Bills brought in this session: 15 June 1626

Pages 683-684

Journal of the House of Lords: Volume 3, 1620-1628. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1767-1830.

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Bills brought in this Session.

Bills brought in this Session.

An Act for the better preserving of His Majesty's Revenue.

An Act for forging, falsifying, and counterfeiting of the King's Majesty's Seals, of His Highness's Courts of King's Bench, Common Pleas, the Exchequer, and Dutchy.

An Act for the better Maintenance of Hospitals and Alms-houses.

An Act for the making of the Arms of the Kingdom more serviceable in Time to come.

An Act for the Restitution in Blood of Carewe Raleigh, Son of Sir Walter Raleigh, Knight, late attainted of High Treason.

An Act for the Confirmation of certain Letters Patents, made by the late King, of Famous Memory, King James, to the Governor and Company of the New River, brought from Chadwell and Amwell to London; and for granting of Liberties to the said Governor and Company.

An Act for the establishing of the Lands of John Starkey, late of Darley, in the County of Chester, Esquire, deceased, in Ralph Starkey, his eldest Son.

An Act for the better Government of the Company of Silk-throwsters in and about the City of London.

An Act to enable Vincent Lowe, of Denby, in the County of Derby, Esquire, to sell Part of his Lands, for the Payment of his Debts.

An Act to avoid the Fraudulent Leases and Mortgages made by John Wrenham, to his Wives, Sisters, and others his Friends; and to reverse all Orders and Decrees made in the Court of Chancery, for the Confirmation of the said Leases and Mortgages.

An Act for the Assurance of a Jointure to Dame Frances, Wife of Sir Thomas Nevill, Knight, Son and Heir Apparent of Sir Henry Nevill, Knight, Lord Abergavenny; and to enable the same Lord and Sir Thomas to sell certain Lands, for Payment of their Debts, and Preferment of their younger Children.

An Act to reverse a Decree, made in the Court of Wards and Liveries, the 12th Day of February, in the 16th Year of the Reign of the late King James, of Famous Memory, of England, etc. in a Suit there depending, by Information, between the then Attorney of the said Court, for and on the Behalf of the then Daughter and Heir of William Lord Howard of Effingham, deceased, and now Wise of the Right Honourable John Lord Mordant, and then His Majesty's Ward, Complainant, and Charles late Lord of Nottingham, by the Name of Charles Lord Howard of Effingham, and Sir Henry Glenham, Knight, Defendants; and for making void of an Entry made of Record, in the High Court of Chancery, whereby the said Sir Henry Glenham did vacate a Recognizance of Ten Thousand Pounds, in the said Decree mentioned.

An Act for granting of a Tales de Circumstantibus, in Trials of Assizes.

An Act for the increasing of Trade, and keeping of Silver and Gold within the Realm.

An Act for the Confirmation and Continuance of Hospitals and Free-schools.

An Act to enable certain Commissioners, to be named by the Lord Chancellor, or Lord Keeper of the Great Seal, for the Time being, to make Sale of divers Lands and Leases, late of Sir Richard Lydall, Knight, for Payment of his Debts, and Provision for his Wife and Children.

An Act for the Explanation of a Branch of the Statute, made in the Third Year of the Reign of our late Sovereign Lord King James, intituled, An Act for the better discovering and repressing of Popish Recusants.

An Act for the Maintenance and Increase of Shipping and Navigation, and for the Free Liberty of Fishing and Fishing Voyages, to be made and performed in and upon the Seas, Sea-coasts, and Places of Newfoundland, Virginia, New England, and other the Seas, Sea-coasts, and Parts of America.

An Act for the Establishing and Confirmation of the Foundation of the Hospital of King James, founded in Charter House, in the County of Midd. at the humble Petition, and only Costs and Charges, of Thomas Sutton, Esquire, and of the Possessions thereof.

An Act for the Sale of the Manor of Barrington, and other Lands in Barrington and elsewhere, within the County of Somersett, being the Inheritance of Arthure Farwell, an Infant, and in Ward to His Majesty.

An Act to make void certain Assurances, fraudulently made and set on Foot by Richard Lydall, Knight, in Deceipt of Sir Peter Vanlore, Knight; and to settle and vest the Possession and Interest of the Lands conveyed thereby in the said Sir Peter Vanlore.

An Act against the Exportation of Wool, Woolfells, Mortlings, Shorlings, Yarn made of Wool, Woolflocks, Fullers-earth, and Fulling-clay.

An Act to restrain and prevent some Disorders that are, or may be, in the Ministers of God's Word.

An Act concerning Edmund Nicholson, a Projector of the Prætermitted Customs.

An Act for the Naturalizing of Samuell Powell, the Son of John Powell, of London, Merchant, and Jane his Wife.

An Act concerning Apparel.

An Act to avoid the Benefit of Clergy in some Cases, and to prevent the having the Clergy the Second Time.

An Act for the better Maintenance of the Ministry.

An Act for the further Reformation of sundry Abuses committed on the Lord's-day, commonly called Sunday.

An Act, That certain Clergymen shall not be Justices of the Peace.

An Act concerning Citations issuing out of Ecclesiastical Courts.

An Act made for the better venting of Dyed, Dressed, and Mingled Coloured Cloths and Kerfies, New Draperies, and other Manufactures made of Wool, into Parts beyond the Seas.

An Act for the better enabling of Sir George Rivers, Knight, Richard Amherst, Serjeant at Law, and Edward Lindsey, Esquire, to sell certain Manors, Lands, Tenements, and Hereditaments, mentioned to be conveyed unto them, and to the Right Honourable the Lord William Howard of Naward, in the County of Comberland, or some of them, by the late Right Honourable Richard Earl of Dorsett, for and towards the Payment of the Debts of the said Earl; and to raise Portions to his Daughters and Coheirs, the Lady Margarett Sackvill and Lady Isabill Sackvill, according to his Will in Writing; and for the Confirmation of the Sales by them already made of Part thereof, for that Purpose; and for the better settling and establishing of divers Manors, Lands, Tenements, and Hereditaments, of the said late Earl, upon the Right Honourable Edward Earl of Dorset, of the most Noble Order of the Garter, Knight, and his Sons, and the Heirs Males of the several Bodies of the said Sons to be begotten; and upon the Right Honourable Anne Countess Dowager of Dorsett, for Term of her Life, for her Jointure; and upon the Lady Margarett Sackevell, and the Lady Isabell Sacvill, Daughters and Coheirs of the said Richard Earl of Dorsett, and upon the Heirs of their several Bodies respectively, according to the Purport of certain Conveyances, hereafter in this Act mentioned to be made by the said late Earl, deceased.

An Act for the better Preservation of the Mine of Salt-petre.

An Act for the establishing of the Estates of the Tenants of Bromfeild and Yale, in the County of Denbigh, and of the Tenures, Rents, and Services, thereupon reserved.

An Act for the establishing of a Free Grammar School, and Lands thereunto belonging, in Wootton Under-Edge, within the County of Gloucester, founded in the Eighth Year of Richard the Second, late King of England, by Katherine Lady Berkley.

An Act for the enabling of the Right Honourable Dutton Lord Gerrard, Baron of Gerards Bromley, to make a Jointure to any Wife which he shall hereafter marry, and to make Provision for any his younger Children; and for the better securing of Portions, and Limitation of Maintenance, for Alice Gerard, Francis Gerard, and Elizabeth Gerard, Sisters of the said Dutton Lord Gerard, and Daughters of the late Right Honourable Gilbert Lord Gerard, deceased.