House of Lords Journal Volume 8: 9 December 1645

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Journal of the House of Lords: Volume 8, 1645-1647. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1767-1830.

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Die Martis, 9 Decembris.

Prayers, by

Ds. Grey de War. Speaker.

E. Northumb'land.
E. Kent.
E. Pembrooke.
E. Denbigh.
E. Essex.
E. Sarum.
E. Lincoln.
E. Warwicke.
E. Manchester.
E. Rutland.
E. Midd.
Viscount Say & S.
L. Dacres.
L. Wharton.
L. Willoughby.
L. North.
L. Mountague.
L. Howard.
L. Rob'ts.
L. Bruce.

Answer from the H. C.

Answer returned from the House of Commons, by Mr. Page:

That they will return an Answer, by their own Messengers, to the King's Letter, and that of Sir Tho. Gleman's, with all convenient Speed.

Paviors of Old Palace Yard, Petition for Pay.

The Petition of Henry Wagstaffe and Will'm Reynoalds, in the Behalf of themselves and divers others whose Names are subscribed, that were employed in the Paving of The Old Pallace, Westm. shewing,

[ (fn. 1) "That the Petitioners] were employed, by Order of this (fn. 2) House, to pave the said Palace, the Charge whereof amounteth to the Sum of Two Hundred Sixty-seven Pounds, Three Shillings, Ten-pence Half-penny, whereof they have received only the Sum of Forty-three Pounds; and desire that they may be referred to the Committee of the Revenue, to receive Satisfaction."

It is Ordered, That the said Petitioners are hereby referred to the said Committee, to be satisfied their Arrear, for the Paving of the said Palace.

Answer to the Scots Papers.

Report was made from the Committee appointed to consider of the Answer to the Scotts Papers; which was conceived fit to pass, with some Amendments, which were read: And afterwards the said Answer and Amendments were read together, and passed by this House; and sent, by Sir Edward Leech and Mr. Page, to the House of Commons, for their Concurrence.

Message from the H. C. with Ordinances;

A Message was sent up from the House of Commons, by Sir Jo. Eveline Junior, and others;

That the House of Commons have by them sent up to their Lordships Nine several Parcels, and desire their Lordships Concurrence thereunto:

1. Ordinance for Discharge of the Delinquency and Sequestration of the Earl of Devon, and for a Pardon to him under the Great Seal.

2. Ordinance for Preaching Ministers in the Northern Counties, and for Maintenance for them.

and with the following Particulars.

3. A Vote for the Sheriff of Stafford.

4. A Vote for Martial Law for Sir Wm. Brereton.

5. Sir Arthure Jenny to be Sheriff Suff.

6. A Vote for the Sheriff of Glamorgan.

7. Votes for the Sheriffs of the Counties of Surrey, Pembrooke, Sussex, Cardigan, Carmarthen, and Brecknocke.

8. Votes for the Sheriffs of Huntingdon and Cambridge.

9. That Thirty Pounds be paid, out of Haberdashers Hall, for Edmund Stephens.


The Messengers being withdrawn, and called in again, were answered by the Speaker, "That this House would take their Message into Consideration, and return an Answer by Messengers of their own."

Propositions for a Peace.

The Propositions for a safe and well-grounded Peace, to be sent from the Parliament to His Majesty, were read: And the Judges were directed to consider the First of them, whether the Words were full enough to reach what is intended, to avoid all Inconveniencies in the future; and to return their Opinions into the House.

Ordered, That the said Propositions shall be taken into Consideration, by the whole House, on Thursday next, the First Thing; and that nothing shall be agitated that Day, that may hinder the House to proceed in the said Propositions.

Sir W. Russell and Lenthall.

Ordered, That Sir Wm. Russell's Cause shall be heard, at the Bar, on Friday next.

Fox and Broughton.

According to an Order made Yesterday, Major Fox and Colonel Broughton were brought to the Bar.

And after both Parties were heard, and withdrawn again, the Matter in Difference between them was referred to a Committee of Lords; videlicet,

E. Pembrooke.
E. Salisbury.
E. Warwicke.
E. Bolingbrooke.
Viscount Say & S.
Mr. Baron Atkins.
Mr. Justice Rolles.
L. Willoughby.
L. North.
L. Rob'ts.
L. Howard.

Any Three, to meet To-morrow, at Three post Meridiem.

Message from the H. C. with an Answer to Sir T. Glemham's Letter; and with an Ordinance.

A Message from the House of Commons, by Sir Jo. Eveline Junior, & al.

That the House of Commons had sent up to their Lordships an Answer to Sir Tho. Gleman's Letter, that the Trumpet might be speedily sent out of Town; but to the King's Letter, they will return an Answer by Messengers of their own: And that the said House of Commons had sent up an Ordinance touching the furnishing the Scotts with Arms, which they desired the Lords Concurrence in; videlicet,

"Ordinance to pay Two Thousand Pounds to several Merchants of Lond. that have provided the Scotts with Arms."


The Messengers being called in, the Speaker made Answer, in the Name of the House, "That the Letter was passed by their Lordships; and to the Ordinance, they should receive an Answer by Messengers of their own."

Answer to Sir T. Glemhan's Letter.

For Sir Tho. Gleman, Governor of Oxford.

We have received your Letter of the Fifth of this Instant December, with His Majesty's inclosed; and have sent back your Trumpet, by Command of both Houses, who will with all convenient Speed return an Answer to His Majesty. And rest

"Your loving Friends."

Which Letter, being passed, was signed by both Speakers, and sent away.

The Letters to be communicated to the Scots Commissioners.

Ordered, by the Lords in Parliament, That a Copy of the King's Letter, sent lately from Oxon to the House of Peers, and the Answer from both Houses of Parliament to Sir Thomas Gleman's Letter, be sent to the Lords of the Committee of both Kingdoms, to be communicated by them to the Scotts Commissioners.


Adjourn, 10 To-morrow.


  • 1. Bis in Originali.
  • 2. Deest in Originali.