House of Lords Journal Volume 5: 19 August 1642

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Journal of the House of Lords: Volume 5, 1642-1643. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1767-1830.

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DIE Veneris, 19 Augusti.


Lord Kymbolton, Speaker.

Poor Ministers of Ireland, Collection money.

Ordered, That the Ministers and others, that have made the Collections at the Fasts in London, shall allow and pay unto the poor Ministers of Ireland (being Thirty-six in Number, named in the List annexed, which have not from this House received any Relief) the Sum of Three Pounds apiece, out of their said Collections.

Irish Affairs.

Mr. Dr. Aylott and Mr. Dr. Heath returned Answer, from the House of Commons, unto a Message sent Yesterday, touching the Committee of the Irish Affairs, That they will return their Lordships an Answer, by Messengers of their own.

Ordered, That Mrs. Masse (fn. 1)

Earl Warwick versus Langhorne.

Upon reading of an Order, dated the 17th of December, 1641, between the Earl of Warwicke and Wm. Langhorne, Merchant, mentioning a Review of the Cause at the Bar, so that the said Langhorne shall enter into a Bond of Six Thousand Pounds to stand to the Judgement of this House; and also an Affidavit of Jo. Rich, that the said Order was served upon him the said Langhorne, who refused to obey the said Order;

Langhorn sent for, as a Delinquent.

It is Ordered, That the said Wm. Langehorne shall be sent for, as a Delinquent, for his disobeying of the said Order.

Remonstrance for Sir P. Carteret;

A Remonstrance of the Lieutenant, Bailiff, Jurats, Ministers, and Commonalty of the Island of Jerzey, on the Behalf of Sir Phillipp Carteret, was read.

Inhabitants of Jersey against him.

The House was informed, "That certain of the Inhabitants of the said Island were in Town, who intended to petition against him, for the Safety of the Island."

Ordered, That the Remonstrance and the said Inhabitants are referred to the Committee for the Defence of the Kingdom, that both Parties may be heard; and Report to be made to the House.

Col. Butler bailed.

£ s. d.
Johannes Butler, Col. recognovit se deberi Domino Regi in 1000 0 0
Gulielmus le Hunt, Armiger, recognovit se deberi Domino Regi in 500 0 0
Josephus Brandon, Generosus, recognovit se deberi Domino Regi in 500 0 0

The Condition of the Recognizance is, That the said Colonel Butler shall not go into the Kingdom of Ireland, during the Continuance of this Rebellion there; and that he shall forthwith depart out of this Kingdom of England.

The said Colonel humbly desired the House to afford him some Means, that he might be enabled to put himself into some Employment beyond the Seas.

His Debts to be considered.

A Particular of his Debts were read; and the House Resolved, To take them into Consideration at the next Sitting.

Sir Robert Cook's Letter, about Ld. Dacres's attempting to execute the Commission of Array in Gloucestershire.

A Letter of Sir Rob'te Cooke, dated the 9th August, 1642, to the Lord Viscount Say & Seale, was read; which intimated, "That many of the Inhabitants of Glouc'shire assembled themselves at Cicester, at the coming of the Lord Dacres thither; and, conceiving that his Lordship came into those Parts to put the Commission of Array in Execution, pressed it very much upon him, who denied it; but the People, being not satisfied, caused him to set it under his Hand; and being afterwards withdrawn, they sell upon his Coach, and tore it in Pieces."

A Message was brought from the House of Commons, by Sir Ro. Harley and others:

Lord General Ten Pounds, and the Earl of Bedford Six Pounds, per Diem.

"That the Commons having considered the great Expence that the Earl of Essex, Lord General of the Forces, is daily at, by reason of his Place, which he hath taken upon him, at the earnest Desire of both Houses of Parliament, for the Good and Safety of this Kingdom, they have thought fit to allow unto his Lordship the Sum of Ten Pounds per Diem; and to the Earl of Bedford, Lord General of the Horse, Six Pounds per Diem; to be paid by the Treasurer at War, or his Deputy, from the Time of the Date of their several and respective Commissions.

Deputy Lieutenants for Cambridge.

"That the House of Commons did recommend unto their Lordships Sir Tho. Marten, Knight, to be Deputy Lieutenant for the County of Cambridge, whom they had already nominated."

Approved by the Lords.

Deputy Lieutenants for Kent.

"That the House of Commons had nominated these following, to be Deputy Lieutenants for (fn. 2) the County of Kent; and desired the Lords Approbation thereof: videlicet,

"Sir Ed. Hales, Knight and Baronet.
Sir Jo. Sidley, Knight and Baronet.
Sir Hen. Heyman, Knight and Baronet.
Sir Hum. Tuston, Knight and Baronet.
Sir Edw. Scott, Knight of Bath.
Sir Geo. Sands, Knight of Bath.
Sir Francis Barneham, Knight.
Sir Edw. Boyes, Knight.
Sir Tho. Walsingham, Knight.
Sir Tho. Colpeper, of St. Stevens, Knight.
Edwine Sands, Esquire.
Rich. Browne, Esquire.
Sir Hen. Vane, Junior, Knight.
Wm. Janes, Esquire.
Captain Augustine Skinner, Esquire.
Sir Jo. Rivers, Baronet.
Sir Antho. Weldon, Baronet.
Sir Jo. Honywood, Baronet.
Sir Peter Wroth, Knight.
Jo. Boyes, of Elmington, Esquire.
Rich. Lee, of Rocester, Esquire.
Jo. Porter, Esquire.
Edw. Monins, Esquire.
Sir Tho. Payton, Baronet.
Sir Mich. Levesey, Baronet.
Sir Wm. Brooke, Knight of Bath.
Mr. Blunt, Esquire.
Sir Jo. Oxenden, Knight.
Sir Ro. Honywood, of Pett, Knight.

"Deputy Lieutenants for the City of Canterbury:
Jo. Nutt, Esquire.
The Mayor for the Time being.
Sir Edward Masters.

Order concerning the E. of Worcester.

"That the House of Commons desired the Lords to give a Dispatch unto an Order lately sent up by them, concerning the Earl of Wigorn."

The Lords directed the Speaker to make some Alteration in the said Order, and present it to the House To-morrow.

Two Orders from the H. C. for the Lords Concurrence.

"1. That the House of Commons had (fn. 3) drawn up an Order, to keep Watches upon Bridges in Cambridgeshire, &c." (Enter it here.)

"2. That the House of Commons had drawn up an Order, touching (fn. 4) Horse, Money, Plate, &c." (Enter it here.)

Answer to the H. C.

The Messengers being (fn. 5) called in again, the Speaker told them, "That the Lords had agreed with them in the Allowance to the Lord General of the Forces, and in that to the Lord General of the Horse. Their Lordships approve also of the Deputy Lieutenants named by them.

"And that the Lords will return them an Answer, touching the Order mentioning the Earl of Wigorn, by Messengers of their own."

"Veneris, 19 Augusti, 1642.

Orders for Watches in Cambridge, Suffolk, and Norfolk.

"It is this Day Ordered, by the Lords and Commons in Parliament, That, for the better Preservation of the Peace of the Kingdom, Sir Jn°. Potts, Knight and Baronet, Sir Edmond Mounford, Knight, Sir Roger North, Knight, Sir Robert de Gray, Knight, John Spilman, of Narborough, Esquire, and Oliver Cromwell, Esquire, and other the Deputy Lieutenants for the Counties of Norff, Suff, and Cambridge, and the Isle of Eley, or any One or more of them, are hereby authorized and required to cause strong Watches, sufficiently armed, as well by Day as by Night, to be set and kept upon the several Bridges of Germanes, Maudlyn, Soame, Stow, Downeham, and all and every other the Bridges and Ferries between the Town of Cambridge and of Lyn Regis, for the apprehending of all Horses of Service for the Wars, Arms, and other Ammunition, and also all Plate and Money, sent unto His Majesty, to maintain a War against His Parliament and People, and also all Persons as have executed or attempted to execute the illegal Commission of Array, and all Soldiers, raised without Consent and Authority of Parliament, that pass from the Counties of Norff, Suff, or Cambridge, towards the Northern Parts of this Kingdom, or shall pass from the Northern Parts of this Kingdom towards the said Counties, or any of them; and that they safely them keep, till further Order be therein had and taken by both Houses of Parliament; and that the Mayors of the Towns of Lyne Regis, Cambridge, and Thetford, for the Time being, the Justices of Peace, and Captains of the Trained Bands, in the said Towns respectively, or any Two of them, take the like Course, for the said Towns respectively."

"Die Veneris, 19 Augusti, 1642.

Order for raising Money, Plate, and Horses, in Kent.

"Whereas Captain Edward Berry hath Commission to raise a Troop of Sixty Harquebussiers, in the County of Kent, under the Command of Colonel Edwyn Sands; and whereas divers well-affected Gentlemen there intend to contribute several Sums of Money, and Quantities of Plate, to be bestowed on Horses for the said Troop, towards the Defence of the Kingdom, according to the Proposi tions of the Lords and Commons in Parliament: It is this Day therefore Ordered, by the Lords and Commons, for the Safety of the Kingdom, That the ready Money contributed by them shall be paid unto Sir Wm. Man, Knight, Sir Richard Hardres, Baronet, Sir Thomas Godfrey, Knight, Sir Peter Godfrey, Knight, Cleve Carter, Esquire, Mayor of Canterburie, John Boys, of Elmington, Henry James, Edward Monins, Thomas Blechenden, Esquires, James Masters, Alderman, Sir John Sedley, Knight and Baronet, Mr. Wm. James, Esquire, Sir Edward Scott, Knight of the Bath, Thomas Blunt, Esquire, Mr. Robert Scott, Esquire, Sir John Rivers, Baronet, Sir Wm. Springate, Knight, John Goldwell, of Bexley, Esquire, Sir Michaell Lewesey, Baronet, Mr. Seliard, and Mr. Beale, Esquires, or any Two of them, who are appointed Receivers and Commissaries in the County of Kent, to receive, view, and value the Horse, Money, Plate, and Arms, to be provided and raised in the said County of Kent, and City and County of the City of Canterbury; and a Certificate under their Hands, of the Value of the same, shall be as available for the Lenders as if the Horse and Arms were valued by the Commissaries here in London, to be employed according to their Desires in that Behalf; and that they may receive, from the Treasurers of Plate in London, so much Money, in Part of the Value of their Plate to be sent up, as shall suffice for the compleating of the said Troop."


  • 1. Sic.
  • 2. Deest in Originali.
  • 3. Origin. draw.
  • 4. Bis in Originali.
  • 5. Origin. call.