Sessions, 1616: 14 and 15 March

Pages 172-191

County of Middlesex. Calendar To the Sessions Records: New Series, Volume 3, 1615-16. Originally published by Clerk of the Peace, London, 1937.

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Sessions of the Peace and Gaol Delivery, on 14 and 15 March, 13 James I [A.D. 1615–16].


Recognizances of:—

Lancelot Lovelace of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields, haberdasher, to give evidence against Tobias Smith of the same, barber-surgeon, and Henry Hagerston; and of Edmond Bedo of Coleman Street and John Dodd of Fleet Street, barber-surgeon, for the said Tobias to appear.
The said Henry sent to the House of Correction.
Sess. Roll 548/3, 40.
G.D.R. 2/74d, 76.

John Hasshall of Aldgate, clothworker, and Joseph Cooke to give evidence against Robert Williams of Whitechapel, tailor, for stealing certain linen from Joseph Cooke the younger; and of Thomas Heyton of St. Botolph's-without-Aldgate, barber-surgeon, and Thomas Cox of Whitechapel, porter, for the said Robert to appear.
Sess. Roll 548/4, 5.
G.D.R. 2/76.

John Bolesam of St. Bartholomew's-the-Great, tailor, and Edmund Weaver of St. Sepulchre's, saddler, for George Gascoyne [Gascoine] of St. Leonard's, Shoreditch, carpenter, and Margery his wife, suspected to have stolen a box of bone lace from Bartholomew Losse.
Sess. Roll 548/10.
G.D.R. 2/76.

Thomas Bland of Norton Folgate, victualler, Richard Corbitt, haberdasher, and George Mardocke, sawyer, both of the same, and Ralph Downe of Shoreditch, weaver, for Walter Card of Norton Folgate, tailor, for refusing to serve Christopher Burnesly, being his covenant servant.
Sess. Roll 548/12.
Sess. Reg. 2/284.

Richard Wayte of St. Giles'-without-Cripplegate, bricklayer, for Jerome Wayte and John Powle his servants, charged to be two of the company that committed the outrage at the house of Thomas Allyn [Allen], gentleman, upon Shrove Tuesday last, as it is informed by Francis Nickolls.
Sess. Roll 548/13.
Sess. Reg. 2/284.
[See also p. 152].

Edward Cooke of St. Giles'-in-the-Fields, victualler, for Reginald Silvester [Silvister] of the same, carpenter, for keeping a disorderly house and harbouring and lodging idle people; and of Richard Leared of the same, locksmith, upon complaint of Mr. Robinson, high constable.
Sess. Roll 548/14.
Sess. Reg. 2/285.

Thomas Welles of St. Giles'-in-the-Fields, cutler, and Nicholas Blaby of Chancery Lane, victualler, for Peter Isam of the same, barber-surgeon, to answer the complaint of Thomas Collines [Collis], one of the constables of the same, for resisting and striking him in the execution of his Majesty's service.
Sess. Roll 548/16.
Sess. Reg. 2/285.

Nicholas Abell of Holywell Street, shoemaker, and Lawrence Osborne of Whitechapel for John Bentley of the same, blacksmith, to give evidence against John Turner, accused for stealing sheep; and of Henry Vickas of Norton Folgate to give evidence likewise.
The said Turner committed to the House of Correction.
Sess. Roll 548/17, 31.

Thomas Bland of Norton Folgate, cook, and Bartholomew Powell of the same, hosier, for John Nutting of the same, victualler, suspected to have stolen certain bands from Lewis Williams.
Sess. Roll 548/18.
G.D.R. 2/76.

Oswald Armesteed of Wapping, labourer, to give evidence against John Potter of East Smithfield, victualler, for breaking the garner of Mr. Jarrett Reade; and of Richard Swingfeild of the same, fishmonger, and Roger Need of Whitechapel, weaver, for the said John to appear.
Sess. Roll 548/22, 87.
G.D.R. 2/76d.

Elizabeth Watson of Aldgate, widow, to give evidence against Edward Charlesworth, accused to have stolen a ruff.
The said Edward respited to the House of Correction.
Sess. Roll 548/23.
G.D.R. 2/74d.

John Bridges of East Smithfield, glover, to appear, accused by the officers to live incontinently with Dorothy, wife of Timothy Handsworth of the same, a porter; and for the said Dorothy to appear.
Sess. Roll 548/24, 25.
Sess. Reg. 2/287.

John Hills of St. Olave's, co. Surrey, carman, John Allsoppe of Rosemary Lane, smith, and Richard Chesson [Chessam] of the same, porter, for playing at cards upon the Sabbath day in Service time.
Sureties:—Ralph Pawley of St. Brides', haberdasher, William Trynder of Rosemary Lane, chandler, John Asbenn and Roger Carpenter, smiths, Thomas Question, tailor, William Trendall, chandler, all of the same.
The said Allsoppe fined 13s. 4d. for playing at cards in the house of the said Chesson, who is fined 40s.
Daniel Lancaster of Whitechapel also bound over to keep the peace.
Sess. Roll 548/26, 90, 91.
Sess. Reg. 2/287, 288, 292.

22 February, 13 James I [A.D. 1615–16].
At the General Gaol Delivery for the county of Kent held at Milton next Gravesend, before Sir Henry Hobart, Knight and Baronet, Chief Justice of the Common Pleas, and Sir Robert Houghton, knight, one of the Justices of the King's Bench, Nicholas Clementes of Gravesend, co. Kent, mariner, was bound over to appear at the next Gaol Delivery for the county of Middlesex; and at the General Gaol Delivery for the county of Surrey held on 28 February at Southwark, before the said Justices, Edward Craddocke of Clerkenwell, co. Middlesex, cook, was bound to appear likewise.
Subscribed by Henry Glascock, Clerk of the Assizes.
Sess. Roll 548/28, 29.
G.D.R. 2/76.

Thomas Glover of London, pewterer, John Glover of Stratford Bow, pewterer, and Dorothy Bradshawe of the same, widow [victualler], handed over further upon suspicion of murdering Anthony Smithe [Smythe].
Sureties:—Alexander Glover of Whitechapel, vintner, Thomas Cressye of Stratford Bow, vintner, Richard Scott, vintner, and John Barnes, both of the same.
Sess. Roll 548/32–4.
G.D.R. 2/76, 76d, 78, 78d.

Richard Hart of Charterhouse Lane, tailor, and Thomas Osmotherinlaw alias Saunders of Cock Lane, clothworker, for Joan Rayment of Charterhouse Lane, widow; and of the said Thomas and George Cordell of Cock Lane, glover, for Elizabeth Cumins alias Cleere of the same, both to be of good behaviour.
Sess. Roll 548/44, 45.
Sess. Reg. 2/284.

John Newberry of St. Stephen's, Coleman Street, and John Moberly of Redcross Street, labourers, charged with a breach of his Majesty's peace by them committed upon Francis Nickolles [Niccolls] of St. Botolph's-without-Bishopsgate, tailor; and of John Allyn of Cheapside, haberdasher, for the said Francis to keep the peace towards the said Newberry.
Sess. Roll 548/53, 54.
Sess. Reg. 2/284.

John Robinson of St. Andrew's, Holborn, whitebaker, Thomas Hulme, scrivener, Amos Browne, cutler, and Richard Cooxe [Coxe], innholder, all of the same, to answer concerning the death of a young infant born of the body of Dorothy Mowbrow who was removed in a chair out of their parish of St. Andrew's, Holborn, in the time of her travail, into the parish of St. Giles'-in-the-Fields, whereby it is supposed that the child miscarried and received a hurt in the head whereof it died; and of John Hughes of St. Giles'-in-the-Fields, glover, Mary, wife of Martin Williams, Helen Hawkins, Jane Pearle and Ann Anthonie, widows, and Alice, wife of John Rooe, mason, all of the same, Jane, wife of William Bridges of St. Andrew's, Holborn, cook, Helen, wife of Richard Wedge, Susan, wife of James Alcoke, cutler, and Katherine, wife of Henry Blackford, cordwinder, all of the same, all to give such evidence as they can concerning the said death; and of Richard Leirwood of St. Giles'-in-the-Fields, locksmith, to answer the complaint of John Robinson, high constable, and others of the inhabitants of the parish of St. Andrew's, Holborn.
Sess. Roll 548/56, 57, 59, 60.
Sess. Reg. 2/285, 291.
[see also pp. 149, 189].

Thomas Aldred of High Holborn, instrument-maker, and William Watkines of St. Giles'-without-Cripplegate, cutler, for Richard Lighterfoot of High Holborn, gentleman, for enticing William Smyth, the apprentice of Richard Dixon of St. Andrew's, Holborn, currier, out of the service of his said master, as also the apprentices of sundry other persons, with intention to have conveyed them into Ireland without the privity and consent of their masters.
Sess. Roll 548/63.
Sess. Reg. 2/285.

Thomas Greene of Mile End [Whitechapel] to give evidence against Lawrence Worme, suspected to have stolen two geldings.
The said Lawrence respited without bail till the next. Delivered by proclamation.
Sess. Roll 548/66, 145.
G.D.R. 2/74, 76a d, 78.

George Pryddey of Ludgate Hill, barber-surgeon, to give evidence against Humphrey Tottey, suspected to have stolen "certain fringe of gould of a scarfe."
The said Humphrey sent to the House of Correction.
Sess. Roll 548/69, 145.
G.D.R. 2/74d.

William Geerey of Gray's Inn, esquire, to give evidence against Edmund Broughton for a robbery by the highway.
Sess. Roll 548/72.

William Thorne of Cow Cross, collier, and Alban Fulgem of the same, tailor, for Elizabeth Battey of the same, spinster, convented before the Justice as a common whore.
Sess. Roll 548/80.
Sess. Reg. 2/286.

John Lowe of Charterhouse Lane, tailor, and George Dry of Golding Lane, gardener, for John Rodes of Charterhouse Lane, vintner, to answer the accusation of Margaret Ludcocke.
Sess. Roll 548/81.
Sess. Reg. 2/286.

Daniel Barton of St. Botolph's-without-Bishopsgate, innholder, and Richard Ploughman of the same, painter-stainer, for Paul Dyckenson [Dickenson] of the same to answer to answer for beating Mary Sheffeild.
Sess. Roll 548/82.
Sess. Reg. 2/286.

Simon Neale of St. Sepulchre's, butcher, for Martha Richards of the same, widow, charged by the constable of Charterhouse Lane to have rescued a prisoner from him, and to bring forth Joseph Jeffe her servant.
Sess. Roll 548/83.
Sess. Reg. 2/287, 291.

John Clyston of St. Katherine's-next-the-Tower of London, baker, to give evidence against James Adonn; and of John Mallerd and Robert Anderson of Wapping, glovers, for the said James to appear. He is to attend Mr. Collins to serve his master.
Sess. Roll 548/84, 88.
Sess. Reg. 2/287.

Stephen James of Ratcliffe, plasterer, and Henry Preest of the same, headborough, for Henry Betts of the same, victualler, to appear.
Sess. Roll 548/89.
Sess. Reg. 2/287, 291.

John Farrer of Westminster, tailor, and William Blakie of the same for Nathaniel Grace of the same, spurrier, for misbehaviour.
Sess. Roll 548/94.
Sess. Reg. 2/288.

Recognizances to keep the peace of:—

Simon Clerk of Newbold Hall, co. Leicester, esquire, for William Collin of St. Botolph's-without-Aldgate, founder, towards Ellis Elliott of London, goldsmith; and of the said Ellis and George Hinde of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields, esquire, mutual sureties, and Richard Browne of "St. Mary Spitle", all towards the said William.
Surety for the said Richard:—Walter Mildmay of Ambrosden, co. Oxon.
Sess. Roll 548/7, 48–50.
Sess. Reg. 2/284.

John Owen of Rosemary Lane and Alexander Clea of St. Katherine's, feltmakers, for Faith Ostean [Ostyan] of Rosemary Lane, spinster, and Agnes, wife of the said John, towards William Goodier of East Smithfield, butcher, and Agnes his wife; and of Oliver Hern of Rosemary Lane, silkweaver, for the said William and Agnes Goodier towards the said Agnes Owen.
Sess. Roll 548/8, 9, 51.
Sess. Reg. 2/284.

George Rider of St. Giles'-without-Cripplegate, haberdasher, and William Godsaye of the same, plasterer, for Simon Hellis [Ellis] of the same, "goldweaver", and Sarah his wife towards Henry Sparkes.
Sess. Roll 548/21.
Sess. Reg. 2/286.

Edmond Younger of St. Andrew's, Holborn, gunmaker, and Elizabeth Sebrooke of the same, widow, for Eleanor, wife of the said Edmond, towards Mary Greene of the same, widow; and of the said Mary and Thomas Williams of St. Clement Danes, gentleman, for Elizabeth, wife of Richard Smyth of St. Andrew's, aforesaid, chandler, towards the said Eleanor.
The said Elizabeth sent to the House of Correction to be set at work.
Sess. Roll 548/61, 64.
Sess. Reg. 2/285, 286.

John Harres and William Page for William Brotherton [Brotheram] of Weald, blacksmith.
Sess. Roll 548/65.
Sess. Reg. 2/286.

Indictments of:—

13 February, 13 James I [A.D. 1615–16].
Robert Vokins of St. Katherine's, haberdasher, Nicholas Humfry of the same, tailor, Abraham Hoose of East Smithfield, Thomas Hodges, Henry Berkley, William Lee, Thomas Miller and Michael Fammill [Fannill] of the same, all for an unlawful assembly at the same, and for pulling down the dwelling-house of Thomas Fookes [Fowkes] of East Smithfield, gentleman, at the same, and spoiling his goods.
Process. Outlawed.
Sureties:—William Dodd of St. Katherine's, feltmaker, Thomas Snowdon, waterman, John Zaunt [Saulter] and Randolph Cope, haberdashers, all of the same, and William Smyth of Whitechapel.
Sess. Roll 548/92, 93, 98.
Sess. Reg. 2/288, 292.
P.R.B. 1/68.
[See also p. 146].

Thomas Bradbury of St. John Street, Henry Hawkins of East Smithfield, Oliver Wharton of the same, Roger Marcey of Norton Folgate, Thomas Hall of St. John Street, Edward Dell of Norton Folgate, John Rogers of St. John Street, John Oliver of the same, John Braxton alias Butcher of Norton Folgate, John Lipps of Whitechapel, Timothy Daniell of the same, all butchers, and Jane Turner of East Smithfield, widow, all for killing and dressing and putting to sale flesh meat in the time of Lent, not being for the victualling of ships in foreign parts.
Process. Outlawed.
Prosecutors:—William Roberts, Richard Loe, Henry Rolfe, John Braughton.
Sess. Roll 548/99–110.
P.R.B. 1/68, 68d.

Robert Smyth of St. Giles'-in-the-Fields, baker, for selling five loaves of twopenny household wheaten bread each lacking 6 oz in weight; and of Rowland Maddoxe [Maddokes, Madockes] of St. Mary-le-Strand [St. Martin's-in-the-Fields], baker, for selling two loaves of penny white bread each lacking 2 oz in weight, and two loaves of penny wheaten bread each lacking 1½ oz in weight, and for using another man's mark to cover his own deceit; and of John Robinson of St. Andrew's, Holborn, whitebaker, for putting to sale bread of an unlawful assize.
Process. The said Rowland acknowledged and fined 2s.
Prosecutors:—Thomas Northe of St. Giles' aforesaid, gentleman, and Robert Wigges of the same, tailor.
Sureties:—William Goodale of St. Martin's aforesaid, saddler, and John Best of St. Giles' aforesaid, grocer.
Sess. Roll 548/58, 62, 111, 115.
Sess. Reg. 2/285.
P.R.B. 1/68d.

Robert Partridge and Thomas Hinshawe of St. John Street [Cow Lane] for an assault and battery on Roger Riccard [Rickard] of the same [Chancery Lane], at the same; and of the said Roger, Robert Riccard [Rickard] of the same [Clerkenwell], chandler, and Ann his wife, and Thomas Archer of the same [Chancery Lane], millwright, for an assault and battery on the said Partridge and Hinshawe.
Process. All came upon indictment and pleaded not guilty and handed over further in bail. Outlawed.
The said Robert Riccard charged also with entertaining and lodging felons and lewd people, and for permitting divers men to drink and disorder themselves in his house on the Sabbath, when they quarrelled and a man was then wounded.
John Gregorie of St. John Street, Clerkenwell, victualler, likewise charged with entertaining and lodging felons and lewd people.
Sureties:—For the said Partridge and Hinshawe:—John Partridge of Cow Lane, farrier [smith], and Paul Pecham [Peacham] of the same, cordwainer.
For the said Robert Riccard:—Richard Barnes of Clerkenwell, cutler, and Nicholas Rumney of London, cook, William Senyor of Bishopsgate Street, pewterer, and the said Roger and Thomas who are mutual sureties.
For the said John Gregorie:—George Jaqueway, tailor, and John Watton, both of Clerkenwell aforesaid.
Sess. Roll 548/38, 41, 42, 78, 79, 112, 113.
Sess. Reg. 2/285, 286, 288, 291, 292.
P.R.B. 1/68d.
G.D.R. 2/76.

Katherine, wife of John Westly of Field Lane, sawyer, for an assault and battery on Jane, wife of John Walker, at the same.
Prosecutor:— Jane Hutchingson.
Sess. Roll 548/114.
Sess. Reg. 2/284.
P.R.B. 1/69.

24 September, 13 James I [A.D. 1615].
Nicholas Clementes [Clemens] of St. Katherine's for assaulting Elizabeth Walden and raping her against her will, at the same.
At large. Bailed. Outlawed on 18 September, 15 James I [A.D. 1617].
Prosecutors:—Helen Gressam, Ann Fisher [deleted].
Sess. Roll 548/116.
P.R.B. 1/68.
G.D.R. 2/75.

Geoffrey Amys of Turnmill Street for stealing a cloak of mingled colour worth 30s., belonging to John Hatley, at the same.
At large. Bailed by Sir Thomas Bennett. Outlawed as above.
Prosecutors:—William Christean, William Chapman.
Sess. Roll 548/117.
P.R.B. 1/68.

George Jesper, John Lewes [Lewis] and Robert Sapp, victualler, all of Ratcliffe, for stealing three shirts worth 6s., a pair of boots worth 3s. 4d., a pair of stockings worth 6d., and 40s. in money, belonging to John Johnson of the same.
The said Jesper postponed to be tried until the next because it was a robbery in a ship, called "the Blewe Bell" of Flushing, lying upon the river Thames at Blackwall. At the Sessions held on 12 April following was found not guilty. Delivered by proclamation.
The said Lewes respited without bail. Died in gaol.
The said Sapp at large. Outlawed on 18 September, A.D. 1617.
Prosecutors:—Robert Pickinge of Crutched Friars, merchant, and Thomas Morgan of Ratcliffe, headborough.
Ann, wife of Thomas Nobbs of Ratcliffe, tailor, to answer the said Pickinge for suspicion of felony.
Sureties:—John Boorer of the same, mariner, John Yeden of Whitechapel, chandler, Hugh Jones of Battle Bridge in Southwark, cordwainer, and Richard Reignoldes of Ratcliffe, labourer.
Sess. Roll 548/6, 46, 47, 118, 145.
P.R.B. 1/68.
G.D.R. 2/74, 74d, 76, 76d, 77, 78d, 84d.

William Richardson and William Blague of Charterhouse Lane for stealing a gold ring worth 16s., a pair of holland sheets worth 20s., a shirt worth 10s., a smock worth 10s., and £19 in money out of a chest, belonging to John Roades [Rodes] of the same, vintner, at the same.
The said Richardson respited without bail and found not guilty at the Sessions held on 12 April following.
The said Blague at large.
Prosecutors:—The said Roades and Grace his wife.
Sess. Roll 548/68, 119, 145.
G.D.R. 2/74, 77.

1 December, 13 James I [A.D. 1615].
John Bowman of Charterhouse Lane for stealing two holland shirts worth 4s., a holland smock worth 2s. 6d., a fustian waistcoat worth 2s., two handkerchiefs worth 12d., two ruff-bands worth 3s., a doublet worth 10s. and a pair of breeches worth 12s., belonging to a man unknown, at the same.
Respited without bail and found not guilty at the Sessions held on 12 April following.
Prosecutors:—David Phillippes [Phillips] and Hugh Griffin of St. Sepulchre's, and Owen Hughes.
Sess. Roll 548/73, 74, 120.
G.D.R. 2/74, 77.

John Jolles of St. Peter's, Cornhill [of Leadenhall], draper, for marrying Ann Parsons of London, spinster, at Battersea, co. Surrey, having previously married Susan Androwes in the parish of St. Gregory by St. Paul in the Ward of Castle Baynard, the said Susan being alive and not absent in foreign parts for the space of seven years, nor his first marriage having been declared null and void etc.
Postponed to be tried at this because no one came to prosecute for the lord the King. Came and was committed because indicted.
Prosecutor:—Robert Foxe of Billiter Lane, ironmonger.
Sureties:—Lawrence Eckenfield of St. Botolph's-within-Bishopsgate [of Bishopsgate Street], draper, and Hugh Alsoppe of Eastcheap, butcher.
Sess. Roll 548/52, 53, 121.
P.R.B. 1/69.
G.D.R. 2/76, 76d, 78d.

Bartholomew Hopkins and John Patridge [Partridge] of Ratcliffe, together with other malefactors unknown, who lay in wait in the highways and common places in divers places to defraud honest travellers of their goods and money by false arts and games, for lying in wait in the highway at Ratcliffe, and attempting to deceive William Kynnoe, Duncan Cattoe and Thomas Mall as they were travelling in that highway; by reason of which arts and practises the said Hopkins and Partridge led the said Kynnoe, Cattoe and Mall to the house of Ralph Heyborne at Ratcliffe aforesaid, and together with their associates seduced them to play at cards whereat they obtained falsely £6 15s. 2d. from the said Kynnoe, Cattoe and Mall.
The said Partridge at large. Outlawed on 16 April, 16 James I [A.D. 1618].
The said Hopkins has judgment to pay a fine of £10 to the lord the King and to be sent to the House of Correction for the county of Middlesex, there to be kept at hard labour and not to be delivered without order of the Court of Gaol Delivery.
Sess. Roll 548/122.
P.R.B. 1/68.
G.D.R. 2/74d.

10 February, 13 James I [A.D. 1615–16].
Thomas Corbett of Wapping for breaking into the house of John Tippinge of the same, butcher, about one o'clock at night, and stealing a hog worth 40s., a side of veal worth 10s., a loin of veal worth 2s. 6d., two knives worth 12d. and three joints of pork worth 18d., belonging to the said John.
Not guilty of burglary, guilty of felony, no goods, seeks the book, does not read, to be hanged.
Prosecutors:—Richard Lowe, the said Tipping, and Thomas Willcockes of Whitechapel, butcher.
Sess. Roll 548/85, 125.
G.D.R. 2/75d.

William and Oliver Riley [Ryley] of Ratcliffe for stealing nine dozen knives worth £5, belonging to John Bushell of Shoe Lane, cutler, at Ratcliffe.
Both not guilty.
Prosecutor:—Thomas Rosse.
Sess. Roll 548/126.
Sess. Reg. 2/286.
G.D.R. 2/75d.

20 February, 13 James I [A.D. 1615–16].
Robert Jackson of Norton Folgate, within the parish of St. Botolph's-without-Bishopsgate, for assaulting George Gale at the same and striking him upon the left eye with a tobacco-pipe worth ¼d., which the said Robert had then and there in his right hand, giving the said George a mortal wound five inches deep and half an inch wide, whereof he languished and died on 2 March then following; and so the jurors say on their oath that the said Robert killed and slew the said George.
Guilty of manslaughter, no goods, seeks the book, reads, to be branded.
Prosecutors:—William Hulbert, John Johnson and Joyce his wife, Henry Gale, Robert G—, Anthony —, William St—.
John Johnson of St. Ethelbert's, grocer, handed in bail to Henry Moore of the same, innholder, to answer for the death and slaying of George Gale whereof he stands suspected.
Sess. Roll 548/27, 127.
G.D.R. 2/75d, 76d.

Arthur Kinge [Kyng] of Wapping, sailor, for breaking into the house of John Beadom [Bedam, Beadon] at the same, about one o'clock at night, with intent to rob, and alarming Ann, wife of the said John [otherwise called Ann Bedam of Wapping, spinster], and all his household; and for stealing, together with Daniel Harrison of Turnmill Street, eighteen yards of "carsey" (fn. 1) of marble colour worth 80s., thirteen yards of "pennyston" (fn. 2) of "ginger lyne colour" worth 30s. and twelve yards of cotton of blush colour worth 18s., belonging to Anthony Dyaper [Dyper] of Cannon Street, draper; and of Richard Morgan of Turnmill Street [Cow Cross] and Isabel Cabidge of Cow Cross, spinster [wife of William Cabidge of the same, butcher], for receiving and helping the said Arthur and Daniel after the said felony.
The said Arthur puts himself, found guilty, no goods, to be hanged on first charge; acknowledges second charge, seeks the book, does not read, to be hanged.
The said Daniel puts himself, found guilty, no goods, seeks the book, reads, to be branded.
The said Richard and Isabel deleted. The said Isabel bound in bail to the said William Cabidge and Jonas Sturdifall of the same, tailor, and handed over further in bail to the aforesaid William and John Coxe of the same, to appear at the next Sessions of Gaol Delivery for the same cause because found no true bill at this. The said Richard bound in bail to the said William Cabbidge and John Morgan of the same.
Prosecutors:—Simon Boydon of Wapping, blacksmith, the said Ann, Robert Wright, John Stone, Thomas Heard.
Sess. Roll 548/70, 77, 86, 128, 139, 145.
Sess. Reg. 2/286.
G.D.R. 2/74d, 75, 76, 78.

Thomas Wickens and John Hatton of Clerkenwell for stealing a "cloathe gowne layed about with a blacke lace" worth 80s., belonging to John Walsall of Sermon Lane, gentleman, at Clerkenwell.
The said Wickens at large. Outlawed on 18 September, 15 James I [A.D. 1617].
The said Hatton not guilty.
Prosecutors:—John Ball, Sybil Sparrowe, Alexander Barnes of East Smithneld, victualler.
Sess. Roll 548/75, 76, 129, 145.
P.R.B. 1/68.
G.D.R. 2/75.

William Wormall [Woorman] and George Feewilliams [Fitzwilliams] of St. Leonard's, Shoreditch, for stealing two women's gowns worth £6, two petticoats worth 40s., a mingled coloured kirtle worth 20s., "a kirtle of buffin lyned with greene bayes" worth 30s., a black say kirtle worth 8s., a pair of mingled coloured breeches worth 20s., a pair of worsted stockings worth 4s., a falling-band worth 18d., a silk girdle worth 18d. and a pair of gloves worth 3s., belonging to John Foster of the same, porter, at the same; and of Thomas Cockshead [Coxhead] of Clerkenwell for receiving and helping them after the said felony.
The said William not guilty.
The said George at large. Outlawed as above.
The said John discharged because the principals acquitted.
Prosecutor:—Grace Foster.
Sureties:—John Wormall of Clement's Inn, gentleman, and John Wilkenson of St. Botolph's-without-Aldersgate, brownbaker.
Sess. Roll 548/71, 130, 145.
P.R.B. 1/68.
G.D.R. 2/75, 76d.

Mordecai Hardinge of Paddington for breaking into the house of Thomas Carter of the same, husbandman, at the same, and stealing 6s. in money belonging to the said Thomas.
Not guilty.
Prosecutors:—Frissill, wife of the said Thomas Carter, Thomas Lile.
Sess. Roll 548/35, 131.
G.D.R. 2/75.

William Maddocke [Maddox] of Littleton, warrener, John Friday of Hanworth [deleted] and Nicholas Poole of the same, all for being unlawfully assembled together and entering the park of Hanworth being the free warren of Sir William Killigrewe, knight, and killing seven rabbits there with ferrets and hays; and of the said William Maddocke and Roger Mees of Sunbury, labourer, for assaulting and beating Griffin ap Thomas in the highway at Hampton [and for stealing conies out of the said warren].
The said Maddocke has judgment on the first charge to be respited to prison for three months without bail, and then find sureties for good behaviour, and to pay triple damages to the plaintiff and 100s. for a fine to the lord the King; and fined 5s. on the second charge.
The said Poole at large. Outlawed.
The said Mees not guilty.
Sureties:—Richard Haward and William West of Sunbury, John Singe and William Sander of Littleton.
Sess. Roll 548/96, 97, 132, 132a.
P.R.B. 1/68.
G.D.R. 2/75, 76d.

William Evans of Hounslow for stealing eight hens worth 6s., a cock worth 8d. and two turkeys worth 2s., belonging to Michael Beadell of Iver, co. Middlesex [sic], at Hounslow.
Guilty to the value of 11d., no goods, to be whipped.
Sess. Roll 548/95, 133.
G.D.R. 2/75.

Henry Badger of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields for stealing a silver cup worth 6s. belonging to Richard Darlinge, at the same.
Guilty, no goods, seeks the book, reads, to be branded.
Sess. Roll 548/134.
G.D.R. 2/75.

John Penn of Whitecross Street and Susan Lewes of the same, spinster, for stealing six ruffs worth 30s., six pairs of cuffs worth 3s., six falling-bands worth 12s., six other pairs of cuffs worth 3s., three cross-cloths worth 6s., eighteen falling-bands worth 16s. and four neck-cloths worth 4s., belonging to Anthony Atkins, and three bands and cuffs worth 10s., belonging to Simon Atkins, at the same.
Both not guilty.
Sess. Roll 548/135, 145.
G.D.R. 2/75.

Thomas Hatton of Westminster for stealing a clock worth 17s., belonging to Thomas Boyle, at the same.
Not guilty.
Forasmuch as upon the arraignment and trial of the said Hatton, who was accused for the stealing of the said clock of the goods of the said Boyle, it appeared upon the evidence that Nathaniel Grase [Grace] had been accused before Edward Forsett, esquire, by the said Boyle for stealing that clock, who made good proof that he bought the same at a clockmaker's shop, in his own shop, as lawful was for him to do, yet notwithstanding it be found in his possession and charged by the said Boyle to be stolen, it was stayed by John Farrar, one of the constables of Westminster, till further trial thereof might be had, and humble suit be now made by the said Nathaniel that the said clock might be restored to him; it was therefore ordered by the Court that the said John Farrar should presently restore the said clock to the said Nathaniel, he being the true owner, without further detaining thereof from him.
Sess. Roll 548/136.
G.D.R. 2/75, 76a.

William Neale [Neele] of Tottenham for stealing "a carkeys of mutton" worth 4s., belonging to a man unknown, at the same.
Guilty to the value of 11d., no goods, to be whipped. Respited without bail at the request of Lord Dennye.
Prosecutors:—Samuel Mason and Richard Moreton of the same.
Sess. Roll 548/30, 137.
G.D.R. 2/75.

17, February, 13 James I [A. D.1615-16]
Thomas Corbett of St. Leonard's, Shoreditch, for breaking at night into the shop called "the lodge" of William Stacey next adjoining the house of Robert Connawaye, at the same, and stealing seven yards of broadcloth worth £17, belonging to Sir William Craven, knight, being in the said shop.
Not guilty of burglary, guilty of felony, no goods, seeks the book, does not read, to be hanged.
Prosecutors:—James Painter, Peter Bowden.
Sess. Roll 548/138.
G.D.R. 2/74d.

1 November, 13 James I [A.D. 1615].
John Howell and George Heard of Clerkenwell for stealing five yards of flaxen cloth worth 8s., three shirts worth 8s., three fallingbands worth 5s., a ruff-band worth 3s. and two pairs of cuffs worth 12d., belonging to Sir Thomas Holt, knight, at the same.
Both guilty, no goods, seek the book, the said Howell does not read, to be hanged, the said Heard reads, to be branded.
Prosecutors:—Grace Holt, Edward Craddocke.
Sess. Roll 548/140.
G.D.R. 2/74d.

Henry Gray of Shoreditch for stealing 30 lb of lead worth 2s. belonging to George Roffe of the Strand, tailor, at St. Mary-le-Savoy.
Guilty, fined 5s. Sent to the House of Correction.
Prosecutor:—Geoffrey Kery of the Strand.
Sess. Roll 548/36, 37, 141.
G.D.R. 2/74d.

George Francklyn of Chiswell Street for stealing a grey cloak worth 15s. belonging to William Marks, gentleman, a cloak of mingled colour worth 10s. belonging to William Wase, and a cloak of stone colour worth 20s. belonging to Robert Sherlocke, out of the house of the said Sherlocke at the same.
Guilty, no goods, seeks the book, reads, to be branded.
Sess. Roll 548/142, 145.
G.D.R. 2/74d.

1 December, 13 James I [A.D. 1615].
William Woodfen of St. Leonard's, Shoreditch, for stealing a "dapple graye" gelding worth £10, belonging to the Reverend Father in Christ, George, Archbishop of Canterbury.
Guilty, no goods, to be hanged.
Prosecutors:—Paul Wantlinge, Thomas Waade, Richard Stebbinge [Stebbin] of St. Bride's, Robert Clarke of Lambeth, co. Surrey, gentleman, and William Serle of Ipswich, co. Suffolk, clothier.
Sess. Roll 547/11, 173.
Sess. Roll 548/43, 143.
G.D.R. 2/71, 75.

27 December, 13 James I [A.D. 1615].
John Burnell of Blackwall, gentleman, for an assault and battery on Thomasine, wife of Humphrey Powell, at the same.
The said John also detained in gaol for suspicion of stealing a linen cloth forth of M—. Delivered by proclamation.
Prosecutor:—Robert Guinn.
Sess. Roll 548/145.
Sess. Roll 550/140.
P.R.B. 1/69d.
G.D.R. 2/74.

Coroner's Inquests:—

20 November, 13 James I [A.D. 1615].
Inquest taken at High Holborn before Robert Bright, gentleman, coroner, on view of the body of Edward Acroyd, gentleman, lying dead and slain there, by the oath of Richard Banckes, Henry Gates, Edward Winspar, John Lynley, Thomas Parsley, John Waterman, Richard Ager, Miles Eyre, John Mead, Edward Soden, Robert Plomer and Robert Foster, who say on their oath that on 14 November last past between the hours of 7 and 8 p.m., Henry Coghill of London, gentleman, and the said Acroyd were at High Holborn aforesaid then and there in the open street there, and of a sudden they made an affray in the same open street and fought together with their swords; and as they were fighting it so happened that the said Acroyd wounded the said Coghill and put him in danger of his life, whereupon divers persons yet unknown, standing by or going along that street, called out "Clubbes, clubbes"; upon which clamour Peter Bagget [Baggott] of High Holborn, yeoman, hearing the said clamour, instantly armed himself with a javelin and came out of the house of Richard Wigglnton of High Holborn aforesaid, victualler, and finding the said Acroyd with his sword drawn in his right hand and hearing the persons standing by exlaiming "That is he that hath killed the man, strike him downe", the said Peter assaulted the said Acroyd standing in the common street there, and struck him upon the head with his said javelin, worth 6d., and gave him a mortal wound upon the forepart of the head half an inch deep and three inches wide, of which wound the said Acroyd then and there languished and lived languishing until 19 November then next following, when he died between the hours of 6 and 7 p.m. at High Holborn aforesaid. And so the jurors say that the said Peter feloniously killed and slew the said Acroyd in manner and form aforesaid and the said Acroyd came to his death in no other way; and further that as soon as the said Peter had perpetrated the said felony he fled, but what goods or chattels, lands or tenements he had they do not know. In witness whereof etc.
The said Peter guilty of manslaughter, no goods, seeks the book, reads, to be branded.
Sess. Roll 548/124.
G.D.R. 2/75d.

24 February, 13 James I [A.D. 1615–16].
Inquest taken at St. Giles'-in-the-Fields before Robert Bright, gentleman, coroner, on view of the body of a female child, recently born of the body of Dorothy Mulbery alias Mowbrow, lying dead there, by the oath of the jurors [names mostly illegible] who say on their oath that the said Dorothy, on 19 February last past between 11 and 12 a.m. at St. Giles' aforesaid, gave birth to the said child, being alive, which was very weak and lived until 22 February then next following when it died by Divine visitation, and not otherwise.
Sess. Roll 551/1.
[See also pp. 149, 175].

29 February, 13 James I [A.D. 1615–16].
Jury writ for the Sessions.
Sess. Roll 548/144.

15 March, A.D. 1615 [–16].
Gaol Delivery Roll [Document torn].
Sess. Roll 548/145.


p.283. Came and discharged:—

William Hurlebutt of Norton Folgate, butcher, not to utter or put to sale any flesh this time of Lent.

p.284.Richard Hand of Hackney, taken at Hicks Hall before Sir Thomas Fowler and others, not to be delivered without the consent of Mr. Henry Bannester.

p.286. Samuel Bushe and John Williams committed to prison for stealing divers parcels of linen. Delivered by proclamation (and G.D.R. 2/74).

William Browne appeared in his proper person upon information laid against him by Henry Theodoricke under the Statute of 31 [sic] Henry VIII, and pleaded not guilty.

p.287. John Clarke of Ratcliffe, victualler, appeared upon information laid against him for unlawful games.

John Cartwright of St. Giles'-in-the-Fields, victualler, appeared upon information against him for the like.

David Makebeth of Whitechapel, victualler, appeared for Joan his wife upon information by the said Henry Theodoricke under the said Statute of 31 [sic] Henry VIII.

John Sole of East Smithfield, victualler, Richard Beadye of Whitechapel, victualler, for Jane his wife, Henry Ward and Hugh Price of St. Giles'-in-the-Fields, victuallers, all appeared upon information as above.

p.288. John Hutchenson of High Holborn, Richard White of Marylebone, Edward Waford of St. Giles'-in-the-Fields, and Edward Thicknes of Westminster, all victuallers, appeared upon information by the said Theodoricke.

Joseph Bromley and George Higgens swore in court that John Oliver of Smithfield Bars, butcher, Ann his wife, and others, did abuse and beat them. The said Ann is committed to Newgate, and afterwards handed over in bail to Lancelot Lambden of Aldersgate Street, haberdasher, and John Tarleton of Smithfield Bars, butcher, to answer etc. and that neither she nor her husband shall sell meat any more during the time of Lent (and p. 292).

Elizabeth, wife of Richard Wheeler of Cow Cross, butcher, committed for killing and selling meat, and handed in bail to Robert Tripland and Stephen Yard, victualler, both of the same, not to kill or utter any flesh this time of Lent (and p. 292).

p.289. Order by the court for Simon Price to be admitted to keep an alehouse in New Brentford.

Richard Mitchell the younger, son of Richard Michell the elder of Witney, co. Oxon, weaver, came in his proper person and put himself apprentice to Libeus Crafte of East Smithfield, tape-weaver, for seven years, according to the tenor of the indenture.

Robert Walden, son of Thomas Wallden of East Smithfield, labourer, put himself apprentice to the same Libeus Crafte for seven years as above.

Licensed tipplers:—

Richard Whiteyere of St. Clement Danes, victualler. Sureties:— George Whiteyere and Robert Burt of the same, shoemakers.

Ralph Hearne of St. Giles'-in-the-Fields, victualler. Sureties:— Francis Warde of St. Martin's, bricklayer, and Avery Selley of Duck Lane.

Thomas Cooper of St. Clement's, victualler. Sureties:—John Beste of the same, spectacle-maker, and Edward Olderman of St. John Street, victualler.

William Shelton of Islington in the parish of Clerkenwell. Sureties:— Ralph Burley and John Riddesley, both of the same.


f.74. Dennis Niccolls and George Peeke delivered by proclamation.

Thomas Jackson and Samuel Pollard respited without bail to the next.

f.75d. Joan White of Uxbridge, widow, for receiving stolen goods of Dennis Niccolls, now prisoner in the gaol.

f.76. Roger Hayward of Aldgate [Whitechapel], carpenter, came and was committed because indicated for a riotous assault upon Robert Anthony and Thomas Jiggons. Puts himself, found guilty, and fined 20s. Handed in bail to Valentine Haywarde of Billingsgate, vintner, and William Crome of Long Lane, tailor (and ff. 75d, 76d.)


  • 1. Kersey.
  • 2. A kind of coarse woollen cloth, in common use for lining.