Items from the two Process Books: Temp. James I

Middlesex County Records: Volume 2, 1603-25. Originally published by Middlesex County Record Society, London, 1887.

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'Items from the two Process Books: Temp. James I', in Middlesex County Records: Volume 2, 1603-25, (London, 1887) pp. 234-238. British History Online [accessed 3 March 2024]

Temp. James I

PARTICULARS TAKEN FROM THE TWO PROCESS BOOKS, temp. JAMES I. (BOOK I., from APRIL, 8 JAMES I., to APRIL, 16 of the same King's Reign: BOOK II., from 16 JAMES I. to the End of his Reign.)

G. S. P. 19 April, 8 James I.—The Lord . . . . Conawaye of the Savoy; for sufferinge great store of timber to be layd in Chancerye Lane.

G. S. P. 19 April, 8 James I.—Margaret Bates spinster; for not cominge to churche by the space of sixe moneths.

G. S. P. 19 April, 8 James I.—John Browne of Harroweilde in the parish of Harrowehill co. Midd.; for standing excommunicate for the space of 3 moneths.

G. S. P. 23 April, 10 James I.—Elizabeth Everingham wife of William Everingham yoman, and Anne Etheringham spinster, both of Hendon; for not cominge to churche.

S. P. 28 May, 10 James I.—Mary Hildersham of St. Sepulchre'swithout-Newgate spinster; for not cominge to churche.

S. P. 3 July, 10 James I.—Mary Orkington of St. Andrew's-inHolborne spinster; for not cominge to churche.

G. S. P. 1 October, 10 James I.—John Smith and Mathew Smith, both of Westminster; for makinge an affray and drawinge blood of one another in the Church yard of St. Margarettes in Westminster.

G. S. P. 1 October, 10 James I.—William Fuller yoman, John Garnett, his wife Elizabeth Garnett, Thomas Brownloe, all four of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields; Lady Anne Brett and Alice Boydon wife of Philip Boydon, both of "Le Dutchie"; William Widowson of Milford Lane gentleman; Christopher Garnett, his wife Joan Garnett, Anne Evered spinster, John Blake, his wife Maudline Blake, Elizabeth Everidge spinster, Katherine Parker spinster, Ambrosina Beswicke spinster, Anne Ciroint spinster, Agnes Fletcher widow, Thomas Howard, Mary Smoleare wife of John Smoleare gentleman, all eleven late of Highe Holborne; for Recusancye.

G. S. P. 1 October, 10 James I.—Richard Woodroofe yoman, his wife Anne Woodroofe, both of St Giles's-in-the-Fields; . . . . . . . . . Penny widow, . . . . . . . . . Grosley widow, . . . . . . . . . Best gentleman, . . . . . . . . . Symons spinster, all four of Marybone; for Recusancye.

G. S. P. 15 April, 11 James I.—William Atterbury of Grub Street porter; for an obstinate Brownist.

G. S. P. 15 April, 11 James I.—Oliva Lady Hennadge of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields; for Recusancye.

G. S. P. 30 September, 11 James I.—John Gillett yoman and his wife . . . . . . . . . Gillett, both of Edmonton; Edward Pickman of Endfeild yoman; . . . . . . . . . Raynes widow, William Raynes gentleman, Thomas Raynes gentleman, Dorothy Reynes spinster, Margaret Reynes spinster, all five late of Hampsteed; Joan Avery wife of Robert Avery yoman, Hubbert Haloon alias Hawkins esq., Giles Vincent gentleman, Jane Lady Skinner, all four late of St. Giles's-in-the-Fields; for refusinge to come to churche.

G. S. P. 6 October, 12 James I.—Anne wife of John Standishe yoman, Richard Judd yoman, Joan Woodward widow, Sir William Tressam knt., and his wife Lady Tressam, all five late of St. Clement's Danes; for not cominge to churche in 3 monethes:—also Jerom Kirbye late of Harefeild yoman, and Olive Lady Heneage late of St. Martyn's-in-the-Fields; for not cominge to churche.

S. P. 28 March, 13 James I.—Francis Bradshawe gentleman, Thomas Davies cutler, John Hopkins yoman, John Medcalfe yoman, all four late of High Holborne; for Recusancy.

G. S. P. 4 October, 14 James I.— . . . . the wife of John Southerton esq.; for not cominge to churche.

G. S. P. 4 October, 14 James I.—Amongst memoranda of process against a large number of persons, charged with neglecting to work or contribute for the repair of the highways, appears this memorandum, touching the Red Bull theatre, "Christofer Beeston and the rest of the players of the Redd. Bull are behinde five pounds, being taxed by the bench 40s. the yeare by theire owne consentes."

S. P. . . June, 15 James I.—Edward Yearworth late of Bramford clerk; for counterfeitinge the handes of the Lord of Canterburie and the late Lord Chancellor.

S. G. P. 1 October, 16 James I.—Thomas Hill of St. John's Street yoman;—for removing a stone about xii foote or thereabouts into Clerkenwell.

S. G. P. 1 October, 16 James I.— . . . . Sleepe late of St. John's Street gentleman and his wife; for popishe recusants, not comeing to church by the space of three months. Also, for the same offence,—Hugh Griffen yoman, George Jarrengam yoman, Elizabeth Baylie wife of John Baylie, all three late of St. Clement's Danes.

G. S. P. 8 April, 17 James I.—Robert Hill carpenter, Richard Houghton yoman, William Foster yoman, Dorothy Parsons spinster, Dorothy Barnes spinster, Gilbert Spencer yoman, John Sheppard yoman, all seven late of Turmill Streete; William Marshe of St. Mildred's in London marchaunt-taylor; Thomas Wood clerk, and John Waterhouse writer (scriptor), both of St. Clement's Danes;—for Recusancy.

S. P. 11 May, 17 James I.—Lord Wormewood of St. John's Streete and William Hawkins of Kensington gentleman;—for Recusancy.

G. S. P. Michaelmas . . . ., 17 James I.— . . . . Gyllett late of Edmonton widow;—for her misdemeanour about the interment of her dead husband who was a Recusant, whom she caused to be carried to the cemitery of Hornesey and there to be buried not one foot deep in the soil whereby his head and feet remained uncovered and exposed, to the hurt &c., and the contempt &c.—The Latin of this entry being as follows, ". . . . Gyllett n. de Edmonton in c't vid' pro malefc'o suo circa sepultur' viri sui mortui q' fuit Recusans quem portari fecit usq' ad cemiter' de Hornesey et ib'm sepeliri non un' ped' alt' in fund' p' quod caput et pedes ejus manser' detect et ap't' ad nocument &c. Et in contempt' &c.

S. P. 13 January, 17 James I.—Edward Grymes of Lincoln's Inne gentleman;—for the murder of John Bughill.

G. S. P. 27 April, 18 James I.—George Gaston (or Gascon) of Clarkenwell tanner;—for unlawful hunting in the park of the Lord the King. Over George Gaston's name this memorandum "Cogn' h'et Judiu' pro fine x li. Et rep' pro iiibz mensibz sz m. et pro bo. m. pro bo. g. p' vii ann"= He confesses and has judgment, to pay a fine of ten pounds, be imprisoned for three months without mainpernors, and then find good sureties for his good conduct for seven years.

G. S. P. 12 April, 19 James I.—Richard Hearne late of London esq.;—for neglecting to repair two bridges, one of them called Braynt Bridge and the other called Silke Bridge, being within the parish of Hendon, on the public (common) way leading from Edgware towards London; and also for a bridge belonging to him, leading from Dallys to Finchley; Which three bridges are in extreme decay, to the serious danger of wayfarers.

G. S. P. 12 April, 19 James I.—The Earl of Northumberland; —for neglecting to repair a common bridge belonging to him, in the parish of Thistleworth.

G. S. P. 3 May, 20 James I.—Mary Vaughan wife of Robert Vaughan yoman late of Drury Lane; Fardinand Emerson cutler, his wife Jane Emerson, William Mathewes cutler, his wife Elen Mathewes, Mary Heyward widow, Susan wife of Edwin Sale gentleman, Lionel Ticheborne gentleman, his wife Anne Ticheborne, John Blage taylor, his wife Maudline Blague, William Cooke gentleman, his wife Bridget Cooke, Anne Dowse widow, William Bexwicke cordewayner, his wife Elizabeth Bexwicke, John Coe stacioner, Thomas Knight scrivenor, Susan wife of Thomas Strange taylor, Mary Scrogges spinster, Jane Woodfall widow, Edith Wheeler spinster, all twenty-one late of High Holborne; Edward Abday esq., Henry Penington silkweaver, John Watson gentleman, all three of Grubstreet; Edward Jessop . . . ., and Thomas Aspe yoman both of Chancery Lane; William Lord Sturton, John Clitherow cooke, his wife Dorothy Clitheroe, John Dickerson yoman, Humfrey Alington yoman, Mary Lowman spinster, Katherine Broughton spinster, John Webb gentleman, Richard Penvoys yoman, Lady Sanderson wife of Sir William Sanderson knt., Francis Richardson . . . ., all eleven late of Clerkenwell; Mar garet Feild widow, Joan Gresham wife of Richard Gresham carpenter, John Beamont gentleman, and his wife Elizabeth Beamont, all four late of Saffron Hill; Alice Coale widow, Anne Coale late of Heston spinster, and Jane wife of Thomas Coale . . . .;—for Recusancy.

S. P. 27 May, 21 James I.—Henry Pennington, his wife Anne Pennington, Katherine Fareback spinster, Arthur Houland glover, all four late of Finsbury; Thomas Floud scrivenor, Dreweus Lovett gouldsmith, Mary Liswell spinster, Robert Williams cooke, James Coldridge taylor, his wife Mary Coldridge, Bridget Cooke widow, Peter Winder taylor, all eight of Highe Holborne (together with numerous persons indicted in the previous year for not come to church);—for Recusancy.

G. S. P. 2 October, 21 James I.—The Earl of Northumberland;— for neglecting to repair a public bridge (pro non reparacione unius publici pontis) at Longford.

G. S. P. 2 October, 21 James I.—The Earl of Northumberland and Mary Lady Reade;—for neglecting to repair a bridge at Westbrainford.

G. S. P. 2 October, 21 James I.—Joan Knowling widow, and Helen wife of John Cogging, both of West Brainford;—for Recusancy for three months.

G. S. P. 2 October, 21 James I.—Percy Halbourd;—for neglecting to repair a bridge at Hendon.

G. S. P. 2 October, 21 James I.—The Parishioners of Hendon;— for neglecting to repair the public bridge in Hendon, called Brunstreetebridge.

G. S. P. 2 October, 21 James I.—The Inhabitants of Finchley;— for neglecting to repair a bridge called Finchley Bridge.

G. S. P. 2 October, 21 James I.—The Inhabitants of Edmonton and Endfeild;—for neglecting to repair a bridge called Balstepgrove Bridge, lying between Edmonton and Endfeild.

G. S. P. 2 October, 21 James I.—Henry Wise weaver, his wife Cecilia Wise, Elizabeth Tayler spinster, Francis Richardson miller, Richard Jackson taylor, William Darby tayler and Hester Savill . . ., all seven of Turmill Street; Thomas Foold scrivenor, his wife . . . . Foold, John Hallifex yoman, all three of High Holborne; John Waldron gentleman, his wife Margaret Waldron, Elizabeth Drawater widow, John Lawron victualler, his wife Katherine Lawron, Andrew White victualler, his wife Katherine White, and Andrew Gryndy and his wife, all nine of St. Giles's-in-the-Fields; Henry Pennington silkeweaver, his wife Anne Pennington, Katherine Foreback . . . ., Humfrey Tymings glover, his wife Elizabeth Tymings, all five of Grub Street; Arthur Howland of Finsbury glover, and his wife Mary Howland, both of Finsbury (and numerous other persons, with whose names the reader is familiar);—for Recusancy.

G. S. P. 8 October, 22 James I.—The Inhabitants of Norwood;— for neglecting to re-make the common way leading to Battle Bridge alias Batford Bridge.

G. S. P. 8 October, 22 James I.— . . . . Bricknell late of Stanmore widow; . . . . Gresham late of Hampton, Edward Robinson late of Kingsbury; Katherine Fairebeck . . . . late of Grubstreete; Richard Samwell and Mary Russell late of St. Giles's-inthe Fields; Usall Perry, Randell Allington, John Wotten, and Richard Chaney, all four late of Chancery Lane; James Mierbeck "pickterdrawer," John Francklin tayler, John Freake glasier, all three late of St. Andrew's-in-High-Holborne; John Fincham late of Grayes Inne Lane gentleman, and divers persons repeatedly indicted for the same offence;—for Recusancy.

The later of these two Indictments Process Books, in which the Clerk of the Peace entered in the shortest way the names, descriptions and offences of the persons, whom he was instructed at S. P. and G. S. P. to proceed against by indictment, is so injured by the rot, which has consumed the stitching of the leaves together with much of the leaves themselves, that one cannot now speak of it as a book without being guilty of misrepresentation. More than two-thirds of the leaves are separate pieces of paper, and are so rotten that the most skilful bookbinder could not bring them together again into the form and show of a sound volume.