House of Lords Journal Volume 5: 24 September 1642

Pages 372-373

Journal of the House of Lords: Volume 5, 1642-1643. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1767-1830.

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DIE Sabbati, videlicet, 24 die Septembris.


The Lord Grey was appointed to be Speaker this Day.

Lords to have Notice to attend.

Ordered, That the Speaker, on Monday, shall let the Lords know, "That this House expects their daily and constant Attendance on this House, about the weighty Affairs now in Agitation;" and that those Lords that are about the Town shall be sent to, to have Notice to be here on Monday.

Sir George Garret, Sheriff of London, desires to know how he is to dispose of the Earl of Portland, at the Expiration of his Shrievalty.

The Petition of Sir George Garret, Knight, One of the Sheriffs of the City of London, was read; shewing, "That whereas the Right Honourable Jerome Earl of Portland was, by your Lordships Order, on the Fourth of August last past, committed to the Custody of your Petitioner; and that your Petitioner's Time of Shrievalty being to expire on the 28th of this Instant September, at which Time your Petitioner's Term in the House wherein he hath kept his Shrievalty for this Year last past doth determine, and must therefore return to his own private Habitation, [ (fn. 1) wherein your Petitioner hath not sufficient Receipt for his own necessary Family;] and doth therefore most humbly conceive himself to be altogether unfitted for the secure Custody of so great a Charge, after the Expiration of his said Office.

"Your Petitioner doth therefore most humbly desire to know your Lordships Pleasure, how to dispose of the said Earl of Portland."

To be further considered of.

Armstrong versus Doctor Scott.

Upon reading the Petition of Arch. Armstrong against Doctor Scott;

It is Ordered, That a Copy of the said Petition shall be sent to the Earl of Danby, who is to give this House Account of the true State of the Business, and how the Money which hath been kept from him hath been disposed of, and to whose Use; and, after an Account given to this House, their Lordships will give such further Order therein as shall stand with Justice.

Lady Pawlet's Houses at Hinton and Wicke to be protected.

Ordered, That the Lady Pawlett shall have an Order of Parliament, to preserve her Houses at Hinton and Wicke from Pillaging and Violence of the Soldiers.

E. of Carlisle desires Delinquents may be left to Justice, for disturbing his Possessions in Essex.

Upon Information to this House, "That the People in Essex hath offered some Violence to the House and Park of the Earl of Carlile (fn. 2) in Essex, and that they have destroyed many of his Deer; he having apprehended some of the Actors, he desires that they may be left to the ordinary Course of Justice, and that the Officers of the Regiment of Colonel Essex may be commanded to keep good Order."

Which was accordingly Ordered.

A Petition of Edw. Lord Mountague of Boughton was read:

Ld. Mountague of Boughton's Petition, for his Enlargement.

"That whereas your Petitioner hath now lain in The Tower the Space of Twelve Days, by your Lordships Order; and finding, since his Restraint, that this Place is very dangerous to your Petitioner's Health, in respect of his great Age, and many Infirmities growing upon him:

"He therefore prayeth, that your Lordships would be pleased to give him Leave to remove to his Lodging in The Savoy, where he will be ready to appear before your Lordships upon a Day's Warning, when your Lordships shall be pleased to command him, &c."

Because the Lord Mountague was sent for by the Committee for the Safety; it is Ordered to be referred to them.

Magennis and his Bail to attend.

Ordered, That Magennes, with his Bail, is to be here on Monday Morning.


Adjourn, Lunæ, 10 a Clock.


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