General history: Ecclesiastical and civil division

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Magna Britannia: Volume 5, Derbyshire. Originally published by T Cadell and W Davies, London, 1817.

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Division of the County, Ecclesiastical and Civil.

The civil subdivisions of Derbyshire, like those of most other northern counties, were anciently called wapentakes. In the Domesday Survey, we find mention of the wapentakes of Scarvedale, Hamestan, Morlestan, Walecross, and Apultre, and a district called Peche-fers (fn. n1); but we gain no information from it, as to the extent of the several districts. The Hundred Roll, a record of the year 1273, speaks of the wapentakes of Peck, Scarvedale, Apeltre (fn. n2), Repindon, Greselegh, Little-chirch, and Wyrkesworth. Other records speak of the hundreds of Risley and Sawley. This seems to have been the same district, and probably a part of the wapentake called in the Domesday Survey, Morlestan, and in the Hundred-Roll, Littlechirch, now the hundred of Morleston and Litchurch. The Wirksworth division still retains the name of a wapentake ; the other modern divisions, Apple,tree, High-Peak, Scarsdale, Repton and Gresley, and Morleston and Litchurch are called hundreds. The hundred of Repton and Gresley, which seems to have been two wapentakes, in 1273, is supposed to answer to the .wapentake of Walecross, spoken of in the Domesday Survey ; and tjhe Wapentake of Hamestan there mentioned, is supposed to have consisted chiefly of what is now the hundred of High-Peak.

In the reign of Edward I., the wapentakes of Apeltre and Repington, which had belonged to the crown, were by the King's grant, vested in Edmund Earl of Lancaster. (fn. n3) The wapentake of Greselegh belonged to the heirs of the Earl of Chester (fn. n4), and the wapentake of Scarvedale to Nicholas Lord Wake. The Lordship of this wapentake (now the hundred of Scarsdale) has always passed with that of Chesterfield, and is vested in his Grace the Duke of Devonshire, who is lessee under the Duchy of Lancaster of the hundred of the High-Peak.

The hundred of Appletree, of which Lord Vernon is lessee, has been held by the Vernon family on lease under the Duchy of Lancaster, ever since the year 1660. Richard Arkwright, Esq., M. P., is lessee of the wapentake of Wirksworth, under the Duchy. The Lordship of the hundred of Repton and Gresley, which has long passed with the manor of Repton, is vested in Sir Henry Crewe, Bart. The hundred of Morleston and Litchurch is in the crown.

Derbyshire is an archdeaconry in the diocese of Lichfield and Coventry, and is divided into six deaneries ; Alto Pecco or High-Peak, Ashborne, Castillar, Chesterfield, Derby, and Repington.

Bakewell, Hope, Tideswell, and their chapelries, Chapel-en-le-Frith and Kniveton, are in the peculiar jurisdiction of the Dean and Chapter of Lichfield ; Sawley and its chapelries are in the jurisdiction of the prebendary of that corps, in the church of Lichfield ; Calke, Dale-Abbey, and Hartington, with the chapel of Sterndale, and Peak-Forest chapel, are exempt from ecclesiastical jurisdiction.

According to Wolsey's list, the number pf parishes in this county, in the reign of Henry VIII., was 106. Pilkington was very nearly correct instating them at 116 in 1789 ; the number, as will be seen by the following table, is 117. There are also forty-nine parochial, and three extraparochial chapels, in which the rites of baptism and sepulture are performed. Many of these have long been deemed, and are usually described as separate and distinct parishes ; there are thirteen chapels of other descriptions, and two extra-parochial chapels, in which the rites of baptism and sepulture are not performed.

Fifty of the benefices in Derbyshire are rectories ; fifty-eight vicarages, and nine donatives or perpetual curacies. Of the vicarages, donatives, &c. forty-seven were appropriated to religious houses ; five to the Dean and Chapter of Lichfield, three to the Dean of Lincoln, one (Kniveton) passed by exchange from the former to the latter, and was afterwards alienated to lay hands ; one (Tibshelf ) was appropriated to the vicars-choral of Lichfield, two to the Bishop of Carlisle, one (Scropton) to a chantry in.lhe parish church, and one (Longford) to the sine cure rector. Table of Parishes.

Names of Parishes. Hundred or Wapentake. Deanery. Chapels. Chapels destroyed.
Alfreton Vicarage Scarsdale Chesterfield Ryddings.
Ashborne Vicarage Wirksworth Ashborne Alsop in the Dale, P.
Hognaston, P.
Parwich, P.

Ashover Rectory Scarsdale Chesterfield Dethick Lea.
Aston-on-Trent Rectory Morteston and Litchurch Derby




Ashford; P.
Baslow, P.
Beeley, P.
Buxton, P.
Chelmorton, P.
stone, P.
Monyash, P.
Taddington, P
Barlborough Rectory Scarsdale Chesterfield
Barrow Vicarage Morleston and Litchurch Derby Twyford, P.
Barton-Blount Rectory Appletree Castillar. Beauchief-abbey
extra-par, in the
hundred of
Scarsdale and
deanery of Chesterfield;
Beighton Vicarage Scarsdale Chesterfield
Fenny-Bentley Rectory Wirksworth Ashborne
Blackwell Vicarage Scarsdale Chesterfield
Bolsover Vicarage Scarsdale Chesterfield Glapwell.
Bonsall Rectory Wirksworth Ashborne
Boylston Rectory Appletree Castillar
Bradborne Vicarage Wirksworth Ashborne Atlow, P.
Ballidon, P.
Brassington, P.
Tissington, P.
Bradley Rectory Appletree Ashborne
Brailsford Rectory Appletree Castillar Osmaston juxta Ashborne.
Breadsall Rectory Appletree Derby
Church-Brough tor Vicarage Appletree Castillar
Calke Donative Repton and Gresley Repington
Carsington Rectory Wirksworth Ashborne
Castleton Vicarage High-Peak High-Peak Edale P.
Chapel-en-le-Frith Vicarage High-Peak High-Peak Chatsworth extra-par, in the
hundred and
deanery of
Chellaston Perpetual Curacy Repton and Gresley Castillar
Chesterfield Vicarage Scarsdale Chesterfield Bramton, P.
Brimington, P.
Temple— Nor
manton, P.
Wingerworth, P.
Chilcote,a chapel
of ease to Clifton
Camville in
Clown Rectory Scarsdale Chesterfield
Crich Vicarage Morleston and Litchurch, &c. Derby Wakebridge, D.
Croxall Vicarage Repton and Gresley Repington
Cubley Rectory Appletree Castillar Marston—Montgomery, P.
Dalbury Rectory Appletree Castillar Dale— Abbey,
extra—par. in
the hundred of
Morleston and
Litchurch and
deanery of
Darley Rectory Wirksworthand
Derby Morleston and
Derby St. Mary's.
All—Saints Vicarage
St. Alkmund Vicarage Little—Eaton, P.
Quarndon, P.
St. Michael Vicarage Alvaston, P.
St. Peter Vicarage Boulton, P.
Normanton, P.
Osmaston, P.
St. Werburgh Vicarage
Doveridge Vicarage Appletree Castillar
Dronfield Vicarage Scarsdale Chesterfield Dore, P.
Holmsfield, P.
Duckmanton (fn. n5) Vicarage Scarsdale Chesterfield
Duffield Vicarage Appletree Derby Belper, P.
Eckington Vicarage Scarsdale Chesterfield Killamarsh, P.
Edensor Donative (fn. n6) High— Peak High—Peak
Edlaston Rectory Appletree Ashborne
Egginton Rectory Morleston and Litchureh Castillar
Elmton Vicarage Scarsdale Chesterfield
Elvaston Vicarage Morleston and Litchurch Derby
Etwall Vicarage Appletree Castillar
Eyam Rectory High—Peek High—Peak
Glossop Vicarage High—Peak High—Peak Hayfield,
P.Mellor, P.
now in the
hands of the
Church—Gresley Perpetual Curacy Repton and Gresley Repington Drakelow
Kirk—Hallam Vicarage Morleston and Litchurch Derby
West—Hallam. Rectory Morleston and Litchurch Derby
Hartington Vicarage Wirksworth Ashborne Earls—
Hartshorn Rectory Repton and Gresley Repington
Hathersage Vicarage High—Peak High—Peak Darwent, P.
ton, P.
Heanor Vicarage Morleston and Litchurch Derby
Heath Vicarage Scarsdale Chesterfield
Hope Vicarage High—Peak High—Peak Fairfield, P.
Horsley Vicarage Morleston and Litchurch Derby Denby, P.
Halt—Hucknall Vicarage ScaTsdale Chesterfield
Hulland Intakes,
Ilkeston Vicarage Morleston and Litchurch Derby
Kirk—Ireton Rectory Wirksworth Ashborne
Kedleston Rectory Appletree Derby
Kniveton Perpetual Curacy Wirksworth Ashborne
Langley Rectory Morleston and Litchurch Derby
Langwith Rectory Scarsdale Chesterfield
Longford Rectoryand Vic. Appletree Castillar St.Nicholas Alkmanton.
Lullingtqn Vicarage Repton and Gresley Repington
Maekworth Vicarage Morleston and Litchurc Derby Allestrey, P.
Mappleton (fn. n7) Rectory Wirksworth Ashborne
Marston—on—Dove Vicarage Appletree Castillar Hilton,
Matlock Rectory Wirksworth Ashborne
Melbourne Vicarage Repton and Gresley Repington
Morley Rectory Morleston and Litchurch Derby Smalley, P.
Morton Rectory Scarsdale Chesterfielc Trinity.
Mugginton Rectory Appletree, and Morleston and Litchurch Derby
Norbury Rectory Appletree Ashborne
South—Normanton Vicarage Scarsdale Chesterfield
Norton Rectory Scarsdale Chesterfield
Ockbrook Vicarage Morleston and Litchurch Derby
Mickle—Over Vicarage Morleston and Litchurch Derby Finderne, P.Little—Over,P. Potlac.
Peak—Forest, extra—par, in the hundred and deanery of High —Peak.
Pentrich Vicarage Morleston and Litchurch Derby
Pinxton Rectory Scarsdale Chesterfield
Pleasley Rectory Scarsdale Chesterfield Shirebrook.
Radborne Rectory Appletree Derby
Ravenstone Rectory Repton and Gresley Repington
Repton Perpetual Curacy Repton and Gresley Repington Bretby, P.
Foremark, P.
Measham, P.
Smithsby, P.
Tickenhall, P.
Sandiacre Perpetual Curacy Morleston and Litchurch Derby
Sawley Vicarage Morleston and Litchurch Derby Risley, P.
Little—Wilne, P.
Scarcliffe Vicarage Scarsdale Chesterfield Palterton.
Scropton Perpetual Curacy Appletree Derby
Shirland Rectory Scarsdale Chesterfield
Shirley Vicarage Appletree Derby Yeaveley
Somersall—Herbert Rectory Appletree Castillar
Spondon Vicarage Appletree Derby Chaddesden, P.
Locko, D.
Stanley, P.
Stanton—by—Bridge Rectory Repton and Gresley Repington St. Anne—upon—Swarkeston—bridge.
Stanton—by—Dale Perpetual Curacy Morleston and Litchurch Repington
Stapenhill Vicarage Repton and Gresley Repington Caldwell, P. Newhall,
Stavely Rectory Scarsdale Chesterfield Barlow, P.
Stretton—in—the Field Rectory Repton and Gresley Repington
Sudbury Rectory Appletree Castillar
Sutton—in—the—Dale Rectory Scarsdale Chesterfield
Sutton—on—the—Hill Vicarage Appletree Castillar
Swarkston Rectory Repton andGresley Repington
Thorp Rectory Wirksworth — Ashborne
Tibshelf Vicarage Scarsdale Chesterfield
Tideswell Vicarage High—Peak High—Peak Wormhill, P.
Trusley Rectory Appletree Castillar Rosleston, P.
Walton—oii—Trent Rectory Repton and Gresley Repington
Weston—on—Trent Rectory Morleston and Litchurch Derby
Whittington Rectory Scarsdale Chesterfield Steetly, anciently aparish church.
Whitwell Rectory Scarsdale Chesterfield
Willesley Perpetual Curacy Repton and Gresley Repington
Wellington Vicarage Morleston and Litchurch Derby
North—Winfield Rectory Scarsdale Chesterfield
South—Winfield Vicarage Scarsdale Chesterfield Limbury.
Wirksworth Vicarage Wirksworth Ashborne Alderwasley, D.Cromford. Biggin Cromford.
Youlgrave Vicarage Wirksworth and High—Peak High—Peak Birchover,
alias Row—
tor, D.
Elton, P.
Winster, P


  • n1. Peak-Forest.
  • n2. In one part of the Roll called the hundred of Apeltre.
  • n3. In one part of the Roll, it is said, the heirs of the Earl of Chester.
  • n4. In one part of the Roll, it is said to belong to the heirs of the Earl of Chester, and Edmund Earl of Lancaster, jointly.
  • n5. United with Sutton in the Dale.
  • n6. It is called a vicarage in the Liber—Regis, but has long been deemed a donative. The minister has no small tithes, but receives a stipend from the Duke of Devonshire, and is exempt from episcopal jurisdiction.
  • n7. United to the vicarage of Ashborne.