Sessions, 1616: 25 and 26 June

Pages 251-263

County of Middlesex. Calendar To the Sessions Records: New Series, Volume 3, 1615-16. Originally published by Clerk of the Peace, London, 1937.

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Sessions of the Peace and Gaol Delivery, on 25 and 26 June, 14 James I [A.D. 1616].


p.318. Ann, wife of Cornelius Michellson of Wapping, trumpeter, for keeping a bawdy-house.

John Baker of Shadwell, cutler, for receiving a strange [woman] into his house who was there delivered of a base child.

Katherine Kinge of Ratcliffe, widow, for her lewd behaviour.

Came and discharged:—

Philip Pindar of Ratcliffe and John Pindar of the same, gentleman, for abusing the constable.

Agnes, wife of Thomas Morris of Wapping Wall, brewer, for the peace.

Henry Unthancke of Bethnal Green for discharging one Bowner delivered unto him being headborough, having a mittimus from the Justice.

Abraham Burneham of Wapping Wall, victualler, for tippling without licence.

Robert Kinge of the same for the like.

Richard Reynoldes of Ratcliffe, glover, for the peace.

p.319. Thomas Webster of the Liberty of the Tower of London, scrivener, for the peace.

Thomas Addams, servant to Thomas Holte of Clerkenwell, for the like.

Elizabeth, wife of William Tasker of the same, bucklemaker, for raising scandalous speeches between John Poole and his wife.

Judith, wife of Robert Wood of St. Botolph's-without-Bishopsgate, haberdasher, upon complaint of the said Wood. Referred to the ordering of Mr. Squire and Mr. Goston [Coston], two preachers, and they are to certify within these ten days, and during that time she is to remain with Katherine Napper of Norton Folgate, widow (and p.330).

The said Robert Wood committed for default of good sureties and afterwards handed in bail to Henry Travis of Hoxton and John James of Stepney.

Peter Hudson of the same [sic], goldsmith, for good behaviour.

The said Katherine came and was discharged upon complaint of the said Robert, and it was ordered that after the matter is ended between Wood and his wife she is not to keep company with his said wife.

Edward Mayes of Ratcliffe, tailor, committed to Newgate for cozening Clinton Askew at Fleet Bridge of 30s.; brought to the Court (and p. 326).

Thomas Williams, servant to Thomas Morley [Morbye] of Puddle Wharf, charged to have hurt Richard Fletcher's child "with his carre" in Charterhouse Lane. Handed over further to Theodore Hanley of Clerkenwell, gentleman. Came and discharged (and p.330).

Alan Smith of Shoreditch, butcher, for hurting John Rowse.

Cecil Parry of the Strand, gentleman, John Power of Michaelchurch, co. Hereford, gentleman, and John Riddall of "Jury", co. Hereford, gentleman, all for abusing the constable of Clerkenwell.

p.320. John Batham of Cow Cross, feltmaker, upon complaint of Nicholas Mousdale.

Katherine Kabidge of Drury Lane, spinster, came and was discharged because no true bill for felony.

Ann Johnson of Cow Cross, spinster.

Came and discharged:—

George Currey of Tottenham.

Thomas Branch and Christopher Wrenne of the same, labourers, for the peace.

William Farmer of Enfield for the like.

Christopher Handy of Prince Street, tailor, and John Bland of the same, labourer.

Joan Feild, daughter of George Feild of London, cloakmaker.

William May of Westminster, porter, charged with incontinency and for begetting Joan Feild with child. Handed over further to William Robertes and Richard May of the same (and p.349).

Came upon indictment:—

Adrian Hanford of Westminster, baker, for breaking the assize of bread. Fined 13s. 4d.

James Chapman of the same, baker, for the like. Fined 10s. (and P.R.B. 1/75).

Francis Cooke of the same, baker, for the like. Fined 20s.

John Frisby of Kentish Town, baker, for the like. Fined 20s.

William Goringe of Chelsea, waterman. Fined £12. Afterwards in the Michaelmas term 14 James I [A.D. 1616], certified in the King's Bench by writ of certiorari received in the Quindenes of St. Martin in the same year by the hand of Waad.

p.321. Robert Munden of the same, waterman. Fined £6.

George Heath of Westminster, baker, for breaking the assize of bread. Fined 40s. (and P.R.B. 1/74d).

Robert Twynne of St. Giles'-in-the-Fields, Thomas Pole [Poole] of Drury Lane and William Charnncellor of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields for hurting Thomas Elson, Sir Thomas Vavasor's officer, and James Rapheson. The said Robert and Thomas fined 12d. each (and p.323 and P.R.B. 1/74).

Philip Howard of Chelsea, waterman, for abusing Richard Wrightson, aleconner of Chelsea. Handed over further to Richard Howard, waterman, and William Warwicke, both of the same. The said Richard Wrightson of Chelsea to keep the peace. The said Philip came and discharged (and pp.323, 330).

Came and discharged:—

Sarah Boorne of Clerkenwell, spinster, for the peace.

Clement Fisher, Edward Battleson and Richard Foster of Stepney, ropemakers.

Joan Burton of Golding Lane, spinster, for the peace.

John Boultley of Charterhouse Lane and Alice his wife.

Henry Medcalfe of Whitecross Street, gentleman, for the peace.

Margaret Hardinge of Old Street, spinster, for being a disordered person.

Edward Davyes of Stepney and John Adlam of Old Street for the peace.

Thomas Iseham of Clerkenwell, porter, and Ann his wife for the like.

p.322. Frances Carpenter of the same, spinster, accused of bawdery.

Mary Dobson of Cow Cross for the peace.

John Ferne of Holywell Street, cordwainer, for the like.

Richard Harrington of Hadley, gentleman, for abusing Robert Ball, constable.

Roger Pennor of St. Clement's-in-the-Fields [sic], baker, for setting his dog upon Robert Phillips and hurting him.

Edmund Saunders of the same, carpenter, for beating Ann Millichappe.

Ralph Millichappe of the same, tobacco-seller, for tippling without licence.

Came upon indictment:—

Thomas Russell the younger of Shoreditch, silkweaver, for using the trade of a silkweaver not having been apprenticed for seven years. Pleaded not guilty and handed over to the next to Thomas Russell the elder of St. Magnus, clothworker (and p.330 and P.R.B. 1/74d).

Andrew Bradley [Brabye] of Shoreditch, weaver, for withdrawing the apprentice of Edward Weaver. Pleaded not guilty and was handed over to the said Russells the elder and younger (and p.330 and P.R.B. 1/74d).

William Saunders of Barn Elms, co. Surrey, for unlawfully breaking and entering the stable of Jenkin Marcrosse and taking out two stoned horses belonging to John Hadwell. Hugh Roberts of St. Martin's [Barn Elms] charged likewise, and the said William handed in bail to Lucy Hadwell of Barn Elms [Barnestown, St. Martin's], widow, who is also charged likewise, and all pledged for a fine as appears in the book of the Sessions of the Peace for 15 James I [A.D. 1617]. The said William and Lucy fined 6s. 8d. each (and pp. 324, 330 and P.R.B. 1/73d and G.D.R. 2/87d).

Vulcan Durham of Old Street for beating Nathaniel Smith.

Matthew Jeffes of Cow Cross, gentleman, for abusing Robert Swallow, constable.

Nathaniel Griffen of Holywell Street, victualler, upon complaint of Richard Binckes for keeping ill rule.

Thomas Jefferyes of High Holborn, dicemaker, to appear at the next Sessions after Elizabeth Binckes shall be delivered of a child, he being the reputed father. Came and was discharged because Philip Goulding, headborough, and Thomas Honor, beadle, did inform the Court that he has put in bond to discharge the parish.

p.323. William Fanner of Field Lane, butcher, for stealing deer out of Hyde Park, William Swyven of Clerkenwell, victualler, for the like, and Francis Mason of the same, victualler, for abusing such persons as came to aid Philip Goulding, headborough, when he came to attach William Hunt by virtue of Sir William Smith's warrant, for stealing his Majesty's deer out of Hyde Park; and the said Goulding of Feild Lane, tailor, for suffering the said Hunt to escape. The said Mason, Goulding and Fanner all to attend the Lord Admiral if he send for them before the next Sessions, and handed over in bail to each other and Ralph Geeves of Field Lane aforesaid (and p.330).

Edward Caffolde of Westminster, victualler, for tippling without licence and lodging masterless men. James Williams swore that the same Edward is not in the prison of the Gatehouse in Westminster, therefore he is respited to the next (and p.330).

Came and discharged:—

Thomas Trotte of the same.

Philip Evans of the Strand for hurting Ellen Powell by riding over her.

Ann, wife of Thomas Morter of Hackney, for the peace.

Edward Freeman of St. Sepulchre's, grocer, for beating Robert Maxey, constable.

John Ireland of St. Olave's, Southwark, feltmaker, for the like. William Beesely of Shoreditch for abusing John Tayler, headborough of Kingsland.

Thomas Silvester of Bethnal Green, silkweaver, for the like.

Francis Knyvett of Buckenham, co. Norfolk, gentleman, for good behaviour.

Matthew Hodges of Kentish Town, vintner, for the like.

p.324. John Lorde of Westminster, gentleman, to answer.

William Waldren of St. Clement Danes, ironmonger, and William Fornace of Leiden in Holland, stranger, to be discharged if Sir Thomas Fowler, knight, consent, and afterwards discharged with his assent.

Came and acknowledged the indictment:—

Nicholas Wilcocke [Wilcoxe] of St. Martin's-in-the-Feilds, glazier, and John Parbye of the same, baker, for assaulting the bailiffs. Each fined 2s. 6d. (and P.R.B. 1/74d).

Thomas Nettleton of St. Dunstan's-in-the-West for assaulting Roger Douse. Fined 10s. (and P.R.B. 1/74d).

Came and discharged:—

Francis Andrewes of Clerkenwell, bricklayer. William Moore of St. Clement Danes for the peace. James Tanner of Clerkenwell and Jane his wife, suspected of bawdery by Helen Morris. The said James delivered by proclamation (and G.D.R. 2/84d).

John Tape of St. Clement Danes.

Richard Cooke of St. Giles'-in-the-Fields for good behaviour.

Griffen Vauhan of St. Clement Danes for the peace.

William Burton of Wandsworth, co. Surrey, baker, for breaking the assize of bread. Fined 10s. (and P.R.B. 1/75).

p.325. Richard Bowles of St. Giles'-in-the-Fields.

Came and discharged:—

John Dunne of St. Botolph's-without-Aldgate for stabbing Valentine Allen.

Susan Ravenor of Brentford, spinster, for the peace.

Alice Loveden of Hounslow, widow, for the like.

William Scott of Twickenham for good behaviour.

Agnes Sodae [Saddey] of the same, spinster, for suspicion of felony (and G.D.R. 2/87).

Richard Urian of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields for the peace.

Edward Deakyn of the same, chandler.

John Mony of Moor Lane, pinmaker.

William Townes of Kensington, labourer, for good behaviour.

Simon Colbanck of Newington, victualler, to answer.

John Griffen of St. Giles'-in-the-Fields, labourer, for the peace.

Katherine, wife of William Miles of Stepney, butcher, for good behaviour.

Walter Hall of Westminster, bricklayer, for refusing to assist Christopher Flint, constable of St. Clement's.

Thomas Harrison of St. Giles'-in-the-Fields, vintner, and Thomas Elson of the same, each upon complaint of the other.

Edward Jones of Westminster, sawyer, for raising a tumult in the street.

Nicholas Robinson of St. Giles'-in-the-Fields for erecting a building upon a new foundation where none was before.

Came and committed:—

William Archard of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields for departing from the service of Mr. Richard St. George his master, being his covenant servant. Discharged because he is contented to serve his master during his time.

p.326. Came and handed over further:—

Stephen Yarde of St. Sepulchre's, victualler, for wounding Thomas Bristowe in the head. Handed in bail to Robert Swallowe of Cow Cross, tailor, William Booth, chandler, and Francis Chanor, both of the same. Came and handed over further to Thomas Butteris and John Coxe of St. Sepulchre's (and pp.331, 339 and G.D.R. 2/97d).

Ann Swanne alias Froste, wife of Arthur Swanne, accused to have two husbands, handed in bail to Morgan Davies of Clerkenwell, plasterer, and Thomas Brasier of Cow Cross. Abraham Williams, sworn in court, says that Ann, wife of John Swalden of East Smithfield, did call him rogue in face of the Court as he came to give evidence for the King against the said Ann Froste (and pp.327, 331).

Discharged by the court:—

Robert Waker of the Strand, victualler, no recognizance certified.

Thomas Newman of "Gracious street" for the peace.

Joan Throgmorton of St. Katherine's, widow, for suspicion of felony (and G.D.R. 2/87).

Order by the Court that Charleton's licence shall be stayed for keeping an alehouse at St. Martin's-in-the-Fields.

Order by the Court that Thomas Burls shall serve Thomas Allen his master so as the said Allen be a freeman of the City of London within a year next coming, or else he is to be discharged out of his said service.

John Cooke the younger, son of John Cooke the elder of St. Clement Danes, tailor, apprenticed to Geoffrey Miller of Chancery Lane, barber, from the feast of St. John the Baptist last past for the term of eight years.

Thomas Woodhouse brought to the Court for drawing his sword in the Lord Ambassador's house in the Charterhouse. John Guy, servant to the Countess of Huntingdon, being sworn in court, says that the said Thomas yesterday the 25th of June did quarrel with Anthony Fusher, servant to the said Ambassador, and followed him into his house and drew his sword and struck him. Therefore he is committed to put in very good sureties for his good behaviour for that he called them "French dogges." He confesses his fault in court and is not to be bailed until he make his submission to the Lord Ambassador.

Fulk Higgins of Old Street brought to the Court for detaining wages from John Shepperde being 26s. 6d. It is referred to Sir Ferdinand Heyborne, and if it then appear that the wages are due to the said Shepperde then he is to pay his charge. To be discharged if he perfrom the order (and p.331).

Edward Yates, son of Richard Yates of Kendal, co. Westmoreland, yeoman, apprenticed to Christopher Lyon of the Strand, tailor, from the feast of St. John the Baptist last past for the term of eight years.

p.327. Richard Muggleson, servant to George Snellinge of Broken Wharf, woodmonger, brought to the Court for assaulting Robert Howard and Alice Hipkins in the highway at Clerkenwell. Edward Cobham testifies in court that "the said Mougleson did confesse that he was one of them that did assault them." Therefore committed and handed over further to the said George. Came upon indictment and acknowledged under protest that he is not guilty and submitted to a fine of 12d., because he says it was Michael Muggleson (and p.331).

Mary, wife of John Emmerson of Stepney, brought to the Court for abusing Magdalen Stagge "and beating her with her head."

John Barton of Cow Cross brought by warrant for buying stolen goods, a pewter pot of Helen Jones, and to appear at the next and bring forth the said Helen. Came and discharged (and p.331).

3 July, A.D. 1616.

At an Assembly of the Justices held at Hicks Hall in St. John Street it was ordered that Mr. Longe, Clerk of the Peace, should forthwith pay to Lieutenant Jefferyes the sum of £10 out of the money which was left with him by Mr. Longstone, treasurer for the maimed soldiers, in regard that he freely gave over the yearly pension of £6 13s. 4d. allowed him out of the county, and for other arrearages due unto him (as he alleges) for his service done in the county.

Received of the said Mr. Longe according to their order the said sum of £10. William Jeffries' mark. Present, Fr. Ausiter, Edw. Peare, Geo. Manbye. The original of this order is entered in the "Waste booke of ye Sessions of ye peace."

pp. 327–9. Licensed tipplers:— (fn. 1)

William Hocketts of Clerkenwell. Simon Reade, tailor, and John Phillippes, barber, both of the same.

Lawrence Gasper of Wapping Wall. Thomas Wetherley and Thomas Kirbye of the same.

William Whiting of Shoreditch. Robert Whaley and Robert Chambers of Whitechapel.

Humphrey Benning of Goswell Street. Thomas Davies of Thomes Street, merchant-tailor, and Thomas Everett of Field Lane.

John Hancocke of Whitecross Street. Thomas Saunders and Lawrence Osborne of the same.

Peter Foster of Mile End. William Etheridge of the same and John Braughton of St. John Street.

William South of Cow Cross. James Rutt of Basing Lane, clothworker, and Robert Story of St. John Street.

John Jigges of Clerkenwell. John Sherley and Thomas Monday of the same.

Richard Harris of Whitechapel. Henry Carrall, needlemaker, and Elias Debuke, silkweaver, both of the same.

Jeremiah Cooke of East Smithfield. Richard Rolfe and Edward Gibson of the same.

Owen Hoare of the same. William Audlye of the same and Thomas Osmotherlaw of London, clothworker.

Thomas Damme of High Holborn. Lancelot Draper and William Symons of Westminster.

Simson Croson of St. Katherine's. James Swalden of Wapping and Amos Spurgeon of East Smithfield.

Thomas Holme of Wapping. William Cooper of the same and Roland Pike of St. John Street, tailors.

Richard White of Marylebone. Henry Theodoricke and Andrew White of St. Giles'-in-the-Fields.

Abraham Burnett of Wapping. Thomas Weatherley and John Newton of the same.

Daniel Allam of Whitechapel. Jeffery Norman and Thomas White of the same.

Joan Emmery of Stepney, widow. John Sutton and Robert Fraunces of the same.

Robert Horne of Shoreditch. William Collis of St. Sepulchre's, cook, and Henry Theodoricke.

Anthony Robinson of Gray's Inn Lane. Gabriel Pennell of Islington and Edward Sweed of St. Giles'-in-the-Fields, carpenter.

Richard Jones of Kentish Town. Thomas Scott of Cow Cross, victualler, and John Braughton of St. John Street.

Licence granted to Bartholomew Benson to appear with Roger Allen of Ratcliffe upon information laid against him under the Statute of 33 Henry VIII [Cap. ix] for the maintenance of artillery.


f.74. Peter Greene of Ratcliffe for accessory after a burglary.

Raphael Neale of St. Martin's for assaulting Samuel Hales.

f.74d. William Maddoxe, Susan, wife of Thomas Maddoxe, and Hester Maddoxe, spinster, all of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields, for a rescue. Pledged for fines on 3 May, A.D. 1617.

Richard Gascoigne of Kensington, baker, for lack of weight in bread.


f.84d. Delivered by proclamation:—

John Jackeson, John Hogge, Edith Cooper, John Banckes, Elizabeth Atkinson, William Cooke, Grace Jones, Thomas Palyn, Isabel Fenton.

Arthur Sleyney to remain until the Assizes for the county of Kent and then to be delivered if not removed.

Samuel Bagnall, John Niccolls, John Davis and John Hall respited to the House of Correction.

f.85. James Stringer respited for sureties for good behaviour.

Thomas Dawson respited to the gaol of Essex.

George Gravenor and John Artche respited to the order of the Justices.

Thomas Downes and Samuel Northoppe of Edmonton for a robbery in the highway upon Esau Newman. The said Thomas guilty, no goods, to be hanged; the said Samuel at large (and P.R.B. 1/74).

John Sheppard for twenty-two yards of perpetuana of Edward Moreton. Guilty, no goods, seeks the book, had the book before by the name of John Burnham, therefore to be hanged.

Alexander Cooke for linens of Thomas Felixkirke. Guilty of trespass, fined 12d.

Henry Wilkshire of Wapping, Robert Barnye and Richard Cane for 120 lbs. weight of indigo of Hugh Hammersley, gentleman; and the said Robert and Richard for 13 lbs. weight of indigo of Geoffrey Kirby. The said Henry at large; the said Robert and Richard not guilty.

John Blinckhorne of Whitechapel, silkweaver, for accessory after to both the said offences. Discharged because the principals not guilty. Forasmuch as the said Hugh has exhibited an indictment against Henry Wilkshire and others for stealing 120 lbs. of indigo, and has prosecuted the same with effect against such of the felons as are apprehended, and has given information to the Court that all or the most part of the said indigo is come to the hands and possession of Anthony Barnes of London, stocking-seller, and John Blinckhorne of Whitechapel, dyer; it is therefore ordered that the said Anthony and John shall forthwith restore and deliver to the said Hugh all or so much of the said indigo as came to their hands, without expecting any further order or warrant in this behalf (and ff.86, 87, 88, and P.R.B. 1/74).

Ann Grove alias Glover for divers goods of Francis Downinges. Not guilty. Forasmuch as the said Francis has exhibited an indictment against the said Ann for stealing nine cross-cloths, two handkerchiefs, a pair of cuffs, two waistcoats, two petticoats, two copper rings, "one silver kay, one silver harte," one purse and 12s. 9d. in money in it, together with divers other goods and parcels of linen, and has prosecuted the same with effect, upon whose evidence it appeared that the said goods and money are come to the hands and possession of John Smithe, one of the constables of Uxbridge; it is therefore ordered that the said John shall forthwith upon receipt of this order deliver to the said Francis all his said goods, or show good cause at the next Sessions why he refuses to do the same (and f.88).

William Price for a calf of Robert Homan. Guilty, no goods, seeks the book, reads, to be branded.

f.85d. James Chapman for three calves of Thomas Valentine. Guilty, no goods, seeks the book, reads, to be branded.

Thomas Fowler for a wether sheep of Tyndall Perte, gentleman. Not guilty.

Mary Berry for divers goods of Edward Aldee and Elizabeth Powell. Guilty, no goods, to be hanged. Respited after judgment (and Sess. Rolls 552/164 and 553/176).

John Asheforde for marrying a second wife the first being alive. Not guilty.

William Streete of Harrow, butcher, for three sheep and a ram of William Stanes, and six sheep of Thomas Weedon. At large (and ff.86, 87 and P.R.B. 1/74).

William Hunte and Richard Denney of High Holborn and Edward Brian, all for assaulting and wounding Sir Robert Riche, knight. The said William and Richard at large; the said Edward guilty, respited without bail for half a year and then for bail for good behaviour, to pay a fine of £5 and to make satisfaction and submission to the said Sir Robert Riche (and P.R.B. 1/74).

William Housego of Limehouse, brewer, for assaulting and beating James Hewetson, and for being a common barrator. Is in the prison of Newgate. Guilty and fined £3 6s. 8d. on first charge, on second charge respited without bail for half a year, to pay a fine of £100 and find sureties for good behaviour, and to make public submission for his offence in the open pillory in Cheapside. Afterwards certified in the King's Bench by writ of certiorari on Saturday next after the Octave of St. Martin, 14 James I [A.D. 1616], by the hand of Waad (and Sess. Rolls 552/164 and 553/176 and Sess. Reg. 2/320, 324).

Stephen Barton and Peter Smythe for burglary and divers goods of Jonathan Rashby. The said Stephen not guilty of burglary, guilty of felony, no goods, seeks the book, reads, to be branded; the said Peter not guilty.

Joan Greene and Elizabeth Jones of Chick Lane, spinsters, for accessory after to the same. Discharged because the principals not guilty (and f.87d and P.R.B. 1/74).

John Cawdrye for two sheep of a man unknown. Guilty, no goods, seeks the book, reads, to be branded.

William Trimingham for a gelding of Thomas Usher. Not guilty.

f.86. George Welche for a pair of sheets and three smocks of Ann Bennett. Guilty to the value of 11d., no goods, to be whipped.

Edward Charlesworth for robbing a tent of Edward Forte and Richard Robertes, and for divers goods. Not guilty. Respited to the House of Correction (and f.84d).

Arthur Reive and John Paine for divers goods of Henry Gascoigne. Both guilty, no goods, to be hanged because there appears on evidence to have been a burglary in London.

Thomas Smithe for burglary and divers goods of Sir Justinian Lewen, knight. Not guilty of burglary, guilty of felony, seeks the book, had it before, therefore to be hanged.

Edward Garrett and Richard Smithe for sacrilege in the Cathedral Church of St. Peter at Westminster. The said Edward respited without bail, both guilty, no goods, to be hanged. Robert Whitman and Peter Greene for accessories after to the same. The said Robert respited without bail, not guilty; the said Peter at large (and f.80).

Margaret Manley for two ruff-bands of Thomas Rokewood, gentleman. Not guilty.

Adam Tyner for two aprons of Thomas Bowlis worth 8d. Acknowledged, to be whipped.

Hercules Lorde for divers goods of Edward Graves, esquire. Postponed to be tried until the next, and respited without bail for better enquiry (and Sess. Rolls 552/164, and 553/176, and G.D.R. 2/89).

f.86d. John Webbe of Clerkenwell, weaver, for suspicion of felony done in the house of Ralph Grayton in Bow Lane, London.

Richard, son of Thomas Whaley of Rosemary Lane, labourer, for suspicion of stealing 10s. from a child's necklace.

Robert Purslewe of the same, sailor, for a silver beaker.

f.87. Humphrey Rogers, William Thomas and William Hammer of [blank] for stealing a hat.

Elizabeth, wife of Edward Sawyer of Edmonton, labourer, for certain sheets from William Hussey of the same.

William Tothill of the Inner Temple, gentleman, for hurting Agnes Sheppard.

Elizabeth Smithe of Westminster, widow, for receiving stolen goods. Respited further (and f.89d).

Cuthbert Joyner of St. Mary-le-Savoy in the Strand, gentleman, to prosecute the said Elizabeth and Elizabeth Roffe at the next for stealing divers of his goods, because the evidence not complete at this, as he affirms in court (and f.89d).

John Evans of St. Sepulchre's, drayman.

William Clegge of Gray's Inn, gentleman, came and Edward Graves of the same, gentleman, did not come.

George Goldman of "Stebonhithe" [Stepney], doctor.

Simon Chester of Barbican, tailor, accused to be accessory to a felony.

f.87d. Came and discharged:—

John Warren of Thames Street, skinner.

Henry Benson of Kempston, co. Bedford. See his examination.

Thomas Temms of Charterhouse Lane and Edmund Cage of [blank] suspected to be privy to the stealing of William Hall his purse from his person.


  • 1. Those licensed are all described as victuallers. The two subsequent names in each case are the sureties.