House of Lords Journal Volume 8: 29 November 1645

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Journal of the House of Lords: Volume 8, 1645-1647. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1767-1830.

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Die Saturni, 29 die Novembris.


Ds. Grey de Warke, Speaker.

Comes Northumb.
Comes Pembrooke.
Comes Kent.
Comes Rutland.
Comes Denbigh.
Comes Stamford.
Comes Warwicke.
Comes Essex.
L. Viscount Say & Seale.
Comes Nottingham.
Comes Lyncolne.
Comes Bolingbrooke.
Comes Manchester.
Comes Midd.
Ds. Robertes.
Ds. Mountague.
Ds. Wharton.
Ds. Dacres.
Ds. Howard.
Ds. Bruce.

Form of a Pardon for Delinquents.

The House was adjourned during Pleasure, to take into Consideration the Form of a Pardon to be granted to Delinquents, upon their Composition: And, after a serious Debate, the House was resumed.

And then the Form of the Pardon was read.

(Here enter it.)

And the Question was put, "Whether this Form of Pardon shall pass under the Great Seal?"

And it was Resolved in the Affirmative.

Stapleton's Cause.

Ordered, That the House will take into Consideration the Business between Mrs. Stapilton and the Court of Wards on Tuesday Morning next.

Answer from the H. C.

Sir Edward Leech (fn. 1) and Mr. Page return with this Answer from the House of Commons to the Message Yesterday:

That they agree to the referring the Care of the Sea Affairs to the Committee for the Navy; and they agree that the Scotts Commissioners shall have Copies of such Letters as concern them, taken among the Lord Digbie's Letters.

Bristol Ordinance.

Ordered, That the Earl of Denbigh, Lord Viscount Say & Seale, Lord Wharton, and the Lord Robertes, shall consider of the Ordinance for settling the Garrison of Bristoll, and report the same to this House.

Sir Rivet Eldred's Petition, to be excused from serving as Sheriff of Suff.

Upon reading the Petition of Sir Rivett Eldred Baronet; shewing, "That whereas both Houses of Parliament have been pleased to nominate him to be High Sheriff of the County of Suffolke, which is a Place of great Trust, and requires a Person of a perfect Health to discharge the same as it ought in this Conjuncture of Affairs to be; but in regard he finds himself uncapable to execute the Duty of that Office, or any other that shall require Activity of Body, or Strength of the Animal Faculties, by reason of his great Indisposition of Body, which disposeth him to many Diseases of his Head, as will appear by the annexed Certificate of his Physician Mr. Doctor Clarke:

The humble Desire of the Petitioner is, to both Houses, that, for the Reasons aforesaid, which are real, he may be dispensed with, and receive the Favour as to be excused from being High Sheriff of the said (fn. 1) County; and he will (fn. 1) be, as he ever hath been, most conformable to all Proceedings of Parliament so far as the uttermost of his Strength of Body will permit him.

It is Ordered, That this Petition be recommended to the House of Commons; and to let them know, that this House thinks it fit the said Sir Rivett Eldred be dispensed with from being High Sheriff of the said County; and that another be nominated for his Place.

Hill and Loftus.

Ordered, That, upon reading the Petition of Wm. Hill, it be referred to the Committee of Petitions; and Mr. Loftus to have Notice of it, and be heard then.

Ordinance for an Establishment for Bristol Garrison.

The Earl of Denbigh reported from the Committee the Alterations in the Ordinance for establishing the Garrison of Bristoll; which Alterations were read, videlicet,

2 Page, 5th Line. After the Words ["per Mensem"], add these Words ["which said Sum of Three Thousand Pounds shall be disposed of according to such Establishment for the said Garrison, as shall be appointed by both Houses of Parliament"].

3 Page, 8th Line. After the Word ["General"], put out these Words ["or to Major General Massy"].

The First Alteration was Agreed to, upon the Question.

The Second Alteration was Agreed to, upon the Question.

Memorandum, That Earl of Essex and the Lord Robertes dissented to the Second Question; having, before the putting of the Question, asked Leave of the House so to do: And the like did the Earl of Lyncolne.

Then the said Ordinance was read, with the aforesaid (fn. 2) Alterations; and this House Agreed to the same with the Alterations.

Form of a Pardon for Delinquents.

Rex omnibus ad quos &c. Salutem: Sciatis, quod Nos, de Gratiâ Nostrâ speciali, ac ex certâ Scientiâ et mero Motu Nostris, nec non de Advisamento, Assensu, & Consensu Parliamenti Nostri Angl. apud Westm. assemblati, pardonavimus, remisimus, et relaxavimus, ac per præsentes, pro Nobis, Hæredibus, & Successoribus Nostris, pardonamus, remittimus, & relaxamus, Dilecto Nobis A. B. de C. in Com. D. seu quocunque alio Nomine vel Cognomine, seu Additione Nominis vel Cognominis, Dignitatis, Officii, seu Loci, idem A. B. censeatur, vocetur, seu nuncupetur, aut nuper censebatur, vocabatur, se nuncupabatur, omnes & singulas Proditiones tam majores quam minores, ac Crimina læsæ Majestatis, nec non Rebelliones, Insurrectiones, Conspirationes, ac Misprisiones omnium & singulorum eorundem Proditionum & Criminum læsæ Majestatis, À Vicesimo Die Maii, Anno Domini Millesimo Sexcentesimo Quadragesimo-secundo, & ante Datum præsentium, per ipsum A. B. habit. commiss. five perpetrat. pro Guerrâ levatâ contra Nos, Parliamentum, & Regnum nostrum Angl. prædictum, aut pro conciliando, auxiliando, five assistendo, in eâdem Guerrâ; ac etiam omnia & omnimoda Homicidia, Felonias, Roberias, & Accessar. eorundem in Guerrâ prædictâ, ut præsertur, habit. fact. five commiss. licet idem A. B. de præmissis, vel aliquo præmissorum, indictat. rectat. adjudicat. utlagat. condemnat. convict. vel attinct. existit, vel non existit; ac etiam omnia & singula Judicia, Utlagaria, & Convictiones, pro eisdem præmissis, seu eorum aliquo, habit. fact. five promulgat. ac omnes Ponas, Punitiones, ac Ponalitates Corporales, pro eisdem præmissis, aut eorum aliquo, ante Datum præsentium adjudicat. five incurs.; ita tamen quod stet rectus in Curiâ, si quis versus eum loqui voluerit: Et ulterius, de uberiori Gratiâ Nostrâ, firmiter præcipimus omnibus & singulis Judicibus, Justiciariis, Officiariis, & aliis Ministris Nostris quibuscunque, quod hæc præsens Pardonatio Nostra construatur & adjudicetur in omnibus Curiis Nostris & alibi À valid. & effectual. in Lege, pro Exoneratione præfati A. B. secundum veram Intentionem præsentium; aliquo Statuto, Actu, Ordinatione hujus Parliamenti, Provisione, five Restrictione, inde in contrarium antehac habit. fact. edit. ordinat. five provis. in aliquo non obstante.

"In cujus Rei &c. Teste &c."

Gumbleden to be instituted to Coytie.

Ordered, That Sir Nath. Brent shall institute John Gumbleden to the Rectory or Parsonage of Coytie, alias Coed-tie, in the County of Glamorgan, and Diocese of Landaffe, together with the Chapel of Noulton, alias Ould Castle; the said Mr. Gumbleden being presented by the Right Honourable the Earl of Leycester.


House adjourned till 10a, Monday Morning next.


  • 1. Deest in Originali.
  • 2. Origin. Ordinance.