House of Lords Journal Volume 8: 4 December 1646

Journal of the House of Lords: Volume 8, 1645-1647. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1767-1830.

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DIE Veneris, 4 die Decembris.


Domini præsentes fuerunt:

Comes Manchester, Speaker.

Comes Kent.
Comes Lyncolne.
Comes Mulgrave.
Comes Northumb.
Comes Pembrooke.
Comes Sarum.
Comes Midd.
Comes Denbigh.
Comes Suffolke.
Ds. Mountague.
Ds. Willoughby.
Ds. Howard.
Ds. Maynard.
Ds. Berkley.
Ds. Grey.

Message from the H. C. with an Order for a Fast.

A Message was brought from the House of Commons, by Sir Rob't Pye Knight:

To let their Lordships know, that, upon the Petition of the Assembly of Divines, they have made an Order for the keeping of a Fast for this Rainy Weather; wherein they desire their Lordships Concurrence.

The Order was read, and Agreed to.

(Here enter it.)

The Answer returned was:


That this House agrees to this Order concerning the Fast now brought up.

Preachers at the Fast.

This House Ordered, That the Lords shall keep this Fast, on Wednesday next, in Henry the Seventh's Chapel, at Westm.; and that Mr. Roberts and Mr. Martyn are to preach.

Message from the H.C. for Committees to meet, about disposing of the Great Seal.

A Message was brought from the House of Commons, by Mr. Zouch Tate:

To desire that the Committee of Lords and Commons as were appointed to meet to consider the disposing of the Great Seal, may meet to consider of that Business.

Ordered, That the Lords of this Committee do meet To-morrow in the Afternoon.

Resolved, upon the Question, That the Quorum of this Committee be reduced (fn. 1) from Seven to Five.

The Answer returned was:


That this House will take this Message into Consideration, and will send an Answer by Messengers of their own.

Message to the H. C. about it.

A Message was sent to the House of Commons, by Dr. Heath and Mr. Hackwell:

To let them know, that this House hath appointed the Lords of the Committee to consider of the disposing of the Great Seal to meet To-morrow, at Three of the Clock, in the Afternoon; and that their Lordships have reduced the Quorum from Seven to Five.

Message from the Assembly, for a Fast, on account of the great Rains.

A Message was brought from the Assembly of Divines, by Dr. Smyth, &c.

To desire their Lordships would please that a Day of Public Humiliation may be appointed, for seeking to God, that He would avert those ill Consequences which are like to ensue by reason of this great Rain and Waters.

The House returned this Answer:


That this House hath already appointed Wednesday next, for all Churches within the Liberties of London and Westm. and the Lines of Communication, and Wednesday come Fortnight for the rest of the Kingdom, for a Day of Humiliation for this Occasion.

Heads for a Conference on the Ordinance concerning Composition at Goldsmiths Hall.

The Earl of Manchester reported what the Committee had drawn up, for a Conference to be had with the House of Commons, concerning the Ordinance touching Gouldsmiths Hall; which was read, and Agreed to, as follows:

"The Lords, taking into their Consideration the Irregularity of the Proceedings now at Goldsmithes Hall by those that make Compositions with Delinquents, in regard that there is no such Power granted by Ordinance of Parliament, did send down an Ordinance, nominating of Lords and Commons and others to be Commissioners, enabling them with Power to treat and compound with such as are Delinquents: This Ordinance hath long lain with the House of Commons, which gives a great Obstruction to the present Business, and delays the bringing in of great Sums of Money, which in this Conjuncture of Time proves disadvantageous to the Parliament; the Lords conceiving it not reasonable for them to pass any Ordinances for the taking off the Delinquency of any Persons until they can be satisfied of the Value of their Estates, the Conditions of their Persons, and Title to their Lands, and of the Equality of their Fines; which cannot be, unless some of their Members be in that Commission, that so the respective Particulars before-mentioned may be made to appear to them, and by them may be reported to the House for their Information and Satisfaction. (fn. 2) The Lords desire that the House of Commons would give all possible Expedition to the passing of that Ordinance."

Message to the H.C. for this Conference.

A Message was sent to the House of Commons, by Serjeant Fynch, &c.

To desire a Conference, To-morrow Morning, at Eleven of the Clock, in the Painted Chamber, touching the Ordinance for Gouldsmythes Hall.

Cook and Slipper, in Error.

Ordered, The Errors in the Writ of Error shall be argued (fn. 3) To-morrow Morning, between Cooke and Slypper.

Johnston and Nason, in Error.

Ordered, That the Errors between Johnston and Nason shall be argued, at this Bar, by Counsel, the 11th of this Instant December, 1646.

Treasurers Accompts from Goldsmiths Hall.

Ordered, That the Treasurers at Gouldsmith Hall shall To-morrow Morning bring in their Accompts, according to former Orders of this House.

Ordinance concerning the Water Guards.

Ordered, That the Ordinance concerning the Water Guards is referred to the Consideration of these Lords following, to amend it according to the Sense of the House:

Comes Northumb.
Comes Kent.
Comes Sarum.
Comes Denbigh.
Comes Mulgrave.
Ds. Wharton.
Ds. North.
Ds. Howard.
Ds. Willoughby.

To meet To-morrow Morning, at Nine of the Clock. Any Three.

Ordinance for Patrons to present their Ministers to the Houses.

Ordered, That these Lords following are appointed to prepare an Ordinance, and bring the same into the House, for Patrons' to present their Clerks to the Houses of Parliament, whereas formerly they were presented to the Bishops:

E. of Lyncolne.
Comes Kent.
Comes Sarum.
Ds. Willoughby.
Ds. Maynard.
Ds. Howard.
Ds. North.
Mr. Hackwell and to be Assistants.
Dr. Heath

Order for a Public Fast, on account of the great Rains.

Ordered, by the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament, That Wednesday next be appointed for a Public Humiliation, to be observed in all the Parishes and Places within the City of London and Westminster, Lines of Communication, and Weekly Bills of Mortality, and Wednesday next come Fortnight be observed by the whole Kingdom, for the removing of the great Judgement of Rain and Waters now upon the Kingdom, and for preventing the sad Consequences that may ensue thereupon."


  • 1. Origin. for.
  • 2. Bis in Originali.
  • 3. Origin. To-morning Morning.