Sessions, 1614: 8 and 9 June

Pages 452-462

County of Middlesex. Calendar To the Sessions Records: New Series, Volume 1, 1612-14. Originally published by Clerk of the Peace, London, 1935.

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Sessions of the Peace and Gaol Delivery, 8 and 9 June, 12 James I [A.D. 1614].


p.69. Alice, wife of Robert James of Hampstead, yeoman, to bring certificate from Sir William Waad that she has confessed her fault unto him for abusing him with vile speeches at the last sessions.

Rachel, wife of Robert Pettit of Old Street, carpenter, to give evidence against Mary Spencer for stealing 26s.

Thomas Tasborowe of Staple Inn, gentleman, for assaulting and beating John Evans of Golding Lane, yeoman, and entering the house of John Merriman of the same, yeoman, unlawfully at the same; he pleaded not guilty and was handed in bail to Henry Caroll [Carell] of Holborn near the Conduit, grocer.

John Purdoe of Paddingswick, for the like. The said Henry handed in bail to the said Thomas. The said Merriman and Evans to give evidence against the said Tasborowe, Carell and Purdoe (and p. 80).

Richard Coxe of Wanstead, co. Essex, yeoman, and William Bradley and Elizabeth Maltas to give evidence against Robert Snelhawke [Snellocke] of Little Wendon, co. Essex, weaver, for stealing sheep. Alexander Fulsis committed for being accessory. The said Robert respited to the gaol of Essex (and pp.70, 71 and G.D.R. 2/20d, 21d).

p.70. Came and discharged:—

William Beadle of Whitechapel, baker, for making his bread two ounces less than the assize.

Robert Medcalfe of the same, baker, for the peace.

Margaret, wife of Richard Hevell of Mile End, cook, for the like.

Magdalen Sammoyes of Cow Cross, spinster, for a common whore.

Margaret Trappes, widow, Ann Bartlett and Gillian Hall, spinsters, all of the same, for the like.

Elizabeth Barnes of Golding Lane, spinster, for the like.

Ann Hall of Cow Cross, spinster, for a common whore and pickpocket.

Katherine, wife of Thomas Sheppard of Golding Lane, yeoman, for a common whore.

Philippa Smith of Cow Cross, spinster, for the like.

James Rawlins of Gray's Inn Lane, tobacco-seller, for the peace.

Thomas Bateman of Shoreditch, yeoman, suspected to have cheated William Hewde of £3 at cards.

Griffin Jones of Gray's Inn, esquire, to appear.

Edmund Eyres of Chelsham, co. Surrey, gentleman, does affirm in court to pay Dennis Barbor £3 for her wages only to-morrow next. Mr. Jones has paid the money to her in court.

Sir John Yorke, Knight, of "Awkeborrowe," co. York, and Richard Snell of High Holborn, gentleman, to give evidence against Alice Collingwood and John Willenhall [Willinghall] for felony. The said Alice respited for sureties, the said John delivered by proclamation (and G.D.R. 2/20, 20d).

Robert Smithe of Shoreditch, innholder, suspected for the robbery of the said Sir John Yorke, because he refused to put his hand to an information taken before Sir Ferdinand Heyborne, Knight (and p.75.)

p.71. Edward Lewes of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields, gentleman, handed in bail to John Pulman of St. John Street, yeoman, and William Elder of St. Sepulchre's, yeoman, to keep the peace towards Robert Sherley of St. Martin's aforesaid, cutler, and Joan his wife; and James Moore of St. Martin's aforesaid, yeoman, servant to the said Edward, for the like. The said Robert and Joan handed in bail to John Rossendon and William Hall of the same, cutlers, for abusing the said Lewes (and pp.74, 80, 81).

Margery Felton of Cow Cross, spinster, for a common whore.

Elizabeth Hoskyns, Mary Stevens and Helen Browne of the same, spinsters, for the like.

George Sleighe of Cheapside, yeoman, for hurting Agnes Carrington, she being great with child.

John Rigge of St. Martin's-le-Grand, shoemaker, for hurting Elizabeth Parker.

William Dodge of Stockport, co. Chester, gentleman, for cozening John Barnett of £5 with a counterfeit letter.

Francis Seeley of Cow Cross, brewer, for the peace.

Judith, wife of George Walton of the same, yeoman, Lewis Burges of Whitecross Street, yeoman, Richard Hunter of St. Bartholomew's-the-Great, haberdasher, Elizabeth Cleere of Cow Cross, spinster, and Robert Millington of Totteridge, co. Hertford, yeoman, all for the like.

John Dawlyne of Chipping Barnet, co. Hertford, yeoman.

John [Butts] of Norton Folgate, victualler, handed in bail to Edward Reeve of St. John Street, joiner, and Thomas Wigges of Tower Hill, haberdasher (and p.80).

p.72. Joan, wife of Henry Anthonye of Clerkenwell, yeoman, for the peace.

Parnel Chambers of the same, spinster, for the like.

John Humfrey of Holborn, yeoman, and Thomas Niccolls of the same, for wounding Ralph Walker with a rapier.

Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Fryer of Turnmill Street, cook, handed in bail to Theodore Hanley and George Wilkins of the same (and p.80).

John Davies of Goswell Street, yeoman, servant to Henry Bannester of Hackney, esquire, for hurting Walter Kidd [Kydd] by riding over him with a horse. Fined 6s. 8d.

Joseph Rocke of Stourbridge, co. Worcester, gentleman [of Goswell Street, yeoman], for the like. Fined 2s. (and p.88 and P.R.B. 1/32).

Robert Cole of Old Street, yeoman, for the peace.

John Nutting of Norton Folgate, yeoman, fined 20s. for tippling without licence.

Alexander Rosse of Clerkenwell, yeoman, for hurting John Poore.

Edward Baseley and Thomas Meane of St. Giles'-in-the-Fields, bricklayers.

Thomas Blunte, servant to Francis Townesende of St. Clement's, butcher (and p. 80).

Edward Elliott and Thomas Layte of the same, butchers.

Mary, wife of Henry Cooke of Shoreditch, baker.

John Foxe of Gray's Inn, gentleman, for wounding Patrick Farrier.

Simon Ellis of Finchley, collier, for selling coals not full measure.

Thomas Brasier of Clerkenwell, for abusing the headboroughs of the same.

p.73. Richard Abrey of St. Giles'-in-the-Fields, for unlawfully selling a horse to Thomas Edinge.

Francis Potter, son of Thomas Potter of Finchley, yeoman, is discharged out of the service of Nicholas Goldston of the same, linen-weaver, his master. The said Nicholas handed in bail to William Atkinson of Friern Barnet, weaver, and Henry Cowlive of Southwark, yeoman, and is to bring in the indentures of the said Francis to be cancelled in Court, and to pay 5s. 4d. to the said Thomas for unjustly arresting him (and p. 80).

Came and discharged:—

Thomas Waddington of Preston, co. Lancaster, merchant, for the peace.

Alice, wife of William Moore of Whitechapel, porter, and John Hasklett of St. John Street, porter, for the like.

Alice, wife of William Horne of Ratcliffe, sailor.

Richard Lowes of Whitechapel, glover.

Dorothy Hussye of Ratcliffe, spinster.

Strange Snellocke of Barking, co. Essex, yeoman, for abusing the officers.

Roland Clarke of St. Martin's-le-Grand, shoemaker.

Thomas Goodwyn of St. Sepulchre's, grocer.

Margaret Catton of the same, spinster.

John Pollington of Clerkenwell, yeoman.

Respited until the next because on urgent business outside the City at this Sessions:—

Nicholas Elmey of St. Andrew's, Holborn, tallow-chandler, for abusing Isabel, wife of Thomas Drinckwater of St. Martin's-in-the Fields, coachmaker. The said Isabel to keep the peace (and pp.74, 80).

Came and discharged:—

Helen, wife of Peter Cornishe of Ratcliffe, mariner.

John Hutchenson of St. Andrew's, Holborn, victualler, for beating George Giles. Pleads not guilty and handed in bail to Henry Hurleston and John Lymborowe of the same, bakers (and p.80).

Margery, wife of Thomas Barrett of St. Sepulchre's, Salter, for keeping a brothel house.

p.74. Mary, wife of John Westcott of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields, victualler, for the peace.

William Mathewes of the same, locksmith, for the like.

Robert Charleton of the same, tippler, for tippling without licence.

Thomas Hewett, locksmith, and Peter Macham, yeoman, both of the same.

Edward Dowlande of the same, tailor, charged to have broken the back of John Evans. He promises to give him 2s. 6d. every week till the next sessions, and is handed in bail to William Powell, scrivener, and John Westcott, chandler, both of the same (and p.81).

John Rosington and Robert Hollande of the same, victuallers, for tippling without licence.

Came and discharged because not indicted:—

Arthur Browne of the same, brickmaker, for erecting a cottage without four acres of land.


Thomas Durante of Enfield, yeoman, brought in by warrant for detaining wages from his servant. Ordered to pay his said servant 12s. which he has done in Court.

Came and discharged:—

Edmund Harfull of Smithfield Bar, butcher.

Richard Crompton of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields, locksmith.

James Dyer of the Strand, victualler, for tippling without licence.

Thomas Sharpe of Uxbridge, yeoman.

Richard Lawrence of Ruislip, yeoman.

p.75. Thomas Nashe of Old Street, pointmaker, suspected to be a common cheater.

Edward Steale of Wood Street, diamond-cutter, for the peace.

Balsa Vanchiser, servant to Henry Alman of St. Mary Magdalen's in Old Fish Street, goldsmith, for the like.

Varnam Beste of St. Botolph's-without-Bishopsgate, cutler, for the like.

Alexander Collins of St. Clement Danes, yeoman, for being constable and suffering Richard Lee, a principal offender, to escape after he had attached him by warrant from the Justices, who had committed him for an outrageous riot upon the Lady Lewkenor (and p.69).

Samuel Beste of St. Benet's, Paul's Wharf, embroiderer.

Discharged because no true bill:—

John Smithe of Clerkenwell, carpenter, and Richard Sandford of the same, cobbler, upon complaint of Tobias Machem.

James Hopwood of Islington, yeoman, for begetting Alice Bellamye with child, which was born at Iping in Sussex. She is to bring certificate that it was born there, and he is handed in bail to John Semper of Islington, yeoman. To appear at the Sessions in Sussex and to stand to the order of the Justices. Handed further in bail to John George of St. Saviour's, Southwark, waterman, and John Worseman of Aldersgate Street, yeoman, to discharge the parish of Iping (and pp. 81, 91).

Came and discharged:—

Richard Johnson of Stoke Newington, silk-weaver, for the peace.

Samuel Woollye of St. Giles'-in-the-Fields, barber, brought in by warrant of attachment for hurting Mistress Pike's child. Committed to the custody of Robert Dickers [Dichars], constable of St. Giles' aforesaid, and handed in bail to Robert Ellakar of the same, yeoman, and Robert Woodhouse of Norton Folgate, yeoman. The said Robert Dickers brought in by warrant for not apprehending the said Samuel (and p.81).

Thomas Greenewood for taking away "the ymbassadors dogge" to be committed until he shall deliver the said dog. The dog is delivered to the ambassador's man.

Nicholas Briggens committed for being confederate with the said Greenewood.

Thomas Cooke of [Southwark, gentleman, for Peter Baggett [Baggott] of Westminster, yeoman, to appear before Sir Edmund Bowyer, Knight, at Camberwell to-morrow morning by nine o'clock, to bring certificate and answer for robbery. The said Peter appeared at Hicks Hall (and G.D.R. 2/21d).

Roger Golde of Harefield, tailor, for unlawfully putting away his apprentice and refusing to stand to the order of the Justice.

p.76. Hugh Williams, Thomas Palyn and John Dutton, wandering rogues, to be set in the stocks by the constable of Golding Lane till the afternoon, and then to be whipped and sent away.

Richard Dowley of Friern Barnet, yeoman, for misdemeanours in his house, and to give evidence against Thomas Garrolde for unlawful games in his house. To be bound over or suppressed from victualling (and p.81).

John Wilbraham of the same, yeoman, handed in bail to Richard Feilder and George Hixe of the same, yeomen, not to victual any more until he shall be licensed.

Thomas Deeringe of Enfield, yeoman.

James Robinson of St. Giles'-in-the-Fields, yeoman, servant to Richard Bigges the high constable, for corrupting a warrant directed unto his master from Sir John Lea, Knight, for three carts, as appears by a letter under the hands of Lord Knowles, Lord Wootton and Sir Robert Bannester, and making a warrant for four carts, and taking 5s. from Richard Bluke [Blucke] of Fulham to spare his cartCommitted to Newgate till the Court shall take further consideration for his enlargement. Abraham Crosse, one of His Majesty's officers for taking carts for His Highness's removes, says on oath that Mr. Evans, the Prince's cart-taker, told him that he had no return from the high constable touching those carts till this morning, when he fetched it from the said Robinson, who then lay in Flamston's house in St. Bartholomew's, where he lay after he was committed. Therefore the said Robinson is handed in bail to Richard Bigges of St. Giles' aforesaid, gentleman. The said Bluke and William Kendall swore in court that the said Robinson took of them 5s. to spare their carts, and the money was paid to him on 31 May last (and pp.77, 81).

Toby Macham, bailiff.

Thomas Kester alias Windsor the elder of Norcott, yeoman, and Thomas Kester the younger, for the peace.

John Lupton of St. Sepulchre's, labourer, to give evidence against Elizabeth White. The said Elizabeth respited for sureties (and G.D.R. 2/20d).

Robert Griffen of Charterhouse Lane, broker, for Ann, wife of William Dukeson of the same, broker, to give evidence likewise. The said Ann handed in bail to the said Robert and George Rawlins of the same, armourer, for receiving stolen goods (and pp.77, 81).

Robert Willson of Hillingdon, yeoman, and John Whittacres of Hayes, yeoman, for the peace.

Evan Floud of Redcross Street, shoemaker, for abusing Joan Forde in the face of Sir Lewes Lewkenor, and pulling her band in pieces.

Ambrose Kendall taken in the night with hooks and other things about him, being a common thief, to be stayed till the next sessions without bail.

p.77. Thomas Stanbancke of St. [Giles'-without-Cripplegate, embroiderer, to bring forth Michael Oliffe.

Anthony Bratt of St. Clement Danes, shoemaker, to bring forth Abraham Ashem.

Thomas Graye of Norcott, yeoman,

Christopher Spore of Bethnal Green, yeoman.

John Payne of Whitechapel, porter, for begetting Ann Freeman with child.

Richard Hawkefeilde of St. Dunstan's-in-the-East, goldsmith.

Discharged if fee paid:—

Gawen Gamble of Westminster, tailor, for abusing the watch.

Thomas Dudson, gentleman, swore in Court that Thomas Mannestye did persuade him to procure a warrant from the Lord Chief Justice against Thomas Bates of Charterhouse Lane, and so persuading him to join with him in that business the said Dudson wished the said Mannestye to go to Mr. Recorder, for Mr. Michell had been locked up in doing anything against the said Bates; and that the said Bates had given him a silver cup for a bribe and other sums of money to spare him. To be committed without bail till the next sessions.

Jane Hill of St. John's, widow, to give evidence against the said Thomas Mannestye (and p. 81).

Henry Calthroppe of St. Botolph's-without-Aldersgate, tailor, for felony.

Order for William Thorpe's licence not to be delivered for that there are many disorders that have been daily committed in that house at all hours in the night. Referred to the hearing of Mr. Thomas Sanderson, esquire.

Order for Seafon the cobbler of Clerkenwell to be committed until he let out the water and deface his ducking pond, being a general annoyance certified in Court by Sir William Waad.

p.78. Order for Mr. [William] Lambe and some others of the high constables to attend Sir William Smith and Mr. [Edward] Forsett, who are to go to the Lords of the Green Cloth touching the carriage for wood and coals for His Majesty's household.

Order for William Deane, now prisoner in Newgate, to be bound for good behaviour with very good sureties, for being a man very much suspected of divers felonies, as appears by his examinations (and G.D.R. 2/20d).

For tippling:—

Samson Sandes of Chelsea, victualler. Sureties:—Francis Holmes and Richard Vaughan of the same, yeomen.

John Pratt of Wapping, victualler. Sureties:—William Townesend and Lawrence Gasper of the same, yeomen.

Roger Newman of Shere Lane, victualler. Sureties:—Robert Penn of the same, yeoman, and John Broughton of St. John Street, yeoman.

William Aldrenshawe of Tottenham Court, victualler. Sureties:— John Blamston of St. Bartholomew's, yeoman, and Miles Atkinson of St. John Street, saddler.

Leonard Jenson of Gray's Inn Lane, victualler. Sureties:—James Dewhamon and Henry Jenson of the same, yeoman.

John Tymperyn of Holloway, victualler. Sureties:—George Webb, smith, and William Calthroppe, yeoman, both of the same.

Robert Hollande of the Strand, victualler. Sureties:—John Hughes, clothworker, and Thomas Hill, shoemaker, both of the same.

Dunkye Willson of Old Street, victualler. Sureties:—Robert Smith, glover, and Thomas Elye, silkweaver, both of the same.

John Awson of Gray's Inn Lane, victualler. Sureties:—John Wielde of Islington, yeoman, and Henry Marshe of Hornsey, yeoman.

Judith Hide of Rosemary Lane, widow. Sureties:—William Hickes and Thomas Hide of the same, yeomen.

John Bucher of Grub Street, victualler. Sureties:—Henry Collyer, yeoman, and John Sharpe, tailor, both of the same.

p.79. John Richardson of Shoreditch, victualler. Sureties:— John Harris, tailor, and Richard Maye, collarmaker, both of the same.

Arthur Shellitoe of Clerkenwell, victualler. Sureties:—Thomas Taylor, tailor, and Simon Reade, yeoman, both of the same.

Thomas Coulston of Golding Lane, victualler. Sureties:— Humphrey Ball and Thomas Wheeler of Cow Cross, yeomen.


f.20. Delivered by proclamation:—

Alice Pratte, Martha Goodheape, William Pentlowe, John Williams, Valentine Brookes, Richard Wigley, Katherine Cotton, Robert Lewcas, Edward Wrighte, Henry Dennynge, Ann Gueste, Mary Pattinson, Thomas Holland, Isabel Sandall, Jane Flenders, Thomas Tyson.

To be sent to Bridewell:—

Adam Tyler, Priam Wilkinson, Sarah Eedes.

f.20d. Respited without bail:—

John Turner, Edward Sampson alias Sumore, John Bullocke, Thomas Stacye.

Respited to prison by order of Sir Henry Mountague, Knight:—

Robert Chapman.

Guilty, no goods, to be hanged because the burglary was in London:—

Augustine Callys, Richard Newland and John Anwicke for three cloaks of Edmond Cartwright.

Not guilty:—

Elizabeth Russell for a silver bowl of William Thompson.

Guilty, no goods, seeks the book, reads, to be branded:—

Thomas Davies for four ells of cambric of James Hebbe.

Not guilty:—

Richard Williams for a cloak and a hat of Abraham Coates.

Acknowledges, seeks the book, reads, to be branded:—

James Heritage for two ewe sheep of Ezekiel Tymperlake.

Guilty to the value of 11½d., no goods, to be whipped:—

Henry Holden for the like.

Not guilty:—

Susan Bushe for the goods of Benjamin Flynte and Mary Gillam.

Acknowledges, to be hanged, respited to prison after judgment because pregnant:—

Katherine Price for the goods of Thomas Sharpleys.

Guilty, no goods, to be hanged:—

Margaret Deeman for the goods of John Kempe.

f 21. Guilty:—

Thomas Garforthe and Stephen Reynoldes for 40 lb. of lead of Sir Michael Stanhope. To be set in the stocks in St. John Street for two hours on two several days and so to prison and from thence to Bridewell (and f. 20).

Anthony Tasker and Richard Knott for uttering four counterfeit "unites." Fined 40s., respited to prison without bail until the fine be paid.

Not guilty:—

Thomas Hayward for an ox of William Soane.

Guilty, no goods, seeks the book, reads, to be branded:—

William Davies for the goods of Michael Easte.

Guilty to the value of 11½d., no goods, to be whipped:—

Sybil Williams for the goods of Richard Melton.

Guilty, no goods, seeks the book, does not read, to be hanged:—

William Haggett for two kine of Christopher Woode.

Not guilty:—

Henry Snelhake for the like.

Guilty to the value of 11½d., no goods, to be whipped:—

Thomas Greene for two shirts of Henry Marshe.

Guilty, no goods, seek the book, read, to be branded:—

Thomas Watson and Lawrence Nyblett for the goods of Robert Marshall.

Guilty, no goods, seeks the book, does not have it because had it before, therefore to be hanged:—

Jerome Blande for the like.

Acknowledges, to be whipped:—

Richard Bosworthe for the goods of William Whartoppe.

f.21d. Came and discharged:—

Alice Crewe of St. James's, Clerkenwell, widow.

Samuel Woollie of St. Giles's-in-the-Fields, surgeon, and Thomas Woollie of St. Andrew's, Holborn, tailor, for Alice Lyniger of St. Giles' aforesaid, spinster, indicted under the name of Alice Allyger.

Thomas Nevyll of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields, gentleman, for five pheasants.

Alexander Musgrave of [blank] for stealing five pheasants from Sir Edmond Bowyer, Knight.

Robert Cooper of Westminster, locksmith, for felony.

Thomas Homer of Old Street, nailer, and Dorothy his wife for the like.

Richard Turner of the same yeoman, for robbing Henry Metcalfe.

Thomas Snowe alias Taylor of Aldersgate, barber, for felony.

John Rosewell of Clerkenwell, yeoman, for a sword.

f.22. Thomas Temmes of St. Sepulchre's, yeoman, pleaded for a charter of pardon.