General history: Civil and ecclesiastical division of the county

Magna Britannia: Volume 6, Devonshire. Originally published by T Cadell and W Davies, London, 1822.

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Daniel Lysons. Samuel Lysons, 'General history: Civil and ecclesiastical division of the county', Magna Britannia: Volume 6, Devonshire, (London, 1822), pp. xx-xxxi. British History Online [accessed 23 June 2024].

Daniel Lysons. Samuel Lysons. "General history: Civil and ecclesiastical division of the county", in Magna Britannia: Volume 6, Devonshire, (London, 1822) xx-xxxi. British History Online, accessed June 23, 2024,

Lysons, Daniel. Lysons, Samuel. "General history: Civil and ecclesiastical division of the county", Magna Britannia: Volume 6, Devonshire, (London, 1822). xx-xxxi. British History Online. Web. 23 June 2024,

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Civil Division of the County.

In the Exeter survey of Domesday, we find mention of at least 38 hundreds into which Devonshire was then divided. At p. 59. of the printed survey occurs a list of the hundreds, with the number of hides in each, but in this list some hundreds are omitted, which are mentioned in p. 56. and 57. The list from p. 59. to p. 65. contains 30 hundreds, with the number of hides in each as follows:

Hundreds. No. of Hides.
Alleridge (fn. n1) 40
Axemenistre 50
Axemuda 9 and 1 virgate.
Badentone 25
Brauntone and Scirewelle 50
Cadelintone 46
Carsewille 50
Chridiatone 20
Clistone 27
Culintone 25 and 3 virgates.
Dippeforde 38
Esseministre 50
Framintone 20
Hamioke 24
Hasbertone (fn. n2) 18½
Hertilande 20
Liftone 20
Mertone 48
Offecolum 14
Plintone 25
Sutmoltone 22
Sulfertone 52
Taintone 30
Tautone 42
Twertone 20
Toritone 34
Walchentone 25
Wenfort 54
Witric 30

In pages 56. and 57. we find mention of Budeleie, Clawetone, Hermetone, Hertesbie, Mollande, Otrie, Rueberge, Tainebruge, Tulvertone, and Wetrigge: supposing the two last to have been the same, as it is probable they were, as Twertone (Tiverton), and Witric (Witheridge), it will make the number, as before mentioned, 38.

In the Hundred Roll, temp. Edw. I., 32 hundreds are recorded, besides the hundred of Lovetot, incidentally mentioned in p. 70. as appertaining to the manor of Fremington, and co-extensive with that manor.

The others are

Blaka Toriton
Teynebrugg or Tingebrugg
Womford or Wonford
Wyrugg or Wytherugg.

As the hundreds, in which the several manors are situated, are not specified either in the Exchequer or in the Exeter Domesday, it would be impossible to ascertain the respective situations or contents of the ancient hundreds, whose names are not now retained. Carswelle, Dippeforde, and Mertone, probably occupied nearly the same situation as Haytorr, Stanborough, and Shebbeare, which are not in the Domesday list; Axminster and Axmouth have been united in one, sometime called the hundred of Axminster and Axmouth, but now generally Axminster only.

The names of the modern hundreds, 33 in number (fn. n3), with their respective lords, are given in the following table: —

Axminster Lord Petre.
Bampton Honourable Newton Fellowes
Black Torrington G. P. M. Young, Esq.
Braunton Lord Rolle.
Cliston Sir T. D. Acland, Bart.
Coleridge Earl Morley.
Colyton Sir William Templer Pole, Bart.
Crediton Benjamin Cleave, Esq.
East Budleigh Lord Rolle.
Ermington John Bulteel, Esq.
Exminster Lord Viscount Courtenay.
Fremington G. A. Barbor, Esq.
Halberton Richard Hall Clarke, Esq.
Hartland Rev. T. H. Morrison.
Hayridge Albany Savile, Esq., M. P.
Haytor Mrs. Dorothy Brown, widow.
Hemiock Mrs. Simcoe, widow of General Simcoe.
Lifton W. A. Harris, Esq.
North Tawton Honourable Newton Fellowes.
Ottery Rev. Samuel How.
Plympton Earl Morley.
Roborough Sir M. M. Lopes, Bart.
Shebbear The Sheriff of Devon for the time being.
Sherwell Sir Arthur Chichester, Bart.
South Molton Earl Fortescue.
Stanborough John Bulteel, Esq.
Tavistock The Duke of Bedford.
Teignbridge Lord Clifford.
Tiverton Sir Henry Carew, Bart.
West Budleigh Albany Savile, Esq., M. P.
Winkleigh Sir T. B. Lethbridge, Bart.
Witheridge Honourable Newton Fellowes.
Wonford Albany Savile, Esq., M. P.

Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction and Division of the County.

Upon the ecclesiastical division of the kingdom, which took place in 708 (fn. n4), Devonshire formed part of the diocese of Sherbourne. About the year 910 this diocese was subdivided, and Devonshire constituted a diocese of itself, the bishop having his see at Crediton. About the year 1040 the bishopric of Cornwall was united to it, at the solicitation of Livingus, the bishop of Devonshire. His successor, Bishop Leofric, in 1050, removed the see from Crediton to Exeter, where it has ever since continued. The diocese is divided into four archdeaconries, of which Cornwall is one. Devonshire is divided into the archdeaconries of Exeter, Barnstaple, and Totnes, and subdivided into 23 deaneries, which are thus distributed:—

Archdeaconry of Exeter. Archdeaconry of Barnstaple. Archdeaconry of Totnes.
Aylesbeare Barum or Barnstaple Holsworthy
Cadbury Chulmleigh Ipplepen
Christianity or Exeter Hertland Moreton
Dunkeswell Shirwell Okehampton
Dunsford South Molton Tamerton
Honiton Torrington. Tavistock
Kenne Totton or Totnes
Plymtree Woodleigh.

Camden, from Wolsey's list, makes the number of parishes in this county to be 394. (fn. n5) Including subordinate or daughter churches, the chapelries belonging to which are now esteemed and called separate parishes, the present number is 471; and I cannot understand how it should ever have been so small as 394, since that of the chapelries, just spoken of, does not exceed 41. Two ancient parishes, Wolverchurch or Wolford church, and Sticklepath, formerly rectories, are now wholly annihilated as parishes, nor are they even deemed chapelries, although there is a chapel at Sticklepath, at which Divine service is occasionally performed. Rousedown has only a dilapidated church; Blackborough Bolhay, not even the ruins of a church.

Not taking into the account the 41 subordinate or daughter churches, the number of benefices in the county is 430; of which 258 (a much greater proportion than in some counties) are rectories; 130 vicarages; and 42 donatives or curacies. Of the two latter, 108 were appropriated to monasteries, and the tithes are now, for the most part, in lay hands.

Above 40 benefices have been appropriated, from early times, to ecclesiastical bodies, in which they are still vested; as the bishop, the dean individually, the dean and chapter, the chancellor, precentor, and vicars choral of Exeter cathedral, the churches of Windsor and Sarum, and Eton college.

Six churches are in the peculiar jurisdiction of the bishop; 22 (including eight daughter churches) in that of the dean and chapter; one (Braunton) in that of the dean; one other (Woodbury) in that of the vicars choral; and one other (Uffculme) in that of the dean and chapter of Sarum.

The office of dean rural is, in this diocese, an efficient office, the deans rural being elected annually at the visitations.

Table of Parishes.
Names of Parishes. Rectory or Vicarage. Hundred. Deanery.
Abbotsham V. Shebbear Hertland
East Allington R. Stanborough Woodleigh
West Allington V. Stanborough Woodleigh
Alphington R. Wonford Kenne
Alverdiscott R. Fremington Hertland
Alwington R. Shebbear Hertland
East Anstey R. South Molton South Molton
West Anstey V. South Molton South Molton
Arlington R. Sherwill Shirwell
Ashburton V. Teignbridge Moreton
Ashbury R. Black Torrington Okehampton
Ashcombe R. Exminster Kenne
Ashford R. Braunton Shirwell
Ashprington R. Coleridge Totton
Ash Reigney R. North Tawton Dunsford
Ashton R. Exminster Dunsford
Ashwater R. Black Torrington Holsworthy
Atherington R. North Tawton Barnstaple
Aveton Giffard R. Ermington Woodleigh
Awliscombe V. Hemiock Dunkeswell
Axminster V. Axminster Honiton
Axmouth V. Axminster Honiton
Aylesbeare V. East Budleigh Aylesbeare
Bampton (fn. n6) V. Bampton Tiverton
Barnstaple V. Braunton Barnstaple
Beaford R. Shebbear Torrington
Beaworthy R. Black Torrington Okehampton
Beer Ferrers R. Roborough Tamerton
Belston R. Black Torrington Okehampton
Berry Nerber R. Braunton Shirwell
Berry Pomeroy V. Haytor Ipplepen
*Bickington, appendant to Ashburton Teignbridge Moreton
Abbots Bickington C. Black Torrington Holsworthy
High Bickington R. North Tawton Barnstaple
Bickleigh R. Hayridge Tiverton
Bickleigh V. Roborough Tamerton
Bickton R. East Budleigh Aylesbeare
Bideford R. Shebbear Hertland
Bigbury R. Ermington Woodleigh
Bittadon R. Braunton Shirwell
Blackauton V. Coleridge Totton
Blackborough Bolhay (fn. n7) R. Hayridge Plymtree
North Bovey R. Teignbridge Moreton
Bovey Tracey V. Teignbridge Moreton
Bradford R. Black Torrington Holsworthy
Bradninch C. Hayridge Plymtree
Bradstone R. Lifton Tavistock
Bradworthy V. Black Torrington Holsworthy
Brampford Speke R. Wonford Cadbury
Branscomb V. Colyton Aylesbeare
Bratton Clovelly R. Lifton Okehampton
Bratton Fleming R. Braunton Shirwell
Braunton V. Braunton Shirwell
High Bray R. Sherwill Shirwell
Brendon R. Sherwill Shirwell
South Brent V. Stanborough Totton
Brent Tor C. Tavistock Tavistock
Bridestowe R. Lifton Tavistock
Bridford R. Wonford Dunsford
Bridgrule V. Black Torrington Holsworthy
Brixham V. Haytor Ipplepen
Brixton R. Plympton Plympton
Broadwood Kelly R. Black Torrington Okehampton
Broadwood Wiger V. Lifton Tavistock
Brushford C. North Tawton Chulmleigh
Buckerell V. Hemiock Plymtree
Buckfastleigh V. Stanborough Totton
*Buckland in the Moor, appendant to Ashburton Haytor Moreton
Buckland Brewer V. Shebbear Hertland
East Buckland R. Braunton Shirwell
Egg Buckland V. Roborough Tamerton
Buckland Filleigh R. Shebbear Torrington
Buckland Monachorum V. Roborough Tamerton
*Buckland Toussaints, appendant to Loddiswell Coleridge Woodleigh
West Buckland R. Braunton Shirwell
East Budleigh V. East Budleigh Aylesbeare
*St. Budock, appendant to St. Andrew, Plymouth. Roborough Plympton
*Bulkworthy, appendant to Buckland Brewer Shebbear Hertland
Bundleigh R. North Tawton Chulmleigh
Burlescombe (fn. n8) V. Bampton Tiverton
Burrington V. North Tawton Chulmleigh
Butterleigh R. Cliston Plymtree
Cadbury V. Hayridge Cadbury
Cadleigh R. Hayridge Cadbury
Calverleigh R. Tiverton Tiverton
Abbots Carswell V. Haytor Ipplepen
*King's Carswell, appendant to St. Mary Church Haytor Ipplepen
Chagford R. Wonford Dunsford
Challocombe R. Sherwill Shirwell
Charles R. Sherwill Shirwell
Charleton R. Coleridge Woodleigh
Chawleigh R. North Tawton Chulmleigh
Cheldon R. Witheridge South Molton
Cheriton Bishop R. Wonford Dunsford
Cheriton Fitzpaine R. West Budleigh Cadbury
Chittlehampton V. South Molton Barnstaple
*Chivelstone, appendant to Stokenham Coleridge Woodleigh
Christow V. Wonford Dunsford
Chudleigh V. Exminster Kenne
Chulmleigh R. Witheridge Chulmleigh
Churchstow V. Stanborough Woodleigh
*Churston Ferrers, appendant to Brixham Haytor Ipplepen
Clannaborough R. North Tawton Chulmleigh
Clawton C. Black Torrington Holsworthy
Clayhanger R. Bampton Tiverton
Clay-hydon R. Hemiock Dunkeswell
Broad Clist (fn. n9) V. Cliston Aylesbeare
Clist St. George R. East Budleigh Aylesbeare
Clist Hydon R. Cliston Plymtree
Honiton Clist C. East Budleigh Aylesbeare
Clist St. Laurence R. Cliston Plymtree
Clist St. Mary R. East Budleigh Aylesbeare
Clovelly R. Hartland (fn. n10) Hertland
Cockington C. Haytor Ipplepen
*Coffinswell, appendant to St. Mary Church Haytor Ipplepen
Colebrooke V. Crediton Cadbury
Coleridge R. North Tawton Plymtree
Collumpton V. Hayridge Plymtree
Colyton V. Colyton Honiton
Colyton Raleigh V. East Budleigh Aylesbeare
Comb in Teignhead R. Wonford Kenne
Comb Martin R. Braunton Shirwell
Comb Pyne R. Axminster Honiton
Comb Raleigh R. Axminster Dunkeswell
*Cookbury, appendant to Milton Damarell Black Torrington Holsworthy
Cornwood V. Ermington Plympton
Cornworthy V. Coleridge Totton
Coryton R. Lifton Tavistock
Cotleigh R. Colyton Honiton
Countesbury C. Sherwill Shirwell
Creacomb R. Witheridge South Molton
Crediton V. Crediton Kenne
Culmstock V. Hemiock Tiverton
Dartington R. Stanborough Totton
Dartmouth Coleridge Totton
*St. Saviour, appendant to Townstall
*St. Petrock, to Stoke-Fleming
*St. David's, appendant to Heavitree Wonford Exeter
Dawlish V. Exminster Kenne
Dean Prior V. Stanborough Totton
Denbury R. Haytor Ipplepen
Diptford R. Stanborough Totton
Dittisham R. Coleridge Totton
Dodbrooke R. Coleridge Woodleigh
Doddescombleigh R. Exminster Dunsford
Dolton R. North Tawton Torrington
Dowland C. North Tawton Torrington
East Downe R. Braunton Shirwell
West Downe V. Braunton Shirwell
Downe St. Mary R. North Tawton Cadbury
Dunchidiock R. Exminster Kenne
Dunkeswell V. Hemiock Dunkeswell
Dunsford V. Wonford Dunsford
Dunterton R. Lifton Tavistock
Eggesford R. North Tawton Chulmleigh
Ermington R.&V. Ermington Plympton
Exbourne R. Black Torrington Oakhampton
Exeter Wonford Exeter
Allhallows R.
Allhallows on the Wall C.
St. Edmund on the Bridge R.
St. George R.
St. John R.
St. Kerrian R.
St. Laurence R.
St. Martin R.
St. Mary Arches R.
St. Mary Major R.
St. Mary Steps R.
St. Olave R.
St. Pancras R.
St. Paul R.
St. Petrock R.
St. Stephen R.
Trinity R.
Exminster V. Exminster Kenne
Farringdon R. East Budleigh Aylesbeare
Farway R. Colyton Honiton
Feniton R. Hayridge Plymtree
Filleigh R. Braunton Barnstaple
Fremington V. Fremington Barnstaple
Frithelstock C. Shebbear Hertland
Georgeham R. Braunton Shirwell
*Germanswick, appendant to Broadwood Wiger Lifton Okehampton
Gidley R. Wonford Dunsford
St. Giles, see Stow
St. Giles in the Heath C. Black Torrington Trigg Major, in the archdeaconry of Cornwall
Gittisham R. East Budleigh Honiton
Goodleigh R. Braunton Shirwell
Haccombe R. Wonford Kenne
Halberton V. Halberton Tiverton
Halwell R. Black Torrington Holsworthy
*Halwell, appendant to Harberton Coleridge Totton
Harberton V.
Harford R. Ermington Plympton
Harpford R. East Budleigh Aylesbeare
Hartland C. Hartland Hertland
Harwood R. Fremington Barnstaple
Hatherleigh V. Black Torrington Okehampton
Heanton Punchardon R. Braunton Shirwell
Heavitree V. Wonford Exeter
Broad Hembury V. Hayridge Plymtree
Hemiock (fn. n11) R. Hemiock Dunkeswell
Broad Hempston V. Haytor Ipplepen
Little Hempston R. Haytor Ipplepen
Hennock V. Teignbridge Moreton
Highampton R. Black Torrington Helsworthy
*Highweek (fn. n12), appendant to king's Teignton Teignbridge Moreton
Hittisleigh R. Wonford Dunsford
Hockworthy V. Bampton Tiverton
Holbeton V. Ermington Plympton
Holcombe Burnell V. Wonford Dunsford
Holcombe Rogus R. Bampton Tiverton
Hollacombe R. Black Torrington Holsworthy
Holne V. Stanborough Totton
Holsworthy R. Black Torrington Holsworthy
Honeychurch R. Black Torrington Okehampton
Honiton (fn. n13) R. Axminster Honiton
Huish R. Shebbear Torrington
North Huish R. Stanborough Plympton
*South Huish, appendant to West Allington Stanborough Woodleigh
Hunshaw R. Fremington Barnstaple
Huntsham R. Tiverton Tiverton
Huxham R. Wonford Aylesbeare
Ide C. Exminster Kenne
Ideford R. Teignbridge Moreton
Iddesleigh R. Shebbear Torrington
Ilfracombe V. Braunton Shirwell
Ilsington V. Teignbridge Moreton
Instow R. Fremington Barnstaple
Inwardsleigh R. Black Torrington Okehampton
Ipplepen V. Haytor Ipplepen
Jacobstow R. Black Torrington Okehampton
Kelly R. Lifton Tavistock
Kenne R. Exminster Kenne
Kennerly R. Crediton Cadbury
Kentisbeer R. Hayridge Plymtree
Kentisbury R. Braunton Shirwell
Kenton V. Exminster Kenne
*Kilmington, appendant to Axminster Axminster Honiton
*Kingsbridge, appendant to Churchstow Stanborough Woodleigh
*Kingston, appendant to Ermington Ermington Plympton
Knowstone V. South Molton South Molton
Lamerton V. Lifton Tavistock
Landcross R. Shebbear Hertland
Landkey C. South Molton Barnstaple
Langtree R. Shebbear Torrington
Lapford R. North Tawton Chulmleigh
St. Leonard R. Wonford Exeter
North Lew R. Black Torrington Okehampton
Lew Trenchard R. Lifton Tavistock
Lidford R. Lifton Tavistock
Lifton R. Lifton Tavistock
Limpstone R. East Budleigh Aylesbeare
Linton C. Sherwill Shirwell
Littleham V. East Budleigh Aylesbeare
Littleham R. Shebbear Hertland
Loddiswell V. Stanborough Woodleigh
Loxbear R. Tiverton Tiverton
Loxhore R. Sherwill Shirwell
Luffincott R. Black Torrington Holsworthy
Luppit V. Axminster Dunkeswell
Lustleigh R. Teignbridge Moreton
Maker V. East, in Cornwall, and Roborough, in Devon East in the Archdeaconry of Cornwall
Mamhead R. Exminster Kenne
Manaton R. Teignbridge Moreton
*Marlborough appendant to West Allington Stanborough Woodleigh
*Marldon, appendant to Paignton Haytor Ipplepen
Martinhoe R. Sherwill Shirwell
Marwood R. Braunton Shirwell
Mary Ansleigh C. Witheridge South Molton
St. Mary Church V. Haytor Ipplepen
Mary Stowe V. Lifton Tavistock
Meavy R. Roborough Tamerton
Meeth R. Shebbear Torrington
*Membury, appendant to Axminster Axminster Honiton
Merton R. Shebbear Torrington
Meshaw R. Witheridge South Molton
Milton Abbot V. Tavistock Tavistock
Milton Damarell R. Black Torrington Holsworthy
*South Milton, appendant to West Allington Stanborough Woodleigh
Modbury V. Ermington Plympton
Molland V. South Molton South Molton
North Molton V. South Molton South Molton
South Molton C. South Molton South Molton
Monkleigh V. Shebbear Hertland
*Monkton, appendant to Colyton Colyton Honiton
Morchard Bishop R. Crediton Cadbury
Cruwys Morchard R. Witheridge South Molton
Morebath V. Bampton Tiverton
Moreleigh R. Stanborough Woodleigh
Moreton Hampstead R. Teignbridge Moreton
Morthoe V. Braunton Shirwell
Musbury R. Axminster Honiton
Netherex C. Hayridge Cadbury
Newton St. Cyres V. Crediton Cadbury
Newton Ferrers R. Ermington Plympton
Newton St. Petrock R. Shebbear Torrington
Newton Tracey R. Fremington Barnstaple
St. Nicholas V. Wonford Kenne
Broad Nimet R. North Tawton Chulmleigh
Nimet Rowland R. North Tawton Chulmleigh
Nimet Tracey or Bow R. North Tawton Chulmleigh
Northam V. Shebbear Hertland
Northleigh R. Colyton Honiton
Bishop's Nympton V. Witheridge South Molton
George Nympton R. South Molton South Molton
King's Nympton R. Witheridge South Molton
Oakford R. Witheridge South Molton
Oakhampton V. Lifton Okehampton
Offwell R. Colyton Honiton
East Ogwell R. Wonford Kenne
West Ogwell R. Wonford Kenne
Otterton V. East Budleigh Aylesbeare
Ottery St. Mary V. Ottery St. Mary Aylesbeare
Up-Ottery V. Axminster Dunkeswell
*Ven-Ottery, appendant to Harpford East Budleigh Aylesbeare
Paignton V. Haytor Ipplepen
*Pancras Week, appendant to Bradworthy Black Torrington Holsworthy
Parkham R. Shebbear Hertland
Parracombe R. Sherwill Shirwell
Peahembury V. Hayridge Plymtree
Petersmerland C. Shebbear Torrington
North Petherwin V. Black Torrington Trigg Major, in the archdeaconry of Cornwall
Petrockstow R. Shebbear Torrington
Pilton C. Braunton Barnstaple
Pinhoe V. Wonford Aylesbeare
Plymouth Roborough Plympton
St. Andrew (fn. n14) V.
Charles V.
Plympton St. Mary C. Plympton Plympton
Plympton Maurice C.
Plymstock C. Plympton Plympton
Plymtree R. Hayridge Plymptree
Poltimore R. Wonford Aylesbeare
South Pool R. Coleridge Woodleigh
Portlemouth R. Coleridge Woodleigh
Poughill R. West Budleigh Cadbury
Powderham R. Exminster Kenne
Puddington R. Witheridge South Molton
*East Putford, appendant to Buckland Brewer Shebbear Hertland
West Putford R. Black Torrington Holsworthy
Pyworthy R. Black Torrington Holsworthy
Rackenford R. Witheridge South Molton
Rattery V. Stanborough Totton
*Revelstoke, appendant to Yealmpton Plympton Plympton
Rew R. Wonford Plymtree
Ringmore R. Ermington Woodleigh
Roborough R. Fremington Torrington
Rockbear V. East Budleigh Aylesbeare
Romansleigh R. Witheridge South Molton
Roseash R. Witheridge South Molton
Rousedown (fn. n15) R. Axminster Honiton
Salcombe Regis V. East Budleigh Aylesbeare
Sampford Courtenay (fn. n16) R. Black Torrington Okehampton
Sampford Peverell R. Halberton Tiverton
Sampford Spiney C. Roborough Tamerton
Sandford C. Crediton Cadbury
Satterleigh R. South Molton South Molton
Seaton and Beer V. Colyton Honiton
Shaugh C. Plympton Plympton
Shebbear V. Shebbear Torrington
Sheldon C. Hayridge Dunkeswell
*Sherford, appendant to Stokenham Coleridge Woodleigh
Sherwill R. Sherwill Shirwell
Shillingford St. George R. Exminster Kenne
*Shipstor, appendant to Bickleigh Roborough Tamerton
*Shipwash, appendant to Shebbear Shebbear Torrington
Shobrooke R. West Budleigh Cadbury
*Shute, appendant to Colyton Colyton Honiton
Sidbury V. East Budleigh Aylesbeare
Sidmouth V. East Budleigh Aylesbeare
*St. Sidwell, appendant to Heavitree Wonford Exeter
Silverton R. Hayridge Plymtree
Slapton C. Coleridge Woodleigh
*Sourton, appendant to Bridestowe Lifton Tavistock
Southleigh R. Colyton Honiton
Sowton R. Wonford Aylesbeare
Spreyton V. Wonford Dunsford
Church Staunton R. Hemiock Dunkeswell
Staverton V. Haytor Ipplepen
Stockleigh English R. West Budleigh Cadbury
Stockleigh Pomeroy R. West Budleigh Cadbury
Stoke Canon C. Wonford Aylesbeare
Stoke Damarell R. Roborough Tamerton
Stoke Fleming R. Coleridge Ipplepen (fn. n17)
Stoke Gabriel V. Haytor Ipplepen
Stoke in Teignhead R. Wonford Kenne
Stoke Rivers R. Sherwill Shirwell
Stokenham V. Coleridge Woodleigh
*East Stonehouse, appendant to Plymouth Roborough Tamerton
Stoodley R. Witheridge South Molton
Stow St. Giles C. Fremington Torrington
Stowford R. Lifton Tavistock
Sutcombe R. Black Torrington Holsworthy
Swymbridge C. South Molton Barnstaple
South Sydenham R. Lifton Tavistock
Tallaton R. Hayridge Plymtree
Tamerton Foliot V. Roborough Tamerton
Tavistock V. Tavistock Tavistock
Mary Tavy R. Lifton Tavistock
Peter Tavy R. Roborough Tamerton
Tawstock R. Fremington Barnstaple
Bishop's Tawton V. South Molton Barnstaple
North Tawton R. North Tawton Chulmleigh
South Tawton V. Wonford Dunsford
Tedburne St. Mary R. Wonford Dunsford
Teigngrace R. Teignbridge Moreton
East Teignmouth C. Exminster Kenne
West Teignmouth C.
Bishop's Teignton V. Exminster Kenne
Drew's Teignton R. Wonford Moreton
King's Teignton V. Teignbridge Moreton
Templeton R. Witheridge Tiverton
Tetcott R. Black Torrington Holsworthy
Thelbridge R. Witheridge South Molton
St. Thomas V. Wonford Kenne
Thornbury R. Black Torrington Holsworthy
Thorncombe V. Axminster Honiton
Thorverton V. Hayridge Cadbury
Throwley R. Wonford Dunsford
*Thrushelton, appendant to Maristow Lifton Tavistock
Thurlestone R. Stanborough Woodleigh
Tiverton R. (fn. n18) Tiverton Tiverton
Topsham C. Wonford Aylesbeare
Tor Bryan R. Haytor Ipplepen
Tor Mohun C. Haytor Ipplepen
Black Torrington R. Black Torrington Holsworthy
Great Torrington V. Fremington Torrington
Little Torrington R. Shebbear Torrington
Totnes V. Coleridge Totton
Townstall V. Coleridge Totton
Trentishoe R. Braunton Shirwell
Trusham R. Exminster Kenne
*Twitchen, appendant to North Molton South Molton South Molton
Uffculme V. Bampton Tiverton
Ugborough V. Ermington Plympton
Uplime R. Axminster Honiton
Uplowman R. Tiverton Tiverton
Upton Helions R. West Budleigh Cadbury
Upton Pyne R. Wonford Cadbury
Virginstow R. Lifton Tavistock
Walkhampton V. Roborough Tamerton
Warkley R. South Molton South Molton
Washfield R. West Budleigh Tiverton
Washford Pyne R. Witheridge South Molton
Weare Giffard R. Shebbear Hertland
*King's Weare, appendant to Brixham Haytor Ipplepen
Welcombe C. Hartland Hertland
Wembury C. Plympton Plympton
Wemworthy R. North Tawton Chulmleigh
Werrington C. Black Torrington Trigg Major, in the archdeaconry of Cornwall
Westleigh V. Fremington Barnstaple
Whimple R. Cliston Aylesbeare
Whitechurch V. Roborough Tamerton
Whitstone R. Wonford Dunsford
Widdecomb in the Moor V. Haytor Moreton
Widworthy R. Colyton Honiton
Willand R. Halberton Tiverton
Winkleigh V. Winkleigh Torrington
*Withecombe Raleigh, appendant to East Budleigh East Budleigh Aylesbeare
Witheridge V. Witheridge South Molton
Woodbury C. East Budleigh Aylesbeare
*Woodland, appendant to Ipplepen Haytor Ipplepen
Woodleigh R. Stanborough Woodleigh
Woolborough C. Haytor Ipplepen
Woolfardisworthy R. Witheridge South Molton
Woolfardisworthy C. Hartland Hertland
East Worlington R. Witheridge South Molton
West Worlington R. Witheridge South Molton
Yarcombe V. Axminster Dunkeswell
Yarnscombe V. Hartland Barnstaple
Yealmpton V. Plympton Plympton
Zeal Monachorum R. North Tawton Chulmleigh

The chapels of ease in this county are,

In the parish of
Brixham town Brixham.
Budleigh Salterton Budleigh
Cove Tiverton
Culm Davy Hemiock
Culmjohn Broad Clist
St. George Tiverton
Honiton town Honiton
Newton Abbot Wolborough
Newton Bushell High Week
Newton Poppleford Aylesbeare
Okehampton town Okehampton
Oldridge St. Thomas
Petton Bampton
Sticklepath Sampford Courtenay.

There is an intention of building chapels at Exmouth and Torquay. The dilapidated chapels, and those destroyed, which have been very numerous, are spoken of in the parishes in which they were respectively situated.


  • n1. Probably Harrige, or Hayridge.
  • n2. At p. 57. written Halbreton.
  • n3. The county is divided into three districts, called the North, East, and South divisions, in which the hundreds are thus distributed:
    North. East. South.
    Witheridge Hayridge Stanborough
    North Tawton Hemyocke Coleridge
    Black Torrington Tiverton Wonford
    Shebbear Bampton Haytor
    Winkleigh Halberton West Budleigh
    Hartland East Budleigh Plympton
    Sherwell Colyton Tavistock
    South Molton Axminster Lifton
    Braunton Cliston Crediton
    Fremington. Ottery St. Mary. Teignbridge
  • n4. Before this period, the whole southern part of the kingdom, from Kent to the extremity of Cornwall, was under one bishop.
  • n5. Westcote says, that there were only 381 parishes, in 1371, when the clergy voted the King an aid of 50,000l., to be levied at so much each parish.
  • n6. In this parish is the chapel of Petton.
  • n7. The church of this parish is dilapidated.
  • n8. In this parish is the chapel of Ayshford.
  • n9. In this parish is the chapel of Columbjohn.
  • n10. The hundred is usually spelt Hartland; the deanery Hertland.
  • n11. In this parish is the chapel of Culm Davy.
  • n12. Newton Bushell, is a chapel to Highweek.
  • n13. In the town of Honiton is the chapel of Allhallows.
  • n14. The chapel of Weston Peverell is in this parish.
  • n15. The church of this parish is dilapidated.
  • n16. In this parish is the chapel of Sticklepath.
  • n17. In the visitations inserted as in the deanery of Totton.
  • n18. In four portions. There is a chapel of St. George in the town, and Cove chapel, in Pitt Quarter.