Ds. Dacres de Herst.
p. Ds. Stafford.
Ds. Scroope.
p. Ds. Duddeley.
p. Ds. Stourton.
Ds. Herbert.
p. Ds. Darce de Menel.
Ds. Sandys.
Ds. Vaux.
Ds. Windsore.
p. Ds. Wentwoorth.
Ds. Mordant.
p. Ds. Crumwell.
Ds. Evre.
Ds. Wharton.
Ds. Willoughby de Par.
p. Ds. Sheffeild.
p. Ds. Paget.
Ds. Darce de Chich.
p. Ds. North.
Ds. Chandois.
p. Ds. Hunsdon.
p. Ds. St. John de Bletso.
Ds. Howard de Walden.
Ds. Wootton.
Ds. Russell.
p. Ds. Petre.
p. Ds. Graye de Grooby.
p. Ds. Danvers.
Ds. Gerard.
p. Ds. Spencer.
p. Ds. Say et Seale.
p. Ds. Denny.
p. Ds. Stanhop de Har.
Ds. Carew.
Ds. Arundell.
p. Ds. Knyvett.
Ds. Haughton.
Ds. Teynham.
Ds. Stanhop de Shel.
p. Ds. Noel.
p. Ds. Digby.

Bishop of Bristol's Leave to be absent.

THE Lord Bishop of Bristoll hath Leave to be absent.

JURATI in causa Edwardi Floude:

Alexander Harris.
Eliz. Broughton.
Jo. Broughton.
Timothie Willis.
Hen. Pennington.
Abdias Coole.

Jurati in causa Johannis Bennett, Militis:

Edmund Malton. Rowland Johnson.

Message to the Commons Floude.

Message to the House of Commons, by Mr. Serjeant Hitcham and Sir Charles Cæsar: The Lords desire the Trunk of Writings, which concerneth Floude's Cause, may be sent up unto this House, for the better Proceeding in that Cause.



They will presently send the Trunk, with the Key, to be disposed of at their Lordships Pleasure.

The Prince and Watson.

The Earl of Oxon, one of the Committees of the Bill, An Act for Confirmation of Lands between the most Excellent Prince Charles and Sir Lewis Watson, Knight, brought in the same Bill, as fit to receive a Third Reading. Whereupon it was Ordered to be ingrossed.

Lands late the Earl of Bedford's.

The Earl of Bridgewater, one of the Committees on the Bill, An Act for the Freeing and Discharge of some Manors, Lands, and Tenements, late the Earl of Bedford's, of and from certain Rents and Fee Farms, due and payable to the King's Majesty, and to unite and charge the same in other Manner, brought in the same Bill, with some Amendments, and declared it fit to have a Third Reading, the said Amendments being first inserted.

Wadham College, Oxford.

The Earl of Warwick, one of the Committees of the Bill, An Act for the Confirmation of Wadham College, in Oxford, and the Possessions thereof, brought in the said Bill, with an Amendment and a Proviso fit to be annexed thereunto. Whereupon the said Amendment and Proviso were Twice read, and the Proviso Ordered to be ingrossed.

Ordinances in Wales.

Hodie 1a vice lecta est Billa, An Act for Repeal of a Branch of One Statute, made in the Session of Parliament holden by Prorogation at Westm. the 22d Day of January, in the Thirty-fourth Year of the Reign of King Henry the Eighth, intituled, An Act for certain Ordinances in the King's Majesty's Dominions and Principality of Wales.

Sir John Kennedy's Petition.

Sir John Kennedy exhibited his Petition, in bæc verba:

"To the Right Honourable the Lords Spiritual and Temporal in the Upper House of Parliament assembled.

"The humble Petition of Sir John Kennedy, Knight.

"Humbly beseecheth, That your Lordships will be pleased, for your further Directions, to admit your humble Suppliant to produce Mr. Sutton, of whom the Cabinet was bought, to declare, whether Timothie Pinckney (mentioned by the late Lord Chancellor) was any Way bound or engaged for the Cabinet now in Custody of the Clerk of this most Honourable Council; and that the said Cabinet may be delivered to the right Owner. And Your Suppliant will ever pray, &c."

Whereupon it is Ordered, That the Petitioner and Mr. Timothie Pinckney do produce their Witnesies, to be sworn here in Court; and to be examined by the Lord Chief Justice, and Mr. Justice Chamberlaine; and then the House will further consider thereof. (V. postea, 1 Junii, 1621).

Bishop of Landaff.

The Prince his Highness put the Lords in Mind of the Business concerning the Lord Bishop of Landaph, which was Yesterday Ordered to be ended this Morning; but, for that it is conceived, that Randolph Davenporte be further examined therein, and for that the Business is not yet prepared to give the House full Satisfaction herein, the same was not now proceeded in, but yet thought fit to be expedited with all Conveniency.


Hodie 2a vice lecta est Billa, An Act for Confirmation of a Judgement, given for His Majesty, in a Scire facias, in the Time of this Session of Parliament, against Henry Heron; and for Declaration of the Letters Patents therein mentioned to be void. Committed unto the

L. Treasurer.
L. Chamberlain.
L. Bp. of Co. and Lichf.
L. Bp. of Bath and Wells.
L. Cromwell.
L. Sheffeild.
L. North.
L. Hunsdon.
Mr. Justice Doddridge,
Mr. Attorney General,
To attend the Lords.

To meet presently, in the Little Committee Chamber, and to consider thereof.

The Lord Treasurer brought in the said Bill again, and reported it fit to receive a Third Reading: Wherefore it was Ordered to be ingrossed.

Monopolies, &c.

Hodie 1a vice lecta est Billa, An Act concerning Monopolies, and Dispensation of Penal Laws, and the Forfeitures thereof.

Sir Richard Lumley to sell Lands.

Hodie 2a vice lecta est Billa, An Act to enable Sir Richard Lumley, Knight, to sell divers Manors and Lands, for the Payment of his Debts, and Preferment of his younger Children; and committed unto the

E. of Rutland.
E. of Devon.
L. Bp. of Chichester.
L. Bp. of Oxon.
L. Darce.
L. St. John,
L. Danvers.
L. Peter.
Mr. Justice Doddridge,
Mr. Serjeant Petre,
To attend the Lords.

To meet on Thursday next (the Twenty-fourth of this May), in the Painted Chamber, at Two in the Afternoon.

Manor of Little Munden to Woodhall, &c.

Hodie 1a vice lecta est Billa, An Act to enable and make good a Conveyance and Assurance, made of the Manor of Little Munden, in the County of Hertf. by Peter Vanlore, Esquire, Sir Charles Cæsar, Knight, and his Lady, to Edmond Woodhull, Esquire, and his Heirs, and to establish the said Manor upon the said Edmund Woodhall and his Heirs, according to the said Conveyance.

Floude's Papers.

The Commons sent up the Trunk demanded of them this Morning, with the Writings concerning Edward Floud.

And it is Ordered, That the Lords Committees, to take Examinations in causa prædicti Edwardi Floud, may open the said Trunk.


It is Ordered, That the Lord Chief Justice may take Bail of George Geldard, for his Appearance here in Court.


It is Ordered also, That the Lords Sub-Committees for Privileges, &c. shall peruse the Draught of the Judgments given here in Court; and, if they approve them, then to appoint them to be ingrossed in a Roll, as the Act of the House. And also, That the Lords Sub-Committees do set down the Form of the Submission of Sir Henry Yelverton, to be made here in Court, unto the King's Majesty and the Lord Marquis of Buck. (Vide 15 Maii, post meridiem).

Skory's Petition.

Elizabeth Skory petitioned this Day to be relieved for Eleven Hundred Pounds, which she delivered unto Sir John Bennett, to be kept by him, until she could otherwise dispose of it, or of herself in Marriage, which he now delays to repay her.

The House thought it very equal and just, that this Petition should be duly considered of, and the Petitioner relieved, when Sir John Bennett shall come to receive Censure.

Earl of Northumberland Petition for his Writ of Summons.

The Earl of Northumberland exhibited his Petition, in bæc verba: videlicet,

"To the Right Honourable the Lords Spiritual and Temporal in the Upper House of Parliament assembled.

"The humble Petition of Henry Earl of Northumberland.

"Humbly shewing, That whereas your Suppliant expected daily his Writ to be sent him, as other of the Nobility had, it came not; he then required it of the Lord Chancellor; it was delayed, though His Majesty was then pleased, and is still so graciously disposed, that he shall enjoy his Rights therein.

"Therefore he humbly desireth, that your Lordships, out of your Wisdoms, will give Order that it may be sent, according to his Rights and he shall be bound to pray to God to bless your Lordships and your Counsel."

This Petition being read, the Lord Chamberlain signified His Majesty's Gracious Pleasure herein.

It is Ordered, That the Writ of Summons be made accordingly, and sent unto the Earl of Northumberland.

E. of Hertford's Writ of Summons.

The House was moved, for a Writ of Summons to be granted to the now Earl of Hertford.

Ordered, That these Lords undernamed do attend the King's Majesty, to know His Pleasure herein: videlicet,

The Lord Archbp. of Cant.
The Lord Treasurer.
The Lord Chamberlain.
The Earl of South'ton.
The Lord Sheffeild.
The Lord North.

Wages due by the Commissioners of Gold and Silver Thread.

The Lord Hunsdon shewed, That divers poor Men are unpaid their Wages, by the Commissioners of the Patent of Gold and Silver Thread; and moved, That Copies of the Books of Accompts thereof may be delivered unto Sir Edward Villiers, or his Servants.

Which was Ordered accordingly.

Message to the Commons.

Message to the House of Commons, That the Lords, out of their Desire to hold good Correspondency between both Houses, have thought good to signify unto them, that their Lordships do intend to sit no more, after this Morning, until Thursday next.



They will send Answer by Messengers of their own.

Ayton and Bowie's Naturalizations.

Hodie 2a vice lecta est Billa, An Act for the Naturalizing of Sir Robert Ayton, Knight, and Robert Bowie. Serjeant of His Majesty's Wine-cellar.

The Lords Committees, for the Fishermen's Petition against the Lord Teynham, are to meet on Wednesday next, the 23d of this May, at Two in the Afternoon, in the Painted Chamber.

Message from the Commons.

Message from the House of the Commons, by Sir Thomas Edmonds, and others.

The Knights, Citizens, and Burgesses of the House of Commons, give the Lords most hearty Thanks, for the kind Correspondency they have found in all the Actions of this Parliament, and now in the Message they lately received; and, to hold the like good Correspondency with their Lordships, they do also adjourn their House this Day, until Thursday next.


Dominus Capitalis Justiciarius Locum tenens Domini Cancellarii, declaravit præsens Parliamentum continuandum esse usque in diem Jovis, 24m instantis Maii, hora nona, Dominis sic decernentibus.