Middlesex Sessions Rolls: 1667

Page 389

Middlesex County Records: Volume 3, 1625-67. Originally published by Middlesex County Record Society, London, 1888.

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12 January, 18 Charles II.—True Bill that, at Whitechappell co. Midd. on the said day, Thomas Thompson late of the said parish laborer assaulted Allan Dawes, and with both his hands cast and threw the same Allan Dawes down on a fire-iron on the hearthstone in the chimney of the dwelling-house of the same Allan Dawes, and thereby gave the same Allan Dawes upon the left side of his body, to wit, upon his ribs a mortal wound, of which he languished from the said 12th Jan. to the 14th day of the same month, on which last-named day he died thereof, being thus slain and murdered by the said Thomas Thompson.—On the dorse of this parchment appears "the special verdict" of the jurors, running in Latin to the following effect, "And the Jurors say that, in the day year and place mentioned in the aforesaid indictment, the aforesaid Thomas Thompson and his wife were fighting together in the dwelling-house of the aforesaid Allan Dawes, when the same Allan Dawes approached them whilst they were so fighting together and did his best to part the same Thomas Thompson and his wife, whereupon the said Thomas Thompson did throw and cast the said Allan Dawes towards and against the said fire-iron mentioned in the indictment, by reason of which throwing down of the said Allan Dawes upon the said iron he broke a rib of the said Allan, of which mortal wound the aforesaid Allan Dawes died, and if on the whole matter this is murder then the jurors said Allan" (?—clearly, it should be Thomas) "is guilty of murder, and if on the whole matter this is manslaughter, then the Jurors say that the said Thomas Thompson is 'Not Guilty' of murder but 'Guilty' of manslaughter only." This record of the "special verdict" is followed by this record of the judgment of the Court, to wit, "And afterwards on 20 Feb., 19 Charles II., mature deliberation having been had on all and each of the premisses, it was adjudged by the Court that the said Thomas Thompson is 'Not Guilty' of murder but 'Guilty' of manslaughter only." Whereupon Thomas Thompson asked for the book and was branded. G. D. R., 16 Jan., 18 Charles II.