General history: Families removed or extinct by 1620

Pages clxi-clxxii

Magna Britannia: Volume 6, Devonshire. Originally published by T Cadell and W Davies, London, 1822.

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Ancient Families extinct or removed before 1620.

Name. About what Time extinct or removed. Families into which the Heiresses married. Arms.
Affeton, of Affeton Six descents after Edw. I. Stuckley Arg. a chevron between 3 fleur-de-lis, Sable.
Aller, or Awre, of North Aller About the latter end of the 14th century. Hach Arg. 3 parrots, Vert, beaked and membered, Or.
Anke, of Anke About the beginning of Hen. III. Dagville G. 2 bars and 3 annulets in chief, Arg.
Archdeacon (fn. n1), or Ercedekne Five descents after 27 Hen. III. One of the co-heiresses married Courtetenay A. 3 chevrons, Sable.
Arundell, of Hempston Arundell Temp. Hen. III. Crispin A. 6 swallows, Sable.
—, of Yewton Arundell (fn. n2) Removed into Cornwall at an early period Sable, 6 swallows, A.
Ashlegh, of Ashlegh Temp. Edw. III. Tirrell —, a pheon.
Avenell, of Loxbeare Temp. Hen. VI. Trowbridge and Richards A. 5 fusils in fesse.
Avenell, who married the heiress of Fitz Reginald, of Sheepwash Temp. Hen. III. 3 spread eagles.
Bagworthy, of Bagworthy Removed temp. Hen. IV.
Balister, or Alabaster In the 14th century Copleston, of Eggesford A. 3 cross-bows bent, Or.
Barnhouse, of Kingston Seven descents below Edw. I. Rowe G. 2 wings conjoined in lure, Arg.
Baron, of Buckland Baron Temp. Edw. III. Pollard A. a chevron between 3 men's hearts, Sable.
Bathon, of Colebrooke Metsted Erm. a bend, Gules.
Batten (fn. n3), of Dunsland About 1500 Arscot Arg. 3 battle-axes, Az.
Bauceyn (fn. n4), of Washborne Bauceyn Temp. Edw. I. Hiwis Arg. 2 bars wavy G., and a quarter, Sable.
Bawcomb, of Bawcomb Temp. Hen. V. Arg. 3 bats displayed, S.
Beaumont, of Gittesham 1599 Muttlebury Barry of 6 Vaire and G.
Beauple, or Beaple, of Landkey Temp. Edw. III. Sir Nigel Loringe, K. G. G. a bend Vaire, between 6 escallops, Arg.
Belston, of Belston Temp. Hen. III. Speccot and Fulford Or, on a bend, G., 3 crosses formée, Arg.
Bernville, of Hockworthy Five descents from 27 Hen. III. Arg. three pellets, each charged with a bend of the field.
Bickleigh, of Bickleigh Uncertain De Belfago Arg. a bend engrailed, S. between 3 crows.
Bigbury (fn. n5), of Bigbury Three descents below 8 Edw. III. Champernowne and Durnford Az. an eagle displayed, Or.
Bolhay, of Blackborough Bolhay Continued four descents at an early period Cobham A. on a chevron, S., 3 bezants between 3 torteauxes.
Boterford, of Boterford Temp. Hen. IV. Mey Or, on a bend, Az., 3 butterflies, Argent.
Bottreaux, of Molland Bottreaux About temp. Hen. VI. Arg. a griffin segreant, G., beak and legs, Az.
Bowring, of Bowringslegh Temp. Edw. IV. Pike G. a chevron between 3 lioncels rampant, Or.
Boys, of Halberton Temp. Edw. III. Burton A. a chevron, G., between 2 oak-trees, Proper.
Boys, of Woode 1 Edw. II. Boys, of Boys Hele A. a chevron, S., between 3 acorns, erect, Or, cupped, Vert.
Boys, of Boys Hele Seven descents below 1 Edw. II. Speccot A. a chevron, G., between 3 cockatrices, Sable.
Bozon, of Bozon's Hele and Churston The elderline temp. Edw. I. Ferrers and Chiverston Az. 3 bird-bolts, Arg.
A younger branch temp. Hen. VI. Fulford
—, of Clovelly Temp. Edw. III. Cary.
Brightley (fn. n6), of Brightley, originally Fitz-warren 11 descents below H. II. Coblegh, and afterwards Fortescue G. a chief indented, Argent.
Britt, of Stottescombe 8 descents from temp. Hen. III. Wise A. a fesse between 3 escallops, Sable.
Brixton (fn. n7), of Brixton 7 descents below 27 Hen. III. Wivill, Carswell, and Barnhouse Arg. 3 boars' heads, Gules.
Bruer, of Teign Graas or Teign Bruer Temp. Hen. III. Graas and Downe A. four bars gemelles, Az. over all a chevron engrailed, Gules.
Bulkworthy, of Bulkworthy Temp. Edw. I. The heiress seems to have married Stockhey Sable, a bend Vaire.
Burdon, of King's Teignton Temp. Hen. IV. Thorp A. 3 pilgrims' staves in pale, G.
Burnell, of Cocktree Temp. Edw. III. Wike A. a chevron, Ermines, between 3 barnacles, Sab.
—, of Croke Burnell Temp. Edw. III. Colles The same arms (the chevron, Sable).
Bussell, of Bradley 5 descents below 46 Hen. III. Yarde A. a chevron, G., between 3 water-bougets, Sable.
Cadbury, of Cadbury Before 1600 Molford No arms known.
Cadiho, of Dunsland Temp. Hen. IV. Dabernon A. 3 piles in point wavy, Sable.
Carminow, of Ashwater Temp. Hen. VI. Carew Az., a bend, Or, a label of 3, G.
Carslake, of Harston About 1500 Wood Arg., a mullet, S., between 3 trefoils, Vert.
Carswell (fn. n8), of Hach Arundell Settled at Hach in the reign of Hen. IV., extinct in the 16th century Langworthy Sable, a bend, Arg., a label of 5.
Chagford, of Chagford Temp. Edw. I. Sab., crusuly fitchée, 3 lions rampant, Argent.
Challons, of Legh (fn. n9) Challons Uncertain (continued 12 descents) St. Aubyn and Ferrers G., 2 bars and an orle of martlets, Arg.
Chanceaux, or De Cancellis Removed temp. Edw. I. Arg., a chevron, Az., between 3 mullets, Sable.
Cheney, of Up-Ottery Temp. Edw. IV. One of the co-heiresses married Willoughby, Lord Brooke G., 4 fusils in fesse, Arg., each charged with an escallop, Sable.
—, of Pinho, (a younger branch) In the 16th century Walgrave.
Chiseldon, of Holcomb Rogus Wadham and Bluett Or, on a chevron, G., 3 martlets of the field.
Chiverston (fn. n10), of Chiverston 5 descents below 52 Hen. III. Halgewell, or Halwell Or, on a bend, G., 3 goats passant, A.
Clavell, or Claville (fn. n11), of Lomen, (came over with William the Conqueror) Temp. Ric. II. Bere, of Huntsham Or, 3 keys, Gules.
Clist, of Clist and Hennock Temp. Hen. III. Tremenet A. 3 piles in point wavy, Azure.
Cobham (fn. n12), of Blackborough Bolhay Uncertain Charlton G. on a chevron, Or, 3 eaglets displayed, S.
Coblegh (fn. n13), of Brightley In the 16th century Giffard Gyronny of 6, G. and S., on a bend engrailed, A., 3 hurts between 2 swans, Proper.
Cockington, of Cockington (originally Fitz-Martin) Temp. Edw. III. A., a chevron, Az., between 3 cocks, G.
Cockworthy, of Yarnscombe Uncertain Trevelyan Arg., a chevron between 3 cocks, Gules.
Cogan (fn. n14) of Bampton Temp. Ric. II. Fitzwarren G., 3 mulberry leaves, Vert.
Compton, of Compton Castle Temp. Edw. III. Gilbert and Chiderlegh S., a chevron, Erm., between 3 shovelers, Arg.
Cornu, of Horwood About temp. Hen. IV. Pollard and Wilford Arg., a chevron between 3 hunting-horns, Sable.
—, of Thornbury About temp. Hen. VII. Speccot
Coryton, of Coryton Removed into Cornwall Arg., a saltier, Sable.
Crispin, of Woolston Temp. Edw. II. Bradstone G., 10 lozenges, 4, 3, 2, 1 Ermine.
Curtoys, of Goldworthy About 1400 Gay Arg., 3 fleur-de-lis, Sable.
Dabernon, of Bradford Temp. Edw. I. Dennis Az., a chevron, Or.
—, of Dunsland Temp. Hen. VI. Arscot Az., a chevron, and in chief 3 escallops, Or.
Damarell (fn. n15), of Milton Damarell Removed temp. Edw. II. Az., on a chief, G., 3 crescents, A.
—, of North Huish Temp. Edw. III. Trenchard.
—, of Woodbury Temp. Edw. III. Bonville and Maltravers Per fesse, G., and Az., 3 crescents, Arg.
—, of Gidley In the 14th century Code, of Cornwall The same coat with the crescent, Or.
—, of Aveton Giffard Temp. Edw. III. Dernford and Berry.
Deaudon, of Deaudon Temp. Hen. III. Claville and Malet.
De la Ford, of Ford At an early period (uncertain) Bonville S., a poppy with roots and fruit, Or.
Dernford, of Stonehouse 3 descents below Edw. III. Dinham and afterwards Edgecumbe Sab. a ram's head caboshed, Arg., attired, G.
Dirwyn, of Fulford 4 descents below Edw. II. Hach G., a pale engrailed, Erm. debrused with a fesse Erminois.
Doddescomb, of Doddescomb Legh Temp. Edw. III. Bigbury, Newenham, Prall, and Branscomb A., 3 eaglets displayed, Gules.
Donne, or Doune (fn. n16), of Doune Raph and Bridgrule 5 descents below 27 Hen. III. Ledred and Holcomb Paly of 6, Arg. and Az., on a fesse G., 3 mullets, Or.
Edmerston, of Edmerston Continued five descents: time of extinction uncertain Rouse.
English, of English Hayes Temp. Hen. IV. Gredy Az. 3 garbs and a chief, Arg.
Englishville, of Bradley Temp. Hen. III. Bussell G. on a bend, Argent, 3 bendlets, Sable.
Esse, of Esse Ralph (fn. n17) Temp. Edw. II. Giffard A. 2 chevrons, Sable.
Eston, of Eston In the 16th century Winslade Per chevron G. and Or, 3 sea-dragons, counter-changed in pale, and crowned.
Fallowpit, or Fallopit, of Fallowpit Before 1450 Fortescue.
Faringdon, of Little Faringdon Eleven descents below 4 Edw. I. Cooper Sab. 3 unicorns current in pale, Arg.
Ferrers, of Bere Ferrers In the 14th century Champernowne, Poynings, and Fleming Or, on a bend, S. 3 horse-shoes, Arg.
—, of Churston Temp. Hen. VI. Ashford and Yarde The same arms, with a mullet for difference.
Filleigh, of Filleigh Temp. Hen. IV. Trewen G. a fesse Vaire, between 6 crosses formée, Or.
Fishacre, of Comb Fishacre (fn. n18) Temp. Henry IV. Ufflete and Holway Arg. on a chevron, Az. 3 fishes haurient, Or.
Fitz, of Fitzford In the early part of the 17th century The heiress was married to 4 husbands; Percy, Darcy, Howard, and Grenville Arg. a cross engrailed between 12 guttes de Sang.
Fitz Bernard, of Holcomb Burnell Temp. Edw. I. Kaull Vaire on a chief, G. 2 mullets, Or.
Fitz Payne, of Cheriton Fitzpayne Austill A. 2 wings conjoined, Gules.
Fitz Stephen, of Norton Temp. Edw. III. G. an eagle displayed with 2 heads, Or.
Fleming, of Stoke Fleming Temp. Hen. III.
—, of Bratton Fleming Temp. Hen. VI. Bellew and Dillon Vaire, a chief checky, Or, and G.
Folkeray, of Buckland Baron (fn. n19) Three descents below Richard II. Huckmore Checky, A. and S. a fesse Vaire, A. and G.
Frank Cheney, of Clist Gerald Temp. Hen. VIII. Strode Erm. on a chief, G. 3 lions rampant, A.
Gambon, of Morston Temp. Edw. IV. Gay and Sydenham A. a fesse between 3 men's legs, couped, Sable.
Gibbes, of Fenton Temp. Elizabeth Drewe and Wotton A. 3 battle-axes, Sable.
Giffard, of Wear Giffard Temp. Hen. III. Widworthy Sab. 3 fusils in fesse, Erm.
Gorges, of Tamerton Foliot Four descents below 27 Hen. III. Bonville Az. 3 gorges, or whirlpools, one within another, Arg.
Graas, of Teign Graas Before 1500 Copleston Erm. a fesse between 3 cinquefoils, G.
Haccomb, of Haccomb 3 descents after 27 Hen. III. Ercedekne A. 3 bends, Sable.
Halghwell, or Halwell, of Halwell (fn. n20) About 1500 Six co-heiresses married — A. on a chevron, G., 3 annulets, Or.
1. Bray;
2. Brooke Lord Cobham;
3. Verney, and afterwards Catesby;
4. Pecham;
5. Bruges;
6. Lifield
Hall, of Hall Uncertain Chichester Az. a chevron, Erm., between 3 chaplets of roses, A.
Halton, of Ditisham Temp. Edw. I. Ingpen.
Hankford (fn. n21), of Annery About 1500 Butler, Earl of Ormond G. a chevron barry wavy, A. and S.
Hayne, of Hayne, About the middle of the 16th century Harris A chevron, G., between 3 martlets, Sable.
Heanton (fn. n22), of Old Port Uncertain Somaster Vert, a bend, Or.
Helion, of Asseriston Temp. Edw. I. A. on a bend, Sab., 3 martlets, Or.
Hereward, of Dodescot Temp. Edw. III. Berkeley (ob. s. p.). The aunts of the heiress married Denband, Moulton, Prudhome and Sore.
Hidon, of Hemiock Temp. Edw. I. Dinham G. 3 bezants a label of three, A.
—, of Clist Hidon Temp. Ric. II. St. Clere The same arms, with a label of five.
Hill, of Hill's Court, near Exeter Malet G. a saltier Vaire, between 4 mullets, A.
Hiwis, of Stowford Temp. Edw. III. Hawley G. fretty, and a canton, Arg.
Holbeam, of Holbeam and Coffinswell Before 1600 Marwood Arg. a chevron, enarched, Sable.
Holcomb, of Hole, in Branscomb Removed about 1600 Az. a chevron, Arg., between three men's heads wreathed, Or.
Hull, of Larkbeare Appears to have been extinct before the visitation of 1620 Sab. a chevron between 3 talbots' heads, erased, Arg. (fn. n23)
Hurst, of Whiteway Soon after 1600 Bodley Or, a sun, Gules.
Huxham, of Huxham Temp. Edw. III. Bampfylde A. a lion rampant, S.
Ingpen (fn. n24) 4 descents below 27 Hen. III. Fitchet G. 2 bars gemelles, Or, a chief engrailed, Erm.
Le Jewe, of Cotlegh 4 descents below Edw. II. Yeo Vert. a lion rampant gardant, Erm., a fesse, G.
Jule, or Jewell (fn. n25), of Bowden Before 1600 Or, on a chevron, Az., between 3 July flowers, a demi-maiden, G. crined, Or, on a chief, S. a lure between 2 falcons, A., legs and bells, Or.
Kaleway, of Mokisbeare Temp. Eliz. Arg. 2 glaziers' irons in saltier, S., between four pears pendant, Or.
—, of Cullompton Before 1600 Lighte The same arms, within a border engrailed.
Kaull (fn. n26), of Holcomb Burnell Four descents below Hen. III. Quarterly embattled, A. and S.
Keynes (fn. n27), of Winkley Keynes Removed into Somersetshire about 1600, after remaining at Winkley for 15 generations, from the time of Henry II. The heiress of the elder branch had previously married Speke Az. a bend wavy, cottised, Arg.
Knovill, of Battishorne About 1400 Achard, Dun, and Ercedekne A., 3 mullets, G.
Lamprey, of Church Horwood Temp. Edw. II. Passelew S., a chevron between 3 lampreys, A.
Lancelles, of Combe Lancelles Temp. Edw. III. A., a chief, S., 3 lances in pale counterchanged.
Langford, of Langford 7 descents below Hen. III. Paly of 6, A. and G., a chief, Azure.
Larder (fn. n28), of Upton Pyne In the early part of the 17th century Copleston A. on 3 piles in chief, Sab., as many bezants.
Lomen, or de Lumine Temp. Hen. III. or Edw. I. Sab., a sun, Or.
Malherbe, of Fenyton Temp. Hen. VII. Ferrers Or, a chevron, G., between 3 nettle-leaves erect, V.
Marshall, of Radway Removed about 1600.
Merton, of Merton (fn. n29) Temp. Edw. III. Stowell Az., 3 bends, Arg.
Metsted Walleis Quarterly, Or and G., 4 escallops counterchanged.
Mewy, of Mewy 10 Ric. II., after 7 descents G., 3 sea-mews, A., beaks and legs, Or.
Molton, of Pinho Temp. Edw. III. Streche Checky, Or and S.
Norris, of Norris About 1400 Fortescue Quarterly G. and A., the first and fourth quarters fretty, Or.
Orwey, of Orwey 5 descents below 27 Hen. III. Hampton Arg., on a chief indented, S., 3 cross-crosslets fitchée, Or.
Paganell, of Baunton Before Edw. I. Cogan Or, 2 lions passant in pale, Az.
Passelew, of Church Horwood Removed before 1600 Bore the arms of Lamprey, whose heiress their ancestor married.
Penniles, of Lupton About Hen. VII. Upton Arg., on a chevron, Az., 3 fishes, Or.
Pery, of West Waters Temp. Eliz. Quarterly, G. and Or, on a bend of the first 3 lions passant, Azure.
Peverell, of Ermington Temp. Edw. I. Carew Or, a spread eagle, Az.
—, of Sampford Peverell Temp. Edw. I. Cottle, Wrokeshall, and Rivers Az., 3 garbs, Arg.; a chief, Or.
—, of Wolmerston Temp. Hen. IV. Lord Hungerford.
Peytevin, (Pictavensis) of Credy Peytevin Temp. Edw. I.: a younger branch continued till Edw. III. Wiger.
Pillond, of Pillond Temp. Hen. VII. Brett S. an eagle displayed, Arg.
Pipard, of Larkbear Temp. Edw. III. De Lisle Arg., 3 bars gemelles, Az.
Poer or Power, of Poers Hayes 6 descents below Hen. II. Duke Per pale wavy, Or and Az.
Poltimore, of Poltimore Jewe Az., a griffin segreant, Or.
Potesford, or Putford, of Church Putford Temp. Edw. II. or III. Stockhey and Pollard Arg., a plain cross fitchée in base, Gules.
Powlet, or Pawletl, of Legh Powlet Removed about 1600 Sab. 3 swords in pile, A., the hilts, Or.
Prescot, of Prescot Temp. Hen. IV. The heiress seems to have married Almescombe, who took the name Erm., a chevron, S., on a chief, Or, 2 leopards' faces, Gules.
Prodhome, of Upton Prodhome Temp. Edw. III. Whiting Az., 3 lions' heads erased, Or.
Pruteston, of Pruteston, now Preston Temp. Ric. II. Fortescue, of Wimpston Or, on a bend, Az., 3 crosses formée fitchée, Arg.
Punchardon, of Punchardon in Kentisbear, and of Heanton Punchardon Temp. Hen. III. or Edw. I. Beaumont, Ralegh, and Beauple A. a cross sarcelé voided, G.
Pym (fn. n30), of Sidford Removed about 1600 A., an annulet, S.
Rake, of Rake Soon after 44 Edw. III. S., 3 rakes in pale, Arg.
Ralegh, of Ralegh After 8 descents (time uncertain) Chichester Checky; Or and G., a chief Vaire
—, of Collation Ralegh (fn. n31), and Fardell Removed temp. Jac. I. G., 5 fusils in bend, A.
—, of Warklegh Continued from Hen. II. to Hen. IV. G., 3 fusils in bend, Arg.
—, of Street-Ralegh 4 descents below Hen. III. St. Aubyn G., a bend Vaire between 6 cross-crosslets, Or.
Rashleigh (fn. n32), of Rashleigh Temp. Hen. VII. Clotworthy A., a cross, S., in chief 2 text T's of the second.
Reigny, of Eggesford (fn. n33) 9 descents below Hen. III. Copleston G., 2 wings conjoined in fesse, Erm.
—, of Brixton Reigny 4 Edw. I. 4 co-heiresses married — G., 3 paring knives, Arg. hafts, Or.
1. Crubb;
2. Prous;
3. Luscombe;
4. Horey and Wanton
Revell, of Revelstoke After 5 descents (time uncertain Hurst.
Rogus, of Holcombe Rogus (originally Fitz-Rogon) Temp. Edw. III. Chiseldon Az., a chevron, A., between 3 chess-rooks, Or.
Rohant, of Dodbrook Temp. Edw. III. Champernowne Or, 2 chevrons, Gules: a canton of the second charged with a mullet of the field.
Rous (fn. n34), of Modbury Removed into Cornwall Or, an eagle displayed biting its wing, Azure.
St. Aubyn (fn. n35), of Comb Ralegh Dennis and Trethurfe Erm., on a cross, G., 5 bezants.
St. Clere, of Tidwell Temp. Eliz. Arscot Per pale, Or, and Az., a sun counterchanged.
St. Leger (fn. n36), of Annery and Dartington Removed before 1600 Az., fretty and a chief, Arg.
St. Mary Church (fn. n37), of St. Mary Church Temp. Hen. III. De Rotomago.
St. Maur (fn. n38), of North Molton Uncertain Drury A. 2 chevrons, G. a label of 3 Vert.
Sachville, of Clist Sachville Removed Temp. Edw. I. S. a chevron, Erm. between 3 bundles of arrows, A.
Santon, of Santon Temp. Hen. III., or Edw. I. Stockhey Arg. a chief, Azure.
Scobahull (fn. n39), of Scobbahull Temp. Hen. IV. Holbeam, Chedder, Kirkham, and Speccot. The heiress of a younger branch married Cole Arg. 3 fleur-de-lis, G.
Servington Temp. Eliz. Croker and Savery Erm., on a chevron, Az., 3 stags' heads cabosh'd. Or.
Seward, of Comb in Teignhead Before 1600 Chase and Furlong G. on a fesse, Az. between 2 chevrons, Erm. 3 lions' faces, Or.
Shillingford, of Shillingford Uncertain, (continued 9 descents) A. a bend, G. a label of five, Azure.
Shilston, of Shilston Temp. Hen. III. Bauceyne, and afterwards Ashleigh Erm. a saltier, Azure, between 4 cross-crosslets, fitchée, Sable.
Another Shilston, who had married a co-heiress of Upcott Temp. Eliz. Whiddon.
Snape Baghill A. a lion rampant, Erm.
Soleigny, of Umberleigh About 1200 Champernowne Quarterly, A. and G.
Speke (fn. n40), of Brampford Speke Removed before 1600 A. 2 bars, Az. over all an eagle displayed, Or.
Stanton of Clovelly Temp. Edw. III. Crewkern S. a chevron, between 3 lions' heads erased, A.
Stapledon, of Stapledon In the early part of the 15th century Hankford A. 2 bends wavy, S.
Stockhey (fn. n41), of Santon 5 descents below Edw. I. Beaumont S. a chevron, Erm. between 2 chevronels engrailed, Or.
Stone, of Stone Temp. Hen. VI. Harris Or, on a fesse 3 plates.
Stone, or De la Stane 6 descents from Henry II. (removed) The same arms.
Stoner, of Ermington Removed before 1600 Az. 2 bars dauncettée and a chief, Or.
Stowford, of Stowford, in Colyton Temp. Edw. I. Walrond Or, a chevron between 3 bulls' faces, Sable.
Streche (fn. n42), of Wolston 4 descents after Edw. II. Cheyney and Beauchamp A. a lion rampant, G.
Strechleigh (fn. n43), of Strechleigh, in Ermington 1583 Chudleigh Per pale A. and S., six crescents counterchanged.
Sully (fn. n44), of Iddesleigh About Edw. III. A. 2 chevrons, G.
Talbot, of Spreyton and Sourton Temp. Hen. VI. Kelly A. a chevron between 3 talbots, passant, Sab.
Thorne, of Thorne (Uncertain) Cooke A. a fesse, G. between 3 lions, rampant, Sab.
Thorpe, of King's Teignton 1509 Clifford Az. a fesse dauncettée, Erm.
Till, of Tilhouse 7 descents below Hen. III. Hext and Wadham A. a fesse, per fesse indented, Or, and G., in chief, 3 trefoils, S.
Tidwell, or Todwell, of Todwell After 6 descents (time uncertain) St. Clere A. a fesse between 3 annulets, S. within a border engrailed, G.
Tracey, of Wollacomb Tracey Temp. Edw. II. or III. One of the co-heiresses married successively Mawris, Roges, and Boteler; the other Fitz Stephen, and Mauger Or, 2 bends, G., a label of three, Az.
Trelosk, of Dunterton Temp. Edw. I. Per pale A. and G., on the second a fret, Or.
Tremail, of Sand In the 16th century Ashley A. a fesse G. between 2 tremails.
Tremenet, of Hennock Temp. Edw. III. Dymock and Turnour S. a chevron between 3 mullets of 6 points, Or.
Trenchard, of Collacomb Temp. Edw. III. Tremayne Or, a chevron between 3 escallops, Az.
Trewin, or Trewen, of Weare Giffard, and Whitchurch Temp. Hen. IV. Densell A. on a bend V., between 6 cross-crosslets fitchée, 3 crosier staves, Or.
Trivet, of Stone 3 descents after Edw. III. Pym and Tremail A. a trivet, Sable.
Tudenham, of Stanton Tudenham Removed, after 6 descents.
Ufflete, of Comb Temp. Hen. VI. Walrond A. on a fesse, Sab., 3 cross-crosslets, Or, in chief, 3 martlets of the second, two and one.
Umfraville (fn. n45), of Lapford Furneaux and St. John G. crusuly and a rose, Or.
Upcott, of Upcott (Uncertain) One of the co-heiresses married Shilston A. on a chevron between 3 boars, passant, S., as many roses, Arg.
Valletort, of North Tawton About 1300 5 co-heiresses: 1. and 2. married Champernowne; 3. Lyff; 4. Lucy, and afterwards Francis; 5. Bradney V. on a bend, A., 3 mullets, G.
—, of Clist St. Lawrence Temp. Hen. VIII. Pollard A. a fesse, and in chief 2 mullets, Sab.
Wadeton, of Wadeton Temp. Hen. III. Fishacre, or Fissacre.
Wadham, of Edge By the death of Nicholas Wadham, founder of Wadham College, in or about 1609 Strangwayes, Martyn, and Wyndham G. a chevron between 3 roses, Arg.
Wampford, of Wampford After 7 descents (time uncertain) Keynes A. a fesse between 3 mullets, Sab.
Whiteway, of Whiteway In the 14th century Hurst and Horwell.
Whitfield of Whitfield Before 1500 Hensleigh and Garland G. a fesse between 6 cross-crosslets fitchée, Arg.
Wibbery, of Wibbery (Uncertain) Lippincot A. a fesse embattled, counter-embattled, Sab., between 3 quatrefoils, G.
Widworthy, of Widworthy Temp. Edw. I. Dinham.
Willington, of Gittisham About the latter end of the 14th century Wroth and Beaumont G. a saltier, Vaire.
Winscot, of Winscot Temp. Edw. III. Barry.
Wolfe, (anciently Lupus,) of Kentisbury 1493 Randall A. a chevron between 3 wolves, passant, Az.
Wolrington, of Hache Temp. Edw. II. or III. Atwater G. 2 demi-leopards, passant, Or.
—, of West Wolrington, or Worlington Temp. Edw. II. Sab. 3 eagles' heads erased, and an orle of martlets, Or.
Woodland, of Woodland and Cockington Temp. Edw. III. Wybury, Solers, and Burell A. on a bend, S., 3 harts' heads caboshed, Or.
Yartye, of Yartye Temp. Hen. IV. Frye Sab. a fesse engrailed between 3 mullets, Arg.


  • n1. The heiress of Haccomb married into this family.
  • n2. Ancestor of the Arundells of Lanherne.
  • n3. The heiress of Dabernon married into this family.
  • n4. The heiress of Shilston married into this family.
  • n5. Co-heiresses of Doddescombe and of Champernowne of North Tawton married into this family.
  • n6. The heiress of Stowford, and a co-heiress of Merton, married into this family.
  • n7. A co-heiress of Dymmock married into this family.
  • n8. The heiress of Prall and a co-heiress of Brixton married into this family.
  • n9. The heiress of Legh, and co-heiresses of Cantilupe, Mauduit, Beauchamp, and Waterton, married into this family.
  • n10. A co-heiress of Boson, of Ithelton, married into this family.
  • n11. A younger branch of this family married the heiress of Wyot, of Smedmore, and settled in Dorsetshire. This branch became extinct by the death of George Clavell, Esq., of Bath, in 1774; his father was the first of his branch who wrote the name Clavell. A nephew (William Richards) took the name of Clavell, and was sheriff of Dorsetshire in 1797.
  • n12. The heiress of Bolhay married into this family.
  • n13. The heiress of Brightley married into this family.
  • n14. Descended from Sir Milo Cogan, who undertook the conquest of Ireland: his five immediate successors were all knights.
  • n15. A younger branch of this family, which had been of Stone in Ugborough, was in existence in Sir William Pole's time, in a reduced condition, and the name is still to be found among the yeomanry in the south-west part of the county.
  • n16. The heiress of De Mora, and a co-heiress of Bruer, married into this family.
  • n17. The Ash's, of Middlesex, an extinct baronet's family, were descended from a younger branch of Esse, of Esse Ralph.
  • n18. The heiress of Speke married into this family.
  • n19. The heiress of a younger son of the Folkeray family married Hearle, and afterwards Cary, of Cockington, by both of whom she had issue.
  • n20. The heiress of Piperell, Norbury, and Chiverston married into this family, and the arms of Chiverston were sometimes borne by them instead of their own. A younger branch of this family, as they were supposed to have been, who wrote their name Holwell, was of Thorne Hopping. Andrew Holwell, of that place, who died in 1624, appears by the pedigree to have been grandson of Sir John Halwell: his descendant, William Holwell, M. D., resided at Exeter, and was great-grandfather of the Rev. William Holwell, some time of Exeter College, who married Lady Charlotte Carr, daughter of the Earl of Errol, and has assumed the name of Carr.
  • n21. The heiress of Stapledon married into this family.
  • n22. A co-heiress of De la Port, and the heiress of Sainthill, married into this family.
  • n23. Perhaps the arms of Talbot: the heiress of Talbot, of Exeter, married into this family.
  • n24. The heiress of Halton married into this family.
  • n25. Bishop Jewell was of this family.
  • n26. The heiress of Fitz Bernard married into this family.
  • n27. Co-heiresses of Wake and Wampford married into this family.
  • n28. The heiress of Pyne, of Upton Pyne, married into this family. A younger branch, which was of Loders, in Dorsetshire, married the heiresses of Coudrey and Owgan, and became extinct by the death of George Larder, Esq., in 1766. The co-heiresses (aunts of the last male heir) married Brown, Walrond of Bovey, and Bragge of Sadborough.
  • n29. One of the co-heiresses of the Baron de Torrington married into this family. Ancestors of Earl Pawlet.
  • n30. The heiress of Trivet, of Sidford, married into this family.
  • n31. A younger branch of Ralegh, of Nettlecombe Ralegh, in Somersetshire; but it is probable that they were all originally descended from the Raleghs, of Ralegh. Sir Walter Ralegh, who was the representative of this family, sold most of his estates in Devonshire.
  • n32. A younger branch settled at Menabilly in Cornwall. — See the history of that county.
  • n33. The heiresses of Page and Weele married into this family.
  • n34. The Rev. Richard Rous, one of the male descendants of this family, died rector of Clist St. George in Devonshire, in the year 1810.
  • n35. The heiress of Ralegh married into this family.
  • n36. A co-heiress of Butler, Earl of Ormond, married into this family.
  • n37. A younger son of Richard de Redvers, Earl of Devon, is said by Dugdale to have taken this name.
  • n38. The heiress of Zouch married into this family.
  • n39. There is a younger branch of this family in Cornwall.
  • n40. The heiresses of Gervais, Keynes, Beauchamp, and Winard, married into this family.
  • n41. A co-heiress of Potesford, and the heiress of Crawthorne, married into this family.
  • n42. The heiresses of Bradstone and Molton married into this family.
  • n43. A co-heiress of Goold married into this family.
  • n44. One of the co-heiresses of the Barons de Torrington married into this family.
  • n45. One of the co-heiresses of the Barons de Torrington married into this family.