House of Lords Journal Volume 9: 22 February 1647

Journal of the House of Lords: Volume 9, 1646. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1767-1830.

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DIE Lunæ, 22 Februarii.

PRAYERS, by Dr. Burges.

Comes Manchester, Prolocutor.

Comes Northumbr.
Comes Kancie.
Comes Salisbur.
Comes Lincolne.
Viscount Say & Seale.
Comes Rotel.
Ds. North.
Ds. Hunsdon.
Ds. Herbert de Chirbury.
Ds. Dacres.
Ds. Grey de Werk.
Ds. Maynard.
Ds. Willoughby.

Papers about L. Herbert's Castle at Montgomery.

Papers concerning the abovesaid Lord Herbert, touching his Castle and Goods at Mountgomery, read:

And they are to be taken into Consideration upon any Message or Report brought up by the House of Commons touching the same.

Message from the Assembly, for a Register for Presentatations, &c.

A Message brought up from the Assembly of Divines, by Doctor Burges, with a Petition from them, touching the setting up an open Register, for Presentations, Institutions, and Admittances, and for recording all Acts thereupon in the said Office.

(Here enter it.)

Read Twice, and referred to the Consideration of these Lords following, who are to report the same:

L. Viscount Say & Seale.
Comes Northumb.
Comes Sarum.
Comes Lyncolne.
Comes Manchester.
Comes Rutland.
Comes Kent.
Comes Suffolke.
Ds. Hunsdon.
Ds. North.
Ds. Grey.
Ds. Willoughby.
Ds. Dacres.
Ds. Maynard.
Ds. Wharton.

Any Five, to meet on Friday next, in the Afternoon, at Three of the Clock, in the Prince's Lodgings; and when after they please.

Doctor Aylett and Doctor Heath to attend.

Answer to them.

The Answer returned to the Messengers from the Assembly of Divines was, "That this House will take their Petition into Consideration."

Message from the H. C. for Sir W. Earle and Mr. Crew to come to London, for their Health;

A Message was brought from the House of Commons, by Sir Rob't Pye, &c.; who brought up divers Particulars, wherein their Lordships Concurrence is desired:

1. A Vote that Sir Walter Earle and Mr. Crew do come to (fn. 1) London, for (fn. 2) their Health.

(Here enter it.)

Agreed to.

with a Declaration, &c. about the Excise;

2. A Declaration concerning the Excise, and Votes thereupon. (Here enter it.)

Read, and Agreed to; and Ordered to be printed.

and with Ordinances, &c. and Acquittances to the Treasurers who paid the Money to the Scots.

3. An Ordinance concerning Mr. Hill and Mr. Penoyer.

4. An Ordinance for Twelve Thousand Pounds for the Cheshire Forces.

5. An Order for referring to the Commissioners of the Great Seal the naming of Persons to go Circuit in South Wales and North Wales.

(Here enter it.)

Agreed to.

6. An Order for John Bradshaw Esquire to be Chief Justice of Chester.


7. An Ordinance for Fifty Pounds per Week to be paid to poor Widows, out of Gouldsmithes Hall.

(Here enter it.)

Agreed to.

8. Acquittances to the Treasurers, for paying the Two Hundred Thousand Pounds to the Scotts; with Desire they may be entered upon Record, and afterwards be transmitted into the Exchequer.

The Answer returned was:


That this House agrees to the Declaration and Votes concerning the Excise; and to Order concerning the Widows, and to the Order for referring the naming of fit Persons to go Circuit South and North Wales; and to the Order for Sir Walter Earle and Mr. Crew to come to London: To all the rest, this House will send Answer by Messengers of their own.

Message to the H. C. for the E. of Pembroke to come to London, for his Health.

A Message was sent to the House of Commons, by Sir Edward Leech and Mr. Hakewill:

To desire their Concurrence in the Order for giving the Earl of Pembrooke Leave to come to London, for Recovery of his Health.

Answer from the H. C.

Doctor Aylett and Doctor Heath return with this Answer to the Message sent formerly to the House of Commons:

That they agree to the Ordinance for giving Power to the Commissioners at Gouldsmithes Hall to administer an Oath: To all the rest of the Particulars, they will send an Answer by Messengers of their own.

Langham and Lymbrey.

Ordered, That the Judges do report the Business referred to them on Friday last, in the Business between Alderman Langham and Captain Lymbery, as speedily as they can.

Fees of the Excise to be considered, and a Proposal for farming the Excise of Flesh.

Ordered, That the Committee for regulating the Excise do meet on Thursday next, to consider whether a great Part of the Excise goes away in Fees to Officers; and to inform themselves concerning a Report that the Butchers have made an Overture to farm the Excise for Flesh.

Dep. Lieut. for Chester.

Ordered, That Mr. Marbery be One of the Deputy Lieutenants for the County of Chester.

Message from the H. C. with Votes, approving of the E. of Ormond's Propositions; and with a Letter to him.

A Message was brought up from the House of Commons, by Sir Rob't Harley Knight;

To desire their Lordships Concurrence in divers Particulars concerning Ireland:

"1. Resolved, That the and Commons do accept of, and agree unto, the Lord of Ormond's own Proposition, in the Sixth Article of his additional Instructions to Sir Gerard Lowther, Sir Francis Willoughby, and Sir Paul Davies."

Agreed to.

"2. Resolved, That the and Commons do allow of, and approve, the Propositions and Offers made by the Commissioners formerly employed to the Lord of Ormond and others at Dublyn."

Agreed to.

"3. A Letter to the Lord of Ormond."

(Here enter it.)

Read, and Agreed to.

The Answer returned was:


That this House agrees to the Votes and Letter to the Lord of Ormond now brought up.

Courteen and the E. I. Co.

Jeremy Blackman, Rob't Hogg, and Jo. Durson, were sworn, to be examined as Witnesses in the Cause of Mr. Curten.

Petitions from the City.

Ordered, That To-morrow shall be taken into Consideration how far the City Petitions have been proceeded in.

Message from the Assembly of Divines, for a Register for Presentations, &c. to Livings, &c. and for Fees thereon to be settled.

"To the Right Honourable the House of Peers assembled in Parliament.

"The humble Petition of the Assembly of Divines, sitting at Westminster;


"That, for Want of a settled Way of admitting Ministers to Benefices and other Ministerial Employments, in this Interval of Church Government, many have of late Times and still do endeavour to procure Certificates under the Hands of sundry Ministers, and afterwards make Use of them (as we are informed) to obtain Institutions and other Admittances, without any Examination of their Ordination, Abilities, orthodox Judgement, and pious Life, by any Persons deputed thereunto, which may open a Door to ignorant, scandalous, and malignant Persons (many such now labouring to creep into the Church) to get Employment, even in the Time of Reformation, after so much Cost and Pains used to purge the Church of such unsavory Salt, to the great Grief of the Godly, the Scandal of Religion, and frustrating our Hopes of a perfect Reformation.

"And this Evil would yet be greater and more incurable, if an open Registry be not appointed, wherein to register all Presentations, Institutions, Admittances, Examinations, and Certificates, to which all concerned therein may have Recourse as Need shall require.

"The Petitioners, out of their deep Sense and Zeal, do most humbly crave Leave to present this great Business unto the pious and grave Consideration of your Lordships; that so, if it may seem good to your Honours, no Institution, or other Admission to any Public Employment in the Ministry, be granted to any Person who hath not taken the National Covenant, or is not in Orders, and that shall not first be examined and approved for his Abilities and pious Conversation by a competent Number of grave and orthodox Ministers together, by special Order deputed thereunto.

"As also, that some Register or Registers be appointed, to record every such Examination and Certificate, with the Names of the Subscribers, as also all Presentations, Institutions, and Admittances, and all Acts thereupon; and this Registry to be in some fixed and certain Place, to which all Persons at convenient Times may resort, to search the Records, and take Copies if they please.

"And what moderate Fees shall be by your Lordships allowed to be taken, for Institutions, Admittances, Copies, and Acts in the Premises, may now be set and published; beyond which none may presume, by themselves or others, to demand or receive, in any Capacity, or upon any Pretence, whatsoever.

"And that all Institutions and Admittances already passed, with all Acts and Orders touching the same, may be likewise registered, and free for all to take Copies of them as aforesaid.

"And this to be continued until the Classical Presbyteries be settled; and then each Classis to give Institutions and Admittances within their several Limits respectively.

"And the Petitioners shall ever pray, &c.

"Charles Herle, Prolocutor.
Cor. Burges, Assessor.
Herbert Palmer, Assessor.
Henry Roborough, Scriba.
Adoniram Byfeild, Scriba."

Judges for the Circuits of Wales.

"Ordered, by the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament, That it be referred to the Commissioners of the Great Seal to appoint fit Persons to ride this Circuit, in the Counties of Northwales and Southwales.

Sir W. Earle and Mr. Crew, Leave to come to Town from Holdenby, for their Healths.

"Ordered, by the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament, That Sir Walter Erle, One of the Commissioners of Parliament at Holdenby, now bruised with a Fall, and indisposed in his Health, shall have Liberty to come to Town, for Recovery of his Health."

"Ordered, by the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament, That John Crew Esquire, One of the Commissioners of Parliament, now at Holdenby, being indisposed in Health, shall have Liberty to come to this Town, for Ten Days, to take Care of his Health."

Order for 50 l. per Week for Widows, &c.

"Ordered, by the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament, That the Fifty Pounds per Week formerly paid out of the Sequestrations at Guildhall, to to the Earl of Mulgrave, and on the 17th of October last given by both Houses for the Relief of Widows and others, as the Committee of the Members of the House of Commons appointed for that Purpose should think fit, be brought into the Common Treasury of the Committee for maimed Soldiers at Christ Church, to be disposed of by the said Treasurers according to the Intention of that Ordinance, with especial Care of such Widows whose Husbands have died in the Service of the Parliament."

Letter to the E. of Ormond, that the Houses accept of his Propositions for delivering up Dublin, &c.

"My Lord,

"Your Lordship's Letters of 6 Febr. Instant, to the Commissioners lately employed to Dublin, have been communicated to us this Day, which have been reported to both Houses of Parliament: And they have commanded us to signify unto your Lordship, That, upon Performance on your Lordship's Part, the Conditions offered to you by their Commissioners shall be made good unto you; concerning which you shall speedily hear further from us. And we have now written to the Lord Lieutenant, Lord Inchiquin, Sir Charles Coote, the Brittish in Ulster, and the Scotts, to make as effectual a Diversion as they can, and to give all the Countenance in their Power to the City of Dublin, till the Forces shall arrive for the Security of it; which we hope will come seasonably, to prevent any ill Accident: But if any such should happen, it cannot be imputed to the Parliament of England, in regard it was so late before the Offer came to our Hands. We shall use all possible Endeavours for the expeditious Dispatch of what shall be necessary for the receiving and securing of Dublin and the rest of these Places mentioned in your Lordship's Letter."


  • 1. Origin. come.
  • 2. Origin. his.