Sessions, 1613: 13 and 14 January

Pages 5-15

County of Middlesex. Calendar To the Sessions Records: New Series, Volume 1, 1612-14. Originally published by Clerk of the Peace, London, 1935.

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Sessions of the Peace held at Hicks Hall, St. John Street, and Gaol Delivery, 13 and 14 January, 10 James I [A.D. 1612–13].


p.574. James Tompkins of High Holborn, yeoman, handed over in bail for grievously wounding William Boulton.

Handed over further:—

William Payne of St. Sepulchre's, Holborn bridge, salter, not to proceed further with his new erection at Mr. Carre's barn until he shall be lawfully licensed. He stands presented for Annoyances at St. Giles'-in-the-Fields (and p.583).

Came and discharged:—

Joan, wife of Lewis Brighten of St. Giles'-without-Cripplegate, for grievously wounding Alice Arnolde.

John Baldwyn of St. Giles'-in-the-Fields, labourer, to pull down his new erected house at Bloomsbury and to bring certificate thereof.

Thomas Davies of Grandborough, co. Warwick, gentleman, for breaking the leg of Bennett Jones.

Handed in bail to John Townley of Gray's Inn, esquire, and Mark Medcalfe of Staple Inn, gentleman:—Robert Medcalfe of the same, gentleman (and p. 583).

p.575. Respited to the next:—

Thomas Antropus of Kensington, gentleman, to traverse his indictment for assault.

George Boyse and Thomas Todd of the same, gentlemen, for the like (and p.583).

Came and discharged:—

Isaac Hore of New Brainford, innkeeper.

Hugh Bromham of Wapping, barber-surgeon. Respited upon a certificate.

Richard Leered of High Holborn, blacksmith, taken at the Castle, for being scavenger "and not enclosing the streetes."

Handed in bail to Anthony Taylor of Highgate, yeoman:—Richard Hall of Hornsey, tilemaker, taken at the Tower upon the complaint of John Northe and John Bland, searchers for tiles. Afterwards discharged, and the searchers have not made presentment of any offence according to the statute (and p.583).

John Bordeston of Ipswich, co. Suffolk, blacksmith, certified out of Suffolk for begetting a bastard.

Came and discharged:—

John Russell of Willesden, shoemaker.

Margery Lea of Turnmill Street, spinster.

Nicholas Hobbye alias Hawley of Clerkenwell, baker.

John Maste of the City of Norwich, weaver.

William Martyn of Whitecross Street, gardener, for assaulting Humphrey Waters.

Thomas Thorpe of Turnmill Street, labourer.

Jane, wife of Thomas Towerson of Clerkenwell, cook.

Margaret Marshall of Cow Cross, widow.

p.576. Came:—

Elizabeth Throckmorton of Turnmill Street, spinster.

Discharged if paid:—

Richard Gregorye of Cow Cross, tailor, for assaulting George Wilkins and his wife (and P.R.B. 1/17d).

George Beare of Clerkenwell, painter, for running away from his master.

Came and discharged:—

Thomas Muscrofte of Clerkenwell, tailor, for hurting Sydwell Thorpe, she being great with child.

Thomas Muscrofte of the same, yeoman, for the like.

Mary, wife of John Man of St. Giles'-in-the-Fields.

Robert Walker of Rosemary Lane, yeoman.

Richard Russell of Whitechapel, yeoman.

John Coman of East Smithfield, butcher.

Jane Damporte of Rosemary Lane, widow, for keeping a lewd victualling house.

Margaret, wife of Nicholas Jones of East Smithfield, yeoman.

Roger Nicholls of East Smithfield, butcher.

John Tewsley of the same, porter.

Roger Butler of Ratcliffe, yeoman.

Edward Stanton of St. Martin's-near-Aldersgate, turner, for breaking the house of Joan Tisedale.

Ellis Emerson of Westminster, gentleman, for conveying goods out of the house of John Brockes.

Edward Maye of Westminster, yeoman, for abusing the constables.

Thomas Muscett of St. Andrew's, Holborn, gentleman, for the like.

p.577. Richard Jefferyes of St. Giles'-without-Cripplegate, joiner, for emptying filth in the highway.

James Wilson of St. Andrew's, Holborn, yeoman.

Richard Dale of Chancery Lane, yeoman, for publishing a libel, against Sir Robert Leighe.

David Baker of St. Andrew's, Holborn, gentleman, for abusing the constables in Holborn.

Elizabeth Howell of the same, victualler, taken in bed with a man by the constables.

Henry Burrage of St. Andrew's, Holborn, tippler, to be suppressed from victualling.

Handed in bail to William Elme of Christ Church, tailor, and John Askewe of St. Sepulchre's, tailor:—Thomas Taverne of Bildersey, co. Essex, yeoman, for stealing deer out of Marylebone park (and p.583).

Came and discharged:—

John Prieste of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields, cutler, for beating Roger Corbett, who is since dead (and G.D.R. 1/211d, 216d).

Thomas Hughes of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields, yeoman, for hurting John Houghton.

John Bedhawe of the City of Winchester, co. Southampton, goldsmith, for cozenage.

John Manynge of St. Clement Danes, butcher, for victualling without licence.

Benedict Lambe of the same, victualler, for the like.

Dunstan Higgins of St. Andrew's, Holborn, blacksmith, for abusing Mr. [Richard] Biggs, high constable.

Richard Wiggington of the same, cordwainer, for farming his licence.

John Boycott of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields, vintner, for beating and bruising John Itterye.

p.578. William Dawson of Hackney, yeoman.

Richard Jones of Enfield, labourer.

Ann, wife of Charles Bagley of St. John Street, yeoman, for being a common harbourer of great-bellied women.

David Roberts of All Souls', Thames Street, barber-surgeon.

Francis Selye of St. Sepulchre's, victualler, for misdemeanours.

Alice Collyns of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields, widow, for receiving stolen silk.

Handed in bail to William Hullett and Christopher Gullye of St. Sepulchre's, butchers:—Francis Ellyot, servant to John Lampley of the same, butcher, for abusing Margaret Okey (and p.583).

Came and discharged:—

Joan, wife of Richard Gresham of St. Andrew's, Holborn, carpenter.

Eleanor, wife of Richard Ellis of Clerkenwell, for misdemeanours.

Katherine, wife of Thomas Sheppard of St. Sepulchre's.

Priscilla, wife of Thomas Buckland of Clerkenwell.

Scipio de Rozanna of St. Giles'-without-Cripplegate, gilder, for begetting a bastard child, now dead.

Jane Elmes of the same, widow, for hurting Ann Barfield with a knife.

Bryan Wilson of Cree Church, gentleman, for abusing Jane Flenders: [Brian Wilson of Cow Cross, yeoman, for assault. P.R.B. 1/18].

Hester, wife of Robert Griffen, to answer the complaint of William Chaunley.

Mary Vergus of St. Sepulchre's, widow.

George Pope, husbandman, for sheep stealing.

William Yeoman, husbandman, for the like.

John Martyn of Hendon, labourer, for taking partridges.

Samuel Burnes of Wapping, brewer, for refusing to pay servants' wages.

Mary Martyn of Whitechapel, widow.

p.579. Elizabeth Garrett of the same, widow.

Richard Rolfe of Hadley, oatmealman, for misdemeanours.

Thomas Tyson of Ratcliffe, yeoman, for extortion.

Richard Raynsdell of the same, cordwainer.

Thomas Southen of the same, gentleman.

Handed in bail to James Hombrickes of Stepney, yeoman, and Richard Finckham of Ratcliffe, yeoman:—William Wells of Limehouse, mariner, for begetting a child on one Dorrell's wife. To perform the order which shall be set down by Sir John Kaye, Mr. Doctor Goldman, and Mr. Sanderson (and p.583).

Came and discharged:—

John Prychart of the same, vintner, for detaining certain wine pots.

Humphrey Ellington of Shadwell, carpenter, for victualling without licence.

Henry Burnell of Westminster, cordwainer, for unlawfully entering the house of Joan Tisdall.

Nicholas Burnell, son of the said Henry, for the like.

Robert James of the Savoy, gentleman.

John Rose of St. Clement Danes, butcher, for striking Elizabeth Eedes, being with child.

Grace, wife of Peter Watson of St. John Street, apothecary, for giving reviling speeches against Sir Baptist Hicks touching the building of the Sessions house, and also for her unruly behaviour in the open Court, being sent for concerning the same cause.

Richard Asher of Clerkenwell, yeoman.

William Bennett of Cow Cross, coachman.

Margaret Broome of Turnmill Street, widow.

Jane, wife of Robert Jones of Chick Lane.

Blanch, wife of Thomas Ward of the same.

John Walwyn of Chancery Lane, yeoman.

Margaret, wife of Robert Davyes of St. Andrew's, Holborn, tippler [victualler], (and f. 219d).

Handed in bail to John Howe of Uxbridge, blacksmith, and William Wells of St. Botolph's, Bishopsgate:—James Howe of Uxbridge, yeoman [of Harrow Hill, tailor], for begetting a child on Elizabeth Clayton. To perform the order set down by Sir William Bowyer and Sir Robert Ashebye, Knights, and bound over for refusing to obey the said order. Handed over further in bail to John Cannon of Harrow Hill, husbandman, William Warren of the same, yeoman, and Francis Howe of Hampstead, yeoman. (and Sess. Roll 521/129 and Sess. Reg. 1/583, 616, 620).

p.580. Walter Bonnell of St. Clement Danes, haberdasher, to appear because he did contemptuously and negligently forbear to pursue Sir William Smythe's warrant, being then a constable (and p.584).

Robert Hatche of Harrow-on-the-Hill, husbandman, handed in bail to John Shancke of Kent Street, co. Surrey, weaver, to appear (and p.584).

Francis Page of Uxbridge, sworn bailiff of the hundred of Elthorne.

John Syddens [Siddens] of St. Sepulchre's [St. Nicholas], butcher, handed in bail to Daniel Morrys, tailor, and Walter Davyes, butcher, both of the same, for a child begotten on Ann Wood in the same. Referred to the hearing of Mr. Doctor Edwardes and Mr. Kempe to certify their order therein (and pp.584, 591).

Came and discharged:—

Richard Syttree of Whitechapel, butcher.

Thomas Gouldinge of St. Helen's, yeoman.

Albert Johnson of Whitechapel, yeoman.

James Knowles of the same, yeoman.

Henry Gibbins of the same, yeoman.

Isaac Thurley of East Smithfield, glover.

John Buckenor of Whitechapel, baker.

Richard Atkinson and Robert Palmer of the same, bakers.

James Nicholas of Soper Lane, cooper, handed in bail to Richard Adcocke, cooper, and Abraham Underwood, shoemaker, both of the same, to appear, suspected to have lifted a window in the night. (and p.584).

For tippling:—

William Boothe of Westminster, victualler. Sureties:—Nicholas Jackborne and James Raphe of the same, yeomen.

William Sweeper of St. Clement's, victualler. Sureties:—William Greene and John Tedder of Westminster, yeomen.

John [blank] of St. Giles'-in-the-Fields, victualler. Sureties:—

John Wiggs, tailor, and John Hughes, glover, both of the same.

Leonard Hickman of Knightsbridge, victualler. Sureties:—John Larchyn of St. Giles'-in-the-Fields, and William Pennyngton of Holborn, yeoman.

Thomas Yomans of Holborn, victualler. Sureties:—John Davies and Henry Hale of the same, yeomen.

William Thomas of East Smithfield, victualler. Sureties:— Lawrence Chatterton and John Phillips of the same, yeomen.

p.581. Henry Barnes of the same, victualler. Sureties:—Alban Johnson of St. Katherine's, yeoman, and John Cox Coxe] of Cow Cross, yeoman.

Bartholomew Browne of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields, victualler. Sureties:—Sampson Beare of Cow Cross, cooper, and the said John Cox.

Richard Stamforde of Old Brentford, victualler. Sureties:— Richard Yewde of Blackfriars, cutler, and William Marshall of Queenhithe.

Ambrose Haberjohn of Chelsea, victualler. Sureties:—Thomas Chaplyn of Queenhithe, salter, and William Fewen of the same, waterman.

Thomas Stynte of Fulham, victualler. Sureties:—Henry Norwood of the same, yeoman, and Humphrey Symons of St. Dunstan's, yeoman.

George Wynne of Gray's Inn Lane, victualler. Sureties:—John Britton, baker, and John Jones, yeoman, both of the same.

Nicholas Markehame of Wapping, victualler. Sureties:—Thomas Leeche and William Walden, both of the same, yeomen.

Order for the controversy between Thomas Ingham [Inghame] of [Saint] Gabriel, Fenchurch [Street], and Edward Moreton of the same, clothworker, and Thomas Wharton of Mile End, yeoman, and Mary his wife, to be referred to the hearing of Sir John Kaye and Mr. Sanderson, either of them entering bond to the other to stand to their arbitration (and pp.574, 575).

Order for Thomas Harper of High Holborn, victualler, to stand disabled henceforth from keeping a victualling house at the "Cardinall's hatt" in Holborn, and to be attached by the constable if he shall keep victualling there.

Memorandum of agreement and resolution that the Sessions house now standing in St. John Street, and being there built by Sir Baptist Hicks and given to the Justices of the county of Middlesex for a Sessions house should for ever hereafter be called by the name of Hicks Hall.


Delivered by proolamation:—

f.209. Grace Ashbrooke, John Connyngs, Ann Smythe, Richard Crowder, Stephen Marshall, John Clayton, John Tedder (f.214d). and Henry Fisher (and f.218). Ann Burd, Susan Goulde, Elizabeth Floode, Walter Sutton, Lettice Hopper, John Battye, Edward Walker, Daniel Myles, Thomas Morley, William Greene.

f.209d. Guilty, no goods, to be hanged:—

Henry Steevens for horses.

John Danvers, gentleman, for burglary.

Guilty, no goods, seek the book, read, branded:—

Edward Smythe for two bullocks.

Thomas Palmer for fifteen beasts.

Guilty to the value of 10d., no goods, to be whipped:—

Thomas Woode for two sheets.

Not guilty of burglary, guilty of petty larceny to the value of 11½d., no goods, to be whipped:—

"John Everingham alias Brewers for cocks and hens.

At large:—
Thomas Eedes.

William Steevens of Brentford, yeoman, for horses (and P.R.B. 1/18).

Roger Carowe [Carewe] of the Savoy, gentleman, for divers goods. (and P.R.B. 1/18).

Robert Dike alias Dixon of Friern Barnet, labourer, for cocks and hens (and P.R.B. 1/18).

Not guilty:—

Richard Worratt for four wethers.

Henry Cogley for two mares.

George Collyer for fifteen beasts.

Edward Aldersey gentleman, for a gelding.

Discharged because the principal not guilty:—

Robert Marlowe as accessory after to the said Richard Worratt.

Acknowledged, respited to prison without bail:—

William Wiggett for manslaughter upon Walter Lucye. At the next, seeks the book, does not read, to be hanged. (and f.213).

Not guilty, but respited to prison for sureties for good behaviour:—

John Bumbridge for the murder of Joan Poole.

f.210. Acknowledges the indictment, to be hung in irons at Hounslow Heath at a place called the two Bakers in the parish of Heston:—

William Hollis for the murder of William Pavin.

Guilty, no goods, seeks the book, reads, branded:—

Thomas Allen for heifers and cows.

Thomas Biddocke for manslaughter upon John Raye.

Guilty to the value of 10d., no goods, to be whipped:—

John Boyde for a pair of sheets.

Ann Churchman for divers goods.

Thomas Wrightson for a brass candle-stick worth 10d. belonging to Theodore Hanley.

Not guilty, but to be whipped:—

Ann Butler, spinster, for picking the pocket of Nicholas Crosbye

Not guilty:—

John Hunter and Thomas Martyn for heifers and cows.

John Johnson and Timothy Maste for robbery in the King's highway upon John Blinckoe.

Thomas Porter of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields, yeoman, Walter Fisher of the same, gentleman, servants to William Colbecke of the same, innkeeper, and Thomas Oxeley of Richmond, co. Surrey, yeoman, for homicide upon Roger Corbett, but who came to his death by John Deathe (and Sess. Reg. 1/577, and G.D.R. 1/211, 211d).

Not guilty, but respited to prison without bail:—

John Page for burglary in the night in the house of Thomas Baldwyn. Delivered by proclamation (and f.212).

Guilty of defending himself and not otherwise. Respited to prison for sureties to prove his pardon:—

John Croker of St. Andrew's, Holborn, clerk, for manslaughter upon John Blunden (and f.219d).

John Harryson of St. Clement Danes, vintner, for wounding Richard Allen, who is since dead, in defending himself. Handed over in bail to Robert Radley of Field Lane, vintner, and George Darbye of St. Clement Danes, gentleman, to appear, and to obtain pardon (and f.211, 213d).

f.210d. Postponed to be tried at the next because ill:—

Roland Pughe, for stealing a silver ewer. Indicted in London (and f.213).

Not guilty:—

Dionise, wife of John Nicholls, for divers goods.

Thomas Freeman for stealing iron of John Graves.

Thomas Bedam alias Bedoe.

Edmund Reece for a cloak.

Acknowledged, to be whipped:—

Samuel Seamer for two cocks and four hens worth 11d.

Guilty to the value of 10½d., no goods, to be whipped:—

Richard Owen, for ten "dozen of breade."

Guilty, no goods, seek the book, read, branded:—

Henry Blackman for a cloak.

Edward Sturdyvall for stealing hens.

Griffyn Williams for 49s. and a ring.

Guilty, no goods, to be hanged:—

Arthur Longvile for a gelding.

Francis Ardys and Gilbert Thorne for two geldings.


John West [Weste] and Alice his wife for cozenage. They have judgment to be carted two market days in Cheapside, and there to stand on the pillory, and then to be carted to Fulham to the place where the offence was done, and there to be set in the stocks with a paper on their heads showing their offence; and from thence to return to the prison of Newgate, there to remain without bail till the next gaol delivery. The said John delivered by proclamation. The said Alice respited to prison without bail (and ff.212, 212d, 214d, and Sess. Reg. 1/576).

f.211. Came and committed:—

Hugh Nightingale of Clerkenwell, labourer, and Rebecca his wife, and Margaret Becke of the same, widow, for felony.

Matthew Knoxe of Hog Lane, St. Giles'-without-Cripplegate, carpenter, for breaking open the house of Simon Hughes.

William Hatfielde of St. Andrew's, Holborn, gentleman.

Came and committed. Respited to prison without bail:—

John Cotgrave of Mouldsworth, co. Chester, yeoman.

Came and discharged:—

Thomas Chappell of Cow Cross, Clerkenwell, tailor, for receiving divers goods stolen from the Lord Chandos (and Sess. Reg. 1/579).

George Gurney of London, yeoman, for felony.

John Smyth of Endfield, blacksmith, for suffering a felon to escape, being delivered into his custody.

Matthew Dunston of the same, gardener, for the like.

Henry Wyberd of the same, tanner, for the like.

Came and committed because indicted:—

John Brownrigge of Ipswich, co. Suffolk, gentleman.

Christiana, wife of Timothy Maste of Clerkenwell, yeoman, for felony.

Paul Blomfield of St. Magnus', Fish Street, fishmonger, for felony.

John Rysley of Enfield, for felony.

f.211d. Robert Clemence of Edmonton, yeoman, for stealing a hammer.

John Meeder of the Savoy, tailor, to prosecute William and Christopher Galwaye [Gallwaye] of Cork within the kingdom of Ireland, petty chapmen.

Came and bound himself to appear and to bring forth the persons who maimed Geoffrey Pewe, and "to seeke out ye persons yt did cutt of ye hande of" [the said Geoffrey]:—

John Muscott of St. Clement Danes, vintner (and ff.208, 213d).

Came and discharged:—

John Fortescue of Clerkenwell, gentleman, to answer John Pickman.

Christopher Torren of Wapping, chandler, and Henry Beane of the same, carpenter, for the death of John Raye.

George Harryson of London, yeoman.

Katherine, wife of George Johnson of Cow Cross, victualler, for assault (and P.R.B. 1/17d).