Index: Families

Magna Britannia: Volume 6, Devonshire. Originally published by T Cadell and W Davies, London, 1822.

This free content was digitised by double rekeying. Public Domain.


Daniel Lysons, Samuel Lysons, 'Index: Families', in Magna Britannia: Volume 6, Devonshire( London, 1822), British History Online [accessed 22 July 2024].

Daniel Lysons, Samuel Lysons, 'Index: Families', in Magna Britannia: Volume 6, Devonshire( London, 1822), British History Online, accessed July 22, 2024,

Daniel Lysons, Samuel Lysons. "Index: Families". Magna Britannia: Volume 6, Devonshire. (London, 1822), , British History Online. Web. 22 July 2024.



ABBOT of Hartland, clxxxiii.
-, —, monuments of, 259.

Acland of Columbjohn, Baronet, cxiii. cxiv.
-, —, monuments of, 249.
-, — of Hawkridge, 249.

Acland Palmer, Baronet, cxx.

Adams of Bowden, cxxxii.

Addington of High Bickington, clxxxiii.
-, —, monuments of, 45.
-, — Viscount Sidmouth, lxxxix. xc.

Affeton of Affeton, clxi.

Alabaster, ibid.

Albemarle, Monk, Duke of, xcvi. xcvii. 338.

Aller, or Awre, of North Aller, clxi.

Andrews, monuments of, 353.

Anke of Anke, clxi.

Archdeacon, clxi.

Arscott of Tetcott, clxxxiii. clxxxiv.
-, —, monuments of, 59. 496.

Arundell of Hempston Arundell and Yewton Arundell, clxi.

Ash of Sowton, clxxxiv.

Ashburton, Lord, xcii. xciii.

Ashford, or Ayshford, of Ashford, clxxxiv.
-, —, monuments of, 91.

Atwell of Exeter, clxxxiv.

Atwood of Ashridge, clxxxiv.

Avenell of Loxbeare, &c., clxi.


Bagworthy of Bagworthy, clxi.

Baker of Loventor, Baronet, cxv. cxvi.

Balister, clxi.

Balle of Mamhead, clxxxv.
-, —, monuments of, 161.

Ballyman, monuments of, 262.

Bampfylde of Poltimore, Baronet, cx.

Barbor of Fremington, cxxxii. cxxxiii.

Baring, monuments of, 311.

Barkleigh of Kingsbridge, clxxxv.

Barnefield of Mambury, ibid.

Barnhouse of Kingston, clxi.

Baron of Buckland Baron, &c., ibid.

Barry of Winscott, clxxxv.

Bartlett of Hole, cxxxiii.
-, —, monuments of, 63.

Bassett of Heanton Punchardon, &c. cxxxii— cxxxiv.
-, —, monuments of, 262.

Bastard of Kitley, cxxxi. cxxxii.
-, —, monuments of, 7.

Bath, Bourchier Earl of, xcviii., Granville, Earl of, xci.

Bathon of Colebrooke, clxi.

Batishall of East Week, clxxxv.

Bauceyn of Washbourne Bauceyn, clxi.

Bawcombe of Bawcombe, ibid.

Beaumont of Gittisham, clxi.

Beauple of Landkey, ibid.

Beavis of Clist, clxxiii.

Bedford, Russell, Duke of, lxxxiv.

Bellew of Stockleigh English, cxxxiv.

Belston of Belston, clxi.

Bennet, monuments of, 107.

Bere, or Beare, of Huntsham, &c. cxxxiv.
-, —, monuments of, 356.

Bernville of Hockworthy, clxii.

Berry of Berry Narbor, &c. &c. clxxiii. clxxiv. 552.
-, —, monuments of, 42. 384. 467. 553.

Bickford of Dunsland, clxxxv.
-, —, monuments of, 59.

Bickleigh of Bickleigh, clxii.

Bidgood of Rockbeare, clxxxv. clxxxvi.

Bidlake of Bidlake, clxxxvi. 583.

Bigbury of Bigbury, clxii.
-, —, monument of, cccxxxvii.

Blagdon of Blagdon, clxxxvi.

Bluett of Holcombe Rogus, cxxxv.
-, —, monuments of, 276.

Bodley of Dunscombe, clxxxvi.

Bolhey of Blackborough Bolhey, clxii.

Bonville, Baron Bonville, ciii.

Bourchier, Earl of Bath, xcviii.
-, —, monuments of, 478.

Boterford of Boterford, clxii.

Bottreaux of Molland Bottreaux, clxii.
-, —, Baron, cii.

Bowring of Bowringsleigh, clxii.

Boys of Boys Hele and Halberton, clxii.

Bozon of Bozon's Hele and Clovelly, clxii.

Bragge of Sadborough, cxxxv.

Bremridge of Bremridge, clxxxvi.

Brewer, Baron Brewer, cvi.

Brian, Baron Brian, cii.

Brightley of Brightley, clxii.

Britt of Stottescomb, ibid.

Brixton of Brixton, ibid.

Briwere, cv. cvi.

Broke, Lord, civ.

Brooke, Baron Cobham, civ.

Broughton of Warbrightsley, clxxxvi.

Bruer of Teign Grace, clxii.

Bruton, monuments of, 10.

Buck of Daddon, cxxxv. cxxxvi.
-, —, monuments of, 51.

Bulkworthy of Bulkworthy, clxii.

Buller of Lupton, Baronet, cxvi.
-, — of Downes, cxxxvi.

Bulteel of Fleet, ibid.

Burdon of Burdon, ibid.
-, — of King's Teignton, clxii.

Burgoyne of South Tawton, clxxvi.
-, —, monuments of, 10.

Burnaby of Burnaby, clxxxvii.

Burnell of Cocktree and Croke Burnell, clxii.

Burridge, monuments of, 513.

Burrington, monuments of, 107.

Bury of Doniton, cxxxviii.
-, —, monuments of, 109.

Bussell of Bradby, clxii.


Cabell of Buckfastleigh, clxxxvii.

Cadbury of Cadbury, clxii.

Cadiho of Dunsland, clxiii.

Callard of Callard, clxxxvii.

Calmady of Langdon, cxxxvii.

Calwoodley of Calwoodley, clxxxvii. clxxxviii.

Cantilupe, cv.

Carew of Haccombe, Baronet, cxiv. cxv. 46.
-, —, monuments of, 250.
-, —, Earl of Totnes, xcviii. xcix.

Carminow of Ashwater, clxii.

Carslake of Harston, clxiii.

Carswell of Hache Arundell, clxiii.

Carwithen of Paunston, clxxiv.

Cary of Clovelly, Cockington and Tor Abby, cxxxviii. cxxxix. 123.
-, —, monuments of, 122. 332. 525.

Chagford of Chagford, clxiii.

Challacombe, monuments of, 553.

Challon of Legh Challons, clxiii.

Champernowne of Dartington, cxxxix. cxli.
-, — of Modbury, cxl. 342.
-, —, monuments of, cccxli. 153.

Champneys of Yarnscombe, clxxxviii.
-, —, monuments of, 575.

Chanceaux, clxiii.

Charles of Tavistock, clxxxviii.

Cheney of Up Ottery and Pinhoe, clxiii.

Chichester of Ralegh, Baronet, cx. cxii.
-, — of Arlington and Hall, cxi. note.
-, — monuments of, cccxliii. 19. 333. 389. 467.
-, —, Earl of Donegall, monument of, 174.

Chiseldon of Holcombe Rogus, clxiii.

Chiverston of Chiverston, ibid.

Cholwich of Farringdon, &c., cxli.
-, —, monuments of, 55. 107. 384.

Chudleigh of Ashton, Baronet, cxxiii. 17.

Clark of Bridwell, cxli.
-, —, monuments of, 252.

Clavell of Lomen, clxiii.

Clevland of Tapley, clxxxviii.
-, —, monuments of, 553.

Clifford, Lord Clifford of Ugbrooke, xci. xcii. 105.
-, —, monuments of, 107. 494.

Clinton, Lord, xc. xci.

Clist of Clist, clxiii.

Cloberry of Bradstone, clxxxviii.

Clotworthy of Clotworthy, clxxxviii. clxxxix.

Cobham of Blackborough Bolhey, clxiii.
-, —, Lord, ciii.

Cobleigh of Brightly, clxiii.
-, —, monuments of, cccxxxvii. 102.

Cocke of Plymouth, clxxxix.

Cockeram of Hillersdon, clxxxix.

Cockington of Cockington, clxiii.

Cockworthy of Yarnscombe, ibid.

Code of Gidley Castle, clxxxix.

Coffin of Portledge, cxli.
-, —, monuments of, cccxlii. cccxliii. 10. 353.

Cogan of Bampton, clxiv.

Coham of Coham, cxli. 526.

Coke, monuments of, 379.

Cole of Slade, clxxxix. cxc. 570.

Colleton of Exmouth, Baronet, cxxvi.

Collins of Ham, cxlii.
-, —, monuments of, 374.

Colman of Gornhay, cxc.
-, —, monuments of, 513.

Columb or Culme, cxc.

Compton of Compton, clxiv.

Comyns of Wood, cxlii.

Cooke of Thorne, cxc.

Copleston of Copleston, Instow, Wyke, Otterton, Woodland, Knighteston, &c., clxxiv. — clxxvi.

Cornu of Horwood and Thornbury, clxiv.

Cory of Cory, clxxvi.

Coryton of Coryton, clxiv.

Cottle of Sampford Peverell, cxc. cxci.

Courtenay, Viscount, lxxxvii. lxxxviii.
-, — of Molland Bottreaux and Wallreddon, cxci.
-, —, monuments of, cccxxxix. 107. 347.

Cove, monuments of, 492.

Coysh, monuments of, 107.

Crispin of Woolston, clxiv.

Croker, or Crocker, of Lyneham, cxci.
-, —, monument of, cccxliii.

Cruwys of Morchard Cruwys, cxci. cxcii.

Crymes of Buckland Monachorum, cxcii.

Cudmore of Loxbeare, ibid.

Culme, monuments of, 81.

Curtoys of Goldsworthy, clxiv.

Cutcliffe of Damage, cxlii.
-, —, monuments of, 290. 467. 553.


Dabernon of Bradford and Dunsland, clxiv.

Damarell of Milton Damarell, &c., &c. ibid.

Davie of Creedie, Baronet, of Ebberleigh, Upcott, Canon Teign, Medland, &c. &c., cxii. cxiii. 99. 100.
-, —, monuments of, 80. 242. 434.

Deaudon of Deaudon, clxiv.

Dene of Horwood, &c., cxlii.
-, —, monuments of, 243. 260.

Dennis of Orleigh and Holcombe Burnell, clxxvi. clxxvii.
-, —, monuments of, 80.

Dernford of Stonehouse, clxiv.

De Sap, cv.

Devon, Rivers, Earls of, xcvii.
-, —, Courtenay, Earls of, lxxxviii.
-, —, monuments of, cccxxxiv. cccxxxviii.

Devonshire, Blount, Earl of, xcvii. note.

Dillon of Chimwell, cxcii.

Dinham, Baron Dinham, ciii.
-, — of Wortham, cxcii.
-, —, monuments of, cccxxxvi. 318.

Derwyn of Fulford, clxiv.

Docton of Docton, cxcii.
-, —, monuments of, 259.

Doddescomb of Doddescombleigh, clxiv.

Doidge of Combe, cxlii.
-, —, monuments of, 340.

Donne, or Doune, of Ralph Doune, clxiv.

Downe of East Downe, &c., cxcii.
-, —, monuments of, 366.

Dowrish of Dowrish, cxciv.

Drake of Ash, Baronet; of Bystock, Wiscombe, Yardbury, &c., cxxv. cxxvi.
-, — of Buckland Monachorum, and Nutwell, Baronet, cxx. cxxi.
-, —, monuments of, 360.

Drewe of Grange, cxlii.
-, —, monuments of, cccxl. 267.

Duck of Heavitree, cxciv.
-, —, monuments of, 265.

Duckworth of Weare, Baronet, cxix. cxx.

Duke of Otterton, cxciv.
-, —, monuments of, 376.

Dunning, Lord Ashburton, xcii. xciii.

Duntze of Rockbeare, Baronet, cxv.

Dyer of Yarde, cxciv.


Eastchurch, monuments of, 107.

Eastley, monuments of, 332.

Edgecumbe of Edgecumbe, lxxiv. 340.
-, —, Earl of Mount Edgecumbe, lxxxiv. lxxxv.
-, —, monuments of, cccxliii. 327. 340.

Edmerston of Edmerston, clxiv. 344.

Elford of Bickham, Baronet, cxviii.
-, —, monuments of, 439.

Eliott, Lord Heathfield, civ.

Elwill of Exeter, Baronet, cxxx.

English of English Hayes, and Stockleigh English, clxiv. cxciv.

Englishville of Bradley, clxiv.

Erle of Bindon, cxciv.

Esse of Esse Ralph, clxiv.

Eston of Eston, ibid.

Eveleigh of Eveleigh, cxciv.
-, —, monuments of, 379. 470.

Exeter, Beaufort, Duke of, xcvi.
-, —, Holland, Duke of, xcv.

Exmouth, Pellew, Viscount, xc.


Fallopit of Fallopit, clxiv.

Faringdon, of Little Faringdon, clxv.

Fellowes of Eggesford, clxiii.
-, —, monuments of, 174.

Ferrers, of Bere Ferrers and Churston, clxv.

Filleigh of Filleigh, ibid.

Fishacre of Combe, ibid.

Fitz of Fitzford, ibid.

Fitz Bernard of Holcombe Burnell, ibid.

Fitzpayne of Cheriton Fitzpayne, ibid.

Fitzstephen of Norton, ibid.

Fleming of Bratton and Stoke Fleming, ibid.
-, —, monuments of, 553.

Floier of Floier Hayes, cxcv.

Folkeray of Buckland Baron, clxv.

Foote, monuments of, 513.

Ford of Chagford, &c. &c., cxcv. cxcvi. 583.

Forde of Fordemore, cxcvi.

Fortescue, Earl Fortescue, lxxxv.—lxxxviii.
-, — of Buckland Filleigh, cxliii. cxliv.
-, — of Fallopit, Baronet, cxxviii. cxxix. 5. 6.
-, — of Wood, Baronet, cxxix. 573.
-, — of Spriddleston, 73.
-, — of Wimpston, lxxxv. note.
-, —, monuments of, cccxlii. 82. 240. 384. 475. 547.

Fountaine of Baucombe, cxcvi.

Fowell of Fowellscombe, Baronet, cxxvi.

Fownes of Netheway, cxciv.

Franceis, or Fraunceis, of Fraunceis Court, cxcvi. 116.

Frank Cheney of Clist Gerald, clxv.

Freeman, 468.

Frye of Yartye, cxcvi. 338.

Fulford of Fulford, cxliv. cxlv. 171. 172.
-, —, monuments of, cccxli. 173.

Furse of Furse, cxlv.
-, —, monuments of, 162.

Fursdon of Fursdon, cxlv.

Fursland of Bickington, cxcvii.


Gambon of Morston, clxv.

Garland of Garland, cxcvii.
-, —, monuments of, 333.

Gay of Goldsworthy, clxxxvii.
-, —, monuments of, 243.

Gibbes of Fenton, clxv.
-, —, monuments of, 118.

Gidley of Gidley, clxxvii. clxxviii.

Giffard of Weare, clxv.

Giffard of Halesbury and Brightley, cxcvii. cxcviii.
-, —, monuments of, 102.

Gilbert of Compton, &c. &c., cxlv. cxlvi.
-, —, monuments of, 332.
-, — of Tackbeare, cxcviii.

Giles of Bowden, cxcviii.

Glanville of Halwell, cxcviii. cxcix.
-, —, monument of, cccxliii.

Gorges of Tamerton Foliot, clxv.

Gould of Lew Trenchard, cxlvi.

Graas of Teign Graas, clxv.

Granville, Earl of Bath, xcix.

Graves, Lord Graves, xcv.

Greening, monuments of, 547.

Gregory, monuments of, 98.

Grey, Duke of Suffolk, xcvi.

Gwynn of Ford Abbey, cxlvi.


Hacche, or Hach, of North Aller, cxcix.
-, —, monuments of, 435.

Haccomb of Haccomb, clxv.
-, —, monuments of, cccxxxiv.

Hall of Hall, clxvi.

Hallet of Stedcombe, cxlvi. cxlvii.

Hals of Kenedon, cxcix.

Halton of Dittisham, clxvi.

Halwell of Halwell, clxvi.

Hamlyn of Paschoe, cxlvii.
-, —, monuments of, 570.
-, — Williams, Baronet, cxvii.

Hammond, monuments of, 323.

Hancock, monuments of, 137.

Handford, monuments of, 467.

Hankford of Annery, clxvi.

Harding of Upcot, cxlvii.
-, —, monuments of, 137. 242.

Harlewin of Ascerton, cxcix.

Harris of Stowford, Baronet, cxxix. cxxx.
-, — of Hayne, Castlepark, and Radford, cxlvii. cxlviii.
-, —, monuments of, 318. 466.

Hawkins of Norton, &c., cxlviii.
-, —, monuments of, 110.

Haydon of Boughwood, cxcix. cc
-, —, monuments of, 379.

Hayne of Hayne, clxvi.
-, — of Fuge, cc.

Hays of Dallamore, cxlviii.

Heanton of Old Port, clxvi.

Heathfield, Lord, civ.

Hele of Fleet, Baronet, Holwell, Newton Ferrers, and Brixton, cxxiii. cxxiv.

Helion of Asseriston, clxvi.

Hellyer, monuments of, 107.

Hereward of Doddescot, clxvi.

Heywood, of Maristow, cc.
-, —, monuments of, 47.

Hidon of Hemiock, clxvi.

Hill of Hill's Court, ibid.
-, — of Shilston, clxxviii. 343.

Hiwis of Stowford, clxvi.

Hoare of Luscombe, cxlviii. cxlix.

Hockmore, monuments of, 135.

Hody of Netheway, &c., cc. cci.

Holbeam of Holbeam, clxvi.

Holcomb of Hole, ibid.

Holcombe of Holcombe, cci.

Holdsworth of Widecomb, cci.
-, —, monuments of, 463.

Hole, monuments of, 247.

Holland, Duke of Exeter, xcv.
-, — of Weare, &c., cci. 521.

Holway of Watton, cci. ccii.

Holwell of Thorne Hopping and Exeter, clxvi. note.

Honeychurch of Honeychurch and Aveton Giffard, clxxviii.

Huckmore of Buckland Baron, &c., ccii.

Hull of Larkbeare, clxvii.

Hunt of Exeter, &c., ccii.
-, —, monuments of, 107.

Hurst of Whiteway, clxvii.

Hutchinson, monuments of, 350.

Huxham of Huxham, clxvii.

Huyshe of Sand, cxlix.


Ilbert of Bowringsleigh, cxlix.

Incledon of Incledon, Buckland, Yeotown, &c., cxlix. cl.
-, —, monuments of, 65. 389.

Inglett, monuments of, 107.

Ingpen, clxvii.

Isaac, or Izaac, of Buriatt, clxxviii. clxxix.
-, —, monuments of, 19. 561.


Jewe of Cotlegh, clxvii.

Joce, monuments of, 462.

Jule, or Jewell, clxvii.


Kaleway of Mokesbeare and Cullompton, clxvii.

Kaull of Holcombe Burnell, ibid.

Kekewich of Peamore, cl.

Kelland of Painsford, ccii.
-, —, monuments of, 16.

Kelly of Kelly, cl.
-, —, monuments of, 318.

Kennaway of Escot, Baronet, cxvi. cxvii.

Keynes, of Winkley Keynes, clxvii.

King, Lord King, xcii.

Kirkham of Ashcombe, &c. ccii. cciii.

Knapman of Throwleigh, cciii.

Knovill of Battishorne, clxvii.


Laforey of Whitley, Baronet, cxx. cxxi.

Lambe, monuments of, 243.

Lamprey of Church Horwood, clxvii.

Lancelles of Combe Lancelles, ibid.

Lane, monuments of, 74.

Langford of Langford, clxvii.

Langworthy, monuments of, 322.

Larder of Upton Pyne, clxvii.

Lawday of Exeter, Baronet, cxxv.

Leach of Crediton and Cadbury, cciii.
-, —, monuments of, 91.

Lear of Lindridge, Baronet, cxxx. 492.

Lee of Ebford, cl.

Leigh of Borough, Ridge, and Leigh, &c. cciii. cciv.

Lethbridge, Baronet, cxviii.
-, —, monuments of, 389.

Ley, Earl of Marlborough, xcviii.
-, — of Comb Martin, cl.
-, —, monuments of, 137.

Lippincott, cciv.

Lisburne, Earl of, xciv.

Lock, monuments of, 385.

Lomen, clxviii. 543.

Lopes of Maristow, Baronet, cxviii. cxix.

Louis of Cadwell, Baronet, cxix.

Loveis of Hennock, clxxix.

Lovett, monuments of, 479.

Lowman of Whitstone, cciv.

Luscombe of Luscombe, cl. cli.

Lutterell, or Luttrell, of Hartland, cciv.
-, —, monuments of, 259.

Lutton of Mowlish, cciv.

Luxmoore of South Week, cli.


Mainwaring, monuments of, 161.

Malet of Ash, cli.

Malherbe of Feniton, clxviii.

Mallock of Cockington, cli.

Manaton, monuments of, 475.

Mapowder of Holsworthy, &c. ccv.

Marlborough, Ley, Earl of, xcviii.

Marshall of Radway, clxviii.

Martin of Plymouth, ccv.

Martyn, Baron Martyn, c.
-, — of Exeter, ccv.
-, —, monuments of, 492.

Marwood of West Marwood, ccv.
-, —, monuments of, 367. 561.

May, monuments of, 242.

Maynard of Sherford, ccvi.

Meddon, monuments of, 10.

Melhuish, monuments of, 366.

Merton of Merton, clxviii.

Mervin, monuments of, 262. 333.

Metsted, clxviii.

Mewy of Mewy, ibid.

Milford of Wickington, clxxix.

Milman of Levaton, Baronet, cxvii.

Modyford, monuments of, 47.

Moels, Baron Moels, c. ci.

Mohun, Baron Mohun, civ.

Molford of Cadbury, ccvi.

Monk, Duke of Albemarle, xcvi. xcvii. 338.

Montacute, Baron Montacute, ci.

Monthermer, Baron Monthermer, ibid.

Moore of Moorehayes, ccvi.

More, or Moringe, ccvi. ccvii.

Morice of Werrington, Baronet, cxxvii.

Moringe, or Morwen, 554.
-, —, monuments of, 555.

Morley, Earl of, lxxxvii.

Morrison, monuments of, 10.

Molton of Pinhoe, clxviii.
-, — of Plympton, ccvii.

Mount Edgecumbe, Earl of, lxxxiv. lxxxv.

Mundy, monuments of, 147.


Newcombe of Stanton Drewe, clxxix.

Newcourt of Pickwell, ccvii.

Newte of Tiverton, ibid.

Nonant, cv.

Norris, clxviii.

Northcote of Hayne, Baronet, cx. cxi.
-, —, monuments of, 361. 479. 545.

Northleigh of Northleigh, ccvii.
-, —, monuments of, 8.

Northmore of Cleve, cli. clii.
-, —, monuments of, 485.

Northumberland, Duke of, lxxxv.

Nutcombe of Nutcombe, ccvii. ccviii.
-, —, monuments of, 113.


Orchard of Hartland, ccviii.
-, —, monuments of, 259.

Orford, Earl of, xcix. c.

Orwey of Orwey, clxviii.

Osborne, monuments of, 118.

Osmond of Stagmill, clii.

Oxenham of Oxenham, ccviii.
-, —, monuments of, 485.


Paganel, or Paganell, of Baunton, &c. cvi. clxviii.

Pagett, monuments of, 479.

Paige, monuments of, 242.

Palk of Haldon, Baronet, cxvi.

Palmer Acland, of Newhouse, Baronet, cxx.

Parker, Earl of Morley, lxxxvii.

Parminter of Watermouth, &c. clxxix. clxxx.
-, —, monuments of, 290. 462.

Passalew of Church Horwood, clxviii.

Passmere of Passmere Hayes, clxxx.

Pawley, monuments of, 51.

Peard, clxxx.

Pellew, Viscount Exmouth, xc.

Pengelly of Shortridge, clii.
-, —, monuments of, 555.

Penniles of Lupton, clxviii.

Percy, Duke of Northumberland, lxxxiv.

Periam, monument of, 147.

Perring of Memland, baronet, cxix.

Pery, of Westwaters, clxviii.

Peter of Bowhay, ccviii.
-, —, monuments of, 332.

Petre, Lord Petre, xci.

Peverell of Ermington, Sampford Peverell, &c. clxviii.

Peytevin of Creedy Peytevin, ibid.

Pillond of Pillond, clxviii.

Pincomb of South Molton, &c. ccviii. ccix.

Pitman of Dunchidiock, clii.

Pipard of Larkbear, clxviii.

Pode of Slade, clii. cliii.

Poer of Poer Hayes, clxviii.

Pointington of Pennicot, ccix.

Pole of Shute, Baronet, cix. cx.
-, —, monuments of, 132. 443.

Pollard of King's Nympton, Baronet, cxxiv. cxxv.
-, —, monuments of, 19. 44. 109. 242. 247. 260. 575.

Pollexfen, ccix.

Poltimore of Poltimore, clxviii.

Pomeroy, cvi. 43.

Potesford, or Putford, clxviii.

Powlet, ibid.

Prescot of Prescot, ibid.

Preston of Up-Ottery, ccix.

Prestwood of Boterford, ccix. ccx.

Prideaux of Netherton, Baronet, cviii. cix. 238.
-, — of Adeston, Thuborough, &c. ibid.

Prodhome of Upton Prodhome, clxviii.

Prous, ccx.

Prowze, monuments of, 147.

Prust of Gorven, &c. clxxx. clxxxi.
-, —, monuments of, 353.

Pruteston of Pruteston, clxviii.

Prye, ccx.

Punchardon of Punchardon, &c. clxviii.

Putt of Combe, Baronet, cxxix.

Pym of Sidford, clxviii.

Pyne, or Pine, of East Downe, clii.
-, —, monuments of, 10. 168. 426.


Quicke of Newton St. Cyres, cliii.
-, —, monuments of, 361.


Radcliffe of Warleigh, cliii.

Radford of Cheinstone, ccx.
-, —, monuments of, 98.

Rake of Rake, ccxvii.

Ralegh of Ralegh, &c. &c. clxviii.

Randall of Kentisbury, ccx.

Rashleigh of Rashleigh, clxviii.

Reede of Wembury, ccx.

Reigney of Eggesford and Brixton Reigney, clxviii.

Rennell, monuments of, 107.

Revell of Revelstoke, clxviii.

Reynell of Malston and East Ogwell, ccxi.
-, —, monuments of, 567.

Richards, monuments of, 468.

Ridgway, Earl of Londonderry, cvii.

Risdon of Bableigh, ccxii. 583.
-, —, monuments of, 247. 255. 384.

Rivers, Earl of Devon, xcvi.

Roberts, Baronet, cxxi.

Rogers of Wisdom, Baronet, cxv.

Rogers of Pilton, ccxi.
-, —, monuments of, 389.

Rogus of Holcombe Rogus, clxix.

Rohant of Dodbrook, ibid.

Rolle, Lord Rolle, xciii. xciv.

Rolle family, monuments of, 102. 260. 388. 479. 547.

Roope of Horswell, ccxii.
-, —, Monuments of, 341.

Rous of Modbury, &c., clxix. 344.

Rowe of Kingston, ccxiii.
-, — of Lamerton, clxxxi.

Rowsewell of Ford Abbey, ccxiii.

Russell, Duke of Bedford, lxxxiv.

Ryder, monuments of, 110.


Sachville of Clist Sachville, clxx.

St. Albyn of Parracombe, ccxiv.

St. Aubyn of Comb Ralegh, clxix.

St. Clere of Tidwell, clxx.

Sainthill of Bradninch, ccxiii. ccxiv.
-, —, monuments of, 60.

St. Mary Church of St. Mary Church, clxx.

St. Maur, ibid.

Saltren of Petticombe, cliii.
-, —, monuments of, 353. 570.

Salusbury of Barnstaple, ccxiv.

Sampford of Cullompton, &c. ccxv.

Sampson of Colyton, cliii.
-, —, monuments of, 132.

Santon of Santon, clxx.

Savery of South Efford, cliv.

Scobahull of Scobahull, clxx.

Seale of Mount Boone, cliv.

Servington, clxx.

Seward of Comb in Teignhead, ibid.

Seymour, Duke of Somerset, lxxxiii.

Seymour family, monuments of, cccxl. 43.

Shapcott of Shapcott, ccxv.

Shapleigh of Newcourt, ibid.

Sheere, monuments of, 285.

Sherman of Knighteston, ccxv.
-, —, monuments of, 379.

Shepheard, monuments of, 65.

Shillingford of Shillingford, clxx.

Shilston of Shilston, ibid.
-, —, monuments of, 147.

Shore, Lord Teignmouth, xcv.

Short of Bickham, clv.

Shortridge of Shortridge, ccxv.

Sidmouth, Addington, Viscount, lxxxix. xc.

Sillifant of Combe, cliv.

Skerit of Buckland Monachorum, ccxv.

Skinner of Cowley, ccxvi.

Slanning of Maristow, Baronet, cxxviii.
-, —, monuments of, 47. 545.

Sloly of Sloly, ccxvi.
-, —, monuments of, 242.

Snape, clxx.

Snelling of Chaddlewood, ccxvi.

Sokespitch, 118.

Soleigny of Umberleigh, clxx.

Somaster of Widecombe, ccxvi.
-, —, monuments of, 16. 463. 561.

Somerset, Seymour, Duke of, lxxxiii.

Southcote of Southcote, Shillingford, Calverleigh, &c., clxxxi. clxxxii. 563.
-, —, monuments of, 441.

Southmead of Wrey, cliv.

Sparke of Plymouth, ccxvi. ccxvii.

Speccot of Merton, &c. ccxvii. 339.

Speke, or Espeke, of Brampford Speke, &c. clxxx. ccxvii.

Spicer of Weare, ccxvii.

Spurway of Spurway, clv.

Stafford, or Stowford, clxxxii. note.
-, —, monuments of, 167. 545.

Stanton of Clovelly, clxx.

Stapledon of Stapledon, ibid.

Stawell of Merton, clv.

Stephens, monuments of, 386.

Stevens of Cross and Winscott, clv.

Stockhey of Santon, clxx.

Stone of Stone, clxxi.

Stone, or De la Stane, ibid.

Stoner of Ermington, ibid.

Stowford of Stowford, ibid.

Streche of Woolston, ibid.

Strechleigh of Strechleigh, ibid.
-, —, monument of, cccxli.

Strode of Newenham, clv. clvi.
-, —, monuments of, 164. 463.

Stuckey, monuments of, 63.

Stucley of Afton, ccxviii. 574.
-, —, monuments of, 51.

Sture of Marridge, ccxviii.

Suffolk, Grey, Duke of, xcvi.

Sully of Iddesleigh, clxxi.

Swete of Oxton, clvi.

Symons of Chaddlewood, ibid.


Talbot of Spreyton, clxxi.

Taylor of Marridge, ccxviii.
-, — of Ogwell, clvi.
-, —, monuments of, 164.

Teignmouth, Shore, Lord, xcv.

Templer of Stover, clvii.
-, —, monuments of, 443. 487.

Thorne of Thorne, clxxi. ccxviii.
-, —, alias Secomb, ccxix.

Tickell, monuments of, 431.

Tidwell, or Todwell, clxxi.

Till of Tilhouse, ibid.

Tothill of Exeter, ccxix.

Totnes, Earl of, xcviii. xcix.

Tracey of Wollacombe Tracey, &c. cv. clxxi.

Treby of Goodamoor, clvii.

Trefusis, Lord Clinton, xc. xci.

Trelawney of Ham, ccxix.

Trelosk of Dunterton, clxxi.

Tremail of Sand, ibid.

Tremenet of Hennock, ibid.

Tremayne of Sydenham, clvii.
-, —, monuments of, 307.

Trenchard of Collacombe, clxxi.

Trepe, ccxix.

Trevelyan, monuments of, 575.

Trewen of Weare Giffard, clxxi.

Tripe, monuments of, 161.

Trist of Bowden, ccxix.

Tristram of Duvall, ibid.

Trivet of Stone, clxxi.

Trowbridge of Asher, Baronet, cxxxi.

Troyte of Huntsham, clvii. clviii.

Tucker of Coryton, clviii.

Tuckfield of Fulford Park, clviii. 504.
-, —, monuments of, 147.

Tudenham of Stanton Tudenham, clxxii.


Ufflete of Comb, clxxii.

Umfraville of Lapford, ibid.

Upton of Puslinch, ccxx.
-, — of Upton, clxxii.
-, —, monuments of, 72.


Valletort of North Tawton, &c. cvi. clxxii.

Vaughan, Earl of Lisburne, xciv.
-, —, monuments of, 379.

Velley of Hartland, ccxx.
-, —, monuments of, 259.

Venner of Hundescot, ccxx. ccxxi.

Vicary, monuments of, 171.

Vowell, alias Hoker, ccxxi.


Wadeton of Wadeton, clxxii.

Wadham of Wadham, &c. clxxii. ccxxi.
-, —, monument of, 63.

Wakeman of Exeter, ccxxi.

Walker of Exeter, ibid.

Walter of Ashbury, ccxxii.

Walpole, Earl of Orford, xcix.

Walrond of Bradfield, clviii.

Waltham of Brenton, ccxxii.

Wampford, clxxii.

Weare of Halberton, ccxxii.

Webber of Buckland, clviii. clix.

Weeks, or Wike, ccxxv. 482, 483.

Wellington, monuments of, 247.

Welsh of Barnstaple, ccxxii.

Were, monuments of, 252.

Westcote of Westcote, ccxxii.

Whiddon of Chagford, ccxxiii.
-, —, monument of, cccxli.

Whiteway of Whiteway, clxxii.

Whitfield of Whitfield, ibid.

Whitlock, monuments of, 570.

Wibbery of Wibbery, clxxii.

Wichalse of Chudleigh, &c. ccxxiii.

Widworthy of Widworthy, clxxii.

Willett of Combe, clix.

Williams of Stowford, ccxxiii.
-, —, monuments of, 256.

Williams Hamlyn of Clovelly, Baronet, cxvii.

Willington of Gittisham, clxxii.

Willoughby, Lord Broke, civ.

Willoughby of Leyhill, ccxxii.

Winscot of Winscot, clxxii.

Wise of Sydenham, clxxxii.

Wolcott of Wolcott, ccxxiii. ccxxiv.

Wolfe of Kentisbere, clxxii.

Wollacombe of Wollacombe, clxxxii. clxxxiii.

Wolrington of Hache, clxxii.

Wood of Harston, 74.
-, — of Lew Trenchard, ccxxiv.
-, —, alias Atwood, ibid.

Woodland of Woodland, clxxii.

Woollcombe of Hemerdon and Ashbury, clix.

Woollcombe, monuments of, 107.

Woolston of Tor Newton, clxxxii.

Worth of Worth, clix.

Wotton of Ingleborne, ccxxiv.

Wrey of Tawstock, Baronet, cix.
-, —, monuments of, 479.

Wyke, or Weekes, ccxxiv.


Yarde of Yarde, &c. clx. clxx.
-, —, Monuments of, 119. 147. 272. 495.

Yartye of Yartye, clxxii.

Yeo of Heanton Sachville, &c. &c. ccxxv.
-, —, monuments of, 102. 261. 285. 387.

Yonge of Colyton, Baronet, cxxvii. cxxviii.
-, — of Puslinch, clx.


Zouch, Baron Zouch, ci. cii.