House of Lords Journal Volume 6: 1 June 1643

Journal of the House of Lords: Volume 6, 1643. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1767-1830.

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'House of Lords Journal Volume 6: 1 June 1643', in Journal of the House of Lords: Volume 6, 1643, (London, 1767-1830) pp. 75-77. British History Online [accessed 1 March 2024]


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DIE Jovis, 1 die Junii.


Earl of Manchester, Speaker.

Ambassador from France, his Goods restored.

The House being informed, "That there is a Person of great Quality come from France, to give an Account of the Death of the French King, and his Goods are stayed in Southwarke:" Hereupon this House Ordered, That his Goods shall be presently restored unto him.

Brograve and Leventhorpe.

This House heard the Cause between Brograve and Leventhorpe, for an undue Administration granted by Doctor Merricke, contrary to the Statue 21 of H. VIII. desiring Relief against the said unjust granting of the Administration.

The Petition was read, and Counsel on both Sides heard.

And, in regard this Cause hath been many Years depending in divers Courts, it is Ordered, That this House doth remit this Cause to the Proceedings in the proper Courts; and that the Plaintiffs may take out a Commission of Adjuncts, and proceed in the Court of Delegates; and, if they have Cause to complain of any Injustice done them there, then they may appeal to this House for Relief, and their Lordships will give them such Redress as shall be agreeable to Justice.

Message from the H. C. with Propositions from the City about Newcastle.

A Message was brought from the House of Commons, by Mr. Reynolds; which was,

"That the City of London hath made some Propositions concerning the Town of Newcastle, which the House of Commons have taken into Consideration, and passed the same, with some Amendments, wherein the House of Commons desires their Lordships Concurrence."

The said Ordinance was read, and committed to these Lords following: videlicet,

Comes Northumb.
Comes Holland.
Comes Pembrooke.
Comes Bedford.
Comes Clare.
Comes Bollingbrooke.
Comes Denbigh.
Comes Rutland.
Comes Portland.
L. Viscount Say & Seale.
Ds. Howard.

Any Three, to meet this Afternoon, at Three of the Clock.

The Answer returned was:


That this House will take this Ordinance into Consideration, and return an Answer by Messengers of their own.

Message to the H. C. for an Answer concerning the King's last Message.

A Message was sent to the House of Commons, by Serjeant Whitfeild and Serjeant Fynch:

To let the House of Commons know, that whereas their Lordships received a Message some Days ago from the King, which their Lordships communicated to them by a Conference, and appointed a Committee to join with a Committee of the House of Commons to take the said Message, and likewise the Message of the 12th April, into Consideration; their Lordships do now desire them, that they would take the Matter of the said Message into Consideration, and return them an Answer with what convenient Speed they can.

Talcott and Johnson.

Ordered, That the Cause between Tallcott and Johnson shall be heard on Saturday Morning next, the First Cause.

Message to the H. C. with the Earl of Mulgrave's Letter;

A Message was sent to the House of Commons, by Sir Rob't Rich and Mr. Page:

To recommend the Earl of Mulgrave's Letter to them.

and an Order for Concurrence.

And likewise to deliver them the Order to nominate Rob't Cassinghurst, to be presented by the Archbishop of Cant. to the Living of Cranbrooke, in the County of Kente, and desire their Concurrence therein.

Next, was read (fn. 1) additional Names, to be added as Committees in several Counties, for the Sequestration of the Estates of Papists and Malignants, &c. (Here enter them.)

Agreed to.

Additional Ordinance for raising Money.

"Whereas, in the Ordinance of both Houses of Parliament lately passed, for the speedy raising and levying of Money, for the Maintenance of the Army raised by Parliament, by taxing such as have not contributed or lent at all towards the Maintenance of the said Army, or, if they have, yet not in any reasonable Measure answerable to their Estates, divers Persons therein appointed Committees are misnamed, and divers Persons fit to further the Execution of the same Ordinance are [ (fn. 2) omitted to be therein named, to be] Committees; whereby the Service, (fn. 3) if it be not remedied, is like to be much retarded and hindered: It is therefore Ordered and Ordained, by the Lords and Commons in Parliament, That the several Persons hereunder named shall be Committees, for the executing of the said Ordinance, in the several Counties, Cities, and Places, for which they are hereby and herein nominated and appointed; videlicet, For the County of Suff. Sir Edmond Bacon, Sir Will'm Playters, Knights and Baronets, Sir Butts Bacon, Sir Will'm Springe, Baronets, Sir Roger North, Sir Wm. Soame, Sir Nathaniell Barnardiston, Sir Phillipp Parker, Sir John Wentworth, Sir Robert Brooke, Sir Thomas Bernardiston, Knights, Wm. Hevingham, Marrice Barrowe, Tho. Baker, Henry North Senior, Brampton Gourdon, Henry North Junior, Nicholas Bacon, Nathaniell Bacon of Freston, John Clench of Creating, Tho. Terrell, Robert Reynolds, Francis Bacon, William Cage, John Gurdon, Robert Brewster, Isacke Appleton, Nathaniell Bacon of Ipswich, Wm. Bloyse, Tho. Cole, Richard Pepis, Wm. Rivett of Billson, John Clinch of Cullpho, Theophilus Vaughan, Edmond Harvey, Esquires, Frauncis Brewster and John Base, Gentlemen; for the Town of Ipswich, the Bailiff of the Town for the Time being, John Sickelmere, Richard Puplett, John Aldons, Gentlemen, Nathaniell Bacon, Joseph Pemberton, Robert Duncumbe, Jacob Caley, Gentlemen; for the Town of Bury St. Edmonds, the Aldermen of the Town for the Time being, Bright, Samuell Moody, and Thomas Chaplin, Gentlemen; for the Town of Aldeburgh, the Bailiffs of the Town for the Time being, Squire Bence and Tho. Johnson, Gentlemen: For the County of Kent, Sir Richard Hardres Baronet, Sir Wm. Springate, Sir Edmond Moninge Baronet, Sir James Oxenden, Tho. Blechenden, John Boyse of Wingham, Tho. Westrowe, Lambert Godfry, Marke Dixwell, Tho. Brodnoxe, Tho. Blechenden, Tho. Dike, Rich. Beale, Esquires: Added to the Committee for Sequestrations for the County of Bedford, Sir Beacham St. John Knight, Sir Tho. Alston Knight and Baronet, Sir John Burgoyne Baronet, Sir Oliver Luke, Sir Samuell Luke, Sir Roger Burgoyne, Knights, Sir Wm. Bryers Knight, Wm. Duncumbe, Robert Stantan, Tho. Rolte, Samuell Browne, James Beverley, Tho. Sadler, Lewis Munnox, John Neale, Rich. Cockayne, Richard Edwards, Humphry Fishe, John Vaxe, Edward Cater, Ralph Snagge, Frauncis Astrey, Esquires, Peter Neale, Ralphe Mallory, and Edmond Jones, Gentlemen, Wells of Heathen Renth, Bagshaw of Basemeade, Gentlemen, the Mayor of the Town of Bedford for the Time being, Frauncis Banister Doctor of Physic, John Well, John Sibley, John Smyth, Peter Neale, and John Noades, Gentlemen: For Leicestershire, Arthur Stanely, Tho. Cotton, Francis Hacker, John Goodman, Esquires: For the County of Nottingham, John Hutchinson, Gervas Piggott, Esquires; for the Town of Nottingham, James Chadwicke Esquire: For the City and County of the City of Norwich, John Thacker, Adrean Parmitor, Christopher Barrett, Thomas Baker, John Tooley, Esquires, Henry Watts and Linewell Sherwood, Aldermen: For Glocestershire, Sir John Seamer, Sir Rob't Cooke, Knights, Edward Stephens, John Cotherington, John George, John Stephens, Samuell Cotherington, Silvanus Wood, and Henry Stephens, Esquires; for the City and County of the City of Gloucester, the Mayor for the Time being, Dennys Wise, Will'm Singleton, Thomas Pury, Luke Nurse, Aldermen, Henry Stephens, Silvanus Wood, Will'm Shepheard, and Will'm Sellwyn, Esquires; Committees for the County of Glouc. for sequestering of Delinquents Estates, Will'm Guise, Wm. Sellwyn, Esquires, the Mayor for the Time being of the City of Glouc. John Hanbury, John Fettiplace, Esquires, John Gifford, Will'm Mayowe, Will'm Windowe, Rob't Backhouse, Stephen Fowler, Grimbald Paunceford, Will'm Willson, Will'm Parry, Gentlemen: For the County of Essex, Sir Harbottle Grimston Knight and Baronet, Sir Tho. Cheeke Knight, Wm. Massam, Henry Mildmay of Graces, Natha. Bacon, Rob't Smith, Thomas Cooke, Henry Farre, Cary Mildmay, Rob't Wiseman of Mayland, Rob't Bourne, John Meede, John Eden, John Pike, Thom. Clapton, Arthur Barnardeston, Isaack Allen of Hasley, Will'm Atwood, Pet'r Whitcombe, Edward Berkhead, John Brooke, Henry Wiseman, John Eldred, Rob't Young, John Wattkins, Francis Stonbard, Esquires, John Sorrell, Jeremy Aylett, Will'm Collarde, Rob't Crane, Rob't Calthrope, John Aliston, Will'm Harlackenden, Isaack Wyncoll, Samuell Plume, John Fenninge, George Thorogood, Thomas Aylett of Keldon, Doctor Reade of Berdanger, Thomas Addams of Baxteed, Ric'd Wiseman, Will'm Turner of Wymbish, John Thorogood of Walden, Franc's Williamson of Walden, and Thomas Cooke, Gentlemen; Committees added by the Lords and Commons to the Ordinance for sequestering of Delinquents Estates in the County of Essex, Henry Mildmay of Graces, Nathaniel Bacon, Henry Farr, Cary Mildmay, Doctor Read of Birdanger, John Eden, Thomas Clapton, John Brooke, John Eldred, John Pyke, Franc's Stonenard, John Watkins, Geo. Thorogood, Esquires, Tho. Cooke, Will'm Turner of Wimbish, John Alliston, Will'm Harlackenden, Thomas Addams of Thurstead, Isaack Wincall, Samuel Plume, John Fenning, and Thomas Aylett of Kelden, Gentlemen; for the Town of Colchester, Harbottle Grimston Esquire, Recorder there, Mr. John Langton, Mr. Rob't Buxton, Gentlemen, Mr. Warde Alderman, and Thomas Johnson: For the County of Midd. Sir Thomas Fowler Baronet, Sir Rob't Barkham Knight, John Huxly, Thom. Swallowe, Sir Giles Overbury, John Browne Esquire, Clerk of the Parliament: For the County of Dors't, Richard Rose, John Henley, Esquires, Tho. Cheeke and Wm. Kerridge, Gentlemen: For the County of Berks, Sir Geo. Stonehouse Baronet, Edmund Dunch Esquire: For the County of Somers't, Clem't Walker, John Pyne, Henry Samford, John Ashe, Esquires: For the Parts of Holland, in the County of Lyncolne, Sir Tho. Trollopp Baronet, Morris Cane Esquire, John Browne, Captain Escote, and Martyn Johnson, Gentlemen: Committees for sequestering of the Estates of Delinquents in the County of Hertford, Edw'd Atkins Serjeant at Law, John Kinge Doctor in Physic, Henry Mewtis Senior, Thomas Tookee, Gabriell Barber, Toby Combes, John Pemberton, Litton Faircloth, John Scrogg, Thomas Sadler, Esquires, the Mayor of Hertford for the Time being, John Maesh, Isaack Puller, Thomas Meade, Wm. Carter of Offley, Gentlemen, John Humberston Senior, Gentleman; Committees for the County of Hereff. for sequestering the Estates of Delinquents, Sir John Kirle Baronet, James Kirle, Edward Harley, Martin Husbands, Ambrosse Elton Junior, Henry Jones of Maguson in the Parish of Ledbury, Thomas Rawlins Esquire, Thomas Davies of Wigmore, Richard Nicholetts, Francis Pember, Francis Hill, Samuel Trottman, Gentleman: Committees for the County of Norfolke, James Calthrope Sheriff of the County of Norff. Thomas Lyncolne of Thetford Alderman, Sir Edw'd Barkham Knight and Baronet, Miles Corbett, John Gibbon, Tobias Fryar, Rob't Wilton, Esquires, John Bruster, Rich'd Harvey, Rob't Gooch of Elham, Mr. Witch of Brodish, John Browne of Sparkes, John Jay of Ersham, Rich'd Warner of Little Brand, Mr. Walter of Deram, Rob't Kett of Wickelwood, Rob't Felsham of Sculthorpe, John Raymes of Axtron, Francis Shouldham of Fulmerston, Samuel Money of Bucmim, Wm. Girlsly of Holcan, John Swalter of Southcreake, Collins of Blackborne Abby, John Vincent of Crinsham, Jeremy Blofeild of Alby, Rob't Dagly of Alsham, Clarke of Gaywood, Thomas Springall of St. Maries, Rob't Wood of Brooke, the Mayor of Norw'ch pro Tempore, Will'm Symonds of Norw'ch, Linewell Sherwood of Norwich Alderman, Will'm Heveningham, Phill. Beddingfeild, Samuel Smith, James Scambler, Henry Kinge, Rich'd Harvy, Mr. Russell, Tho. Utber, Willm. Coney, John Berkham, Sucklyn Day, Robert Shepheard, Thomas Johnson: These Persons herein named shall be Committees for the several Counties and Places abovesaid; and shall have the same Power and Authority, in the respective Counties and Places for which they are nominated, as the other Committees named in the said Ordinance are hereby to have."


House adjourned till 10a cras.


  • 1. Origin. Addition.
  • 2. Bis in Originali.
  • 3. Origin. of.