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Pages 677-682

Magna Britannia: Volume 6, Devonshire. Originally published by T Cadell and W Davies, London, 1822.

This free content was digitised by double rekeying. Public Domain.




ADAMS, William, extraordinary escape of, 383.

Adlam, Richard, singular epitaph of, 495.

Alabaster, ccxciv.

Alcock, Thomas, minister of St. Budeaux, 89.

Alley, Bishop, notice of, 203.

Aloe in the open air, 331.

Antiquities, British, &c. cccvi—cccx.
-, —, Roman, cccx. cccxi.

Architecture, Antient Church, cccxxiii— cccxxvi.

Arch-Presbytery of Haccombe, 250.

Athelstan, King, expels the Britons from Exeter, 179.


Badcock, Samuel, notices of, 37. 351.

Baldwin, Archbishop, notice of, 220.

Balle, Sir Peter, monument of, 328.

Baringites, 403.

Barkham, Dr., notice of, 220.

Barleyhouse, garrison there, 498.

Baronets, cviii—cxxxii.
-, —, extinct, cxxiii—cxxxii.
-, —, seats of, cxxxi. cxxxii.

Baskerville, Sir Simon, notice of, 220.

Bastard, William, created a Baronet for his spirited conduct in 1779. xx.

Battie, William, notice of, 346.

Battle at Appledore, v. — Axminster, vi. 24. — Bampton, v. 28. — Clist Heath, x. — Near Bridestowe, xi. — Bovey Tracey, 54. — Near Exeter, v. — Feniton bridge, ix.

Bedford, Earls of, their residence at Exeter, 201.

Berkeley, Sir John, besieges Exeter, 185.

Berry, Sir John, notice of, 306.

Bidlake, John, notice of, 403. 405.

Bird, apparition of to the Oxenham family, 483. 484.

Birds, rare, cclxxv.

Bodley, Sir Thomas, notice of, 220.

Bogan, Zachary, notice of, 269.

Boniface, Archbishop, notice of, 140.

Boroughs, xxxii. xxxiii.

Bowen, Captain Richard, epitaph of, 290.

Breakwater at Plymouth, 400. 604.

Brice, Andrew, notice of, 221.

Brightley Abbey, 373.

Bronscombe, Bishop, monument of, cccxxxiii.

Brown, William, the poet, notice of, 476.

Bryanites, 403.

Budgell, Eustace, notices of, 221. 500.

Buller, Sir Francis, monument of, 72.

Butter, exportation of, cclxxix.

Byard, Sir Thomas, epitaph of, 89.

Byrdall, Thomas, notice of, 170.


Camps and Earthworks, cccxlix. cccliii.

Canals, cclx. cclxi.

Canterbury fort, 395.

Carew, Bampfylde, notices of, 46.
-, —, Sir Alexander, Governor of St. Nicholas' Island, 393.

Carpenter, John and Nathaniel, notice of, 368.

Carpets, manufactory of, 21.

Cary, Sir Henry, notice of, 124.
-, —, Sir John, 122.

Cattle, cclxxxix.

Celts, cccx.

Chapels of ease, xxxi.

Chapple, William, notices of, 216. 564. 565.
-, —, epitaph of, 215.
-, —, epitaph on his father, 565.

Charles I., King, at Plymouth, 393.; visits Sir Richard Reynell in 1625, 566.; provision for his entertainment, 566. 567.

Charles, Prince, at Barnstaple and Exeter, xv.

Cherries and other fruit, cclxxviii.

Cherry Orchards at Goodleigh, 250.

Church Architecture, antient, cccxxiii— cccxxvi.

Clay, Pipe and Potters, ccxci.

Clifford, Lord Treasurer, notice of, 105.

Coal, ccxcii.
-, —, Bovey, ccxlix. ccl. ccxciii.

Colcombe Castle, in Colyton, 131.

Colleges, xxxii.

Columbjohn, old seat of the Aclands, 114.

Commons, extensive, ccxxxii.

Conybeare, Bishop, notice of, 603.

Copper mines, cclxxxii—cclxxxiv.

Corn grown in Devon, cclxxvi.
-, —, remarkable variation of its prices in the reign of Queen Elizabeth, 31—33.

Cory, John, notice of, 585.

Coverdale, Bishop, notice of, 203.

Cowell, Dr., notice of, 467.

Cowick, priory of, 497.

Cowley, Mrs. Hannah, born at Tiverton, 514.

Crokerntor, Stannary Parliaments held there, iv. 314.

Cromlech, at Drewe's Teignton, cccvii. cccviii.

Cromwell, Oliver, defeats Lord Wentworth's brigade at Bovey Tracey, xvii.

Crosses, antient, cccix. cccx.

Cuckingstool, 357.

Culm, ccxcii.

Currie, James, Dr., epitaph of, 446. 447.

Custom of free bench, 357.
-, —, singular, respecting the manor of Panson, 248.

Customs, Local, cccliv. ccclv.
-, — of the manor of Braunton, 64.

Cyder, cclxxvi—cclxxx.


Danes, their battle with Athelstan near Axminster, 24. Winter at Exeter, 178. Besiege it, 179. Burn Lidford, 312. Defeated near Appledore, 367. Their victory at Pinhoe, 390.

Dartmoor forest, 314. 315. 316. Extent and height of, ccxxxii. ccxxxv. Prison, 315. Rail-way, 316.

Davies, Captain John, notice of, 460.

Deer, wild, hunt of, ccxxxi.

Dissenters, academy of, at Exeter, 449. Various denominations of, 403. 457.

Doderidge, Sir John and his nephew, natives of Barnstaple, 38.

Doderidge, Sir John, monument of, 206.

Downe, John, notice of, 293.

Downman, Dr., notice of, 221.

Drake, Sir Bernard, notice of, 359.
-, —, Sir Francis, his birth-place, 476.

Duckworth, Sir John, his seat at Weare park, 521.
-, —, his monument, 522.
-, —, Colonel George, monument of, 522.


Edward I. at Exeter, and the Black Prince, 182.
-, — IV. at Exeter, 183.

Edystone Lighthouse, 407.

Elms, Grove of, at Brixton, planted for the benefit of the poor, 75.

Escot House, burnt down, 469. George III. entertained there, ibid.

Exe Island, 499.

Exeter, John Duke of, his residence at Dartington, 152.


Fairfax, Sir Thomas, takes Tiverton, xv. 509. Takes Dartmouth, xvii. Defeats Lord Hopton at Torrington, xviii. 528. Besieges and takes Exeter and Barnstaple, xviii. 186.

Fairs, xxxv—xxxviii.

Fires, destructive, at Chudleigh, 104. Chulmleigh, 108. Crediton, 144. Honiton, 281. South Molton, 350. Sheepwash, 438. Tiverton, 508.

Fisheries, ccxciv.—ccxcvi.

Flax, cclxxviii. cclxxix.

Fonts, cccxxx. cccxxxi.

Ford Abbey, 501. 502.
-, —, Simon, notice of, 603.

Forster, John, notice of, 221.
-, —, Nathaniel, notice of, 403. 416.

Fox, Bishop, notice of, 203.

Free bench, custom of, 357.

French burn Teignmouth, 1690, xix. Attack Dartmouth, Plymouth, and Teignmouth, vii. viii.
-, — invasion, alarm of, in 1798 and 1803, xx.

Furneaux, Dr. Philip, a native of Totnes, 535.


Gale, Theophilus, vicar of King's Teignton, 495.

Gaol, county, formerly at Bicton, 47. Removed to Exeter, 191.

Garrisons, Royal, at Columbjohn, xiii. Topsham, ibid. Exeter, xiii—xviii. Plympton, Mount Stamford, and Ilfracombe, xiv. Sydenham House, Poltimore, and Tiverton, xv. Fulford House, Canon Teign, Callantyne, Canterbury fort, and St. Budeaux church, xvi. Powderham, xvi. xviii. Townstall church, Mount Boone, and King's Weare, xvii. Charles fort, at Salcombe, xvii. xix. Mount Radford, and St. Downes, xviii.

Garrisons, Parliamentary, Plymouth, x. xviii. Appledore, Barnstaple, Bideford, Exeter, and Dartmouth, xii. Ilfracombe, xiv. Mount Stamford, xv. Poltimore, Stoke Canon, Bishop's Clist, and Nutwell House, xvi. Barley House, and Reymouth House, xvii.

Gates, Sir Thomas, notice of, 130.

Gay, the poet, conjecture as to the place of his birth, 37. 38. Ascertained to have been at Barnstaple, 584. Mistake of the date, ibid.

Gee, Edward, rector of Tedburne St. Mary, 486.

George III. and Royal Family at Saltram, 413. Escott, 469. Maristow, 471.

Gibbs, Sir Vickery, notice of, 221.

Glanville, Judge, his monument, cccxliii. 475.
-, —, Sir John, his birth-place, 476.
-, —, John, notice of, 403.

Glass, painted, cccxxvi.

Godolphin, Sidney, killed at Chagford, 96.

Gold, native, found in Devon, cclxvii.

Gold-mines, cclxxxvi.

Gould, William, notice of, 297.

Grandisson, Bishop, notice of, 203.

Granite, ccxciii.

Grenville, Sir Richard, notice of, 50. Blockades Plymouth, 394. His house at Tavistock taken, 473.

Grims-pound, cccvi.

Grove, Hugh, beheaded at Exeter, 448.


Hakewill, George and William, notice of, 220.

Halden House, 296.

Hall, Bishop, notice of, 203.

Hallet, John, notice of, 219. 221.

Hankford, Sir William, traditional anecdote of, corrected, 352. 353.

Harris, William, notice of, 283.

Harvey, James, curate of Bideford, 52.

Hawley, John, the rich merchant of Dartmouth, 154. Monument of, 158. cccxxxvii.

Heathfield, Lord, monument of, 84.

Hemp grown at Comb Martin, cclxxviii. 136.

Henrietta Maria, Queen, at Exeter, 186.

Henry VI., at Exeter, 182.

Herrick, Robert, the poet, notice of, 162.

Hills, principal, heights of, cclii.

Hoker, John, notice of, 220.
-, —, Richard, notice of, 265.

Hole, Richard, notice of, and monument, 209. 221.

Honiton chapel, 350.

Hopkins, Bishop, notice of, 434.

Hospitals, xxxii.

Hundreds, ancient and modern, xx. xxi. Lords of, xxii.

Hunt, Joseph, monument of, 327.

Hussey, Giles, notice of, 269.


Insurrection on account of the change of Religion, ix.

Inundation at Alphington, 9.

Iscanus, Bartholomew, Bishop, 203. 220.
-, — Joseph, notice of, 220.


Jackson, William, epitaph of, 214.

Jewell, Bishop, native of Berry Narbor, 42.


Karslake, J. B., his remarkable escape from fire, 350.

Kelly, James Francis, epitaph of, 330.

Kendall, Dr. George, notices of, 161. 300.

Kennicott, Dr. Benjamin, born at Totnes, 535. His epitaph on his father, ibid.

Kersies, Devonshire, ccxcix. ccc.

Kiddell, —, notice of, 516.


Lace, manufacture of, cccv. 280. 281.

Lake, Henry, fatality in his family, 351.

Langton, Archbishop, notice of, 220.

Lavington, Samuel, notice of, 52.

Lawrence, General Stringer, epitaph of, 169. 170.

Lead-mines, cclxxxiv—cclxxxix.

Lechmere, Edmund, epitaph of, 401.

Lethbridge, John, inventor of a diving machine, notice of, 568—570.

Lightning, fatal accident by at Widdecomb church, 557—559.

Lime-works, ccxciii.

Lock, Matthew, notice of, 220.

Long, Thomas, notice of, 220.

Longevity, instances of, 9. 244. 351.

Loosemore, John, the organ-builder, 211. 368.

Lye, Edward, native of Totnes, 535.

Lypson Fort, 393. 395.


Magnets, cclxviii. ccxciv.

Manganese, ccxliv. ccxlv. cclxxxix. ccxc.

Manufactures, ccxcviii—cccvi.
-, —, woollen, at Tiverton, 507.

Marble, ccxciii. ccxciv.

Marketdays and great markets, xxxiv—xxxviii.

Markets, disused, xxxv.

Market towns, xxxii—xxxiv.

Marlborough, Duke of, native of Devon, xix.

Marshall, Bishop, monument of, cccxxxiii.

Martin, Richard, notice of, 603.

Martyn, William, notice of, 220.

Maynard, Sergeant, birth-place of, 474.

Mayne, Jasper, notice of, 261.

"Mayor's riding," a procession at Bovey Tracey, 56.

Meteoric stone, cclxx. 175. 176.

Minerals, cclxv—cclxx.

Mines, cclxxx—ccxc.

Mints at Exeter, 195.

Monasteries, xxxi.
-, — at Exeter, 200. 201.

Monastic remains, cccxliv. cccxlv.

Monk, General, born at Lancras, 308.

Monuments, sepulchral, cccxxxi—cccxlv.

Moreman, Dr. John, notice of, 259.

Morice, Sir William, notice of, 220.

Mount Batten Fort, 393.

Mount Boone, a royal garrison, capture of, 537.

Mount Edgcumbe, 326. 327.

Mudge, General, and Dr. John, notices of 402.
-, —, Zachary, 53. 402.

Musgrave, Dr., notices of, 221. 311.


Neville, Bishop, notice of, 203.

Newfoundland trade at Bideford, ccxcvi. ccxcviii. 48. 49. At Dartmouth, ccxcvii. 154. At Teignmouth, ccxcvii. 490.

Newenham Abby, 22.

Newte, Richard, notice of, 515.

Nobility of Devon, lxxxii—cviii.
-, —, extinct, xcv—cvii.
-, —, seats of, cvii. cviii.

Norman, John, notice of, 52.


Ochre, ccxc.

Ockley, Simon, notice of, 220.

Oldham, Bishop, monument of, cccxli.

Orange, Prince of, lands at Torbay, xix., at Ford House, ibid., at Exeter, xix. 187.

Orange and lemon trees in the open air, 7. 331.

Orchards, numerous in Staverton, &c., 455.

Organ, remarkable at Exeter, 211.

Organic remains, clxx—clxxii.

Oxenham, John, the navigator, 403.
-, —, family tradition concerning the apparition of the white bird, 483. 484.


Parishes, number of, xxiii.
-, —, list of, xxiv—xxxi.

Parsons, Mrs., notice of, 403.

Pearce, —, dissenting minister, notice of, 219.

Penruddock, Colonel, beheaded at Exeter, 187. 448.

Periam, Sir William, monument of, 147.

Peters Hugh, preaches in the market-place at Torrington, 528.

Pindar, Peter, (Wolcot,) born at Dodbrook, 165.

Plague at Bideford, 51. At Exeter, 199.

Plants, indigenous, cclxxii—cclxxiv.

Plymouth Dock, 458. 459.

Polesloe, Priory of, 264.

Polwheel, Theophilus, notice of, 516.

Population, xxxviii—xlix.

Porcelain, manufacture of, cccv. 393.

Potatoes, exportation of, cclxxvi.

Potter, Bishop, notice of, 162.

Prideaux, Bishop, notice of, 255.

Prince, John, author of the "Worthies of Devon," 22.

Printing-press, at Tavistock, 473. 474.

Priory, Cornworthy, 141. St. James's, 264. St. Mary de Marisco, 498.

Property, landed, at the time of the Domesday survey, xlix—lii.
-, —, owners of, liii—lxxxii.
-, —, at various periods, lxxxi. a. lxxxii. b.

Pullin, Robert, notice of, 221.

Pulpits, ancient, cccxxix.


Quick, John, notice of, 403.


Radford, Mount, a garrison in the civil war, 310.

Ralegh, Sir Walter, his birth place, 87. His estate at Fardell, 140. Said to have been imprisoned at Radford, 416.

Rebellion on account of religion, 120. 121. 184. 431.

Reece, Joseph, notice of, 106.

Reinolds, John, notice of, 220.

Remains, monastic, cccxliv. cccxlv.
-, —, organic, cclxx—cclxxii.

Reynolds, John, notice of, 391.
-, —, Sir Joshua, birth-place of, 411.

Rhinoceros, fossil, ccli.

Richard III. at Exeter, 183.

Risdon, John, seventy years a priest, 492.

Rivers, ccliii—cclix.
-, —, navigable, cclix.

Roads, cclxi—cclxiv.
-, —, rail, cclxv.
-, —, British, cccxii. cccxiii.
-, —, Roman, cccxiii—cccxvii.

Rock-moss, cclxxxix.

Roman Antiquities, cccx. cccxi.
-, — roads and stations, cccxiii—cccxxiii.

Rood-lofts and screens, cccxxvi—cccxxix.

Rosier, John, singular epitaph of, 467.

Rowe, Nicholas, notice of, 308.


Saltram, account of, 412.

Saumarez, Philip de, notice of, 401.

Saunders, John Cunningham, notice of, 285.

Saxon Literature, school for, at Tavistock, 473.

Scenery, picturesque, cclii. ccliii.

Serges, manufacture of, ccxcix—ccciii. 12. 144. 280. 302.

Sermons, Trentall of, 33.

Service, singular, of the manor of Slapton, 451.

Shebbeare, Dr. John, notice of, 32.

Sheldon, the anatomist, monument of, 138.

Shower, St. Bartholomew and John, notice of, 220.

Sieges of Exeter, v. vii. viii. ix. xiii. 178. 179. 180. 181. 183. 184. 185. 186. Dartmouth, xii. 156. 157. Plymouth, xiii. xiv. 393—395.

Silver-mines, cclxxxv—cclxxxviii. 41. 136.

Simcoe, Lieutenant-General, monument of, 207.

Slate, ccxciv.

Soils, ccxxxii—ccxxxiv.

Southcott, Joanna, her native place, 221, 616.

Sparrow, Bishop, notice of, 203.

Springs, remarkable, cclxxv. cclxxvi

Stafford, Bishop, notice of, 203.
-, —, his monument, cccxxxviii. 206. 207.

Stalls, stone, cccxxix. cccxxx.

Stamford, Mount, a garrison of the parliament at Plymouth, 305. 393. 394.

Stannary parliaments, iv. Towns and prison, ibid.

Stapledon, Bishop, notice of, 203. His monument, cccxxxiv. 208.

Stedman, Major, notice of, 46.

Stephen, King, besieges Exeter, 181.

Stowford, Sir John, monument of, 168.

Stone for building, ccxciii. ccxciv.
-, —, meteoric, cclxx. 175. 176.

Stones, sepulchral, cccvii—cccix.

Storm, fatal, in Bideford bay, 587. 588.

Stothard, C. A., melancholy death of, 585.

Strange, John, his eminent services at Bideford, 51.

Strata, ccxxxiv—ccli.

Strode, William, notice of, 414.
-, —, Richard, imprisoned at Lidford, 414.

Suicide, attempt at, punished, 425.

Sweating sickness, at Uffculme, 539.
-, —, ravages of, 508.

Sydenham House captured, xv.


Tally, David, notice of, 305.

Tasker, William, notice of, 289.

Teignmouth burnt by the French, 489. 490. 606. Brief for the loss of the inhabitants, 489. note.

Teignton, Bishop's, Palace, erroneous tradition concerning, 491. 492.

Templer, —, lost in the Halswell, epitaph of, 487.

Thread, manufacture of, ccciv. 136.

Tindall, Matthew, notice of, 41.

Tin-mines, cclxxx—cclxxxii.

Tobacco, importation of at Bideford, ccxcvii. 48.

Toplady, Augustus, notice of, 267.

Tor Abbey, 524.

Tozer, Henry, notice of, 482.

Towgood, Micaiah, father and son, notices of, 24. 149. 219. 358.

Tracey, William, monument of, cccxxxv. Erroneous tradition concerning, 359.

Trade of Devon, ccxcvii. ccxcviii.

Trelawney, Bishop, notice of, 203.

Tremayne, singular likeness of two brothers of that family, 307.

Tucker, William, notice of, 220.


Umber, ccxc.


Venville tenants, ccxxxii.


Walker, Dr. John, notices of, 545.
-, —, Richard, 217—221.
-, —, Samuel, 221.

Warbeck, Perkin, at Exeter, viii. 184.

Westcote, Thomas, the antiquary, 333. 442.

Whetstones, ccxlvii. ccxciv. cccvi.

Whitfield, John, notice of, 52.

William the Conqueror besieges Exeter and builds the Castle, 180.

William III. at Ford House, (when Prince of Orange,) 567.

Williams, Speaker, notice of, 255. His monument, cccxlii.

Wolcot, John, (Peter Pindar,) born at Dodbrook, 165.

Wolton, Bishop, notice of, 203. His monument, cccxlii. 208.

Wool, ccxxix. Imported at Bideford and Barnstaple, ccxcvii. 48. Exported from Dartmoor, cclxxix. Wool trade at Exeter, 195.

Woollen cloth, sale of, ccci. 196.
-, — manufactures, ccxcviii—ccci. 539.


Yalden, Thomas, notice of, 220.

Yonge, Dr., notices of, 363. 401.