House of Lords Journal Volume 5: 30 June 1642

Journal of the House of Lords: Volume 5, 1642-1643. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1767-1830.

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DIE Jovis, videlicet, 30 die Junii.


The Lord North was appointed to be Speaker this Day.

Benyon sent to Colchester Gaol.

Ordered, That Mr. Benyon shall be sent away presently to Colchester Gaol, according to the Judgement of this House.

Lake's Petition.

Ordered, upon the Petition of Jo. Lake, &c. That the Consideration thereof is referred to the Prince's Attorney, to report the Truth of their Petition, and whether the Actions at Law ought not to be prosecuted, &c.

Somner sent for, as a Delinquent.

Ordered, That Wm. Somner shall be sent for, as a Delinquent, for being an Actor in taking away Part of the Magazine in Lancashire.

Town of Colchester versus Freshfield.

Upon reading the Petition of the Town of Colchester, against Freshfeild; it is Ordered, That the

Earl of Stamford,
Lord Robartes,
Lord Grey,
Lord Feilding, and
Lord Hastinges,

Or any Two of them, shall meet on Saturday next, in the Afternoon, and examine the Witnesses of the Town of Colchester and Freshfeild; and that Mr. Justice Reeves is appointed to be an Assistant to the said Lords Committees.

Ld. Loftus and Sir Phillip Manwaring.

Upon reading the Petition of the Lord Loftus; it is Ordered, That Sir Phillip Manwaringe, being at Yorke, for his not performing the Order of this House, shall be sent for as a Delinquent; and that he shall give Damages to the Lord Viscount Loftus from this Time.

Letters from the King, to Lord Say & Seal, to attend him at York.

The Lord Viscount Say & Seale acquainted this House, "That he hath received Two Letters from the King; one commanding his Personal Attendance at Yorke, upon his Allegiance, and another Letter to give him a Dispensation to be absent from the Parliament, and to give his Proxy. His Lordship desired to know the Commands of the House herein." (Here enter the Letters.)

Ld. Say & Seal to attend the Parliament.

Notwithstanding, this House doth Command and Order, That the Lord Viscount Say & Seale shall stay and give Attendance upon this House, about the weighty Affairs of the Kingdom now in Agitation.

Message from the H. C. for a Conference about the Commissions of Array; and about Newcastle;

A Message was brought from the House of Commons, by Sir Phillip Stapleton:

1. To desire a Free Conference, touching the Commissions of Array.

2. A Conference touching somewhat concerning the Town of Newcastle.

and for an Order for Money, for the Garrison of Portsmouth;

3. To desire Concurrence in an Order for Payment of Five Thousand and Thirty Pounds to the Garrison of Portsmouth. Agreed to.

Agreed to all this Message.

The Answer returned was:


That their Lordships will give the House of Commons a Free Conference, and Conference, as is desired; and do agree unto the Order now brought up.

Convoy for the Magazine from Hull.

Ordered, That the Lord Admiral do appoint a Ship to convoy the Ships that bring the Magazine from Hull.

House adjourned during Pleasure, and the Lords went to the Conference.

House resumed.

The Order for 5030 l. to be paid to the Garrison at Portsmouth.

"The Lords and Commons in Parliament assembled, having Ordered, That Five Thousand and Thirty Pounds be paid to the Garrison at Portsmouth, out of the first Monies are raised by the Bill of Four Hundred Thousand Pounds, in the County of Southampton; these are to authorize and require (fn. 1) them that are appointed to be Treasurers by that Act, for the receiving and issuing out of those Monies, by the Directions of Parliament, to order and appoint the High Collector of the County of Southampton to pay into the Hands of Colonel Goringe, or his Assigns, the Sum of Five Thousand and Thirty Pounds, being a Year's Pay to the Garrison of Portsmouth; for which an Acquittance under his Hand and Seal, returned into your Hands, shall be a sufficient Discharge to you that are Treasurers, and to the High Collector of the County of Southampton."


The King's Letter, commanding Lord Say & Seal to attend Him.

"Right Trusty and Right Well-beloved Counsellor, We greet you well. Whereas We are desirous to speak with you, concerning some Affairs much importing the Peace and Good of this Our Kingdom, which, being of more than ordinary Consequence, will admit of no Delay: We therefore will and command you, upon your Allegiance, that (setting aside all other Occasions whatsoever) you fail not forthwith to repair hither to Us, when We shall acquaint you with the particular Cause of Our sending for you, which is of that Importance as is neither fit to be imparted to you by Letter, nor will bear any Delay or Excuse. And for your ready Observance of this Our Command, these Our Letters shall be your sufficient Warrant.

"Given at Our Court at Yorke, the 27th of June, 1642.

"To Our Right Trusty and Right Wellbeloved Counsellor Wm. Viscount Say & Seale, Master of Our Wards and Liveries."

Ordered, That this Report shall be made To-morrow Morning.

The Nine Lords impeached.

Ordered, That the Business concerning the Nine Lords shall be proceeded in To-morrow.


  • 1. Deest in Originali.