House of Lords Journal Volume 7: 6 November 1645

Journal of the House of Lords: Volume 7, 1644. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1767-1830.

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'House of Lords Journal Volume 7: 6 November 1645', Journal of the House of Lords: Volume 7, 1644, (London, 1767-1830), pp. 678-679. British History Online [accessed 14 June 2024].

. "House of Lords Journal Volume 7: 6 November 1645", in Journal of the House of Lords: Volume 7, 1644, (London, 1767-1830) 678-679. British History Online, accessed June 14, 2024,

. "House of Lords Journal Volume 7: 6 November 1645", Journal of the House of Lords: Volume 7, 1644, (London, 1767-1830). 678-679. British History Online. Web. 14 June 2024,


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DIE Jovis, 6 die Novembris.

PRAYERS, by Mr. Carryll.

Ds. Grey de Warke, Speaker.

Comes Rutland.
Comes Manchester.
Comes Nottingham.
Comes Northumb.
L. Viscount Say & Seale.
Comes Lyncolne.
Comes Midd.
Ds. North.
Ds. Mountague.
Ds. Dacres.

Preacher at the Fast.

Ordered, That Mr. Calamy is excused for preaching before the Lords next Fast, and Mr. Burroughs is appointed to preach in his stead.

Colonel Thomas to be Governor of Chepstow.

Ordered, That the Members of both Houses that are of the Committee of both Kingdoms do grant a Commission unto Colonel Thomas Hughes, to be Governor of Chepstow Town and Castle.

Ordinances for Concurrence.

An Ordinance concerning an Assessment for Glouc. Hereford, (fn. 1) &c. was read, and Agreed to. (Here enter it.)

An Order for adding more Persons to be Committees for Accompts, was read, and Agreed to.

(Here enter it.)

An Ordinance was read, for issuing out One Hundred Pounds, for Colonel Morgan, out of the Excise.

(Here enter it.)

Agreed to.

The Earl of Manchester reported a Paper from the Committee of both Kingdoms, as follows:

Letter of Credence and Instructions to the Agent going to Denmark.

"Die Martis, 4 die Nov. 1645.

"At the Committee of both Kingdoms, at Derby House.

"Ordered, That the Instructions for the Agent to the King of Denmarke, and likewise the Letter of Credence, be reported to both Houses."

Then the Instructions were read, and approved of.

And the Letter of Credence was read, and approved of.

Message to the H. C. with them;

A Message was sent to the House of Commons, by Mr. Ayliff and Doctor Heath:

To communicate to them the Letter of Credence and the Instructions; and desire their Concurrence therein, with what Expedition they can, in regard the Ships do stay for this Business.

and for Committees to meet about the Ordinance concerning Westminster College;

2. That this House doth desire, that the House of Commons will appoint a Committee of their House, proportionable to a Committee of Four Lords, to confer about an Ordinance lately sent up by them concerning the College of Westm.; and to shew what Grounds they had to displace John Oakely from his Place of Receiver to that College, he having a Patent thereof during his Life; and that the Committee may meet To-morrow Morning, and when after they please.

about the E. of Stamford;

3. To put them in Mind of the Earl of Stamford's Business.

and the Ordinance to increase the Parsonage of Kirtling.

4. To desire their Concurrence in the Ordinance concerning the Parish of Kirtling, in the County of Cambridge.

Dr. King, elected Master of Trinity Hall in Cambridge, approved of.

Upon reading of the Petition of the Fellows of Trynity Hall, in the University of Cambridge; shewing, "That they with all Thankfulness acknowledging the great Care of their Lordships; for the Encouragement of Learning, and the particular Respect to their College or Hall, in restoring them the Liberty not only to proceed in the former Election of John Selden Esquire, a worthy Member of the House of Commons, to the Mastership of the said Hall; but, upon his Refusal, to elect another, fit and capable by the Statutes of the said Hall, to be approved by both Houses of Parliament: That, since they could not have the Happiness to enjoy their most desired Choice of the said John Selden, he having under his Hand renounced it, they have, with the Consent of the greatest Part of their Company, elected to the said Mastership Robert Kinge, Doctor of the Civil Law, and a late Fellow of the same, and such a one whose former Services and good Demeanor in the said College have made him very fit and capable of the Government of the same: Therefore the Petitioners Desire is, that this House would please to allow of the said Election of the said Robert King, to admit them to proceed to the Admittance of him into the said Place, according to their (fn. 2) Statutes."

It is Ordered, That this House approves of the Choice of Robert Kinge; and that the Petitioners do proceed accordingly as they desire; and the Concurrence of the House of Commons is to [ (fn. 3) be desired] herein.

Message to the H. C. to concur in it.

And accordingly the said Petition was sent down to the House of Commons, by Mr. Serjeant Ayliff and Doctor Heath, for their Concurrence therein.

A Letter was read; directed,

Letter from Colonel Pointz, that he had taken Shelford House by Storm, and that the King is still at Newark.

"For the Right Honourable the Lord Gray of Warke, Speaker of the House of Peers.

"My Lord,

"I am to render your Honour this brief Account of what it pleased God to do for us in the late Storming of Shelford House. On Saturday (having sent a strong Party of Horse and Dragoons to attend the King's Motion in case He seeks to break away from Newarke), I advanced towards Shelford; where Colonel Rossiter joining with me, I presently clapped down before it, and took divers of their Men Prisoners, who were got into the Church. This Day, being prepared for a Storm, I summoned the House, whereto the young Governor returned me a very peremptory Answer; whereupon we fell on with much Resolution on all Sides, and were entertained for Half an Hour with like Courage; but at length they were forced to leave that hot Service. They were in all near Two Hundred, most of the Queen's Regiment being there. About Forty of them escaped with their Lives, and are brought Prisoners into this Town; the rest put to the Sword. The Governor, being dangerously shot and wounded, was stript for dead; but some Officers took Pity upon the young Gentleman, and got him off; peradventure it may recover him. The London Brigade behaved themselves very faithfully in this Service; the rest wanted no Courage. To God be the Praise. Our next Design is against Werton House; and I hope it will be the next News, that it is reduced. Howsoever, I shall use my faithful Endeavours therein; and in all other Respects continue,

"My Lord,

Bingham, 3. November, 1645.

"Your obedient and faithful

"Servant till Death,

"Sed'nham Points.

"The King is still at Newarke; I have a strong Party that waits His Motion.

Sir, I hold it necessary that Shelford (fn. 4) House be continued a Garrison, till Newarke be reduced; till which Time I desire your Order for Lieutenant Colonel Carleton, who behaved himself faithfully in the Public Service, to be Governor thereof."

Letter of Thanks to be wrote to Colonel Pointz.

Ordered, That the Speaker do write a Letter to Colonel Points, to give him Thanks, from this House, for his good Service and Faithfulness.

Orderconcerning Accommodation in Matter of Church Government.

Ordered, That the Committee of Lords and Commons, appointed to treat with the Commissioners of Scotland and the Committee of the Assembly, do take into Consideration the Differences in Opinion of the Members of the Assembly, in Point of Church Government; and to endeavour a Union, if it be possible; and in case that cannot be done, to endeavour the finding out some Way how far tender Consciences, who cannot in all Things submit to the common Rule which shall be established, may be borne with, according to the Word, and as may stand with the Public Peace; that so the Proceedings of the Assembly may not be so much retarded.

Message to the H. C. for Committees to meet with the Scots Commissioners about it.

Ordered, To let the House of Commons know, that this House agrees to the Meeting of the Committees of both Houses with the Scotts Commissioners and the Committee of Assembly of Divines, according to the aforesaid Powers; and that this be One of the Particulars of the Message now to be sent down by Serjeant Ayliff and Doctor Heath.

Ordinance for Assessments in Gloucester, Hereford, &c.

It is Ordained, and be it Ordained, by the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament, That the Committees of Gloucester, Hereford, Monmouth, Glamorgan, Brecknock, and Radnor, nominated in several Ordinances of Parliament, or any Four or more of them, shall have, and hereby hath, full Power and Authority to rate and tax, upon the County of Monmouth, One Hundred and Fifty Pounds per Week; upon the County of Gloucester, the Sum of One Thousand Pounds per Week; and on the City and County of the said City of Gloucester, the Sum of One Hundred Pounds per Week; to be Weekly paid, for the Space of Nine Months next ensuing the Date hereof, unless the said Houses of Parliament shall make any other Order concerning the same; to be rated, taxed, levied, and collected, in such Sort, Manner, and Form, as is prescribed in the former Ordinances of Weekly Assessments, and to be employed for and towards the Maintenance of the Forces in the Garrisons of the said several Counties: And be it further Ordained, That Sir Trevor Williams Baronet, Thomas Herbert, Henry Vaughan Esquires, William Blethynn, William Packer, and Rice William, Gentlemen, are hereby added to the Committees of the aforesaid Counties."

Additional Names to the Committee for Accompts.

"Upon the humble Certificate of the Committee for Accompts: It is Ordered, by the Lords and Commons in Parliament, That Peter Warburton Esquire, Job Throgmorton Esquire, William Hinbrey, Thomas Bromfeild, Humphrey Foord, Richard Burren, Fenton Parsons, Esquires, Hugh Wood, Ellys Cunliff, Hugh Norris, Abraham Holdith, and William Harrington, Merchants, be, and are hereby, added to the Committee of Accompts; and that they, and every of them, do take the Oath appointed by the Ordinance to be taken by such as are herein nominated to be of the Committee of Accompts, according as is in the said Ordinance prescribed.

Order for the Commissioners of Excise to reimburse themselves 100l. advanced to Colonel Morgan.

"Whereas Thomas Foote Esquire, Alderman of the City of London, and the rest of the Commissioners of Excise and new Impost, have advanced and lent the Sum of One Hundred Pounds, to be bestowed as a Gift on Colonel Thomas Morgan, Governor of Gloucester: Be it Ordained, by the Lords and Commons in Parliament, That the said Commissioners of Excise shall and may satisfy and reimburse themselves, and that their Executors, Administrators, or Assigns, shall and may be reimbursed, the said One Hundred Pounds, together with Interest for the same, after the Rate of Eight Pounds per Cent. for so long Time as the same, or any Part thereof, shall be forborn, out of such Intervals of Receipts, upon the Ordinance of the 11th of September, 1643, as shall happen when other Payments already assigned on those Receipts shall not fall due, or, in Default of such Intervals, then as the same shall follow in Course; and shall not, by any other Ordinance of Parliament, be debarred from being satisfied accordingly: And the Commissioners of Excise are authorized to pay the said One Hundred Pounds to Thomas Pury Esquire, whose Receipt shall be a sufficient Discharge to them, and every of them, in that Behalf: And it is further Ordained, That in case the said One Hundred Pounds, and Interest, or any Part thereof, shall not be reimbursed and paid unto the said Commissioners of Excise, in the Intervals or Course of this present Year, ending the 11th of September, 1646, that then the said Commissioners of Excise, their Executors and Administrators, shall be reimbursed and paid, out of the further Receipts of the Excise, by the Commissioners for the Time being, according to the true Intent and Meaning of this Ordinance; and the Commissioners of Excise for the Time being are authorized to make Payment of the said One Hundred Pounds and Interest accordingly."


House adjourned till 10a cras.


  • 1. Deest in Orginali.
  • 2. Origin. States.
  • 3. Origin. desire.
  • 4. Origin. Houe.