House of Lords Journal Volume 6: 23 June 1643

Journal of the House of Lords: Volume 6, 1643. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1767-1830.

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'House of Lords Journal Volume 6: 23 June 1643', in Journal of the House of Lords: Volume 6, 1643, (London, 1767-1830) pp. 104-105. British History Online [accessed 5 March 2024]


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DIE Veneris, 23 die Junii.


Earl of Manchester was appointed to be Speaker this Day.

Message from the H. C. with an Ordinance.

A Message was brought from the House of Commons, by Sir Rob't Harley:

To desire their Lordships Concurrence in an Ordinance for the stopping of all Intercourse of Intelligence between the City of Oxford and London.

The said Ordinance was read.

Ordered, That this House agrees not to this Ordinance.

The Answer returned was:


That their Lordships will send an Answer to this Message by Messengers of their own.

Message from thence, for Committees to go into the City with Propositions for a Subscription for Relief of Ireland.

A Message was brought from the House of Commons, by Sir John Clattworthy Knight:

To acquaint their Lordships, that the House of Commons have taken into Consideration the bleeding Condition of the Kingdom of Ireland, concerning which the House of Commons appointed a Committee to advise with the Committee of the Adventurers for Ireland, who have drawn up some Propositions; and, being offered to the House of Commons, they have agreed to them, wherein they desire their Lordships Concurrence: And, to promote these Propositions the better, the House of Commons are informed, that To-morrow there is appointed a great Meeting in London, for chusing of the Chief Officers of the City; at which Time the House of Commons think it will much further the Business, to have the Propositions offered at the same Time to the City, they having Books ready for Subscriptions; and the House of Commons think it will give much Encouragement to the Business, if a Committee of Lords and Commons may be appointed, to be present in London at the same; and, if their Lordships will subscribe themselves, it will much induce others.

Committee to go with them.

The Propositions were read, and Agreed to; and it is further Ordered, That a Committee of (fn. 1) Six Lords shall be appointed, to join with a proportionable Number of the House of Commons, to go to the City To-morrow Morning, at Nine of the Clock. (Here enter the Propositions.)

The Earl of Northumb.
The Earl of Pembrooke,
The Earl of Holland,
The Earl of Manchester,
The Earl of Bollingbrooke,
Lord Grey de Warke,
Lord Wharton,

Committee to go into Lond. To-morrow Morning, (fn. 2) with the Propositions touching Ireland.

The Answer returned was:


That their Lordships do agree with the House of Commons, in the Propositions touching Ireland, now brought up; and that their Lordships have appointed a Committee of (fn. 3) Six Lords, to join with a proportionable Number of the House of Commons, to go to London, as they desire.

Sir N. Brent to dispose of Vacancies in Canterbury Hospital.

Ordered, That Sir Nathaniell Brent is hereby commanded to dispose of such Places of poor People, in the Hospital of Canterbury, as are, or shall be void hereafter.

Propositions for a Subscription for Relief of Ireland.

"Forasmuch as many, both Adventurers for Lands in Ireland and others, are willing to apply themselves, by all good Means, for bringing that great good Work to some Perfection, well knowing what Consequence the Loss of that Kingdom will be to this, both in relation to the Security and firm Peace of the State, and also in respect of the Cause of Religion, which must be deeply wounded in Case that Kingdom should become wholly Popish; and forasmuch as the Subscriptions upon the several Acts of Parliament do not engage a Third Part of the Land designed to be applied to that Work by those Acts, and that the Time limited for Underwriting by those Acts is elapsed; we, being desirous to make up what was wanting in the former Subscriptions in some Proportion to our Abilities, do humbly offer, that both Houses of Parliament will give such Encouragement as may induce those who are Merchants, and live on Trade, to adventure considerable Sums, by passing an Ordinance in these following, or the like Particulars:

"That so much of the City and Suburbs of Lymrick, as is escheated, with the Island of Enishcattery, and the Fishings of the River, with other Immunities belonging to the City, and Twenty-four Thousand Acres of consiscated profitable Lands next contiguous to that City, may be secured to the Adventurers who shall now underwrite, the said City and Land being made over to them and their Heirs, &c. in free and common Soccage, as of His Majesty's Castle of Dublin, with such Immunities as are granted to the City of Bristoll, and such other Privileges as be contained in the Acts of Parliament for Subscriptions on Lands in Ireland; provided the several Sums to be underwritten do amount in the Total unto Sixty Thousand Pounds, there being reserved to His Majesty for the same the Yearly Rent of Twelve Hundred and Fifty Pounds per Annum.

"That the Town of Galloway, in Connough, with Twenty Thousand Acres of Lands, and Immunities as abovesaid, shall be secured unto such as adventure for that City and Land; provided that the Total of the Subscriptions amount unto Fifty Thousand Pounds, His Majesty's Rent One Thousand and Forty Pounds.

"That the City of Waterford, in Munster, with Thirty Thousand Acres of Land, and Immunities as aforesaid, shall be secured to such as adventure for that City and Land; provided the Total of their Subscriptions amounts unto Sixty Thousand Pounds, the Rent to His Majesty per Annum Twelve Hundred and Fifty Pounds.

"That the Town of Wexford, with Twelve Thousand Acres of Land, and Immunities as aforesaid, shall be secured to such as adventure for that Town and Land; provided the Total of their Subscriptions amount unto Fifteen Thousand Pounds, the Rent to His Majesty per Annum Three Hundred and Twelve Pounds, Eight Shillings, and Eight Pence.

"And, seeing the Course of passing Bills is so much obstructed, that the Kingdom of Ireland will be lost if some effectual and speedy Course be not taken, the Adventurers desire to be secured, that such Conditions as shall be now passed by Ordinance shall be turned into an Act or Acts of Parliament, for their more fit and unquestionable Security; which, they humbly conceive, will much further the Work.

"That those who have or shall underwrite any considerable Sum, upon the said Propositions for Cities, and have formerly adventured or shall underwrite for Lands in the Kingdom at large, shall be accommodated to have his Lands set out as near unto those Cities for which he shall subscribe as may be.

"And, in Case the respective Sums whereat the said Cities, Towns, and said Lands adjacent, are valued, be not wholly underwritten; yet the Underwriters shall have so much in Proportion, out of those Cities, Towns, and Lands adjacent, as their Adventure shall amount unto, to be set forth by indifferent Commissioners, to be named by both Houses.

"Both Houses do allow of these Propositions; and it is Ordered, That both Houses will apply their Authority for making good of the same.

"Resolved, upon the Question, by the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament,

"That they do Declare, That they will, in a short Time, send over a Commander in Chief into Ireland, such as this Kingdom shall have good Cause to confide in.

"Resolved, &c.

"That both Houses do think it fit to send over Committees, into the several Provinces of Ireland, whereof One in each to be of the House of Commons, and One chosen by the Adventurers, from whom they may expect such continual Intelligence of the Conditions of each Province, that they may make their Provisions accordingly.

"Propounded from the Committee, That an Ordinance may be brought in, for the Adventurers who shall now deposite a Fourth Part of what formerly is subscribed and paid, that they shall have so many Acres of Land added to what is allotted by the former Act of Parliament, as shall make their former Proportion of Acres double to what is granted by the Act, as also for what they shall now pay upon the Ordinance, with all Privileges as formerly; and whosoever shall subscribe de novo shall have the like double Proportion of Lands for his Subscription.

"The Adventurers to be set in such Province as they shall chuse.

"That such as desire to plant together may be permitted so to do, they declaring the same at their new Subscriptions, or within a Month.

"That both Houses do Declare, An Act or Acts of Parliament shall be prepared, in due Time, to pass both in England and Ireland, for confirming whatsoever now passeth by Ordinance.

"Resolved, &c.

"That both Houses of Parliament do Agree, That an Ordinance be prepared and drawn, in Pursuance of these Propositions."


House adjourned till 9 a cras.


  • 1. Sic.
  • 2. Origin. touching with.
  • 3. Sic.