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Magna Britannia: Volume 3, Cornwall. Originally published by T Cadell and W Davies, London, 1814.

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Daniel Lysons. Samuel Lysons, 'General index', Magna Britannia: Volume 3, Cornwall, (London, 1814), pp. 365-389. British History Online [accessed 21 June 2024].

Daniel Lysons. Samuel Lysons. "General index", in Magna Britannia: Volume 3, Cornwall, (London, 1814) 365-389. British History Online, accessed June 21, 2024,

Lysons, Daniel. Lysons, Samuel. "General index", Magna Britannia: Volume 3, Cornwall, (London, 1814). 365-389. British History Online. Web. 21 June 2024,


ACCOUNTS ancient, extracts from, relating to the building of Bodmin church, &c. 34. 35.

Achym, family of, cxviii. Arms, ibid.

Acton castle, 260.

Advent, parish of, 8.

Agnes, St., parish of, 8. Manors, 9. The church and chapels, 11. Schools, ibid. St. Angnes' beacon, ibid.

Alan or Camel river, clxxxix.

Albalanda, family of, cxviii. Arms, ibid.

Albo Monasterio, family of, see Blanchminster.

Alderscombe in Kilkhampton, 165.

Aldestowe, 251.

Aldren, 294.

Allen, St., parish of, p. 12. Manors, ibid. The church, 13.

Allet, Edelet, or Edles, in Kenwyn, manor of, 157.

Alternon, parish of, 13. Manors, 13, 14. The church, 14.

Alternon alias Penpont, Treglasta and Trewinneck, manor of, 13.

Alvacot, 301.

Alwarton, manor of, 209.

Amalibria, manor of, 307.

Amalibry, ibid.

Amalvear, ibid.

Amalwidden, ibid.

Amphitheatres, ancient, called Rounds, ccxviii.

Angallack, 266.

Anderdon, manor of, 186.

Ann, St., parish of, see Advent.

Anstis, Sir John, resides at West-North, 80.

Anthony, parish of, 15. Manors, 15, 16. EastAnthony house, 16. Church, 16—18.

Anthony, St., in Meneage, parish of, 18.
-, —— in Roseland, parish of, 20. Priory, ibid.

Antiquities, ccxvi. ccxliii. British and BritishRoman, ccxvi.

Antimony, mine of, cxcvi.—ccx.

Antron, manor of, 285.

Antron-lodge, 285.

Appledore in St. Ive, 147.

Appledorford, see Appledore.

Archdeaconry of Cornwall, xxvi.

Archer, family of, xcix. Arms, ibid.

Ardevora, manor of, 279.

Ardevro, manor of, 106.

Argallez or Arallas, manor of, 87.

Arlyn, barton of, 225.

Arms, return of persons bearing, temp. Hen. VIII., in the parish of Boconnoc, 26.

Arscott, family of, cxviii. Arms, ibid.

Arsenic, ccx.

Arthur, his birth, x.; and death, xi.

Arundell, Lord Arundell, family of, lxxxv. Arms, ibid. lxxxvi.

Arundell of Lanherne, family of, cxviii.—cxx. Arms, ibid.
-, —— of Tolverne, family of, cxx.
-, —— of Trevithick, cxx.
-, —— of Trerice, cxxi.
-, —— of Menadarva, cxxi.

Arwenack, seat of the Killigrews, 99. Manor of, 102.

Arwenick, family of, ccxi. Arms, ibid.

Ashbury, ccxlvii.

Ashe-torre, manor of, 289.

Asseburgh, manor of, 292.

Assheburgh, 291.

Assizes for Cornwall, where held, ix.

Ashton, manor of, 78.

Ashton, family of, clxiv.

Ashtorre-Barrett, manor of, 78.

Athelstan, King, conquers Cornwall, xii.

Atwell, Dr., rector of St. Ewe, his singular practice of physic, 98.

Avena nuda cultivated in Cornwall, cciii.

Avery, John, his epitaph, 298.

Aubyn, St., family of, xcii. Arms, ibid.

Austell, St., parish of, 20. Markets and fairs, ibid. Villages, ibid. Manors, &c. 21—23. The church, 23. Font, ccxxxiii. Ancient chapels, 24.

Austell-Prior, manor of, 21.

Austell, family of, clxiv.

Austen, family of, xcix. Arms, ibid.


Badgall, 173.

Badharlick in Egloskerry, 83.

Bakesdown, 321.

Baldwin, family of, clxiv.

Balsdon-East, 325.

Balsdon-West, ibid.

Barlandew, manor of, in Blisland, 25.

Baronets of Cornwall, lxxxix.—xcvii.
-, —— seats of, xcvii.

Barrett of Penquite, family of, cxxii. Arms, ibid.
-, —— of Tregarden or Tregarne, ibid. Arms, ibid.

Bartine castle, ccxlix.

Basil in St. Cleather, 58.

Barrows or Tumuli, ccxviii.

Bassets-Cove, 143.

Basset, Lord de Dunstanville, family of, lxxvi.— lxxviii. Arms, lxxviii.

Basset, family of, 143.

Batavellan, 149.

Bath, Earl of, see Granville.

Battens, 251.

Battin, family of, cxxii. Arms, ibid.

Bawdah, manor of, 328.

Beare or Bere of Killigarth, family of, cxxii. Arms, ibid.
-, —— of Trevedo, and St. Neot, ibid. clxiv.

Beauchamp, family of, xcix. Arms, ibid.

Beaucomb, family of, clxiv.

Beaupre, family of, cxxii.

Becket, family of, cxxii. Arms, ibid.

Bedock alias Bezock, manor of, 167.

Bule, family of, clxiv.

Bejouans, 281.

Bellarmin's-Torr, St., in Cardinham, 58.

Bellasise chapel in Bradock, 46.

Bellot, family of, cxxii. Arms, cxxiii.

Belovely, 277.

Belpalfan, 65.

Benallack, 68.

Benallack or Benathlack, family of, cxxiii.

Benefices, value of, xxvii.

Bennet of Hexworthy, family of, cxxiii. Arms, ibid.

Bennets, barton of, 325.

Bennets, St., monastery of, ccxxxvii. 174, 175. 343.

Bere, 214.

Berippa, 54.

Beripper, in Gunwalloe, 126.

Berkeley, Lord, of Stratton, lxxxviii.

Betallack, 154.

Beville, family of, cxxiii. Arms, ibid.

Bezoan, 61.

Bezuen, manor of, 66.

Bill, family of, clxiv.

Billinge, family of, xcix.

Binamy, manor of, 296. Castle, ibid.

Binhamy, 296.

Birds, remarkable, cc.

Bishops of Cornwall, their see, xxv

Bismuth found in the mines, ccx.

Blacketon, an ancient earth-work, ccxlviii.

Blanchminster, or De Albo Monasterio, or Whit minster, family of, cxxiii. Arms, ibid.

Blazey, St., parish of, 24. Manors, ibid.

Blewett, family of, cxxiii. Arms, ibid.

Bligh, family of, clxiv.

Blisland, parish of, 25. Villages, ibid. Fairs, ibid. Manors, ibid. Church, 26.

Blo-Fleming, see Botus-Fleming.

Bloyowe or Bloyon, family of, cxxiv. Arms, ibid.

Bochym, manor of, 75.

Boconnoc, parish of, 26. Manors, 26—29. House, 28, 29. Church, 29.

Bodanna or Bodannan in St. Enoder, 88.

Bodannan or Bodannon, manor of, in Endellion, 85.

Bodardle or Bodarle, manor of, 178.

Bodeeve or Bodive, 81.

Bodeworgy, Bosworthgy, or Bosworgy, manor of, 63.

Bodilly, 323.

Bodiniel, manor of, in Bodmin, 37.

Bodinel, family of, cxxiv.

Bodinneck, manor of, 183. 286.

Bodbrane, manor of, 80.

Bodmin, town and parish of, 29. The priory, 30. The grey friers, ibid. Historical events, 31. The corporation of the borough, ibid. Sends members to parliament, 32. Markets and fairs, ibid. County prison, 33. Population, ibid. Parish church, 34. Font, ccxxxiii. Monuments, 34. Chapels, ibid. Gilds, 35. Extracts from parish accounts, ibid. School, 36. Ancient hospitals, ibid. Villages, ibid. Manors, 37. Ancient custom called Bodmin riding, 38.

Bodmin-Francis, manor of, 37.

Bodowe, manor of, 328.

Bodrigan or Bodrugan, family of, cxxiv. Arms, ibid.

Bodrigy, barton of, 266.

Bodrugan or Bodrigan, manor of, 123.

Bodvalgan chapel, 328.

Bodulgate, manor of, in Boconnoc, 29.

Bodulgate, family of, cxxiv. Arms, ibid.

Bodwanick, manor of, 175.

Bodwen, 302.

Bodwen, manor of, 131.

Bodwithgie, manor of 175.

Bofarnell, 326.

Bogan, family of, cxxiv. Arms, ibid.

Bogullos, manor of, 152.

Bohelland in St. Gluvias, 119.

Bohurra, manor of, 153.

Bohurra, see Bohurtha.

Bohurtha, manor of, in the parish of St. Anthony in Roseland, 20.

Bokarne in Bodmin, 37.

Bokelly in St. Kew, 162.

Bokiddick, 174.

Bolleit in St. Burian, 48.

Boligh, family of, cxxiv. Arms, ibid.

Bond, family of, c. Arms, ibid.

Bonithon in Cury, 76.

Bonithon, family of, cxxiv. Arms, ibid.

Bonville, family of, lxxxi. 257. Arms, lxxxi.

Bonython in Cury, 76.

Borlase, Dr., account of, 205.

Borlase, family of, c. Arms, ibid.

Borough-towns in Cornwall, xxxvi. xxxvii.

Borthy, manor of, 87.

Bosavern, 154.

Bosavern, family of, clxv.

Boscastle, 236, 237.

Boscawen-oon, ccxvii. 50.

Boscawen-rose, manor of, in St. Burian, 50.

Boscawen, Admiral, his monument and epitaph, 233.

Boscawen, Viscount Falmouth, family of, lxxiv. Arms, lxxv.

Boscundle, 23.

Bosence, 282.

Bosew in St. Ewe, 98.

Bosistow, 194.

Bosistow, family of, clxv.

Boskarne, see Bokarne.

Boskenso, manor of, 221.

Boskenwyn, manor of, 323.

Bospolvan, 65.

Bossawsack, family of, clxv.

Bossiney, borough of, 306.

Bossow, 307.

Bosvargus, 155.

Bosvargus, family of, cxxv.

Bosvathack, 67.

Bosveal, 222.

Bosvellick, manor of, in the parish of St. Allen, 12.

Bosvellock, manor of, 263.

Bosuen, manor of, 64.

Bosvennen, 281.

Bosverran, 68.

Bosvigo, 158.

Boswednack, manor of, 329.

Bosworgy, 63.

Bosworthgy, 63.

Boswylick, 158.

Boswylick, barton of, 158.

Botelett, manor of, 179.

Botonet, 196.

Botreah, barton of, 281.

Bottorton, 224.

Bottreaux-Castle, manor and borough of, 236, 237. Church, 237, 238.

Bottreaux, family of, lxxxi. Arms, ibid.

Botus-Fleming or Blo-Fleming, parish of, 38.

Bovallan, 149.

Boundaries of the county, clxxxi.

Boyton, parish of, 39. Manors, ibid.

Braban, family of, clxv.

Braddon, Captain William, 112.

Braddon, family of, ci. Arms, ibid.

Bradock, see Broadoak.

Brannell, manor of, 286.

Bray, manor of, 242.

Bray of Treswithan, family of, cxxv. Arms, ibid.
-, —— of Trenowth, ibid. Arms, ibid.

Brea, 154.

Breage, parish of, 40. Manors, ibid.

Breja, 307.

Breh-Chapel, 155.

Brenere, manor of, 81.

Breock, St., parish of, 43. Fairs and markets. ibid. Manors, 43, 44. Church, 44.

Brett, family of, cxxv.

Breward, St., or Simon's-ward, parish of, 46. Manors, 46, 47. Church, 47.

Bridge-end, manor of, 327.

Bridgrule, parish of, 45. Villages, ibid. Manors, ibid.

Bridgrule-bridge, 45.

Broadoak or Bradock, parish of, 46. Manors, ibid. Downs, 342.

Brodes or Broads in Helland, 131.

Brown-Willy, 47.

Brunian-Chapel, 151.

Bryer or Brehar, 336.

Brynn, 329.

Bucklawren, manor of, 215.

Bude harbour, 295.

Budock, St., parish of, 47. Manors, ibid. Church, 48.

Budockvean, 67.

Bulland, manor of, 58, 59.

Buller of Shillingham and Morval, family of, ci. Arms, ibid.

Buller of Trenant-park, xciv.

Buraton, 287.

Burell, 290.

Burell, family of, ci. Arms, ibid.

Burgesses, fees formerly paid to them for their attendance in parliament, xxxvi.

Burian, St., parish of, 48. Collegiate church, ibid. Manors, 49. parish church, 51.

Burlace-Vath, manor of, 63.

Burlawn, 81.

Burlawn-great or Burlorne, 43.

Burnere, manor of, 81.

Burnt-town, in St. Gluvias, 119.

Burraton, 294.

Burnuhall in St. Burian, 50.

Burrow, 45.

Butsava, manor of, 255.

Butterdon, 224.


Cabilla, Cabillia, or Carburrow, manor of, 246.

Cadgwith, 280.

Cadson in St. Ive, 146.

Cadson-Bury, ccxlviii.

Cair-Kenin in Breage, 43.

Call of Whiteford, family of, xciv. Arms, ibid.

Callestock in Perran-Zabuloe, 260.

Callilond, manor of, 285.

Callington, town of, 51. Fairs, &c. ibid. Borough, ibid. Population, ibid. Manor, 52. Church, ibid.

Calmady, 270.

Calmady, family of, ccxv. Arms, ibid.

Calmanjack, 67.

Calstock, parish of, 52. Manors, 53. Church, ibid. Rectory, 343.

Camborne, town of, 54. Markets and fairs, ibid. Manors, ibid. Church, ibid. Old font, ccxxxiv.

Camel river, see Alan.

Camelford, borough of, 182. Its seal, xxxvi.

Camelford, Lord, see Pitt.

Canals, navigable, cxc.

Canalissey or Cannaliggee, manor of, 145.

Can-Orchard, 185.

Cannaliggee, see Canalissey.

Cant, barton of, 239.

Cant-East, 239.

Cant-West, ibid.

Cape Cornwall, clxxxiv. 282.

Carantoc, St., collegiate church of, 69.

Carballa or Cabilla, manor of, in Cardinham, 57.

Carborro or Carburrow, manor of, 330.

Carclew, the seat of Sir W. Lemon, 238.

Cardinham, parish of, 55. Manors, 57. Honor, ibid. Church, 58.

Cardinan, family of, lxxix.

Carenza-Wortha chapel, 325.

Carew of Anthony, family of, xcv. Arms, ibid.

Carew family, monuments of, in Anthony church, 17.

Cargaul or Cargol, manor of, 247.

Carhangives, an ancient entrenchment, 94.

Carhayes, manor and barton of, 230.

Carkeel, 287.

Carkeel, manor of, 290.

Carloggas, 219.

Carloygas, formerly a castle at, 65.

Carlyon, family of, cii. Arms, ibid.

Carminow, manor of, 219.

Carminow, John, his hospitality, 231.

Carminow Creek, ccxxxix.

Carminow, family of, cxxv. Arms, cxxvi.

Carnadon-Prior, manor of, 196.

Carnanton, manor of, 220.

Carn-brê-chapel, 155.

Carnbré-hill, 144. Kairns on, clxxxiv. Castle,ccxl.

Carnedon, barton of, 192.

Carnedon-Lyer, manor of, 198.

Carn-kief, 264.

Carnsew, manor of, 206.

Carnsew, family of, cxxvi. Arms, ibid.

Carrackdues, 149.

Carraton-downs, 196.

Carthew, family of, cxxvi. Arms, ibid.

Cartuther, manor of, 201. 224. Chapel, 225.

Cartuther, family of, cxxvi. Arms, ibid.

Carvath, manor of, 74.

Carvean, 273.

Carveth, barton of, 207.

Carveth, family of, cxxvi. Arms, ibid.

Carvynick, barton of, 87.

Carvithenack, manor of, 67.

Carybullock, 294.

Carynas in Cubert, 73.

Casawse, see Cosawis.

Cassacawen, manor of, in Blisland, 25.

Castle-Andinas, ccxxxviii. 65.

Castle, St. Catherine's, ccxlii.

Castle-Horneck, 209.

Castle-Killibury, 83.

Castle-Kynock, ccxlviii.

Castle-Milford, 307.

Cawsand, 275. Bay, ibid.

Catacleuse Cliffs, 225.

Catcher, family of, clxv.

Cattebidrew in Gwinnear, 127.

Cavell, family of, cxxvii. Arms, ibid.

Caves, artificial, ccxx.

Cayle-Castle, 266.

Celts, ccxix.

Ceoley, family of, clxv.

Chamond, family of, cxxvii. Arms, ibid.

Champernon or Champernowne, family of, cxxvii. Arms, ibid.

Champernown, John, St. German's priory granted to, 113.

Chapel-Amble in St. Kew, 163.

Chapel, ancient, near Dosmery-pool, 15.

Chapels, ancient, 15. 49. 58. 65. 67. 94.

Chapels of ease, xxxiv. Ancient, ibid.

Chapel-Engarder, 264.

Chapel-house, 243.

Chapel Widdan, 264.

Chapman, family of, clxv.

Charles I., King, at Boconnoc, 29. At Trecarrell, 195. His progress in Cornwall, 342.

Chasewater, 157.

Cheese-wring, clxxxiv. 198.

Chenduit, family of, cxxvii. Arms, cxxviii.

Chilsworthy, 53.

Chiverloe in Gunwalloe, 126.

Chiverton, barton of, 263.

Chiverton, family of, cxxviii. Arms, ibid.

Chrynal's-chapel, 161.

Chyncoose, 158.

Chynoweth in Cubert, 73. Family of, ibid.

Chynoweth or Chynowith in Cubert, family of, cii.

Chynoweth of Chynoweth in St. Erth, family of, cxxviii. Arms, ibid.

Chyton in St. Agnes, 10.

Circles of stones, ccxvii.

Civil war in the seventeenth century, its history as connected with Cornwall, xiv.—xxiv.

Clahar, 244.

Clay, fire, ccxi.

Clease, 243.

Cleather, family of, cxxviii. Arms, ibid.

Cleather, St., parish of, 58.

Cleer, St., parish of, 58. Manors, 58, 59.

Cleer, St. Colesbill, manor of, 58.

Clements, St., parish of, 59. Manors and barton, 60, 61. Church, 61.

Climsland-Prior, manor of, 196. 294.

Climson, 294.

Clinton, barony of, lxxv.

Clowance, manor of, 72. Seat of the St. Aubyn family, ibid.

Clusion, East, 181.

Cobalt, mine of, ccx.

Coins found, ccxxi.—ccxxiv. ccxlix.

Coke, family of, clxv.

Colan, parish of, 61.

Colan or St. Colan, family of, cxxviii. Arms, ibid.

Colcoit or Colquite, 208.

Coldrinnick, barton of, 225.

Cole, family of, clxv.

Coleshill, family of, cxxviii. 79. Arms, cxxviii.

Collon, 318.

Colquite, family of, cxxix. Arms, ibid.

Columb-Major, St., parish of, 62. Manors, 62— 64. Church, 65.

Columb-Minor, St., parish of, 65. Manors, 66. Church, 67.

Colyn, family of, clxv.

Combe, manor of, 289. Farm, ibid.

Combe, manor of, 275.

Combe-head, 294.

Conarton, manor of, 129. 266.

Condurro, 60.

Congar, St., in Lanivet, 175.

Conner river, clxxxix.

Connock, family of, cxxix. Arms, ibid.

Constantine, St., chapel of, 226.

Constantine, parish of, 67. Manors, ibid. Church, 68.

Coode, family of, cii. Arms, ibid.

Coplestone, family of, cxxix. Arms, ibid.

Copley, late Moyle, see Moyle.

Copper-mines, produce of, ccvii.—ccix.

Copper-ore, where found, cxcvi. Smelting of, ccix.

Corneggy in Breage, 40.

Cornelly, parish of, 68. Manors, ibid.

Cornelly alias Grogoth, manor of, 273.

Cornwall—Etymology of,—its ancient inhabitants, language and government, ix. Historical events connected with it, x.—xxiv. Ancient and modern division, xxiv. xxv. Ecclesiastical jurisdiction and division, xxv.— xxxv. Monasteries, colleges, and hospitals, xxxv. Market and borough towns, xxxvi. —xxxix. Fairs, xxxix.—xlii. Population, xlii.—xlvii. Longevity of inhabitants, xlviii. —l. Division of property at the time of the Domesday survey, l.—lxiv. Principal landholders at various periods, lxiv.—lxii. Nobility of the county, lxii. Earldom of, lxxii. Cornish families now ennobled, lxxiii. —lxxviii. Extinct peers, and baronial families, lxxviii.—lxxxviii. Noblemen's seats, ibid. Mansions of extinct peers, ibid. Baronets, lxxxix.—xcv. Extinct baronets, xcv.—xvii. Baronet's seats, xcvii. Gentry, xcviii.—cxviii. Extinct families, cxviii.— clxxiv. Gentlemen's seats, clxxv.—clxxix. Deer-parks, clxxix. clxxx. Geographical and geological description, clxxxi.—cxciii. (Boundaries, extent, &c., clxxxi. Soils and strata, clxxxii. Surface and scenery, clxxxiii. —clxxxv. Rivers clxxxv.—clxxxix. Lakes, clxxxix. Navigable canals, cxc. Roads, cxci.—cxciii.) Natural history, cxciv.—ccii. (Fossils and minerals, cxciv.—cxcviii. Indigenous plants, cxcviii.—cc. Birds, &c., cc. Mineral waters, and remarkable wells, cci, ccii.) Produce, cciii.—ccxiii. Manufactures, ccxiii. Trade and ports, ccxiii.— ccxvi. Antiquities, ccxvi. British and British-Roman antiquities, ccxv. (Circles of stones, ccxvii. Tumuli, ccxviii. Cromlechs, ccxix. Celts, ibid. Caves, ccxx. Coins, &c., ccxxi. Inscribed stones, ccxxi. —ccxxiii.) Roman antiquities, ccxxiii.— ccxxv. Roman roads and stations, ccxxv. Ancient church architecture, ccxxviii.— ccxxxi. (Ancient painted glass, ccxxxi. Rood-lofts, screens, &c., ccxxxii. Fonts, ccxxxiii. Ancient sepulchral monuments, ccxxxiv.—ccxxxvii. Monastic remains, ccxxxvii. Castles and sites of castles, ccxxxvii.—ccxli. Ancient mansion-houses, ccxlii. Well-Chapels, ccxliv. Ancient crosses, ccxliv. Camps, and earth-works, ccxlvi.—ccxlix. Miscellaneous antiquities, ccxlix. Customs, ccl. Parochial topography, 1.—329.

Cornwall-Cape, 155.

Cornwall, family of, cxxix. Arms, ibid.

Corva, 139.

Coryn, family of, clxv.

Coryton, family of, xcvii. Arms, ibid.

Coryton, William, his monument in St. Mellion church, 222. Epitaph, 223.

Cosawis, Casawse, or Gosose, manor of, 118.

Cosowarth or Coswarth, 62.

Cossen, family of, clxv.

Coswarth, family of, cxxix. 62. Arms, cxxx.

Coswin or Cossawin, in Gwinnear, 128.

Cotehele or Cuttele, an ancient mansion-house, ccxliv. 53.

Cotehele, family of, cxxx. Arms, ibid.

Cotton, family of, cxxx.

Coverac, 159.

Coumb, 242.

Coumbe, 269.

Coumbe-parks, 269.

Court in Laureath, 179.

Courtenay, Earl of Devon, family of, lxxxi. Arms, lxxxii.

Courtenay of Boconnoc, family of, cxxx.

Cowling, family of, cxxxi. Arms, ibid.

Crackhampton, manor of, 112.

Crackington, see Crackhampton.

Cradoc, chapel at, 59.

Craftshole, 283.

Cragantallan, 66.

Cragantallau, manor of, 249.

Crane in Camborne, 54.

Crane, family of, clxvi.

Crantock, parish of, 69. Manners, ibid. Church, ibid.

Credis, nunnery at, 252.

Creed, parish of, 69. Manors, 70.

Creffell, family of, clxvi.

Crellas, the, ccxvii.

Croan, manor of, 81.

Crocadon, 222.

Crocker, family of, clxvi.

Crofsbole, 283.

Cromlechs, ccxix.

Cromwell, Lord, his letter to the prior of Fowey, 109, note.

Crone, manor of, 81.

Cross, manor of, 243.

Cross-lanes in Cury, 75.

Cross-town, 242.

Crosses, ancient, ccxliv—ccxlv.

Crossman, family of, clxvi.

Crowan, parish of, 72.

Crowsnest, 58.

Crugantarran, manor of, 66.

Crugmeer, 252.

Crugsillack, 319.

Crystals, where found, cxcvii.

Cuckoo, remarkable, cci.

Cubert, parish of, 72.

Cuby, parish of 73. Manors, 74. Church, 75.

Curclaze tin-mine, clxxxiii.

Curteys, family of, clxvi.

Cury, parish of, 75. Manors, 75, 76.

Cuskease, barton of, 93.

Customs, ancient, ccl. 38.

Custom, singular, in the manor of Godolphin, 57.

Cuttele, see Cotehele.

Cyric, St., and St. Juliet, priory of, 317.


Dabwalls, 200

Dagg, family of, clxvi.

Dandy, family of, cxxxi. Arms, ibid.

Danes, the, in Cornwall, xi. xii.

Danondozzle, manor of, 302.

Darell, family of, cii. Arms, ibid.

Dart alias Wallis, family of, clxvi.

D'auney, family of, lxxxi. Arms, ibid.

Daungers, family of, cxxxi.

Davidstow, parish of, 76.

Davies of Tredrea, family of, cxxxi. Arms, ibid.

Davies of Kellio and Kea, family of, clxvi.

Dawnet, manor of, 328.

Daye, St., manor of, 127.

Deer-parks, clxxix.—clxxx.

Degembris, manor of, 248.

Delemere, 302.

Delionuth, manor of, 302.

Dellabole, barton of, 302. Slate quarry, ibid.

Dellymere, 302.

Denerdake, Dunerdake, or Dinnerdake, manor of, 147.

Dennis, St., parish of, 77.

Dennis, Great and Little, ancient entrenchments, 18.

Denzell, family of, cxxxi. Arms, cxxxii.

Denzell, manor of, 220.

Denzell and Glivian, manor of, 63.

Dergon, 67.

Dernford, family of, cxxxii. Arms, ibid.

Deviock, 58.

Deviock, family of, clxvi.

Dewenn or Dewen, family of, ciii. Arms, ibid.

Dillower, St., chapel of, 49.

Dimiliock, manor of, 77.

Dinan or Dinham, family of, lxxix. Arms, lxxx.

Dingerein, an ancient fortification, 118.

Dinnerdake, see Denerdake.

Dodson, family of, clxvi.

Domesday Survey, Division of property in Cornwall under, l.—lxiv.

Dominick, St., parish of, 77.

Donnegny, manor of, 308.

Dosmery-pool, cxc.

Downeckney, manor of, 308.

Downhill in St. Evell, 95.

Doynell, family of, clxvi.

Drannock, in Gwinnear, 127.

Draynes-West, manor of, 245.

Drift, 281.

Druidism, supposed relicks of, clxxxiv.

Duchy of Cornwall, its creation and revenues, v.— viii.

Duloe, parish of, 78. Manors, 79, 80. Church, 80, 81.

Dunmere in Bodmin, 36.

Dunstanville, see Basset.

Dunstanville town in St. Budock, 47.

Dunveth in St. Breock, 45.

Duporth, 23.


Earth, manor, of, 290.

Earth, family of, cxxxii. Arms, ibid.

Eastcot, 242.

East-Leigh Berrys, ccxlvii.

Eastway, manor of, 243.

Eater, extraordinary, 299, note.

Eathorn, barton of, 207.

Ebbingford, manor of, 296.

Edgcumbe, Earl Mount-Edgcumbe, family of, lxxiii. Arms, lxxiv.

Edelet, see Allet.

Edles, see Allet.

Efford, manor of, 296.

Eglos-creek, 146.

Egloshayle, parish of, 81. Manors, 81, 82. Church, 82.

Egloshayle, family of, cxxxii. Arms, ibid.

Egloskerry, parish of, 83. Manors, 83, 84. Church, 84.

Eglos-ros, manor of, 107.

Elerkey, manor of, 319.

Eliot, family of, 114.

Eliot, Lord Eliot, family of, lxxv. Arms, ibid.

Ellanglaze, manor of, 72.

Ellbridge, manor of, 171.

Ellis, family of, clxvi.

Elmsworthy in Kilkhampton, 165.

Enys, in St. Gluvias, 119.

Enys, family of, ciii. Arms, ibid.

Endellion, see Endelyon.

Endelyon, parish of, 84. Manors, 85. Church, 86.

Ennis, barton of, 90.

Ennis, in St. Hillary, 134.

Ennis-Caven, manor of, 77.

Enoder, St., parish of, 86. Manors and bartons, 87. Church, 88. Font, ccxxiii. Borough of Michell, 88.

Enodoc, St., chapel of, 239.

Entrenchments, ancient, ccxlvi.—ccxlviii.

Erisey, manor of, 125.—279.

Erisey, family of, cxxxii. Arms, ibid.

Erme, St., parish of, 89. Manors and bartons, 89—91. Church, 91. Font, ccxxxiii.

Erney, St., parish of, 91.

Erskine, baron, of Restormel castle, lxxxviii.

Erth, St., parish of, 92. Manors and bartons, 92, 93. Church, 94.

Ervan, St., parish of, 94. Manors, ibid.

Esse or De Esse, family of, cxxxii. Arms, ibid.

Esses-Torre, manor of, 289.

Estcott, family of, ciii. Arms, ibid.

Ethy, manor of, 327.

Evall, St., parish of, 95.

Ewe, St., parish of, 95. Manors, 95—97. Church, 98.

Exlower, 321.

Exports from the ports of Cornwall, ccxv.

Extent of the county, clxxxi.


Fairs, in Cornwall, account of, xxxix.—xlii.

Fal river, clxxxvii.

Falmouth, port of, ccxiv. Imports, ibid. Exports, ccxv. Origin and increase of the town, 99—101. Post-office packets there, 101. Titles taken from the place, ibid. Manors, 102. Church, 103. Schools, hospitals, &c., ibid.

Falmouth, Viscount, lxxiv. lxxxviii.
-, ——, Earl of, lxxxviii.

Farrabury, see Forrabury.

Faweton, manor of, 245.

Faweton alias Trenay, manor of, 245.

Fawey river, clxxxvii.

Fenton-Gimps, manor of, 262.

Fentongimps, family, cxxxii.

Fentongollan, manor of, 231.

Feock, parish of, 105, 106. Font, ccxxxiii.

Ferrers of Newton-park, family of, cxxxiii. Arms, ibid.
-, —— of Boswithgy and Trelowarren, ibid.

Filley, parish of, 106. Manors, ibid.

Fisheries, produce of, ccxi. ccxii.

Fitz-Geoffrey, Charles, rector of St. Dominick, author of several works, 78.

Fitz-Pen alias Phippen Owen, his epitaph, 312.

Fitz-William, family of, cxxxiii. Arms, ibid.

Five-lanes in Alternon, fairs at, 13.

Flamank or Flamock, family of, ciii. Arms, ibid. 37.

Flammock, Thomas, instigates the Cornish to rebel, xiii.

Fleming, family of, cxxxiii. Arms, ibid.

Fletcher, family of, clxvii.

Flexbury, 268.

Flushng, 234,

Foote, family of, ciii. Arms, ibid.

Foote, Samuel, born at Truro, 313.

Forrabury, parish of, 107.

Forsnewth, manor of, 59.

Fossils and minerals, cxciv.—cxcviii.

Fowey, town of, 107. 109. Its incorporation, 107. Harbour, 108. Manors, 109—111. Church, 111. Grave-stone of Treffry family, ccxxxvi. Almshouse and schools, 112.

Fraddon in St. Enoder, 87.

Fraddam in Gwinnear, 127.

Freemarshall, manor of, 254.

Frogwell in Callington, 52.

Froxton, manor of, 326.

Fursdon, manor of, 201.


Gamon, family of, clxvii.

Gaol, County, x.

Garlick formerly cultivated, cciv.

Garlinneck in Creed, 70.

Gaverigan, manor of, 63.

Gaverigan, family of, cxxxiii. Arms, ibid.

Gear in St. Erth, 93.

Gedy, family of, cxxxiv.

Gennys, St., parish of, 112. Manors, ibid.

Gentry of Cornwall, xcviii.—clxxiv. Their seats, clxxv.—clxxix.

Gerrans, parish of, 117. Manors, ibid.

George, St., island of, 217.

Germans, St., town of, 113, formerly a bishop's see, ibid. Port Eliot, site of the priory, 114. Markets and fairs, ibid. Borough, 115. Manors, 115, 116. Church, 116.

Germoe, St., parish of, 117.

Gerveys, family of, cxxxiv. Arms, ibid.

Giant's-castle, 335.

Giddy, family of, civ. Arms, ibid.

Giffard, family of, cxxxiv. Arms, ibid.

Gilds, ancient, xxxv.

Glant, 280.

Glanville, family of, civ. Arms, ibid.

Glaseney college, 121.

Glivian, 62., manor of, 63.

Gluvias, St., parish of, 118. Manors, ibid. Church, 119. Borough of Penryn, 120. College of Glaseney, 121.

Glynn, manor of, in Cardinham, 57.

Glynn, family of, civ. Arms, ibid.

Glynn of Morval, family of, cxxxiv.
-, —— of Wendron, family of, cxxxiv. Arms, ibid.

Glynn, Dr., of Broads in Helland, 131.

Glynn, John, barbarously murdered, 241.

Godolgan, manor of, in Breage, 40.

Godolphin, Baron and Earl of, family of, lxxxvi. lxxxvii. Arms, ibid.

Godolphin, account of the family of, 40.

Godolphin of Trewartheneth, family of, cxxxiv.

Godrevey, manor of, 129.

Godrevy, family of, cxxxv. Arms, ibid.

Golant, 280.

Golden, 271.

Gold-ore, cxcv.—ccix.

Gold-Sithney, 259.

Golden Camp, ccxlvi.

Goode, family of, cxxxv. Arms, ibid.

Goonhaskin in St. Enoder, 88.

Goonwin or Gunwin, in Lalant, 169.

Gooseham, 243.

Gorran, St., parish of, 122. Manors, &c. 122 124. Church, ibid. Font, ccxxxiii.

Goscote chapel, 322.

Gosose, manor of, see Cosawis.

Gothan, see Gwithian.

Goveyley, manor of, 74.

Goveley, family of, cxxxv.

Govilly, manor of, 74.

Grade, parish of, 124. Manor, 125. Font, ccxxxiii.

Grampound, borough of, 71.

Granite or Moor-stone, clxxxii.—ccxi.
-, ——, masses of, clxxxiv.

Granville, Earl of Bath, family of, lxxxiv. Arms, lxxxv.

Grediowe, manor of, 57. 206.

Gregor, family of, civ. Arms, ibid.

Greenbank in St. Budock, 47.

Greenwith common, 259.

Grenville family, 163—165.

Grenville, Sir Beville, his epitaph, 166.

Grenville, Sir Richard, family of, xcv.

Grews-hill, ccxlvii.

Grey-friers, convent of, at Bodmin, 30.

Grimscot, family of, cxxxv. Arms, ibid.

Grimscott, manor of, 186.

Grogooth, manor of, 68.

Grosse, family of, cxxxv. Arms, ibid.

Grylls, family of, civ. Arms, ibid.

Guilford, 266.

Gulvall, parish of, 125. Manor, ibid. Church, 126.

Gunnon, manor of, 14.

Gunwalloe, parish of, 126. Manor, ibid.

Gurlyn in St. Erth, 93.

Gurlyn, family of, clxvii.

Gusteven, manor of, 66.

Gwarnike, manor of, in the parish of St. Allen, 12.

Gwavas, 284, 285.

Gwavas, family of, cxxxv

Gweek, 67.

Gwennap, parish of, 127. Manors, ibid.

Gwinnodock, St., 239.

Gwinter-chapel, 161.

Gwithian or Gothian, parish of, 129. Manors, ibid. Church, ibid.


Hagland, manor of, 201.

Hainsborough, 278.

Halep, family of, cxxxv. Arms, ibid.

Halewoon, 62.

Halgaver-moor in Bodmin, an annual festival held there, 38.

Hall, manor of, 103. 258. Chapel, 185.

Hallamore, family of, clxvii.

Halloon or Halewoon, 62.

Hals, family of, cv. Arms, ibid.

Halton, manor of, 77.

Halwell, manor of, 76.

Halwell-lower chapel, 198.

Halwyn manor of, 145.

Hame, manor of, 243.

Hamethy or Hametethy, manor of, in St. Breward, 46.

Hamley, family of, cv. Arms, ibid.

Hammett, manor of, 274.

Hampt, Middle, 294. Higher, ibid. Lower, ibid.

Hardenfast, manor of, 267.

Harlyn, barton of, 225.

Harris, family of, cv. Arms, cvi.

Harrobear or Harraburrow, 53.

Harte, Walter, his account of the site of the battle of Stratton, 269, note.

Harvey, family of, clxvii.

Hary family, see Roscrowe.

Hatch, family of, cxxxv. Arms, ibid.

Hatt, in Botus-Fleming, 39.

Haweis, family of, cxxxvi. Arms, ibid.

Hawke, family of, clxvii.

Hawkey, family of, cvi. Arms, ibid.

Hawkins of Trewithan, family of, xciv. Arms, ibid.
-, —— of Pennans, ibid.

Hay in St. Ive, 147.

Hay in Ladock, 168.

Hayle, 266. Copper-house, ibid.

Headon, 301.

Hear, family of, clxvii.

Hechyns, family of, clxvii.

Hel or Heyle river, clxxviii.

Hele, family of, cxxxvi. Arms, ibid.

Heligan, 208.

Helford, 212.

Hellan, manor of, 273.

Hellanclase, manor of, 72.

Helland, parish of, 130. Manors, ibid. 131.

Helland, Nether, manor of, 131.

Hellnoweth, 214.

Hellesvean, 149.

Hellesveor, ibid.

Helligan, manor of, 72.

Helligan, family of, cxxxvi. Arms, ibid.

Helston, town of, 132. Corporation, ibid. Borough, ibid. Market and fairs, ibid. Manor, 133. Church, 134.

Hendarsicke, barton of, 300.

Hendower, family of, cxxxvi. Arms, ibid.

Hendra, 67. 88.

Hendra, manor of, 76.

Hendraburnick, manor of, ibid.

Hendravenna, 260.

Hendresick, barton of, 300.

Hengar, 314.

Hennet in St. Juliott, 152.

Hensborough, 278.

Heredum-Marney, prebend of, 86.

Herle or Hearle, family of, cvi. Arms, ibid.

Herys, 231.

Hesbam, 185.

Hewis or Hiwis, family of, cxxxvi. Arms, cxxxvii.

Hext, family of, cvi. Arms, ibid.

Heyl or Hayle river, clxxxviii.

Hickes, family of, clxvii.

Hicks, family of, cxxxvii. Arms, ibid.

Hilary, St., parish of, 134. Manors, ibid. Church, 135. Town of Marazion, ibid. 137.

Hill, family of, clxvii.

Hill of Helligan, family of, cxxxvii.
-, —— of Penwarne, ibid.
-, —— of Wendron and Trevenethick, ibid.

Hill, Otwell, his epitaph, 228.

Hille in Duloe, 81.

Hills, remarkable, clxxxv.

Hilton, manor of, 213.

Hilton-wood castle, ccxlvii.

Hobbs, family of, clxvii.

Hoblyn, family of, cvi. Arms, cvii.

Hoblyn, Robert, Esq., of Nanswhyden, 64.

Hole, 246.

Hollabury, 269.

Holloughwood or Holwod, 274.

Holywell chapel, 278.

Holywell in Cardinham, 58.

Holwell, 294.

Hore, family of, clxvii.

Hornacot, manor of, 289. 302.

Hornacot, family of, cxxxvii.

Horningcote, manor of, 302.

Hugh-town, 335.

Hundreds of Cornwall, ancient and modern, xxiv. xxv.

Hunkin, family of, clxvii.

Hurdon, barton of, 190.

Hurlers, 198.

Hurston, see Hurslyn.

Hurstyn or Hurston, manor of, in St. Breock, 44.

Hydrargillite, see Wavellite.

I & J.

Jacobstow, parish of, 142.

Jago or Jagoe, family of, cvii. Arms, ibid.

Janes, family of, clxviii.

J'Ans, family of, cvii. Arms, ibid.

Jenkyn, family of, cxxxviii. Arms, ibid.

Illick, St., chapel, 86.

Illogan, parish of, 143. Manors, 143, 144. Chapels, ibid. Font, ccxxiii.

Imports to the Cornish ports, ccxv.

Ince, 290.

Inceworth, manor of, 212.

Inclosures of waste lands, clxxxi.

Iniscaw, island of, 335.

Inscribed stones, ccxxi.—ccxxiii.

Iron-ore, where found, cxcvii.

Issey, St., parish of, 145. Manors, 145, 146.

John's, St., parish of, 145. Manors, ibid.

Joliffe, family of, clxviii.

Joll or Jowle, Peter, reported longevity of, 15.

Jope, family of, clxviii.

Joseph, Michael, a blacksmith, instigates the commons of Cornwall to rebel, xiii.

Juliott, St., parish of, 152. Manor, ibid.

Just, St., in Roseland, parish of, 152. Borough of St. Mawes, 153. Castle, ibid.

Just, St., in Penwith, parish of, 154. Manor, ibid.

Ive, St., parish of, 146. Manors, 146, 147.

Ives, St., town of, 147 — 151. Its ancient name, ibid. Market and fairs, 148. Port, &c. ibid. Incorporation, 149. Villages, ibid. Manors, 149, 150. Church, 150. Font, ccxxxiv. School, &c. 151.


Kaine or Kean, St., parish of, 155. Manor, ibid.

Kairns, ccxviii.

Kalliland, manor of, 285.

Kayel, 266.

Kea, parish of, 156. Manors, ibid. Alms-house, 157.

Keate, family of, clxviii.

Keigwin, family of, cvii. Arms, ibid.

Kekewich, family of, cvii. Arms, cviii.

Kelinack or Kellenick, manor of, 154.

Kellio in Cornelly, 69.

Kellio, family of, cxxxvii. Arms, cxxxviii.

Kellygreen, manor of, 314.

Kemiell, family of, cxxxviii.

Kempe, family of, cviii. Arms, ibid.

Kempthorne alias Lea, family of, cxxxviii.

Kendall, family of, cviii. Arms, ibid.

Kenegie, manor of, 126.

Kennal, manor of, 293.

Kennel-wood, 293.

Kenwyn, parish of, 157. Manors, 157, 158.

Kernick in Helland, 131.

Kerribullock-park, 294.

Kerris, barton of, 255.

Kertben in Crowan, 72.

Kestell or Kestle, 212.

Kestell in Egloshayle, 82.

Kestell or Kestell in Manaccan, family of, cxxxviii. Arms, ibid.

Kestell or Kestell in Egloshayle, family of, cviii. Arms, cix.

Kestell-Wartha in St. Ewe, 97.

Kestell-Wollas in St. Ewe, 97.

Keverell, barton of, 215.

Keverell, family of, cxxxviii. Arms, ibid.

Keverne, St., parish of, 159. Manors, &c. ibid. Church, 160.

Kew, St., parish of, 161. Manors, ibid. The church, 163.

Kilagoric, manor of, 80.

Kilkhampton, parish of, 163. Manor, and the Grenville family lords of it, 163 — 165.

Killas, clxxxii.

Killenick, see Kelinack.

Killiganoon in Feock, 100.

Killigarth, family of, cxxxviii.

Killigarth, manor of, 299.

Killignock, family of, cxxxviii.

Killignock, 325.

Killigorick, manor of, 80.

Killigrew, family of, xcvi. 102. Arms, xcvi.

Killigrew, manor of, 90.

Killiow, Great, 181.

Kilmarth, 316.

Kilmenawth, manor of, 300.

Kilmenorth, manor of, ibid.

Kilquite, 208.

Kimiel, manor of, 255.

Kingdon, family of, cix. Arms, ibid.

Kirland in Bodmin, 37.

Kitsham, 321.

Knevet, family of, clxviii.

Kylback, manor of, 300.

Kymyell, manor of, 255.

Kynans-Cove, clxxxiv.

Kynock castle in Bodmin, 38. ccxlvii.


Ladock, parish of, 167. Manors, ibid.

Lakes, clxxxix.

Lalant, parish of, 168. Manors, 168, 169. The church, 169.

Lalant and St. Ives, manor of, 168.

Lambesso, manor of, 60.

Lambesso, family of, cxxxix.

Lambourn, manor of, 9. 261.

Lambourn, part of the manor of, in St. Agnes, 9.

Lambourn, family of, cxxxix. Arms, ibid.

Lambourn-Wigan, barton of, 262.

Lambriggan, barton of, ibid.

Lamellin, manor of, 184. 201.

Lamellin, family of, cxxxix. Arms, ibid.

Lametton, manor of, 155.

Lammana, a cell of Benedictines, 298.

Lamorick, 174.

Lamorrack, 227.

Lamorran, parish of, 169. Manor, 170.

Lampen, family of, clxviii.

Lan-Achebran, see Lan-Keverne.

Lanarth in St. Keverne, 160.

Landewednack, parish of, 170. Manor, ibid.

Landholders, principal, at various periods, lxiv. — lxxii.

Landithy, 209.

Landlake, barton of, 265.

Landrake, parish of, 171. Manor, ibid.

Landreyne, manor of, 250.

Land's-end, clxxxiv. 282.

Landulph, parish of, 171. Manor, ibid. Church, 172.

Lane in St. Just, 152.

Laneast, parish of, 173. Manor, ibid.

Laner, in St. Allen, 12. Cattle, ibid.

Lanestley or Lanistley, manor of, 125.

Lanestock, manor of, 316. 318.

Lanfisicke, barton of, 230.

Langdon, family of, cxxxix. Arms, ibid.

Langford, family of, cxxxix. Arms, ibid.

Langford-bill, 213.

Langherne, family of, clxviii.

Language, ancient, of Cornwall, iv. v.

Langunnett, manor of, 317.

Lanherne, manor of, 220.

Lanherne, family of, cxxxix. Arms, ibid.

Lanhinzey, 62.

Lanhudnow, the ancient name of St. Erth, 94.

Lanhydrock, parish of, 173. Manors, 173, 174. Church, 174.

Lanihorne and Ellerkey, manor of, 279.

Lanivet, parish of, 174. Manors, 175. Church, ibid.

Lank, Major, 46.
-, ——, Minor, 46.

Lan-Keverne or St. Kyeran, manor of, 159.

Lanlaran, 96.

Lanlivery, parish of, 176. Manors, ibid.

Lanow, manor of, 161.

Lanprobus, 273.

Lanrake, see Landrake.

Lanrawren, 184. Chapel, 185.

Lanreath, parish of, 179. Manors, ibid. Church, 180.

Lansalloes, parish of, 180. Manors, 181.

Lansidwell, 221.

Lansladron or Lansbadron, manor of, 96.

Lansladron, family of, lxxx. Arms, ibid.

Lantegloss, parish of, 183. Manors, ibid. Church, 184.

Lantegloss-juxta-Camelford, parish of, 181. Manor, 182.

Lantyan, manor or honor of, 280.

Lanyon, 209.

Lanyon in Gwinnear, 128.

Lanyon, family of, cix. Arms, ibid.

Lapis calaminaris, ccx.

Larrigon-cottage, 210.

Launce, family of, clxviii.

Launcells, parish of, 185. Manor, 185, 186.

Launceston, borough of, 186. Manor and honor, 187. Castle, ccxxxviii. 187. 189. Incorporation, 189. Market and fairs, ibid. Population, ibid. Parish church, ccxxxi. 190. Chapels, ibid. School, 191. Parishes of St. Stephen and St. Thomas, 191, 192.

Launceston, Viscount, cxxxviii.

Launtyan, family of, clxviii.

Lavorack, 227.

Lavrean in St. Austell, 22.

Lavabe or La Vapper, ancient name of Mabe, 207.

Lawhitton, parish of, 193. Manor, ibid.

Lawrence's, St., hospital at Bodmin, account of, 36.

Lea, 243.

Leah or Leigh, in St. Burian, 50.

Leach, family of, clxviii.

Lead-mines, produce of, ccix.

Lee, manor of, 243.

Leigh, 50.

Leigh in Quithiock, 275.

Leigh or A-Leigh of St. Mary-Week, family of, clxviii.

Leigh of Quithiock, family of, cxxxix. Arms, ibid.

Leigh-Durant, manor of, 267.

Lelant, manor of, 149.

Lemon of Carclew, family of, xciii. Arms, ibid.

Lenhorgy, family of, clxviii.

Lercedecne, see Archdekne.

Lerrin, 317. 326.

Lescaddock, 209, note.

Lescudjack, 209, note.

Lesnewth, parish of, 193. Manor, ibid.

Lestwithiel, see Lostwithiel.

Letter of King Charles I. to the inhabitants of Cornwall, xvii.

Letter from Lord Cromwell to the Prior of Fowey, 109, note.

Levan, St., parish of, 194.

Le-vine-pool, cxc.

Levethan in Blisland, 25.

Levelis, family of, cxxxix. Arms, cxl.

Levermore, family of, clxix.

Levalsa in St. Ewe, 98.

Lewannick, parish of, 194. Manors, 194, 195.

Ley, family of, clxix.

Lezant, parish of, 195. Manor, ibid. Church, 196.

Linkinhorne, parish of, 196. Manors, 197. Church, 198.

Liskeard, borough of, 199. Market and fairs, ibid. Population, 200. Manors, 200, 201. Church, 201. Chapels, &c. 202. Schools, ibid.

Liskeard-Coleshill, manor of, 201.

Lithney in St. Ewe, 97.

Lizard-point, 170. Town, ibid.

Lo or Low river, clxxxviii.

Loggan, 266.

Logan-stones, clxxxiv.

Longevity of the inhabitants of Cornwall, xlviii.—l. 15. 297.

Long-lane, 226.

Longships-rocks, 282.

Looe, East, borough of, 216. Market, &c. ibid. Port, ibid. Corporation, ibid. Chapel, 217. School, ibid.
-, —— river, clxxxvi.

Looe, West, town of, 300. Fairs, &c. 301. Corporation, ibid. Population, ibid.

Lo-Pool, clxxxix.

Lostwithiel, borough of, 202. Buildings supposed to have been a palace of the Earls of Cornwall, 203. Corporation, 204. Markets, &c ibid. Parish church, ibid. Schools, ibid.

Lower, family of, cxl. Arms, ibid.

Loy, St., chapel of, 49.

Lucies, manor of, 170. 250.

Ludgvan, parish of, 205. Manor, ibid. Church, ibid.

Ludgvan-Lees, manor of, 150. 205.

Luke's, St., chapel, 246.

Luke's-hills, 246.

Lukie, family of, cxl. Arms, ibid.

Lundrawna, 260.

Luny in St. Ewe, 97.

Luny, family of, cxl.

Luxulion, parish of, 206. Manors, ibid.

Lynam, family of, clxix.

Lynher or Lyner river, clxxxvi.

Lyttelton, family of, cxl. Arms, ibid.


Mabe, parish of, 206.

Mabyn, St., parish of, 207. Manor, ibid. Church, 208.

Maddern, parish of, 209. Manor and barton, ibid. Parish church, 210. Town of Penzance, 210—212.

Madron or Maddron, see Maddern.

Maer, 268.

Maker, parish of, 212. Manors, ibid.

Manaccan, parish of, 212.

Manaton, 286.

Manaton or Mannington, family of, cix. Arms, ibid.

Manek, 218.

Manely-Coleshill, manor of, 318.

Manely-Durnford, manor of, 317.

Manely-Fleming, manor of, 317, 318.

Manganese mines, ccx.

Manning, family of, cxl. Arms, ibid.

Mannington, see Manaton.

Manures of Cornwall, cciii.

Marathon, 213.

Marazion or Marketjew, town of, 135. Fairs, &c. 136. Chapels, 137.

Marham-church, parish of, 213. Manors, ibid.

Marham-church, manor of, 321.

Marke, family of, clxix.

Market and borough towns, xxxvi. —xxxix.

Marketjew, see Marazion.

Markwell, manor of, 92.

Marney, family of, lxxxii. Arms, ibid.

Marrais, family of, cxli.

Marries, manor of, 321.

Martin, family of, cxli. Arms, ibid.

Martin, St., in the hundred of West, parish of, 215. Manors, &c. ibid. Church, ibid. Borough of East-Looe, 216.

Martin, St., in Meneage, parish of, 214.

Martin's-Island, St., Scilly, account of, 336.

Mary-Week, St., parish of, 320.

Mathadarda, family of, cxli. Arms, ibid.

Mathew, family of, cxlii. Arms, ibid.

Mawes, St., borough of, 153. Manor, ibid. Castle, ibid.

Mawgan in Kirrier, parish of, 218. Manors, ibid.

Mawgan in Pyder, parish of, 219. Manors, &c. 220. Parish church, 221.

Mawgan, family of, clxix.

Mawnan, parish of, 221. Manors, ibid.

Mawnan-Smith, 221.

May, family of, clxix.

Maynard, family of, clxix.

Mayow, family of, cx. Arms, ibid.

Mayon or Mean, 282.

Margaret, St., family of, clxxi.

Meadrose, 302.

Mean, manor of, 282.

Medhop, family of, clxix.

Medrose, 302.

Melancoose, 61.

Mellidor, 286.

Mellion, St., parish of, 222. Manors, &c. ibid.

Menabilly, the seat of the Rashleigh family, 316.

Menacuddle in St. Austell, ancient chapel at, 24. 58. 349.

Menadarva in Camborne, 54.

Mena-Gwins in St. Austell, 23.

Men-amber, clxxxiv.

Menedeglos, manor of, 306.

Menedews, manor of, ibid.

Menheniot, parish of, 223. Manors, 223, 224.

Menna, manor of, 77.

Mennadue, 206.

Menwenick, barton of, 309.

Menwenick, family of, cxli. Arms, ibid.

Merran, St., or St. Merryn, parish of, 225. Manor, &c. ibid.

Merrifield, manor of, in Bridgrule, 45.

Merrymeet, 223.

Merthen, manor of, 67.

Merthen in St. Austell, 23.

Merther, parish of, 226. Manor, ibid.

Merther-Uny, 323.

Methleigh, in Breage, manor of, 42.

Mevagizzey, parish of, 227.

Mewan, St., parish of, 229. Manors, 230.

Mewdon, barton of, 221.

Michael-Cnrhayes, St. parish of, 230. Manor, ibid.

Michael's St., Mount, 137—142. Extent, 138. Supposed to be the [ichtis] of the ancient, ibid. Priory, 139. Historical events, 139. 142.

Michael-Penkevil, St., parish of, 231. 358. Manor, ibid.

Michael-slow, parish of, 234.

Michel, family of, cxli. Arms, ibid.

Michell, borough of, 88. 247. Manor of, ibid.

Michelstowe, family of, cxli. Arms, ibid.

Milbrook, 212.

Militon, family of, cxlii. Arms, ibid.

Millingy, 260.

Milor-bridge, 234.

Milor or Mylor, parish of, 234. Manors, 235. Parish church, 236.

Milton, 244.

Minster, parish of, 236. Manors, &c. 236. 237. Church, 237.

Minver, St., parish of, 238—240.

Mitchell-Morton, manor of, 186.

Modeshole, 88.

Moditonham, see Muttonham.

Mohun, Lord Mohun, family of, lxxxiii. Arms, ibid.

Mohun of Boconnoc, xcv.

Molenick, family of, cxlii. Arms, ibid.

Molesworth of Pencarrow, family of, xcii. Arms, xciii.

Monasteries, colleges and hospitals in Cornwall, xxxv.

Moors, extent of, 346.

Moor-stone, see Granite.

Moresk, manor of, 59. Castle, ibid.

Morshead, family of, xciii. Arms, ibid.

Morton, 186.

Morton, Charles, rector of Blisland, account of his publications, 26.

Morvah, parish of, 240.

Morvall, parish of, Manor, 241. Barbarous murder committed there, ibid.

Morwinstow, parish of, 242. Manors, 243.

Mousehole, 254.

Mount-Edgcumbe, 212.

Mountjoy, 61.

Moyle, family of, xciii. Arms, ibid.

Moyle of Rosegerence, family of, clxix.

Muchlarnic, manor of, 258.

Mudgan, family of, cxlii. Arms, ibid.

Mudgian, 214.

Mullion, parish of, 244. 358.

Munday, family of, clxix.

Munday's green, 66.

Muttonham, manor of, in Botes-Fleming, 38.

Murder of John Glynn, Esq. in 1471, 241.

Murder committed near Penryn, 119.

Murth, family of, cxlii. Arms, ibid.

Mythian, manor of, in the parish of St. Agnes, 9.


Nambol chapel, 161.

Nancarrow, 232. 358.

Nancarrow in the parish of St. Allen, 13.

Nancarrow of Nancarrow, in St. Allen, family of, clxix.

Nancarrow of Nancarrow, in St. Michael Penkevil, family of, clxix.

Nance family, see Trengoffe.

Nancekute or Nancekeage, manor of, 144.

Nancekuke, 54.

Nancledry, 307.

Nancolla, manor of, 249.

Nancor in Creed, 70. 352.

Nanfan, family of, cxlii. Arms, cxliii.

Nanfisicke, barton of, 230.

Nangarthan, family of, clxx.

Nankerry, 236.

Nankevil, family of, clxx.

Nanquitty, manor of, 117.

Nansloe, barton of, 323.

Nansough, manor of, 167.

Nansperian or Nanspian, family of, cxliii, Arms, ibid.

Nansugwell, 221.

Nanswhyden, manor of, 64. House burnt, ibid.

Nantallan in Bodmin, 36.

Nanteg in the parish of St. Allen, 13.

Nantellan in Creed, 70.

Nantian, family of, clxx.

Naunter, St., chapel of, 71.

Neot, St., parish of, 244. Manor, ibid. Church, 246. Painted glass, ccxxxi.

Neot-Barrett, St., manor of, 246.

Nethercot, manor of, 321. 326.

New-Hale, 214.

Newham, 328.

Newham, manor of, 157.

Newlyn, parish of, 247. Manor, ibid. 358.

Newlyn in St. Paul, 254.

Newton, manor of, 131.

Newton-Ferrers, West, manor of, 222.

Newton-park, 222.

Nicholas, St., island, 335. Chapel, 35. 350.

Nicholl or Nicoll, family of, cxliii. Arms, ibid.

Nicholls of Treriefe, family of, cx. Arms, ibid.

Nicholls of Trewane, family of, cxliii. Arms, ibid.

Nighton, St., chapel, 328.

Nobility of Cornwall, account of, lxxii.—lxxxviii. Their seats, lxxxviii. lxxxix.

Nonnet or Nun, St., 14.

Northill, parish of, 249. Manors, 250. Church, 251.

Norton-Rolle, manor of, 185.

Noseworthy, family of, cxliii. Arms, ibid.

Notter, manor of, 290.

Noy, family of, cxliii. Arms, ibid.

Noy, William, his estate and birth-place, 50.

Nun, St., well of, 15.


Ogbeere, 302.

Old-castle, 335.

Old-town, ibid.

Oliver's castle, ibid.

Opie, family of, cxliii. Arms, ibid.

Owry, family of, cxliv.

Orchard-Marries, East, manor of, 321.

Orchards, cciii.

Otterham, parish of, 251. Manor, ibid.

Overleigh, manor of, 352.


Packets, post-office, from Falmouth, 101.

Padreda, manor of, 197.

Padstow, town of, 251. 359. Market, &c., 25. Population, ibid. Trade, ibid. Manor, ibid. Parish church, 253. Schools, 254. Ecclesiastical jurisdiction, 343.

Padstow-haven, 83.

Padstow-Penkevil, manor of, 252—265. 358.

Padstow-Penkevill, manor of, in St. Breock, 44.

Painted glass, ancient, ccxxxi. ccxxxii.

Paleologus Theodore, his epitaph in Landulph church, 172. Account of him, ibid.

Parishes, number of, xxvii. List of, xxviii.— xxxii.

Park in St. Clements, 61.

Park, manor of, 81.

Parken chapel, 155.

Parker, family of, cxliv.

Parliament, members of, paid for their services, temp. Hen. VIIL, xxxvii. 32.

Parochial history of Cornwall, 1—329. Additions, &c. to 349—360.

Paterda, family of, clxx.

Paul, St., parish of, 254. Market, &c., ibid. Parish church, 255. Burnt by the Spaniards, ibid.

Pawley, family of, cxliv. Arms, ibid.

Pawton, see Poulton.

Paynter, family of, cx. Arms, ibid.

Pellew, Sir Edward, created a baronet, xciv. His arms, xcv.

Pelyn, manor of, 256.

Pelynt or Plynt, parish of, 256. Camp, ccxlviii.

Penalurick, barton of, 293.

Penalurick, family of, cxliv.

Penar or Penair, 60.

Penbeagle, 149.

Pencaire-hill in Breage, 43.

Pencarrow, manor of, 82. 352. Camp, ccxlviii.

Pencarrow, family of, cxliv.

Penearth, 240.

Pencoite or Penquit, 281.

Pencoose or Pencorse in St. Enoder, 87.

Pendarves, family of, cxliv.

Pendavy, manor of, 82. 352.

Pendeen, 154, 155.

Pendennis-castle, account of, 104, 105.

Pendrea, 50. 350.

Pendrea, family of, cxliv.

Pendrym, manor of, 215.

Penfentmow, manor of, 333.

Pensowne, 270.

Pensownd or Pensowne, family of, cx. Arms, ibid.

Pengelly, 302. Barton of, 352.

Pengelly, manor of, 245.

Pengelly in Breage, 42.

Pengelly, family of, cxliv. Arms, ibid.

Pengersick, manor of, in Breage, 42. Castle, ibid. ccxlii.

Pengwedna, manor of, in Breage, 42.

Penhal in Gwinnear, 127.

Penhale, 263. 314.

Penhale, barton of, 280.

Penhale in St. Enoder, 87.

Penhale in St. Stephen's, 286.

Penhallam, manor of, 270. 350. 359.

Penhallow in Filley, 107.

Penhallow, family of, cxlv. Arms, ibid.

Penhanger, 224.

Penhargard, manor of, 131.

Penharget in St. Ive, 147.

Penhele, manor of, 83.

Penhellick, family of, cxlv. Arms, ibid.

Penhellick or Penmont, barton of, 61.

Penkalenick, ibid.

Penkaranowe, manor of, 263.

Penkevil, manor and barton of, 231.

Penkevill, family of, cxlv. Arms, ibid.

Penkneth, manor of, 176.

Penknight, manor of, ibid.

Penlean, manor of, 270.

Penlees, manor of, in St. Breock, 44.

Penlyne, manor of, 176.

Penmean, manor of, 238.

Pennance, manor of, in St. Budock, 47.

Pennance in Creed, 70.

Penneck, family of, cxlv.

Penpillick, 360.

Penpoll, manor of, 274.

Penpons, 54. Manor of, 162.

Penpons, family of, cxlv. Arms, ibid

Penpont, see Alternon.

Penquit, 281.

Penquite, manor of, 58.

Penquite, family of, clxx.

Penrice, manor of, in St. Austell, 22.

Penrose-Burden, manor of, in St. Breward, &c. 47. 314. 330.

Penrose in St. Ervan, 94.

Penrose in Sennen, barton of, 282.

Penrose in Sithney, manor of, 284.

Penrose, family of, cx. Arms, cxi.

Penryn, borough of, 120. Manor, 121.

Pensidon, 185.

Pensiquillis in St. Ewe, 97.

Penstrasa, manor of, 96.

Penstrasow, family of, clxx.

Penter's-cross, 267.

Pentewan stone quarry, ccxi. note.

Pentillie castle, ibid.

Pentire, family of, cxlv.

Pentrea or Pendrea in St. Burian, 50.

Pentuan, manor of, 228.

Penventon, 23.

Penventon, manor of, 285.

Penvrane, manor of, 268.

Penwarne, manor and barton of, 221.

Penwarne in St. Austell, 22.

Penwarne in Mevagizzey, manor of, 228.

Penwarne of Penwarne in Mawnan, family of, cxi. Arms, ibid.

Penwarne of Penwarne in Mevagissey, family of, cxlvi.

Penwartha, manor of, 262.

Penwennick in St. Agnes, account of, 10.

Penwerris, manor of, in St. Budock, 47.

Penwyn, 208.

Penzance, town of, 210. Markets, &c., ibid. Burnt by the Spaniards, 211. Population, ibid. Chapel, ibid.

Percival, Dame Thomasine, her singular story, 322. Her school, ibid.

Percothan, 226.

Perran-Arwothall, parish of, 259. Manor, ibid.

Perran-Cove, 235. 259.

Perran-mill, 348.

Perran-porth, 263.

Perran-well, 235. 259.

Perran-wharf, 235. 259.

Perran-Uthnoe, parish of, 259. Manor, 260.

Perran-Zabuloe, parish of, 260. Fairs, ibid. Manors, ibid. 263. The church, 264.

Peter, family of, cxi. Arms, ibid.

Petherick-Little, parish of, 265. 359.

Petherwin-South, parish of, 265. Manor, ibid.

Petit, family of, cxlvi. Arms, ibid.

Petroc, St., founder of the priory at Bodmin, 30.

Pettigrew, manor of, 117.

Peverell, family of, cxlvi. Arms, ibid.

Phillack, parish of, 266.

Phillips, family of, cxlvi. Arms, ibid.

Pigsden, manor of, 321.

Pilchard-fishery, ccxii. 216. 227.

Pillaton, parish of, 267. Manor, ibid. Pentilly castle, ibid.

Pincerna, family of, cxlvi. Arms, ibid.

Pinchley in Cardinham, 57.

Pine, see Pyne.

Pinnock, St., parish of, 267.

Pinnock's, 246.

Piran, St., manor of, 260.
-, ——, legend of, 263.
-, ——, family of, cxlix.

Pitt, Lord Camelford, family of, lxxxvii. Arms, lxxxviii.

Place-house in Padstow, 252; in Fowey, ccxlii.

Plaingwary, 276.

Plantations, principal, clxxxiii.

Plants, indigenous, cxcviii.—cc.

Plymswood in Jacobstow, 142.

Polchoath, manor of, 204. 178. 326. 328.

Poldice-mine, 127.

Polduh, manor of, 89.

Polgaver, 242.

Polgooth-mine, 24.

Polgreen, family of, clxx.

Polhorman, manor of, 178. 316.

Polkinhorne, manor of, 128.

Polkinhorne, family of, cxlvi. Arms, cxlvii.

Pollamounter, barton of, 249.

Pollamounter, family of, clxx.

Pollard, family of, cxlvii. Arms, ibid.

Pollyfont, manor of, 195.

Polmanter, 350.

Polmark or Polmarth, 225.

Polmawgan, 327.

Polmenow, manor of, 327.

Polperro, account of, 180. 298. 301.

Polrode, manor of, 314.

Polruan, 183. Manor of, 184.

Polruddon in St. Austell, 22.

Polruddon, family of, cxlvii.

Polscoe, 326.

Polsew in St. Ewe, manor of, 96.

Polsew or Polzue, manor of, in St. Erme, 89.

Polshea, 314.

Poltaire, 210.

Polterworgie, barton of, 162.

Polvethan, manor of, 181. 184. 300. 317. 360.

Polwhele, manor of, 60.

Polwhele, family of, cxi. Arms, ibid.

Pomellin bay, 335.

Pomerai or Pomeroy, family of, lxxix. Arms, ibid.

Pomeray, Henry de la, his rebellion, xii.

Pool in Illogan, 143.

Population of Cornwall, xlii.—xlvii.

Porkellis, 323.

Portalla, manor of, 300.

Port-Enys, 254.

Porter of Launcells, family of, cxlvii. Arms, ibid.

Porter of Trematon, family of, clxx.

Port-Guin, 85.

Porthcothan, 226.

Porthcullumb chapel, 94.

Porth-Ia, the ancient name of St. Ives, 147.

Porthia-Prior in the parish of St. Anthony in Meneage, manor of, 19.

Porthillie, 239.

Porthilly, 227, note.

Port-Isaac in Endellion, 84.

Porth-Mellin, 122. 345.

Porth-Mellin bay, 335.

Porthtowan, 23.

Port-Karne, 85.

Portlease bay, 225.

Portleven, 284. 359.

Portleven in Breage, 40.

Port-Loo, 217.

Port Looe, manor of, 301.

Port-Pigham, manor of, 301.

Port-Towan, see Pentuan.

Portraits at Anthony, 16; at Boconnoc-house, 29; at Tehidy, 144.

Portreath in Illogan, 143.

Ports of Cornwall, ccxiv.

Potatoes much cultivated, cciii.

Poughill, parish of, 268. Manor, ibid. The battle of Stratton fought in this parish, 269.

Poulton or Pawton, manor of, in St. Breock, 43.

Poundstock, parish of, 269. 359. Manors, 269, 270. Church, 270.

Powna, family of, clxx.

Poyle, family of, clxx.

Pradannack, manor of, 244.

Pradannack-Wartha, manor of, 244.
-, —— Wollas, manor of, 244. 358.

Praed, family of, cxlvii. Arms, ibid.

Prideaux, family of, cxi. Arms, cxii.

Prideaux family at Padstow, 253.

Prideaux in Luxulion, 206.

Priske, family of, cxlvii. Arms, ibid.

Prispidnick, manor of, 285.

Probus, parish of, 270. Fairs, 271. Manors, ibid.

Produce of Cornwall, cciii.—ccxiii.

Prospidnick, 284. 359.

Pulpits, ancient, ccxxxii. ccxxxiii.

Pulyere, family of, clxx.

Pye, family of, cxii. Arms, ibid.

Pyne or Pine, family of, cxii. Arms, ibid.

Pyper, family of, cxlvii. Arms, ibid.


Quarme, family of, clxx.

Quarry, 223.

Quethiock or Quithiock, parish of, 274. Manors, ibid.


Radnor, Earl of, see Robartes.

Rassell, manor of, 181.

Raftra, 194. 357.

Rame, parish of, 275. Manor, ibid. Barton, ibid.

Rame, manor of, 145.

Rame-head, 275.

Rame-place, ibid.

Rame, family of, cxlvii. Arms, ibid.

Raphel, manor of, 181.

Rashleigh, Philip, his fine collection of minerals, cxcv.

Rashleigh, family of, cxiii. Arms, ibid.

Rathwell, 181.

Raughtra, 194. 357.

Rawle, family of, cxiii. Arms, ibid.

Rebellion of the Cornish commons in 1497, xiii. in 1548, xiv.

Redgate, manor of, 58.

Redruth, town of, 275. Markets, &c. 276. Population, ibid. Manors, ibid. 359. Church, 277.

Redruth highway, 276.

Reeds, 268.

Reenwartha, 263.

Rescaddock or Rosecraddock, manor of, 58.

Rescorla in St. Austell, 23.

Rescorla, family of, cxiii.

Reskymer or Roskymer, family of, cxlviii. Arms, ibid.

Resperie or Reperie, manor of, 175.

Resprin, manor of, 328.

Resprin bridge, 326.

Resprin, family of, cxlviii. Arms, ibid.

Resogan or Rosogan, family of, clxxv.

Restormel castle, ccxli. 176.

Restormel, manor of, 176.

Restronguet, manor of, 235.

Restronguet passage, 235.

Resuggac, 286. 360.

Retraigh, manor of, 66.

Reterth, manor of, 66.

Revenues of the duchy of Cornwall, vi. vii. note.

Rilla-mill, 196.

Rillaton, manor of, 196.

Rialton, manor of, 66. Old mansion-house, ibid. ccxliv. Fair, ibid.

Rillaton-Pengelly, manor of, 197.

Rillaton-Peverell, manor of, 197.

Rinsey, family of, clxxi.

Rise, family of, cxlviii. Arms, ibid.

Rivers, clxxxv.—clxxxix.

Rivier castle, 266.

Roads, cxci. — cxciii. Roman, ccxxv.

Robartes, Lord Robartes, and Earl of Radnor, family of, lxxxii. Arms, lxxxiii.

Robartes, Lord, account of, 173, 174.

Robinson, family of, cxiii. Arms, ibid.

Roche, parish of, 277.

Roche rocks, clxxxv.

Roche or De la Rupe, family of, cxlviii. Arms, ibid.

Rodd, family of, cxiii. Arms, ibid.

Rogers of Lank, family of, cxlviii. Arms, ibid.

Rogers of Penrose, family of, cxiii. Arms, ibid.

Roman antiquities, ccxxiii.—ccxxv.
-, —— roads and stations, ccxxv. ccxxviii.

Rood-lofts, ccxxxii.

Roose, 308.

Roose, family of, cxlviii. Arms, ibid.

Roscarrock, manor of, 85. Chapel, ibid.

Roscarrock, family of, cxlviii. Arms, cxlix.

Roscrow in St. Gluvias, 118.

Roscrowe, family of, cxlix. Arms, ibid.
-, ——, originally Hary, ibid.

Rose, 260.

Rosecassa, barton of, 152.

Rosecassa, family of, cxlix.

Rosecraddock, 58.

Rosecreeg, in the parish of St. Anthony in Meneage, 19.

Rosecreeg, family of, cxiv. Arms, ibid.

Rosedinick, 62.

Roseeth, manor of, 293.

Rosehill, 210.

Roselian in St. Blazey, 25.

Rosenithon, manor of, 159.

Roserrow, 239.

Rosevarion, 62.

Roseveth in Kenwyn, 158. 355.

Rosewarne, 54. 351.

Rosewarne, family of, clxxi.

Rosewarrick, manor of, 175.

Roseworthy, manor of, 128. 350.

Roskymer, see Reskymer.

Roskymer-Cutter, manor of, 218.

Roskymer-Meneage, manor of, 218. 355. 358.

Rosmeran in St. Budock, 47.

Rosmoddris, manor of, in St. Burian, 50.

Rosmorran, 350.

Rosswick, manor of, 170. 280. 356.

Rosteage in St. Gerrans, 118.

Roswarne in Camborne, 54.

Rough-tor or Router, 47.

Rounds, see Amphitheatres.

Rous, family of, cxiv. 78. Arms, ibid. cxiv.

Rowe, family of, clxxi.

Ruan-Lanihorne, parish of, 278. 359.

Ruan-Major, parish of, 279.

Ruan-Minor, parish of, 280.

Rumford in St. Ervan, 94.

Ruthvos or Ruthoes, 62.
-, ——, manor of, 63.


Saints to whom Cornish churches are dedicated, xxxii. xxxiii.

St. Aubyn of Clowance, family of, xcii. Arms, ibid.

Saltash, town of, 291. Its charter, ibid. Market, &c. 292. Manor, ibid. Population, ibid. Historical events connected with, 293. Chapel, ibid.

Salter, family of, clxxi.

Sampson's island, 336.

Sampson, parish of, 280. 359.

Samuel, family of, clxxi.

Sancreed or Sancreet, parish of, 281. 359.

Sanctuary at Launceston, 189.

Sanctuary manor, in St. Stephen's, 291.

Sanctuary at St. Austell, 23.

Sand-place, 240.

Sands, land overwhelmed with, 130. 148. 168, 169. 239. 264. 346.

Sandys, family of, cxiv. Arms, ibid.

Sawle, family of, cxlix. Arms, ibid.

Saxon Kings, their victories in Cornwall, xi.
-, —— coins found, cl.

Scawen, family of, cxlix. Arms, ibid.

Schistus, its extent, clxxxii.

Scilly islands, account of, 330. Names and extent, 330, note. Historical events, 331. Governors, and proprietors, 331 — 334. Civil government, 334. Spiritual jurisdiction, ibid. Population, 335. Trade and produce, 336. Rocks, ibid.

Scobell, family of, cl. Arms, ibid.

Scorrier house, 127.

Screens, ancient, in churches, ccxxxii.

Seals of monasteries, &c. xxxv.
-, —— of borough and other towns, xxxvi.
-, —— of the families of Cardinam, Dynham, and Arundell, lxxix.

Searle of Penverance, family of, cl. Arms, ibid.

Searle of Thankes, family of, clxxi.

Seats of Cornish gentry, clxxv.—clxxix.

Sellan, 281.

Seneschall, family of, cl. Arms, ibid.

Sennen, parish of, 282. 359. The Land's-end, ibid.

Sepulchral monuments, ancient, ccxxxiv. ccxxxvii.

Serjeaux, family of, cl. Arms, ibid.

Serpentine, cxc. viii.

Serpentine rock, clxxxii.

Sessions, Quarter, where held, x.

Sharp-Tor, 199.

Sharrock, family of, clxxi.

Shenock, family of, clxxi.

Sheviock, parish of, 282. Manor, 283.

Shillingham, manor of, 289.

Shisdon in St. Kew, 162.

Shovel, Sir Cloudesly, lost on the Gilston-Rock, 336.

Shouta, 216.

Shutta, 216.

Silly, family of, cl. Arms, ibid.

Silver-ore, where found, cxcv.

Silver-mines, ccx.

Sithney, parish of, 284. 359. Manors, ibid. Church, 285.

Skewis, manor of, 76.

Skewis of Skewis in Cury, family of, cl. Arms, ibid.

Skewis of Great-Skewis in St. Wenn, family of, cli. Arms, ibid.

Skilly-Waddon, 307.

Skory, family of, cli. Arms, ibid.

Skyburio, 219.

Slade in St. Ive, 147.

Slade, family of, cli. Arms, ibid.

Slate-quarries, ccx.

Small-hill, barton of, 251.

Smith, family of, clxxi.

Smith of Crantock, family of, xcv. Arms, xcvi.

Smithick, ancient name of Falmouth, 100.

Soils of Cornwall, clxxxii.

Sor or Le Sore, family of, cli. Arms, ibid.

South-Carne, manor of, in Alternon, 14.

Southill, parish of, 285. 360.

Sowacott or Southcott in Jacobstow, 142.

Spaniards-land in Cornwall, xiv.

Spaniards burn the church of St. Paul, 255.

Spargo, 207.
-, ——, Lower, 206.

Speccot of Anderdon, family of, cli. Arms, ibid.
-, —— of Penhale, family of, ibid.

Speke, family of, clxxii.

Spernon and Pengelly, manor of, in Breage, 42.

Spiller, family of, cxiv. Arms, ibid.

Spoure, family of, cli. Arms, ibid.

Spry, family of, cxiv. Arms, ibid.

Stackhouse, family of, cxiv. Arms, ibid.

Stairfoot in St. Erme, 89.

Stanberie, family of, cli. Arms, clii.

Stanbury, manor of, 243.

Stannary courts, viii. ix.

Stannary parliament, ix.

Star-Castle, 335.

Steatites, cxcviii. — ccxi.

Stecktinton, manor of, 178.

Stephens, family of, cxiv. Arms, cxv.

St. Stephen's in Brannell, parish of, 286. 360. Manors, ibid. Church, 287.

St. Stephen near Launceston, parish of, 191. Church, 192.

St. Stephen's near Saltash, parish of, 287. 360. Trematon castle, 287. Church, 290, 291.

Stithians, parish of, 293.

Stocketon-house, 290.

Stoke-Climsland, 196.

Stoke-Climsland, parish of, 294. Manors, ibid.

Stone, family of, cxv. Arms, ibid.

Stone for building, ccxi.

Stones, circles of, ccxvii.
-, ——, inscribed, ccxxi. — ccxxiii.

Stowe, the seat of the Grenville family, 165.

Stratton, Lord Berkeley of, lxxxviii. Lord Hopton of, ibid.

Stratton, town of, 295. Market, &c. ibid. Battle of, xvii. 269. 295. Manors, 296. Church, 297.

Strickstenton in Endellion, 86.

Substrata of Cornwall, clxxxii.

Summer-Court in St. Enoder, 87.

Superstitions, cl. cli.

Surface and scenery of Cornwall, clxxxiii. clxxxv.

Swallock, 46.

Swannacot, manor of, 321.

Symons, family of, clii. clxxii. Arms, ibid.


Tabbin's-hole rock, clxxxiv.

Table Mean, 282.

Tacabre or Takkabere, manor of, in Bridgrule, 45.

Takkabere, see Tacabre.

Talcarne, 236, 237.

Talgrogan, in the parish of St. Allen, 12.

Talkarne, manor of, 250.

Talland, parish of, 298. Manor, 299. Town of West-Looe, 300.

Talland, family of, clii. Arms, ibid.

Talskedy, manor of, 63.

Tamar river, clxxxv.

Tamerton, parish of, 301. Manor, ibid.

Tamerton-North, manor of, 301.

Tamsquite, 314.

Tanner, family of, clii. Arms, ibid.

Tatane in St. Kew, 162.

Tean island, 336.

Teath, St., parish of, 302.

Tehidy, 54.

Tehidy, manor of, 143.

Tellbridge or Thellbridge, manor of, 171. 356.

Temple, parish of, 303.

Tenants of the duchy of Cornwall, the various kinds of, vii. note.

Tencreek or Trencreek, family of, clii. Arms, ibid.

Tenure, remarkable, in the manor of Treveniel,
-, ——, in the manor of Pengelly, 246.

Tethe, 327.

Tethy, ibid.

Teuthey, ibid.

Tewan in St. Austell, 22.

Thancks or Thankes, in the parish of Anthony, 16.

Thoms or Tomys, family of, clxxxii.

Thomas, St., near Launceston, parish of, 191. Priory there, ibid.

Thomas of Chiverton, family of, cxv. Arms, ibid.
-, —— of Lelant and Cury, family of, clxxii.

Thorlebeare, manor of, 185.

Three-Lords-Wood, 157.

Thurlebear, manor of, 181.

Thurlebere, family of, clii.

Tide or Tidi river, clxxxvi.

Timbretham, 357.

Tingcomb, family of, clxxii.

Tin-mines, produce of, cciv. ccvi. Working of, ccvi.

Tinney-hall, manor of, 194.

Tin-ore, where found, cxcvi. Smelting of, ccvii.

Tintagell, parish of, 304. Manor, ibid. Castle, ccxl. 304—306. Borough of Bossiny, 306. Church, ibid.

Titanium, ore of, cxcvii.

Tinten, manor of, 314.

Tinten, family of, clii. Arms, ibid.

Tolcarne, manor of, 183.

Tolcarne, family of, clxxii.

Tolgarrick, manor of, 286.

Tolgoose or Tolgus, manor of, 276.

Tolskedy or Talskedy, manor of, 62, 63.

Tolverne, manor of, 106.

Tonacombe, 243.

Tonkin, family of, cliii. Arms, ibid.

Torsrey, Great, 281.

Tornewidden, 205.

Torpoint, 15.

Toup, Rev. Jonathan, born at St. Ives, 151.
-, ——, memorial of, in St. Martin's church, 215.

Towan, 66. 225.

Towednack, parish of, 307.

Traboc, see Treraboc.

Trade of Cornwall, ccxiii. — ccxvi.

Tradford, Great, manor of, 181.

Transquillet, family of, clxxii.

Trassow or Trerassow, 205.

Traveygie, 238.

Treaton, 359.

Trebarfoot, 270.

Trebarfoot, family of, cliii. Arms, ibid.

Trebartha, manor of, 250.

Trebartha, family of, cliii. Arms, ibid.

Trebarvath, barton of, 160.

Trebarwith, 304.

Trebean, 194.

Trebeath in Egloskerry, 83.

Trebelzew, 66.

Treberricke, barton of, 231.

Trebetherick, 238.

Trebicen, see Trebich.

Trebigh, manor of, 146.

Trebigh, preceptory of, 303.

Trebiljew, 66.

Treblethick, 208.

Trebollet, manor of, 195.

Trebursy, 265.

Treburthick in St. Evall, 95.

Treburtle, 308.

Trecalow, family of, cliii.

Trecarne, manor of, 306.

Trecarne, family of, cliii. Arms, ibid.

Trecarrell, 195.

Trecarrell, family of, cliii. Arms, ibid.

Trecoogo, 265.

Trecorne, barton of, 274.

Tredawl in Alternon, manor of, 14.

Tredenham, family of, cliii. Arms, cliv.

Tredenham, manor of, 271.

Tredethy, 208.

Tredidon, barton of, 192.

Tredidon, family of, cliv.

Tredignie, family of, clxxii.

Tredinnic, 58. Higher and Lower, 78.

Tredinick manor, in St. Breock, 44.

Tredinick, family of, cliv. Arms, ibid.

Tredrea, barton of, 93. 353.

Tredrea, family of, cliv.

Tredrisic, 238.

Treen, 329.

Treeve, 48.

Trefrannick in the parish of St. Allen, 13.

Tresrawl, 180.

Trefrike, manor of, 85.

Trefrize, manor of, 195. 197. 251.

Treffry, family of, cliv. Arms, clv.

Trefry's, manor of, 195. 197.

Trefula, manor of, 277.

Trefusis, manor of, 235.

Trefusis, Lord Clinton and Say, family of, lxxv. Arms, lxxvi.

Trefyns or Trevince, 127.

Tregaddock, 208.

Tregadgwith, 48.

Tregagle, family of, clxxii.

Tregaller, 265.

Tregameer, manor of, 62, 63.

Tregaminian, barton of, 240.

Tregangeves, 23.

Tregantle, in the parish of Anthony, manor of, 16.

Treganyan, family of, clv.

Tregarden or Tregarne, 208.

Tregardin, Tregarthen, or Tregarthin, barton of, 124.

Tregardock, manor of, 302.

Tregargas, 286.

Tregarlick, 14. 349.

Tregarne, 222.

Tregarne-Condurra, manor of, 169.

Treganyan, 232.

Tregarrick, 14.

Tregarrick in Kenwyn, 157.

Tregarrick, manor of, 256. 277.

Tregarrick, family of, clv. Arms, ibid.

Tregartha, manor of, 224.

Tregarthian, family of, clv. Arms, ibid.

Tregasa or Tregasow, manor of, 90.

Tregasawe, family of, clxxii.

Tregaswith, 62.

Tregatilian, 62.

Tregatta, manor of, 306.

Tregavethan, manor of, 158.

Tregavithick, manor of, 181.

Tregeare, barton of, 84.

Tregeare, manor of, 117. 162.

Tregeddra, manor of, 219.

Tregelly, manor of, 223.

Tregember or Trethegimber in St. Hilary, 134. 350.

Tregender, family of, clv. Arms, ibid.

Tregenhawke, manor of, 145.

Tregenna, barton of, 96.

Tregenna castle, 150.

Tregenna, manor of, 318. 353.

Tregenna, family of, clv. Arms, ibid.

Tregennow, manor of, 123. 353.

Tregere, family of, clxxii.

Tregerryn, manor of, 253.

Tregesleynton, 178.

Tregethew, 213.

Tregethow, family of, clv.

Tregew or Tregue, 180.

Tregew, manor of, 235.

Tregew in Feock, 106.

Tregewe, family of, clvi. Arms, ibid.

Tregian, manor and barton of, 97. 353.

Tregian or Tregyan, family of, clvi. 272. Arms, ibid.

Tregitha, 213.

Treglasta, manor of, 58.

Treglasta, site of the manor of, 76.

Treglasta in Alternon, manor of, 13, 14.

Tregleah in Egloshayle, 82.

Treglitha or Treglith, 308.

Tregoddick, 265.

Tregoddick, family of, clxxii.

Tregoddreth-veor, manor of, 219.

Tregoll, 269. 359.

Tregolls, barton of, 61.

Tregonan in St. Ewe, 97.

Tregondell, 223. Manor of, 224.

Tregone, 234.

Tregonell in Crantock, 69.

Tregonian, 232.

Tregonin-hill, 42.

Tregoning in St. Keverne, 159.

Tregonnebris, manor of, 281.

Tregonnell or Tregonwell, family of, clvi. Arms, ibid.

Tregony, borough of, 73. Fairs, &c. ibid. Manor, 74. Castle, ibid. Priory, 75.

Tregoos, 65.

Tregoose in Sithney, 284.

Tregoose or Tregoze, family of, clvi. Arms, ibid.

Tregorrick in St. Austell, manor of, 22. 349.

Tregortha in Gwinnear, 127.

Tregosow, 90. 352.

Tregoss, 277.

Tregotha, 325.

Tregothnan, the seat of Lord Falmouth, 232.

Tregothnan, family of, clvi. Arms, ibid.

Tregow, 268.

Tregowris, barton of, 160.

Tregoze see Tregoose.

Tregrill, 223.

Tregrilla, family of, clxxii.

Tregunno in Breage, 40.

Tregurno, 350.

Tregurrian, 219.

Tregury, Tregurra, or Tregurtha, 325.

Tregury, family of, clvi.

Tregurtha or Truthvall, manor of, 134.

Tregwide or Tregoyde, 356.

Trenhale, family of, clviii.

Trehan, manor of 289.

Trehane, family of, clvi. Arms, ibid.

Trehane-Vane, 91.

Trehanick, 303.

Treharick, family of, clvii.

Treharrick, manor of, 162.

Trehaverock, prebend of, 86. 352.

Trehawke, barton of, 224.

Trehawke, family of, clvii. Arms, ibid.

Trebeire, see Treyer.

Trehudreth, manor of, in Blisland, 25.

Trehunest, 274.

Trebunsey, manor of, 274.

Treise, family of, clvii. Arms, ibid.

Trejago, family of, clvii. Arms, ibid.

Trekening, 62.

Trekyninge, Higher and Lower, 64.

Treland, 160.

Trelaske, manor of, 194.

Trelawgan, 66.

Trelawne or Trelawny, manor of, 257. House, 258. Chapel, ibid. 360.

Trelawney in Alternon, manor of, 14.

Trelawny, family of, lxxxix. Arms, xc.

Trelawny, Edward, his epitaph, 258.

Trelayse, 160.

Treleage, barton of, 160.

Treleigh, barton of, 276.

Trelevan, manor of, 227. Barton, 228.

Trelew, 48.

Trelewick or Treluige in St. Ewe, 97.

Trelewith, manor of, 230.

Treligoe, 302.

Trelil, manor of, 314.

Trelil, Higher, 323.

Trelil, Lower, 323.

Trelisick, manor of, 92.

Trelisick in Feock, 106.

Treliver, manor of, 63.

Trelonk, barton of, 279. 360.

Trelowarren, manor of, 218.

Trelowarren, family of, clvii. Arms, ibid.

Treloweth-Redruth, manor of, 144.
-, —— Heyle, manor of, 144.

Trelowin, manor of, 215.

Trelowith, manor of, 92.

Trelowthas, manor of, 271. Chapel, 274.

Treloy, manor of, 66. 353.

Treloyan, manor of, 215.

Treloyhan, 149. Manor of, 150.

Treluddra, or Treluddero, manor and barton of, 247.

Treluddero, family of, clvii. Arms, ibid.

Treludick, barton of, 84.

Trelugan or Trelegan, manor of, 118.

Trelugan, manor of, 92.

Trelyan, see Treloyban.

Tremabe, 201.

Tremaine or Tremean, parish of, 307. Manor, ibid.

Tremane, 50.

Trematon castle, 287, 288.

Trematon, Viscount, lxxxviii.

Tremayne, 214.

Tremayne, family of, cxv. Arms, ibid.

Trembethow, manor of, 169.

Trembethow, family of, clxxiii.

Trembleigh or Trembleth, family of, clvii. Arms, ibid.

Trembleth or Trembleigh, manor of, 94.

Trembrose or Trembrase, 160.

Tremeal, 76 265.

Tremeer, 314.

Tremeer in Lanivet, see Tremoore.

Tremere, family of, clviii. Arms, ibid.

Tremellick, 58.

Tremenbere, barton of, 205.

Tremenhere, family of, cxvi. Arms, ibid.

Tremoderet in Roche, manor of, 278.

Tremoderet in Duloe, manor of, 79, 80.

Tremogh, barton of, 207.

Tremogh, family of, clviii.

Tremolla, manor of, 250.

Tremollet, manor of, ibid.

Tremoore, manor of, 175.

Tremorill or Tremorvill, manor of, 152.

Trenake, 258.

Trenague, barton of, 286.

Trenalt, 309.

Trenance, family of, clviii. Arms, ibid.

Trenans-Austell, manor of, in St. Austell, 21.

Trenant, Great, manor of, 80.

Trenarran, barton of, 253.

Trenarran in St. Austell, manor of, 22.

Trenavisick in St. Blazey, 25.

Trenay, manor of, 245. Barton, ibid.

Trencreek, see Tencreek.

Trencreek, 66. 224.

Trencreek in Creed, 70.

Trenear, barton of, 253. 323.

Treneere, barton of, 209.

Treneglos, parish of, 307.

Trenethick, barton of, 323.

Trenethick in St. Agnes, 10.

Trenewan, 180.

Trenewith, manor of, 306.

Trengoss, family of, clviii. Arms, ibid.

Trengothal, 194.

Trengwainton, 209. 358.

Trenhorne, 194.

Treninick, manor of, 123. 354.

Trenonna, 319.

Trenow, 304.

Trenoweth-Chammon, manor of, 159.

Trenowth, 59.

Trenowth in St. Ervan, manor of, 94.
-, —— in Probus, manor of, 273. Chapel. 274.

Trenowth, family of, clviii. Arms, ibid.

Trennick, 60.

Trennick, see Trewythenick.

Trenuggo, 281.

Trenwith, manor of, 150. 355.

Trenwith, family of, clviii. Arms, clix.

Tre-on, Trone, or Trewoone, 48.

Treonick, see Trefrannick.

Treore, manor of, 85.

Trepadannon, 62.

Trequite, 208.

Treraboc or Traboc, manor of, 159.

Treraval in St. Ervan, 95.

Treraven in St. Breock, 45.

Trereen, 329.

Trereife, 210.

Trerice, manor of, 247. Ancient seat of the Arundell family, 248.

Trerice in the parish of St. Allen, 12.

Trerice, family of, clix. Arms, ibid.

Treroare, manor of, 85.

Treroosel, manor of, 302.

Trerose, manor of, 221.

Treroufe, family of, clix.

Treruff, manor of, 277.

Treryn, 194.

Treryn-castle, clxxxiv. 194.

Tresadern, 65.

Tresadern, family of, clix.

Tresaher, family of, clxxiii.

Tresarrat, manor of, 208.

Tresavern, barton of, 294.

Tresavis, family of, clix. Arms, ibid.

Tresawell, family of, clix. Arms, ibid.

Tresawsen, 227.

Trescan in Cubert, 72.

Trescaw, island, account of, 335.

Trescobays, 48.

Trescow in Breage, 40.

Tresidor, manor of, in St. Burian, 49.

Tresilian, 89.

Tresilian bridge, 226.

Tresilian, manor of, 248. barton, 249.

Tresilian, family of, clix. Arms, ibid.

Tresithny, 65.

Tresithney, family of, clix. Arms, ibid.
-, ——, manor of, 355.

Treskillard, manor of, 144.

Treskilling, 206.

Treskinnick-cross, 360.

Tresmarrow, 265.

Tresmere, parish of, 308.

Tresonger or Tresungers, manor of, 86.

Trespearn, 173.

Tresparrett or Tresparvet, manor of, 152.

Tresteane, family of, clx. Arms, ibid.

Tresulian, manor of. 248.

Trethake, manor of, 59. 184.

Trethake, family of, clxxiii.

Tretheage, barton of, 293.

Trethevas, or Tretheves, manor of, 170.

Trethevy in Tintagell, manor of, 306.

Trethevy in South-Pethervin, 265.

Trethew, manor of, 224.

Trethewell, manor of, 95.

Trethewey, family of, clxxiii.

Trethosa, manor of, 286.

Trethower, 273.

Trethurfe, manor of, 167. 357.

Trethurfe, family of, clx. Arms, ibid.

Trethyn, 13.

Treuellis or Trevellis in St. Agnes, 11.

Trevadlock, 194.

Trevail, family of, clxxiii.

Trevalga, parish of, 308.

Trevallance, manor of, 263.

Trevallaunce, family of, clx.

Trevanger, 238.

Trevanion, 230.

Trevanion, family of, cxvi. 230. Arms, ibid.

Trevanson in St. Breock, 43.

Trevarnick, 23.

Trevarnoe, 284, 285.

Trevarnon Rounds, 130.

Trevarrian, 219.

Trevarrick, 350.

Trevarron, 62.

Trevarthian, manor of, 249.

Trevartbian, family of, clx. Arms, ibid.

Trevascus and Gorran, manor of, 122. 354.

Trevathan, manor of, 353.

Trevaunance, manor of, in St. Agnes, 9.

Trevaunance-Comb, 10.

Trevaunance-Porth, harbour at, ibid.

Treveage in Alternon, manor of, 14.

Treveal in Cubert, 72.

Trevear, 225.

Treveare, barton of, 282.

Trevedoc, 224.

Treveeg in St. Gennys, 113.

Treveglos, 329.

Trevegoe, manor of, 246.

Trevegoe, 328.

Treveighan, 234.

Treveljewe, 66.

Trevella, manor of, 105.

Trevellard, manor of, 290.

Trevelleck in Creed, 70.

Trevelmond, 200.

Trevellow, manor of, 149. barton, 91.

Trevelver, 239.

Trevelver, barton of, 238.

Trevelvetb, 69.

Trevelyan, 318.

Trevelyan, family of, xci. Arms, xcii.

Trevenard, family of, clxxiii.

Treveneage, manor and barton of, 134.

Trevenen, manor of, 90.

Treveniel, manor of, 250.

Trevenna, 304. 306.

Trevenor, family of, clx. Arms, ibid.

Trevenythick, see Trenethick.

Treveor, manor of, 122.

Treverbin-Courtenay, manor of, in St. Austell, 22.

Treverbin-Trevanion, manor of, in St. Austell, ibid.

Treverbyn, manor of, 246.

Treverbyn, family of, clx. Arms, ibid.

Treverden, manor of, 249.

Treveres or Treverys, barton of, 152.

Treverne, family of, clxxiii.

Trevernon, 238.

Trevernon in Gwithian, 129.

Treverry, 219.

Treveryan, 316.

Treveses, manor of, 67.

Trevethick, 66.

Trevethow, manor of, 169.

Treviados, family of, clx.

Treviban, 265. 360.

Trevick, 183. 357.

Treviddron, manor of, in St. Burian, 49.

Trevidgia, 307.

Trevigo, 238.

Trevilder in Egloshayle, 81.

Treviles, 279.

Treville, family of, clx. Arms, ibid.

Trevilla or Trewilla, family of, clxxiii.

Trevillis, 267.

Trevimber, 69.

Trevince, family of clxi.

Trevisa, family of, clxi. Arms, ibid.

Treviscar, 252.

Trevisick in St. Austell, 23.

Trevispan in St. Erme, 89.

Trevisquite, manor of, 207.

Trevithick, manor of, 64.

Trevithick in St. Ewe, 97.

Trevivian in Davidstow, 76.

Trevolvas, 62.

Trevone, 252.

Trevonnack, 323.

Trevorder in St. Breock, 44.

Trevorder, barton of, 184.

Trevorgans, 48. 351.

Trevorick, manor of, 146.

Trevorian in Breage, 40.

Trevorrian, 48.

Trevorvas in Breage, 40.

Trevose, manor of, 225.

Trevozah, barton of, 265.

Trevrane, family of, clxi.

Trevroneck, family of, clxi. Arms, ibid.

Trevysyns, family of, clxxiii.

Trew in Breage, 40.

Trewane in St. Kew, 162.

Trewardla in Blisland, 25.

Trewardreva, 67.

Trewannet, 304. 355.

Trewarthenick, manor of, 68.

Trewarveneth, barton of, 254.

Trewbody, family of, clxxiii.

Treweedland, 200.

Treweek, barton of, 294.

Treween, 13.

Treweese, barton of, 87.

Trewell chapel, 205.

Trewen, 180.

Trewen, parish of, 309.

Trewhela, in St. Enoder, 87.

Trewiddle, 23.

Trewincy, barton of, 229.

Trewinnard, barton of, 93.

Trewinnard, family of, cxvi. Arms, cxvii.

Trewinnick, manor of, 94.

Trewinnow in Creed, 70.

Trewint, 13. 224.

Trewithan in Camborne, 54.

Trewithan, the seat of the Hawkins family, 271.

Trewithan, family of, clxxiii.

Trewithe or Trewithy, manor of, 251.

Trewithgy, manor of, 271.

Trewithian in St. Gerrans, 118.

Trewinton in St. Austell, manor of, 21.

Trewolla in St. Gorran, 124.

Trewolla, family of, clxxiii.

Trewoof, 50.

Trewoofe, family of, clxi. Arms, ibid.

Trewoon, 229. Manor of, 230.

Trewoone, 48.

Treworder, manor of, 81. 353.

Treworder, 158.

Treworder in Kenwyn, 158.

Treworek, manor of, 58.

Treworga, 278.

Treworgan, barton of, 91.

Treworgan-Vean, ibid.

Treworgie, manor of, 276.

Treworgy, manor of, 271.

Treworgye, manor of, 79. 112.

Treworick, manor of, 96.

Treworlis, manor of, 351.

Trewornan, 238. 359.

Trewornan bridge, 240.

Treworvac, manor of, 67.

Treworthan, manor of, 263.

Trewothike in St. Anthony, in Meneage, 19.

Trewren, family of, cxvii. Arms, ibid.

Trewy, manor of, 329.

Trewythenick, manor of, 60.

Trewythenick or Trennick, family of, clxi. Arms, ibid.

Tre-Yeo, 186.

Treyer or Treheire, manor of, 180.

Treyew, manor of, 312.

Triago, manor of, 69.

Triggstenton in Endellion, 86.

Tripcony, family of, clxxiii.

Triscobays, 48.

Trone, ibid.

Trou or Trewoof, manor of, in St. Burian, 50.

Trowan, 149.

Truburrows, manor of, 319.

Trugo, 62.

Trutball, manor of, 284. 360.

Truthwell see Tregurtha.

Truro, town of, 309. Market and fairs, ibid. Its corporation, ibid. Population, &c., 310. Nunnery, 311. Becomes head quarters in the civil war, 311. Manor, ibid. 312. Church, ibid. Hospital and schools, 313.

Truro-Vean, manor of, 312.

Truro-burgh, 309. Manor of, 311

Trusel, 307.

Tubb, family of, clxxiv.

Tubmas chapel, 205.

Tucker, family of, clxi. Arms, ibid.

Tucking-mill, 54.

Tucoise, manor of, 67.

Tucoyse, manor of, 96.

Tudy, St., parish of, 314.

Tumuli, see Barrows.

Tungsten, ore of, cxcvii.

Tutwell, 294.

Tybesta, manor of, 70.

Tyes, family of, lxxx. Arms, ibid.

Tymberhan, 196.

Tywarnhaile, manor of, 261.

Tywarnhaile-Tyes, manor of, ibid.

Tywardreth or Tywardreath, parish of, 315. Priory, ibid. Manor, ibid. Church, 317.


Ugbere, 302.

Upcott, family of, clxxiv.

Upton, 196.

Upton, family of, clxi. Arms, ibid.

Uranium, ore of, cxcvii.

Ustick, family of, cxvii.


Vacye, 302.

Vacye, family of, clxi. Arms, ibid.

Vale in Cardinham, 58.

Valletort, family of, lxxviii. Arms, lxxix.

Veep, St., parish of, 317. Priory, ibid. Manors, ibid. 318. Church, ibid.

Vellanserga in St. Burian, 51.

Venton, 301.

Venton-gimps, manor of, 262.

Venton-Loggan, 266.

Verman, family of, clxxiv.

Veryan, parish of, 319. Manor, ibid.

Views, extensive, clxxxv.

Vincent, family of, clxi. Arms, clxii.

Vyell or Viell, family of, clxii. Arms, ibid.

Vyvyan of Trelowarren, family of, xc. Arms, xci.
-, —— of Trenowth, xci.


Waddon, family of, clxii. Arms, ibid.

Wade-bridge, 43. 83.

Wad-fast, manor of, 325.

Wadge, family of, cxvii. Arms, ibid.

Wadham, family of, clxii. Arms, ibid.

Wall in Gwinnear, 127.

Wallis, family of, clxii. Arms, ibid.

Warbeck, Perkin, lands in Cornwall, xiii.

Warlstow, parish of, 320.

Warbstow-burrows, ccxlix. 320.

Wardens, Lord, of the duchy of Cornwall, list of, vii.—viii.

Warleggan or Warleggon, parish of, 320. Manor, ibid.

Warnysell alias Treneere, family of, clxxiv.

Wasle lands, improvement of, clxxxi.

Waters, mineral, cci.—ccii.

Wavellite, where found, cxcvii.

Wayte, family of, clxii. Arms, ibid.

Weard-house, 290.

Webber, family of, cxvii. Arms, ibid.

Week, St. Mary, parish of, 320.

Week-orchard, 321.

Well Chapels, ccxlv.

Wells, remarkable, cci.—ccii. 15.

Wenn, St., parish of, 324. Manors, ibid.

Westcote in St. Dominick, 78.

Westlake, family of, clxiii. Arms, ibid.

West-North, manor of, 80.

West-Widemouth, manor of, 269.

Whalesborough, manor of, 213.

Wheal-Alfred, 266.

Whitaker, John, B.D., rector of Ruan-Lanihorne, 279.

White, family of, clxxiv. Arms, ibid.

Whitminster, see Blanchminster.

Whitsand-bay, 282.

Whitstone, parish of, 325.

Wilcove, 15.

Williams of Treverne, family of, cxvii. Arms, ibid.

Williams of Treworgy, family of, clxiii. Arms, ibid.

Williams, the wealthy farmer, 272.

Willoughby, Sir Robert, created Lord Willoughby de Broke, buried at Callington, 52.

Willoughby, Lord, family of, lxxxii. Arms, ibid.

Wills, family of, cxvii. Arms, ibid.

Willyams, of Roseworthy, family of, cxviii Arms, ibid.

Winnow, St., parish of, 326. Manor, ibid.

Winnow, St, family of, clxiii.

Winslade, family of, clxiii. Arms, ibid. 257.

Winslade, John, his residence at Bochym, 75.

Withiel, parish of, 328.

Withiel-goose, manor of, ibid.

Wolfram, cxcvii.

Wolvedon, family of, clxiii. Arms, ibid.

Wood, barton of, 243.

Woodford, manor of, 243.

Wood-Knowle, 214.

Woolley, 243.

Woolridge, family of, cxviii. Arms, ibid.

Woolston, manor of, 270.

Worlidge, Hugh, a physician, his epitaph, 287.

Worth, family of, clxiii. Arms, ibid.

Worthivale, family of, clxiii. Arms, ibid.

Worthyvale, manor of, 236. Barton, 237. 359.

Wotton in Landrake, 171.

Wrey of Trebigh, family of, lxxxix. Arms, ibid.

Wring-Cheese, see Cheese-Wring.

Wringworthy, manor of, 242.

Wyvell, family of, clxiii. Arms, clxiv.


Yeilland or Illand, 250.

Yellow-Leigh, manor of, 185.


Zennor, parish of, 329.