General history: Division of property at the time of the Domesday survey

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Magna Britannia: Volume 5, Derbyshire. Originally published by T Cadell and W Davies, London, 1817.

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Division of Property at the Time of the Domesday Survey

When the Domesday Survey was taken, the King held twenty—one manors in this county in demesne; and one other was held under the crown, the Bishop of Chester had two; the Abbot and convent of Buxton six; Roger de Poictou four; one manor was held under him; Henry de Ferrars, ancestor of the Earls of Derby, of that name, held forty—nine manors in demesne, and forty—one were held under him; William Peverel held six in demesne, six others were held under him; Walter Deincourt held six in demesne; Geoffry Alselin had four in demesne, and two were held under him; Ralph Fitzhubert held eleven manors in demesne, and eight others were held under him; Ralph de Burun had four in demesne, a fifth was held under him; Ascoit Musard held five in demesne; two manors were held under Gilbert de Gand, the Conqueror's nephew; Nigel de Statford held nine manors in demesne; Robert Fitzwilliam, one; Roger de Busli had four in demesne, and four others were held under him. The King's Thanes held twenty—two manors immediately of the crown.

The following table will shew more particularly who were proprietors of the several manors and lands, both at the time of the Survey and in that of Edward the Confessor. The modern names of the several estates are annexed, as far as they could be ascertained.

Ancient Names of Manors and Lands. Modern Names. Possessors in the Reign of Edward the Confessor. Possessors when the Survey of Domesday was taken.
Achetorp Oakthorp Ernvin Nigel de Statford.
Adelardestreu, a berwick of Markeaton Allestrey Earl Siward Hugh, Earl of Chester.
Æwoldestun Elvaston Tochi Geoffry Alselin.
ÆEstun Aston-on-Trent Uctebrand, under the King.
Aidele, a berwick of Hope Edale The King The King.
Aiseforde Ashford The King The King.
Aitone Long-Baton The Bishop of Chester.
Aitun Eaton-on-Dove Uluric Alcher, under Henry de Ferrars.
Aiune Eyam Caschin Ralph, under Henry
Alchementune Alkmanton Uluiet Ralph, under Henry de Ferrars.
Alewoldestune Alvaston Tochi Geoffry Alselin.
Aneise, a berwick of Bakewell Oneash The King The King.
Apleby Appleby The Abbot of Burton
Badequella Bakewell The King.
Banford Bamford Ralph Fitzhubert.
Barcovere Birchover Henry de Ferrars.
Barctune Barton-Blount Two persons of the name of Go-dric and others Ralph, under Henry de Ferrars.
Barewe Barrow The King and Ralph Fitzhubert.
Barleie Barlow Hacon Leuric and Uctred Ascoit Musard.The King's Thanes.
Barleburgh Barlborough Levenot Robert, under Ralph Fitzhubert.
Barwe Barrow Godwin and Colegri Henry de Ferrars.
Basselau, a berwick of Bakewell Baslow The King.
Bectune Beighton Steinulf Swain Roger de Poictou.Lewin, under Roger de Busli.
Begelie Beeley Godric The King.
Belesovre Bolsover Leuric Robert, under William Peverel.
Belidene Ballidon Leuric and Levenot Ralph Fitzhubert.
Benedlege, a berwick of Ashborne Fenny-Bentley The King.
Beneleie Hungry-Bentley Uluiet and Ulchel Ralph, under Henry de Ferrars.
Berceles, a berwick of Bakewell Birch-hills near Edensor The King.
Berewardescote, or Berverdescote Berwardscote or-Barrowcote Gamel and others Henry de Ferrars.
Berleie, a berwick of Darley Burley-fields in the parish of Darley The King.
Berverdescote Barrowcote The Abbot of Burton.
Blachewelle, a ber wick of Bakewell Blackwell The King.
Blanghesbi Steinulf Roger de Poictou.
Boilestun Boylston Godric and Levenot Henry de Ferrars.
Boletune Boulton Levenot Ralph Fitzhubert.
Bolun Eluric Henry de Ferrars.
Bradeburne Bradborne Eluric Henry de Ferrars.
Bradelei, an appendage of Duffield Siward Henry de Ferrars.
Bradestune Breaston Levenot Sterre Herbert, under Henry de Ferrars
Bradewelle Bradwell Leving and others William Peverel.
Braidelei Bradley Aluric and Lewin Henry de Ferrars.
Braideshale Breadsall Siward Robert, under Henry de Ferrars.
Braidestune Breaston Ligulf and Lewin Cilt Roger de Busli.Geoffry Alselin.
Brailesford Brailsford Earl Wallef Elsin, under Henry de Ferrars.
Brampton Wade
Branwin and Dunnine
Walter Deincourt.
Ascoit Musard.
Branlege Bramley-Lane in Halt-Hucknall Roger de Busli.
Branzinctun Brassington Siward Henry de Ferrars.
Bredelawe, a berwick of Ashborne Broadlow-ash The King.
Bretebi Bretby Algar The King.
Brimintune, a berwick of Newbold Brimington The King.
Broctune Church-Broughton Uluric Henry de Ferrars.
Bubedene Bubden iu Longford Ulchel Elsin, under Henry de Ferrars.
The Bishop of Chester.
Bubenenle, a berwick of Bakewell Bubnell The King.
Buitorp, a berwick of Newbold Boythorp The King.
Bunteshale, a berwick of Mestesford Bonsall The King.
Burnulfestune Burnaston Gamel and others Henry de Ferrars,
Burtune, a berwick of Bakewell Burton, near Bakewell The King.
Caldecotes Oldcotes, in the parish of Heath Swain Cilt Walter Deincourt.
Caldelawe, a berwick of Wirksworth Callow The King.
Caldewelle Caldwell Ælfric The Abbot of Burton.
Calehale Sberne and Hacon The King's Thanes.
Caluoure, a berwick of Ashford Calver The King.
Castelli Terra, in Pechefers Castleton, in Peak-Forest Gurnebern and Hundinc William Peverel.
Cedesdene Chaddesden Henry de Ferrars.

Ulsi Amalric,under Henry de Ferrars.
The King.
Cellesdene Osmund The King's Thanes.
Ceolhal,part of Long dendale Eilmer The King.
Cestrefeld, a berwick of Newbold Chesterfield The King.
Chendre,part of Long-dendale Kinder Godric The King.
Chenivetun Kniveton Earl Siward Hugh, Earl of Chester.
Chetelestune Kedleston Ulsi and Godwin Gilbert, under Henry de Ferrars.
Chetesvorde Chatsworth Chetel The King.
Chetun Catton Siward Nigel, under Henry de Ferrars.
Cheveneswrde, part of Longdendale Charlesworth Suinus The King.
Chinewoldemaresc Killamarsh ÆiwoId Godric, and others Ascoit Musard. The King's Thanes.
Chisevurde, part of Longdendale Chisworth Suinus The King.
Chiteslei The King.
Cildecote, a berwick of Clifton, in Staf-fordshire Chilcote The King.
Cliptune Leuric and Levenot Ralph Fitzhubert.
Clune Clown Ernvi Ernvi, under the King.
Cobelei Cubley Siward Ralph, under Henry de Ferrars.
Codetune Cotton, near Derby Osmund The King. Henry de Ferrars.
Collei Cowley in Darley Swain and Uctred Swain, under Henry de Ferrars.
Cornun Certain clerks of Derby.
Cotenoure Codnor Warner, under William Peverel.
Cotes, a benvick of Darley The King.
Cotes, or Cotune Coton-in-the-Elms Algar The Abbot of Burton.
Cranchesberie, a ber-wick of Bakewell Cronkesden-Grange, in Hartington The King.
Crice Crich Leuric and Levenot Ralph Fitzhubert.
Crecheshalle Croxall Siward Roger, under Henry de Ferrars.
Crunforde, a berwick of Wirksworth Cromford The King.
Delbebi Dalbury Godric Henry de Ferrars.
Dellingeberie The Abbot of Burton.
Denebi Denby Osmund Ralph de Burun.
Dentine, an appendage of Longdendale Dinting Levenot The King.
Dereleie Darley The King.
Detton Certain clerks of Derby
Derby Derby The King.
Dochemanestun Duckmanton Levenot Ralph Fitzhubert.
Dore Dore Edwin and Lewin Roger de Busli.
Drachelawe Drakelow EIric Nigel de Statford.
Draicot Draycot The Bishop of Chester.
Dranefeld Dronfield The King.
Dubrige Doveridge Earl Edwin The Monks of Tut-bury, under Henry de Ferrars.
Dulvestune Earl Edwin Orme, under Henry de Ferrars.
Durandestorp Donisthorp Carle Nigel de Statford.
Duuelle Duffield Siward Henry de Ferrars.
Echintune, a b . rwick of Newbold Eckington The King
Echintune Levenot Ralph Fitzhubert.
Ednesoure Edensor Levenot and Chete Henry de Ferrars.
Ednaston Tochi Henry de Ferrars.
Geoffiry Alselin.
Ednunghalle Edingale Ælgar The King's Thanes
Henry de Ferrars.
Eghintune Egginton Tochi Azelin under Geoffry Alselin.
Eisse Ash Ulchel, Avic, and Hacon Robert, under Henry de Ferrars.
Eitune, a berwick of Ashborne Cold-Eaton The King.
Elleshope, a berwick of Ashborne Alsop-in-the-Dale The King.
Elstretune Alfreton Morcar Ingram, under Roger de Busli.
Eitune Elton Caschin and Uctred Henry de Ferrars.
Emboldestune Ambaston Tochi Geoffry Alselin.
Englebi Ingleby The King.Ralph Fitzhubert.Nigel de Statford.
Erlestune Arleston Golegri and Ravenchel Henry de Ferrars.
Esnatrewic Pinxton Aldene Drogo, under William Peverel.
Esseburne Ashborne The King.
Essovre Ashover Leuric and Levenot Serlo, under Ralph Fitzhubert.
Estune, a berwick of Hope Aston in Hope The King.
Estune Aston in Sudbury Levenot Alcher, under Henry de Ferrars.
Estune Uctebrand Henry de Ferrars.
Estune Cold-Aston in Dronfield Tolf Lewin, one of the King's Thanes.
Etelawe Atlow Eluric Henry de Ferrars
Etewelle Etwall Gamel and others
Saswalo, under Henry de Ferrars.
Azelin, under Geoffry Alselin.
Faitune Fenton near Ashborne Ulchil Roger, under Henry de Ferrars.
Farleie Farley The King.
Farulvestun Foston Levenat and others Henry de Ferrars.
Findre Finderne The Abbot of Burton.
Flagun, a berwick of Ashford Flagg The King.
Fornewerche Foremark Ulchel Nigel de Statford.
Geldeslei Yeldersley Ulchetel and Godwin Cole, under Henry de Ferrars
Ghersintune, a ber-wick of Wiirksworth Carsington The King.
Gheveli Yeavely Two persons of the name of Ligulf Alsi, under Henry de Ferrars
Giolgrave Youlgrave Colle and Chetel Henry de Ferrars.
Glapewelle Glapwell Leuric Serlo, under Willian Peverel.
The King.
Henry de Ferrars.
Greherst The King.
Habenai Abney Swain William Peverel.
Hadun Haduna
berwicks of Bakewell
Over and Nether-Haddon The King.
Hainoure Heanor Warner, under William Peverel.
Halen, held with Tilchestune Little-Hallam Ulf Fenise Gilbert de Gand.
Halun Kirk, or West-Hallam Dunstan Ralph de Burun.
Hanzedone, a berwick of Ashborne Hanson-Grange The King.
Hatun Hatton Edric and ethers Saswalo, under Henry de Ferrars.
Hedcote Heathcote in Gresley Elric Nigel de Statford.
Hedfelt,part of Long-dendale Hadfield The King
Helmetune Elmton Swain Cilt- Walter Deincourt.
Hanley, in North-Winfield Levenot
Ralph Fitzhubert.
Lewin Under The King
Sedret,under the King.
Heorteshorne Hartshorn Aluric Henry de Ferrars.
Herct (fn. n1), a berwick of Hathersage Ralph Fitzhubert.
Herdebi (fn. n2) Siward Henry de Ferrars.
Turgar Ralph de Burun.
Hereseige Hathersage Levenot and Leuric Ralph Fitzhubert.
Hertestaf Harstoft Steinulf Roger de Poictou.
Heselebec Hazlebadge Lewin William Peverel.
Hetesope, a berwick of Ashford Hassop The King.
Hetfelt Hayfield The King.
Hiltune Hilton Uluric and others Robert, under Henry de Ferrars. The Abbot of Burton.
Hiretune, a berwick of Wirksworth Kirk-Ireton The King.
Hochelai Hucklow Ernvi and other William Peverel.
Hoge Hoon Ulsi and Godwin Saswalo, under Henry de Ferrars.
Hoilant Hulland Tochi Geoffry Alselin.
Holebroc Holbrook Siward Henry de Ferrars.
Holintune Hollington Lepsi, Elfag, and others Hrienry de Ferrars,
Holmesfelt Holmsfield Swain Walter Deincourt.
Holtune Stony-Houghton Swain Cilt Walter Deincourt.
Holun Holm in Brampton Dunninc Ascuit Musard.
Holun, a berwick of Bakewell Holm-Hall The King.
Honestune The King.
Horselei Hqrsley Turgar Ralph de Burun.
Hortedun Hartington Godwin and Ligulf Henry de Ferrars.
Hortel Hartle Chetel Henry de Ferrars.
Hortil Levenot Ralph Fitzhubert.
Hougen Hoon The Abbot of Burton.
Ibeholon, a berwick of Mestesford Ible The King.
Iretune Little-Ireton, near Kedleston Godwin Orme, under Henry de Ferrars.
Langelei Meynell-Langley Levenot Ralph Fitzhubert.
Langeleie Levenot and Chetel The King.
Warner, under William Peverel.
Langenedele Longdendale Ligulf The King.
Langesdune, a berwick of Bakewell Longstone The King.
Lede Ralph Fitzhubert.
Linctune Linton Leuric Henry de Ferrars.
Litun Litton Lewin William Peverel.
Lodevorde, part of Longdendale Ludworth Brun The King.
Lodowelle Ludwell Elsi Henry de Ferrars.
Longesdune Longsdoa, or Longstone Colne Henry de Ferrars.
Ludecerce Litchurch The King.
Lullitune Lullington Auti Edmund, under the Kmg
Lunt Lown, now Heath Steinulf Roger de Poictou.
Machenie Makeney Siward Henry de Ferrars.
Machevorde, a berwick or" Markeaton Mackworth Earl Siward Gozelin, under Earl Hugh.
Maneis, a berwick of Bakewell Monyash The King.
Maperlie Maperley Staplevine The King.
Mapletune, a berwick of Ashburne Mapleton The King.
Marchetone Mark-eaton Earl Siward Hugh, Earl of Chester.
Merchenestune Mercaston Game Robert and Roger, under Henry de Ferrars.
Merchetune Alded Henry de Ferrars.
Mere Levenot The King's Thanes.
Merstun Marston Brun and Elric The Monks of Tutbury, under Henry de Ferrars.
Meslach, a berwick of Mestesford Matlock The King.
Messeham Measham The King,
Mestesforde (fn. n3) The King.
Middletone Middleton near Youlgrave Levenot Ralph Fitzhubert.
Middletune, a berwick of Wirksworth Middleton inWirksworth The King.
Milton Earl Algar The King.
Goded. The King.
Ralph Fitzhubert.
Dunninc and Elvin Henry deFerrars.
Mileburne Melborne The King The King.
Mogintun Mugginton Gamel Chetel under Henry de Ferrars.
Moresburg Mosborough Ralph Fitzhubert.
Morlei Morley Siward Henry de Ferrars.
Mortune Morton - Swain Cilt Walter Deincourt.
Muchedes near Wormhill Siward Henry de Ferrars.
Muchdeswelle, a berwick of Hope The King.
Muleforde Milford Siward Henry de Ferrars.
Neutone Newton in Blackwell Leuric and Levenot Ralph Fitzhubert.
Neutune Newton grange Osmer Henry de Ferrars.
Newebold Newbold The King.
Newetun King's-Newton Algar The King.
Normanestune Norman ton near Derby The King.
Norraantune Lewin and Edwin - The King.
The King,
Leuric, Gamel, and Teodric Amalric, under Henry de Ferrars.
Normentune Elfag Edwin, under William Peverel.
Nortberie Norbury Siward Henry de Ferrars.
Norton Godeva and Bada Ingram, under Roger de Busli.
The King.
Ochebroc Ockbrook Tochi Geoffry Alselin.
Ochenavestun, a berwick of Ashborne Hognaston The King.
Offretune, a berwick of Hope Offerton The King.
Ralph Fitzhubert.
Onestune Oneston or Unston Lewin and Edwin The King.
Opetune, a berwick of Wirksworth Hopton The King.
Opewelle Hopwel Ralph Fitzhubert, under the Bishop of Chester.
Ophidicotes, a berwick of Ashborne Offcote The King.
Osmundestune OsmastonnearDerby, and Osmaston near Ashborne Osmund
Wallef and Ailict
The King and Henry de Ferrars. Elfm, under Henry de Ferrars.
Oswardestune Osleston Ernvi and Lewin John, under Henry de Ferrars.
Ogston Swain Cilt Ralph Fitzhubert.
Walter Deincourt.
Padefeld, part of Longdendale Padfield Levinc The King.
Padinc The King.
Paltretune Palterton Levenot Ralph Fitzhubert.
Pentric Pentrich Levenot Ralph Fitzhubert.
Pevrewic Parwich Colne, under the King.
Pilesberie Pilsbury, in Hartington Elsi Henry de Ferrars.
Pinneslei Pilsley, in North Winfield Swain Cilt Walter Deincourt.
Pirelaie Dunning Henry de Ferrars.
Potlac, a berwick of Over Potlock The Abbot of Burton
Presteclive, a hamlet
of Bakewell-
Priestcliff- The King.
Radburne Radbourn Ulsi Henry de Ferrars, Ralph Fitzhubert claiming a third.
Ralunt, a berwick of Ash ford Rowland The King.
Rapendune - Repton The King.
Ravenesh The King.
Ravenestun Ravenston Godric Nigel de Statford.
Redeslei Rodsley Brune Henry de Ferrars.
Redlavestun Rosleston Earl Algar The King.
Redlesleie Rodsley The Abbot of Burton.
Reuslege, a berwick of Bakewell Rowsley The King.
Ripelie Ripley Levenot Ralph Fitzhubert.
Riselei Riseleia Risley Lewin Uisi The King's Thanes.
Fulc, under Roger de Busli.
Roschintone, or Rouceston Roston Siward Henry de Ferrars.
Rugetorn Rowthorn Ulsi and Steinulf Roger de Busli.
Salham (fn. n4) Cole Henry de Ferrars.
Salle Sawley The Bishop of Chester.
Sandiacre Sandiacre Toli, Cnut, and others The King's Thanes.
Sapertune Saperton Godric and Lewin Cilt Roger, under Henry deFerrars, .
Scardeclif Scarcliff Levenot Ralph Fitzhubert
Scelhadun, a berwick of Ashford Sheldon The King.
Scetune, a berwick of Hope Shatton The King.
Scipelie Shipley Brun and Odincar Malger, under Gilbert de Gand.
Scochetorp Oakerthorp Leuric and Levenot Ralph Fitzhubert
Scrotun Scropton Tochi Henry de Ferrars.
Sedenefeld Sinfin Ulchel William, under Henry de Ferrars.
Segessale Sedsall Uluric Alcher, under Henryde Ferrars.
Serdelau Shardlow Uctebrand, under the King.
Sinitretone, a berwick of Mestesford Snitterton The King.
Sirelei Shirley Chetel,UIme,and others Henry de Ferrars.
Sirelunt Shirland Leuric Warner, under William Peverel.
Sivardingescotes Swadlingcote Godric Nigel de Statford.
Smalei Smalley The King.
Smidesby Smithsby Edwin Nigel de Statford.
Smith cote Warner, under William Peverel.
Snellestune Snelston The Abbot of Burton.
Levenot, Elfric, land others Ralph, under Henry de Ferrars.
Sorchestun Swarkston Gamel and others Henry de Ferrars.
Sothelle Shottle, in Duffield Gamel { Godric, under Henry de Ferrars.
Spondune Spondon Stori Henry de Ferrarfc
Stanlei Stanley Ulfar Robert Fitzwilliam.
Stantone Stanton-by-Dale Ulf Fenisc Malger, under Gilbert de Gand.
Stantun Stanton Edward Ernvi, under the King.
Stanton-ward, in Stapenhill Alwin Henry de Ferrars.
Stantune Stanton Godric and Raven Henry de Ferrars.
Stapenhille Stapenhill The Abbot of Burton.
Godric Nigel de Statford.
Stavelie Stavely Hacon Ascuit Musard.
Steinesbi Halt-Hucknall Steinulf Roger de Poictou.
Steintune Stenston Leuric Henry de Ferrars.
Stertune Sturston in Ashborne Ulchil Roger, under Henry de Ferrars,
Stoche, a berwick of Hope Stoke The King.
Stratune Stretton, in Shirland and North—Winfield Leuric Levenot Robert, under Ralph Fitzhubert.
The same.
Streitun Stretton-in-the-Field Æluric Roger, under Hear de Ferrars.
Sudbury Godric, Uluric, and Elmer Alcher, under Henry de Ferrars.
The Abbot of Burton,
Sudtune Sutton in the Dale Steinulf Roger de Poictou.
Sudtun Sudtune Sutton on the hill Tori, Elwold, and others The Abbot of Burton. Wazelin, under Henry de Ferrars.
Suerchestune Swarkston The King.
Sumersale Somersall Ormer and Ernich Elric Ulcher, under Henry de Ferrars. Alric, under Henry de Ferrars.
Tadintune, a berwick of Ashford Tadington The King.
Tapetune, a berwick of Newbold Tapton The King.
Bada The King's Thanes.
Tegestou Egstow in North-Winfield - Levenot Robert, under Ralph Fitzhubert.
Teneslege, or Tanes-lege, a berwick of Mestesford Tansley The King.
Tibecel Tibshelf Ligulf Robert, under the King, William Pe-verel, keeper.
Tichenhalle Tickenhall The King.
The Abbot of Burton.
Nigel de Statford.
Tideswelle, a berwick of Hope Tideswell The King.
Tilchestune Ilkeston Ulffenise
Osmund Benz
Malger, under Gilbert de Gand.
Osmund, under the King.
The King's Thanes.
Tizinctun Tissington Ulchil,Edric,and others Henry de Ferrars.
The King.
The King's Thanes.
Tornesete, part of Longdendale Thornset Ligulf The King.
Torp Thorp The King.
Torulfestune or Tu-rulvestun Thurlston in Elvaston Tochi Geoffry Alselin.
Torverdestune Thurvaston Ulchel Elfin, under Henry de Ferrars.
Totingelei Totley Tolf The King's Thanes.
Toxenai Trusley Ulchetil and Avic Hugh, under Henry de Ferrars.
Trangesbi (fn. n5) The King.
Trangesby Elnod Nigel de Statford.
Tuiforde Twyford Leuric Henry de Ferrars.
Tunestal Levenot Ralph Fitzhubert.
Tunestalle Steinulf Roger de Poictou.
Turvurdestune Thurvaston Hedul Robert, under Henry de Ferrars.
Uffentune Ufton, in South-Winfield Nigel, under Ralph Fitzhubert. The Abbot of Burton.
Ufre Mlickle-Over The King The Abbot of Burton,
Ufre parva Little-Over The Abbot of Burton,
Uftune Ufton Leuric Warner, under William Peverel.
Uluritune Alun The King's Thanes.
Upetun The King.
Wadescel wadeshelf Wade Dunninc and Branwin Walter Deincourt Ascuit Musard.
Walestune Wallston in Duffield Gamel Godric, under Henry de Ferrars.
Waletune Walton-on-Trent Earl Algar The King.
Walton Hundulf The King
Watrefeld Lewin William Peverel
Welledene, a berwick of Wirksworth Welledune The King.
Werchesvorde Wirksworth The King.
Werredune Levenot Ralph Fitzhubert.
Westone Weston-on-Trent The King.
Westune Earl Algar The King.
Weston-Underwood Ulfi Gilbert, under Ralph de Burun.
Widerdestune Wyaston, or Wyardston Earl Edwin Henry de Ferrars.
Wilelmestorp Williamsthorp Swain Gilt Walter Deincourt.
Willetune Willington Leuric Ralph Fitzhubert.
Winbroc Ivenbrook Chetel Henry de Ferrars.
Winefeld South-Wiuaeld Elnod Robert under Earl Alan,andAlan under William Peverel.
Wineshalle Winshall The Abbot of Burton.
Wingreurde Wingerworth The King.
Winnefelt North-Winfield Walter Deincourt.
Winsterne Winster Leving and Raven Henry de Ferrars.
Wistanestune Wessington Levinc, under Ralph Fitzhubert.
Swain Cilt Walter Deincourt.
Witewelle Whitwell Levenot Ralph Fitzhubert.
Witfeld,part of Long-dendale Whitfield The King.
Witintune, a berwick of Newbold Whittington The King.
Winleslei-Winlesleie Willesley Aluric The King.
Henry de Ferrars.
Wodneslei, a berwick of Mestesforde Wednesley, or Wensley The King.
Wruenele Wormhtll Earl Siward Henry de Ferrars.

The only estates which have continued in the descendants of those who were their possessors at the time of the Domesday Survey, are some manors of the Gresley family, which have passed to them in uninterrupted succession from their ancestor Nigel de Statford. The greater number of the estates of Henry de Ferrars, were parcelled out among his retainers, not long after the date of this survey, by Henry de Ferrars, and his son Robert, the first Earl Ferrars. Among those who had grants from the former, we find the ancestor of the Fitzherberts, who still possess the estates then granted. The manors which were retained by the Ferrars family in their own hands, were forfeited by Robert, Earl of Derby, in the reign of Henry III., and became parcel of the duchy of Lancaster.

Ralph Fitzhubert was ancestor of the Frechevilles, who continued to possess estates in Derbyshire till the extinction of the family in the reign of Charles II. The estates of Walter Deincourt continued in his descendants till they became divided between coheiresses in the reign of Henry VI. The estates of the Barons Musard passed to coheiresses in the reign of Edward II.; a marriage with one of them increased the landed property of the Frechevilles.

The estates of William Peverel, Geoffry Alselin (the heiress of whose family married Bardolf), Ralph de Burim and Roger Busli, passed out of those families at an early period.

Among the possessors of considerable landed property in the reign of Henry II. we find only the Shirleys and Curzons who retain any part of it at the present day. Among the larger landed proprietors of later date, may be mentioned the Vernons of Haddon, whose estates have passed by inheritance to the Duke of Rutland; the Longfords and Leakes, whose estates have been dispersed; the Montgomerys, whose estates passed by inheritance to Lord Vernon's ancestors, and the representatives of the other coheiress; the Stanhopes, whose estates are now held by the three noble families of that name; the Talbots, and Cavendishes.

The estates of Talbot, Earl of Shrewsbury, in Derbyshire have been partly divided among coheiresses, and have partly passed by gift of Elizabeth, Countess of Shrewsbury, to the family of Sir William Cavendish, her husband. These estates, with numerous grants of abbey lands, have passed to his descendant, the Duke of Devonshire, who has by far the largest landed property in the county, and is lessee, under the crown, of the greater portion of the ancient Ferrars estate, which was annexed to the duchy of Lancaster.


  • n1. Supposed to be Upper and Nether-Hurst, near Hathersage,
  • n2. Supposed to be Coxbench.
  • n3. Supposed to have been near Matlock.
  • n4. Supposed to be in the parish of Hartington, where is a pasture—field still called Saum.
  • n5. Not known. It was somewhere in the hundred of Repton and Gresley, near the borders of Leicestershire.