Sessions, 1616: 5 and 6 September

County of Middlesex. Calendar To the Sessions Records: New Series, Volume 3, 1615-16. Originally published by Clerk of the Peace, London, 1937.

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'Sessions, 1616: 5 and 6 September', in County of Middlesex. Calendar To the Sessions Records: New Series, Volume 3, 1615-16, (London, 1937) pp. 288-312. British History Online [accessed 29 February 2024]

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Sessions of the Peace and Gaol Delivery, on 5 and 6 September, 14 James I [A.D. 1616].


Recognizances of:—

Richard Careck of the Middle Temple, gentleman, and— —of "Syston" [? Sychtyn], co. Salop, gentleman, for Richard Way of St. Bartholomew's, gentleman, for abusing John Marnard [Moorenerde], constable of Saffron Hill, in the execution of his office.
Sess. Roll 553/1.
Sess. Reg. 2/342.

Henry Burton of Smithfield Bars, butcher, for George Preeste [Preist] of the same, butcher, for assaulting and beating George Owen; and of Thomas Watson of Charterhouse Lane, blacksmith, and Thomas Smyth of Whitecross Street, butcher, for the said George for assaulting Henry Teicheneau.
To be discharged if paid a fee.
Sess. Roll 553/2, 9.
Sess. Reg. 2/342.

Richard Harle of Clerkenwell, gunsmith, and John Tailor of Cow Lane, draper, for John Sissell [Syssell] of Charterhouse Lane, accused to keep a very disordered house, suspected of bawdery; and of William Carpenter and Thomas Williams, tailor, both of Clerkenwell, for Frances Carpenter of the same, spinster, accused to keep a disordered lewd house, and to be a disordered person.
Sess. Roll 553/3, 5.
Sess. Reg. 2/342.

William Kempe of Old Street, cordwainer, and John Ditche of the same, collier, for Ann Bryan of the same, spinster, complained to be a disordered person.
Sess. Roll 553/4.
Sess. Reg. 2/342.

John Spencer and Peter Sherley of Gray's Inn Lane for Gervase Hybbyt [Hibbett] of the same, victualler, for assaulting Richard Chapman.
Sess. Roll 553/6.
Sess. Reg. 2/342.

John Shanck of St. Giles'-without-Cripplegate, cutler, Robert Bunn of Cow Cross, tobacco-pipemaker, and Gregory Browne of the same, cook, for John Bell of the same to answer certain cozenages whereof he stands accused before Sir Ferdinand Heyburne.
Sess. Roll 553/7.
Sess. Reg. 2/342.

Thomas Miller of Maulden, co. Bedford, bowstring-maker, and Richard Birkett of Leeds, co. York, clothier, to give evidence against George Frye for stealing the goods of the said Richard.
The said George delivered by proclamation.
Sess. Roll 553/10, 11, 176.
G.D.R. 2/91.

John Smith of Whitecross Street, tailor, and John Kite of the same, perfumer, for Ann Waine [Wayne] and Mary Salkerston of the same, spinsters, to answer.
Sess. Roll 553/12.
Sess. Reg. 2/346.

Robert—of Edmonton, clockmaker, for Edward Martin of Fleet Bridge, girdler, for abusing George Bluett, headborough, "and hurling of a saltceller at John Gilbert, watchman".
Sess. Roll 553/13.
Sess. Reg. 2/343.

Matthew Nowell of Aldgate, gentleman, to give evidence against William Drewe for burglary.
The said William delivered by proclamation.
Sess. Roll 553/14, 176.
G.D.R. 2/91.

Daniel Ducy of "Critchit Fryers" [Crutched Friars], painter, John Allen of the same, weaver, and Anthony Death of St. Katherine's, tailor, mutual sureties, all to appear, accused of felony.
Additional surety:—Christopher Arnold of St. Katherine's, ropemaker.
Sess. Roll 553/15, 26, 27.
G.D.R. 2/93, 93d.

Richard Cooper of St. Sepulchre's, tailor, for Rowland Haberstead of St. Bartholomew's, tailor, to be of good behaviour.
Sess. Roll 553/16.
Sess. Reg. 2/346.

Edward Bickerstaffe of St. Clement Danes, tailor, to give evidence against Thomas Wittingham [Whittingham] of East Smithfield, poulterer, for cozening him; and of Edward Heddeocke of St. Lawrence Lane, grocer, and William Hickes of East Smithfield, gardener, for the said Thomas to appear.
Sess. Roll 553/17, 81.
Sess. Reg. 2/345.

John Finche of St. Giles'-without-Cripplegate, grocer, and Richard Lawrence of St. Olave's, co. Surrey, feltmaker, for Elizabeth Stephenson [Stevenson] of St. Giles' aforesaid, widow, to be of good behaviour.
Sess. Roll 553/18.
Sess. Reg. 2/344.

Richard Jenckes of St. Olave's, co. Surrey, fustian-weaver, and Thomas Smith of Islington, silkweaver, for John Jenckes of Kinsham, co. Hereford, fustian-weaver, accused to have put away counterfeit money.
Sess. Roll 553/20.
Sess. Reg. 2/344.

William Drowte of [St. Benet's], Gracechurch, brown-baker, for Tristram Cooke of East Smithfield, baker, for tippling without licence.
Sess. Roll 553/25.
Sess. Reg. 2/345.

Thomas Bassett of Lincoln's Inn, gentleman, for Fulk Porter of Aston-sub-Edge, co. Gloucester, gentleman, for assaulting and beating Matthew Gifford.
Sess. Roll 553/28.
Sess. Reg. 2/346.

Thomas Parke of Westminster,—, for Nicholas Shute of the same, butcher, to appear; and of Lawrence Rowe of Hoxton to give evidence against the said Nicholas for suspicion of felony.
Sess. Roll 553/29, 96.
Sess. Reg. 2/345.

John Griffen of Cow Cross, joiner, for John Baddum of the same, labourer, to answer.
Sess. Roll 553/30.
Sess. Reg. 2/345.

Christopher Helmes of Stepney, gardener, to appear, charged by John Mould, constable of the same, to be a harbourer of lewd people.
Sess. Roll 553/31.
Sess. Reg. 2/341.

Abraham Curtis of St. Andrew's, Holborn, stranger, and John Purse of St. Giles'-without-Cripplegate, painter, for Jerome Galtrye of London, stranger, bound over to answer the objections of William Holland.
Sess. Roll 553/32.
Sess. Reg. 2/341.

John Flud of St. Leonard's, Shoreditch, weaver, and Godsall Beamond of Stepney, barber-surgeon, for William Crosse of St. Botolph's-without-Aldgate, weaver, suspected to have stolen certain linen forth of the house of Henry Smithson of St. Leonard's aforesaid, wool-dyer; and of the said Henry and William Enderby of the same, wool-dyer, to give evidence against the said Crosse.
Sess. Roll 553/33, 36.
Sess. Reg. 2/346.
G.D.R. 2/93.

John Marchant of Fleet Lane, pewterer, and Richard Mathewes of St. Botolph's-without-Bishopsgate for William Purvey of Cow Cross, silk-twister, suspected to have picked a purse and 28s. in money in it out of the pocket of Thomas Wattes.
Sess. Roll 553/34.
G.D.R. 2/93.

William Cleere of St. Leonard's, Shoreditch, labourer, and William Tapper of Whitechapel, silkweaver, for John Nutting of St. Leonard's aforesaid, blacksmith, charged to be a victualler without licence, and to be a harbourer of rogues in his house.
Sess. Roll 553/35.
Sess. Reg. 2/341.

William — of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields, gentleman, for William Flood of the same, gentleman, for begetting a bastard child on the body of Ann Frye.
Sess. Roll 553/37.
Sess. Reg. 2/344.

William Graston of St. Giles'-without-Cripplegate, gentleman, and Henry Wigmore of St. Dunstan's-in-the-West, clockmaker, for Christopher Travers of Gray's Inn Lane, gentleman, for assaulting and wounding Thomas Iden.
Sess. Roll 553/38.
Sess. Reg. 2/344.

Alan Turner of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields, innkeeper, for George Harperley of the same, victualler, for that he reported that Sir Ferdinand Heyborne, knight, and Mr. Thomas Sheppard of Enfield, gentleman, had agreed to have cozened Alan Turner of a bay gelding, now in the possession of the said Sheppard; and of the said Sheppard for himself and William Beedle of Enfield aforesaid to give evidence against the said George for the said scandal by him committed.
Order that the bay gelding with a star in the forehead shall be stayed in Sheppard's custody ten days.
Sess. Roll 553/39, 108.
Sess. Reg. 2/341, 347.

Edward Weaver of Holborn by the Conduit in the parish of St. Sepulchre's, mercer, and Edmund Young of Hosier Lane in the said parish, fustian-dresser, for Alice Nicholls [Niccolls] of Holborn Conduit aforesaid to be of good behaviour.
Sess. Roll 553/41.
Sess. Reg. 2/341.

— Hickes of Rosemary Lane, brewer's servant, and John Sharp of the same, blacksmith, for Agnes, wife of Balthazar Gee of the same, to be of good behaviour.
Sess. Roll 553/43.
Sess. Reg. 2/341.

Morgan Williams and Evan Marshall of Knockfergus, labourers, for Edward Charlsworth of the same, cook, for felony; and of John Bennett of "Barnsay Streete" [Bermondsey Street], London, tailor, to give evidence against the said Edward.
Sess. Roll 553/44, 45.
G.D.R. 2/93.

William Robinson of Teddington, petty-chapman, to give evidence against Margaret who claims to be his wife; and of Thomas Ruddy of the same, petty-chapman, Andrew Ruddy of St. Mary Somerset, carman, and William Carte of Brentford, butcher, for Margaret, wife of the said Thomas, accused to have two husbands, and for the said Thomas to appear.
Sess. Roll 553/47, 106, 107.
Sess. Reg. 2/345.
G.D.R. 2/93.

Humphrey Banton of Clerkenwell, turner, and John Evans of St. Giles'-without-Cripplegate, tailor, for Samuel Meredith of Clerkenwell, tailor, to answer the complaint of Thomas Bash.
Sess. Roll 553/48.
Sess. Reg. 2/343.

Richard Dale of Chancery Lane, gentleman, and William Daniell of Gray's Inn Lane, gentleman, for Andrew Turley of St. Andrew's, Holborn, tailor, and Isack his wife to answer the complaint of Mistress Knight of Holborn and Elizabeth Appletree of the same, spinster, her servant; and of Roger Allison of St. Andrew's, Holborn, instrument-maker, for the said Elizabeth to keep the peace towards the said Isack.
Sess. Roll 553/49, 122.
Sess. Reg. 2/343.

Robert Rothwood of Edmonton, clockmaker, for John Newton of Hackney, tailor, to be of good behaviour.
Sess. Roll 553/52.
Sess. Reg. 2/343.

George Wilkins of Cow Cross, victualler, to give evidence against John Woolfe, Jasper Staples, Edward Reynoldes, William Jones, John Griffin and Richard Greeneham [Greenham], for a riot; and of Elias Cordrich [Corcherver] of St. Bartholomew's-the-Great, gentleman, and Robert Sherley of Cheapside, goldsmith, for the said Richard Greenham of Long Lane, accused that he, in the company of divers other unruly and disorderly persons, did make a very notable riot at Cow Cross, and pulled down a great part of the dwelling-house of George Wilkins.
All, except Richard Greenham, delivered by proclamation.
Sess. Roll 553/54, 69, 176.
Sess. Reg. 2/342, 349.
G.D.R. 2/91.

John Dent of St. Clement Danes, tailor, and William Collins of Whitechapel, founder, for Mildred Wilkinson of Bethnal Green, spinster, for that she is suspected to keep ill rule, "having had in an eveninge musicions at her hous and certayne men at her hous unknowne, the same complayned by Mr. Seberight and Newet of Stepney Grene."
Sess. Roll 553/62.
Sess. Reg. 2/346.

John Marnard of Field Lane, constable, and Thomas Honor of the same, cordwainer, for Richard Benson of the same, cordwainer [cobbler], suspected of felony.
The said Richard respited for sureties to appear at the next, for being accessory to the robbing of John Cole, gentleman, in Holborn, for which Bennet Knight and William Udall are convicted.
Sess. Roll 553/63.
G.D.R. 2/91, 93d, 96.

12 July, 14 James I [A.D. 1616].
Roger Hunt of Shoe Lane, cutler, and Thomas Hitchkins of Staining Lane, cutler, for Bridget Pasmore of Charterhouse Lane, spinster, presented by the Jury of Annoyances for selling drink without licence, and for keeping a disordered house.
Respited to the next by the Court, and handed over further.
Sess. Roll 553/64, 68.
Sess. Reg. 2/333, 339, 342, 349a.

Henry Gadd, brickmaker, and Robert Gadd, clerk, for William Gadd and Thomas Gadd, silkweavers, all of St. Giles'-withoutCripplegate; they are accused by the Company of Silkweavers to have exercised the trade of a silkweaver, not having been apprenticed by the space of seven years; and the said William is bound over also to keep the peace towards William Weston.
Respited to the next Sessions for the City of London, and in the meantime to abide the order of Mr. Collins and Mr. Michell, with the consent of the rest of the weavers.
Sess. Roll 553/65, 66.
Sess. Reg. 2/342.
G.D.R. 2/95d.

Thomas Fuller of Thames Street, fishmonger, and Thomas Lane of Ratcliffe, chandler, for William Calium of Stepney, accused to keep a disordered house by suffering divers persons to drink in his house in time of Divine Service on the Sabbath day, and for defective measures.
Respited to the next for the suppression of his alehouse because Mr. Michell was not present in court who bound him over, and for that it then appeared that the information given to Mr. Michell was at the prosecution of William Howsegoe, now prisoner in Newgate.
Sess. Roll 553/67.
Sess. Reg. 2/343.

Nicholas Myller [Miller] of Old Street, coster, for Anthony Foord [Foarde] his servant, accused to have grievously bruised and hurt Katherine Buttler "by ryding on his carte and dryving ye same over her."
Sess. Roll 553/70.
Sess. Reg. 2/342.

Henry Welles of Hackney, farrier, and John Mett of the City of London, draper, for Robert Skingle of Hackney, silkweaver, for that he, being admitted at his own entreaty into the Company of Silkweavers and voluntarily took his oath to obey and perform the ordinances of that society, "denieth his obedience and reprocheth and revileth them."
Sess. Roll 553/71.
Sess. Reg. 2/342.

Edward Feild of "Braytonbewcham" [Drayton Beauchamp], co. Buckingham, haberdasher, Jonas Coalebeatche of St. Nicholas, Cole Abbey, vintner, and John Lynckes of Limehouse, mariner, for Amy, wife of Charles Comberland of the same, to appear; and of the said Jonas and John for the said Edward to appear.
The said Amy handed over to the next in bail to the said Edward and William Carye of St. Katherine's, and then came and discharged because no true bill, not to be delivered till Friday that Mr. Saunderson be made acquainted with the cause, being for suspicion of murder.
Sess. Roll 553/75, 79.
Sess. Reg. 2/344, 345, 349a.

Daniel Vanderlake of East Smithfield, tallow-chandler, and Albert Johnson of the same, cooper, for Carterit [Gartred] Dorne of the same, widow, for victualling without licence.
Allowed for tippling as appears afterwards. Further sureties:— the said Albert and John Bayley of the same.
Sess. Roll 553/76.
Sess. Reg. 2/344, 348.

Michael Browne of Hackney, miller, and Thomas Abbes of Ratcliffe, "Practitioner of Musicke", for Thomas Woodward of the same, miller, bound in 100 marks to appear, accused by Elizabeth Ashmore to have begotten her with child.
Came and discharged of this recognizance because Mr. Collins has taken another recognizance for his appearance for the like after her delivery.
Thomas Lane of Ratcliffe bound over to answer for that he discharged the said Thomas Woodward, whom he had arrested by Mr. Recorder's warrant, and dismissed him taking his word for his appearance. To be discharged if paid a fee.
Sess. Roll 553/82.
Sess. Reg. 2/340, 345.

John Anderson of Wapping, gunsmith, for Ann his wife, accused to have received stolen goods.
Sess. Roll 555/84.
Sess. Reg. 2/346.

Timothy Tanner of St. John-the-Baptist, vintner, and Solomon Marche of St. Sepulchre's, butcher, to give evidence against Richard Browne for suspicion of stealing a silver cup.
The said Richard delivered by proclamation.
Sess. Roll 553/85, 176.
G.D.R. 2/91.

Jerome Forde [?] of St. Dunstan's-in-the-West, tailor, for Hugh Godderd, servant to John Miller of the Inner Temple, gentleman, charged with divers misdemeanours upon the information of Alice Hitchins.
Sess. Roll 553/89.
Sess. Reg. 2/341.

Nicholas Bell of St. James', Clerkenwell, victualler, and Tobias Markam of St. Giles'-without-Cripplegate, gardener, for Thomas Lawne of Louth, co. Lincoln, gentleman, bound over for hurting Anthony Ford [Foard].
Sess. Roll 553/90.
Sess. Reg. 2/341.

John Lowe of Charterhouse Lane, tailor, and Robert Griffyn of the same, glover, for Edward Reade of the same, vintner, and Grace, wife of John Rodes [Roades] of the same, vintner, to answer the objections of Thomas Chatfield, constable of the same.
Sess. Roll 553/91, 92.
Sess. Reg. 2/341.

William Inglebert of St. Andrew's, Holborn, gentleman, for William Edwardes of Drury Lane, blacksmith, for departing from his master's service without his licence, being bound apprentice to him.
Came and discharged because his indenture was not enrolled according to law.
Sess. Roll 553/99.
Sess. Reg. 2/343.

Henry Graye of St. Giles'-in-the-Fields to prosecute William Tybolds [Tybballs]; and of William Hudson of Queen Street, joiner, and George Warde of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields, blacksmith, to give evidence against the said Tybolds for suspicion of the murder of Humphrey Graye; and of Thomas Burton of St. Giles' aforesaid, gardener, and Robert Dickens of the same, innholder, for Benedict Lambe of St. Martin's aforesaid, victualler, to answer concerning the death of the said Humphrey.
The said Tybolds guilty, no goods, seeks the book, reads, to be branded, but respited without sureties for three months to be of good behaviour.
The said Benedict not guilty. Respited, and to find two sufficient sureties to be bound in £50 each for his good behaviour, and that he shall not hereafter keep a tavern in the county of Middlesex. Sureties for the said Benedict, who is bound in £100:—Thomas Haninge of St. Clement Danes, baker, and the said Thomas Burton.
The said George respited for sureties to appear at the next.
Sess. Roll 553/102, 120, 176.
G.D.R. 2/91, 92, 93.

Thomas Witham of "Ludston" [? Ledston], co. York, gentleman, and Hugh Longe of St. Giles'-in-the-Fields, tailor, for Edward Bigges of Stondon, co. Essex, gentleman, to answer.
Sess. Roll 553/105.
Sess. Reg. 2/344.

Andrew Allan [Allen] of Gravesend, co. Kent, butcher, to give evidence against Simon Clark for suspicion of stealing £4 9s. [£5 9s.].
Came and handed over to the next because very ill.
Sess. Roll 553/110.
Sess. Reg. 2/347, 349a.

Francis Pintoe of Crutched Friars, merchant, to give evidence against Helen, wife of Thomas Jeronimo of Ratcliffe, "mariner and Moor" [also described as "alien" and "stranger"], for suspicion of stealing "14 bookes of callikoe, 26 pieces of pachers and 108 1b. of suger"; and of John Anthony of the same, "musician and Moor," for the said Helen to appear.
The said Helen handed over further.
Sess. Roll 553/112, 113.
Sess. Reg. 2/346, 349a.
G.D.R. 2/93.

John Loader of St. Giles'-in-the-Fields, grocer, Humphrey Short of St. Andrew's, Holborn, goldsmith, Robert King of Ratcliffe, glover, and Richard Browne of the same, carpenter, for Susan Yelverton of the same, widow, for stealing 44s. in gold.
Sess. Roll 553/114, 115.
Sess. Reg. 2/341.
G.D.R. 2/86d.

Thomas Weston of East Smithfield, scrivener, for Richard Robson of St. Anne's, Blackfriars, charged with incontinency.
Respited to the next and then came and discharged.
Sess. Roll 553/116.
Sess. Reg. 2/345, 349a, 359.

Matthew Smyth of St. Clement Danes, cutler, to give evidence against Elizabeth Toogood for robbing the house of the said Matthew, being her master.
Sess. Roll 553/118, 174.

William Trowman of St. Clement Danes, chandler, and John Busher of the same, tailor, for John Boreman of St. Martin's-in-theFields, tailor, for assaulting, beating and wounding Cicily, wife of Edward Price.
Sess. Roll 553/123.
Sess. Reg. 2/343.

Thomas Browne of Hadley, weaver, and Robert Taylor of the same, labourer, for James Cawdwell [Cadewell] of South Mimms [Finchley], labourer, to answer his misdemeanours for offering violence in the night unto Mary Rippen whereat she made an outcry, and for assaulting Doctor Turner who came forth (hearing the outcry) to assist the said Mary so distressed.
Handed over further to Hugh Smith of St. John Street, porter, and John Freeman of Finchley, brewer, and was discharged.
Sess. Roll 553/125.
Sess. Reg. 2/341, 349.

Griffin Williams of St. Benet Sherehog, minister, to give evidence against William Faukner [Fawkenor] of St. Sepulchre's, one of the bailiffs of the Sheriffs of Middlesex, for making a violent assault upon him upon the king's highway without Highgate; and of Thomas Smyth of Ludgate Hill in the parish of St. Martin's, Ludgate, for the said William to appear at the complaint of the said Griffin.
Sess. Roll 553/126, 128.
Sess. Reg. 2/341.

Anthony Northe and William Clarcke of Hornsey for William Beeker of the same, butcher, to answer for having made a violent assault upon Thomas Askue [Askew] of Highgate, butcher, and grievously wounded him with a sword in two parts of his body.
Sess. Roll 553/127.
Sess. Reg. 2/341.

William Jones of St. Peter's within the Tower of London, picturemaker, to give evidence against Michael French for felony.
Sess. Roll 553/129.

Robert Burch of St. Andrew's, Holborn, tailor, to give evidence against Katherine, wife of David Wager, for felony.
Sess. Roll 553/131.

Recognizances to keep the peace of:—

Richard Stretton of East Smithfield, labourer, and James Mann of the same, mariner, for Thomas Slaytor [Slater] of Ratcliffe, mariner, and Ann his wife.
Came and committed for default of good sureties, and handed over further to William White of St. John Street, gardener, and the said James.
Sess. Roll 553/21, 78.
Sess. Reg. 2/344, 345, 349a.

Robert Westbrooke of Rosemary Lane, brewer, and William Wyat of the same, tailor, for Mary, wife of Thomas Reynoldes of the same; and of Giles Chambers of the same, porter, and Edward Cowdale of St. Thomas-the-Apostle, co. Surrey, porter, for Mary, wife of the said Giles, towards the said Mary Reynoldes.
Sess. Roll 553/19, 22.
Sess. Reg. 2/344.

Abel Durrant of Ratcliffe, husbandman, and Richard Allehuin of the same, shoemaker, for Thomas Morgan of the same, schoolmaster.
Sess. Roll 553/23.
Sess. Reg. 2/345.

Nicholas Sheale and Matthew Benn of St. Katherine's, porters, for Garret Wilkinson of East Smithfield, porter, towards William Wallden.
Sess. Roll 553/24.
Sess. Reg. 2/345.

Robert Hewes of Wapping, cordwainer, and Richard Overton of the same, baker, for Henry Goodgaine of the same, victualler, towards Abigail Bennett, spinster.
Sess. Roll 553/40.
Sess. Reg. 2/341.

Cheney Clatworth of East Smithfield, sailor, for Francis Cornill of the same, brewer's servant, towards Daniel Robertes.
Sess. Roll 553/42.
Sess. Reg. 2/341.

Brian Ashton of St. Giles'-without-Cripplegate, vintner, William Ashton of St. Leonard's, Shoreditch, silkweaver, and Henry Rolfe of St. Giles' aforesaid, clerk, for Jane, wife of the said Brian, towards Elizabeth Jennynges.
Sess. Roll 553/46.
Sess. Reg. 2/346.

Richard Gylman of St. Clement Danes, bricklayer, and Stephen James of Whitechapel, plasterer, for John Harrison of St. Clement Danes, bricklayer.
Sess. Roll 553/74.
Sess. Reg. 2/344.

Hugh Ryding of East Smithfield, labourer, and John Williams of the same, cooper, for Thomas Jenckeins [Jenckins] of the same, labourer, and Joan his wife.
Sess. Roll 553/77, 83.
Sess. Reg. 2/344, 345.

John Bearde of St. Katherine Cree Church, merchant-tailor, for Thomas Myller [Miller] of the same, silk-throwster.
Sess. Roll 553/80.
Sess. Reg. 2/345.

Richard Bird of Charterhouse Hospital, porter, and Thomas Curtis of Enfield, maltman, for Joan, wife of John Bird aforesaid [sic], towards Margaret, wife of Richard Morse of Enfield aforesaid.
Sess. Roll 553/109.
Sess. Reg. 2/346.

Edward Dudley of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields, clothworker, and Thomas Uppon of the same, haberdasher, for Robert Gamon of the same, tailor, and Joyce his wife towards Francis Heryng of the same, tailor, and Joan his wife.
Sess. Roll 553/119.
Sess. Reg. 2/343.

Robert Britten of St. Clement Danes, butcher, John Tucker of the same, butcher, and Joan [Jane] his wife towards Hugh Bradshawe, who seeks the peace towards them and is handed over further.
Sess. Roll 553/121.
Sess. Reg. 2/343, 349.

Indictments of:—

20 July, 14 James I [A.D. 1616].
Hugh Flood of St. Giles'-in-the-Fields [St. Sepulchre's], plasterer, for an assault and battery on Alexander Beckham [Bickham], at St. Giles' aforesaid.
At large.
Prosecutors:—William Thomas, Richard Turner, William Moote.
Sess. Roll 553/132.
Sess. Reg. 2/340.
P.R.B. 1/75d.

George Wilkins of Cow Cross, victualler, for assaulting John Parker of St. Andrew's, Holborn, tapster, in the highway at Cow Cross, and robbing him of a cloak worth 30s. and a black felt hat worth 3s. 4d.
Acknowledged the indictment and fined 2s.
Prosecutors:—Abraham Greene, Elizabeth Floyd, Geoffrey Stephenson, William Th—, William B—.
Sureties:—William Stevens of Cow Cross, cordwainer, and William Booth of the same, chandler.
Sess. Roll 553/86, 93, 133.
Sess. Reg. 2/346.
G.D.R. 2/93.

John Russell of St. Giles'-in-the-Fields, "mettleman", for an assault and battery on Thomas Johnson of the same, "metleman", and Elizabeth his wife, at the same.
Acknowledged the indictment and fined 5s.
Sureties:—David Byan, bitmaker, and William Friday, carpenter, both of the same.
Sess. Roll 553/124, 134.
Sess. Reg. 2/343.

20 July, 14 James I [A.D. 1616].
William Redman [Readman, Reddam] of Ratcliffe, gentleman, for selling divers gallons of milk by a certain false quart measure. He is "accused to have grinded his measure wherewith he uttereth his milke to the deceipt of his Maties subiectes and contrarye to his bargaynes."
Came upon indictment and pleaded not guilty, therefore handed over further to prosecute the traverse of his indictment with effect. Afterwards came and was discharged because it appears to the Court that the indictment is insufficient in law, and he shall go thereof without a day.
Prosecutors:—Henry Hemms [Hemminge] of Whitechapel, smith, Frances Willis [Willowes] of the same, spinster, Matthew Coppe of Whitecross Street, shoemaker.
Sureties:—Edward Tompson of Ratcliffe aforesaid, gentleman, Gilbert Darley [Darlinge] of the same, glover.
Sess. Roll 552/63.
Sess. Roll 553/72, 136.
Sess. Reg. 2/336, 339, 349.

John Baker of Ratcliffe for assaulting and beating Ann Uster, widow, at the same; and for stealing a coverlet worth 10s. and a blanket worth 3s., belonging to the said Ann.
At large. Outlawed at the Sessions held on 16 April, 16 James I [A.D. 1618].
Prosecutor:—Gilbert Darley.
Sess. Roll 553/139, 140.
P.R.B. 1/75d.

John Hunnyard [Honyarde] of St. Sepulchre's, tailor, John Cooke of Shoreditch, William Peirse [Pearse, Pyerse] of the same and Samuel Bent of St. Katherine's, tailor, for stealing a cloak worth 20s. belonging to John Richardson, at Shoreditch; and for suspicion of stealing a cloak of John Harrington.
Respited to the next without bail, because the evidence not complete at this. Came and discharged.
Prosecutors:—William Baseley of Shoreditch, victualler; and Richard Usted of the same, wheelwright, for Winifred Richardson of the same, victualler.
Sess. Roll 553/58, 61, 141, 176.
G.D.R. 2/91d, 96.

1 July, 14 James I [A.D. 1616]
Benjamin Bannister and Richard Gregory of Islington for assaulting John Shipley at the same, the said Richard striking the said John with a long cart whip worth ½d. which he had in his hands, giving him a mortal bruise two inches long and half an inch wide on the right side of his head, of which mortal bruise he instantly died, and the said Benjamin aiding and abetting the said Richard in killing the said John in manner and form aforesaid; and so the jurors say on their oath that the said Benjamin and Richard killed the said John in manner and form aforesaid.
Both not guilty of manslaughter. At large.
Prosecutors:—Richard Allen, Jane Shipley, Thomas Wickham, Henry Burridge, Elizabeth Bowyer.
Sess. Roll 553/142.
G.D.R. 2/92.

Peter Fenton of Clerkenwell for stealing a cloak worth 30s. belonging to Thomas Taylor of the same, tailor, at the same.
Not guilty.
Prosecutor:—Thomas Piereson.
Sess. Roll 553/53, 143.
G.D.R. 2/92d.

Alice Foster alias Redshawe alias Collingwood of High Holborn for stealing a pair of satin hose worth £10 and a pair of garters worth 20s., belonging to Sir Timothy Remington, knight, at the same; and, together with Joan Chapple [Capell, Chappell] alias Greene of Clerkenwell, spinster, for stealing a cloak worth 20s., belonging to Roger Webb of the same, victualler, and six cross-cloths worth 6s., a russet hat-band worth 9s. and an apron worth 7s., belonging to Sarah Brett, at the same.
The said Alice guilty, no goods, to be hanged. Pleads pregnancy, found not pregnant.
The said Joan not guilty, but respited for sureties to be of good behaviour. Delivered by proclamation.
Prosecutors:—Thomas Ascough, George Bennett, Elizabeth Wils—and George Wynn of Gray's Inn Lane, victualler.
Sess. Roll 553/73, 137, 144, 145
G.D.R. 2/91d, 92d, 93d, 94d.

Edward Trappes of Finchley [Highgate] and George White of the same [of Edmonton] for assaulting Edward Curtis in the highway at the same, and robbing him of a pair of stockings worth 4s., a little box worth 18d., a pair of gloves worth 8d., a handkerchief worth 18d., and 30s. in money, out of the pocket of the said Edward; and for assaulting William Evans of Hackney in the highway at Highgate, and robbing him of a white gelding worth 100s., and a saddle and bridle worth 15s., belonging to Edward Catcher, gentleman; and a cloak worth 20s., and 2s. 8d. in money, belonging to the said William; and of the said George for assaulting Thomas Jones in the highway at Edmonton and robbing him of a little brush worth 1d., a knife and sheath worth 2d., and 80s. in money.
Both guilty, no goods, to be hanged. The said Edward respited after judgment.
Prosecutors:—Ann Baylie, William Hewgill, Timothy Newman, Richard C—, William Winter of Barnet, co. Hertford, grocer, Roland Potter and John Pittman [Pitman] of the same.
The said Pittman, Potter and Winter, servants at the Red Lion in Barnet aforesaid, committed until they shall find sureties for their good behaviour for giving false evidence touching the robbery by Trappes committed at Finchley, as appears upon the oath of Jerome Littleboye of the same.
Sureties for the said Pittman, Potter and Winter:—William Sutton of Newgate Market, vintner, William Sutton of Barnet aforesaid, grocer, James Winter of St. John Street.
Sess. Roll 553/59, 146–50, 176.
Sess. Reg. 2/346.
G.D.R. 2/92d, 93d, 95d, 96.

Thomas Goodwin [Godwyne] and Richard Simmes [Symes] of Islington for stealing two wether sheep each worth 6s., four ewe sheep each worth 4s. and three lambs each worth 4s., 8d., belonging to Richard Lawrence of Harding, co. Hertford; and one wether sheep worth 5s., belonging to Robert Finche of Northaw, co. Hertford, all at Islington aforesaid.
Both guilty of five sheep, no goods, seek the book, read, to be branded; not guilty of the rest.
Prosecutor:—Henry Robinson.
Sess. Roll 553/56, 57, 151, 152, 176.
G.D.R. 2/92d.

George Stacey [Stasey] and John Taylor of Gray's Inn Lane for stealing a waistcoat worth 12d. belonging to Edward Pardey [Pardie] of the same, silk-dyer, at the same.
The said George acknowledged, to be whipped.
The said John not guilty.
Sess. Roll 553/100, 153, 176.
G.D.R. 2/92d.

30 April, 14 James I [A.D. 1616].
Elizabeth Bates and Grace Gauntlett of Norton Folgate, spinsters, for stealing a black felt hat lined with velvet worth 16s., belonging to Henry Dennys [Dennis] of Hog Lane, at Norton Folgate aforesaid.
Both not guilty.
Prosecutors:—The said Henry and Magdalen his wife.
Sess. Roll 553/55, 154, 176.
G.D.R. 2/92.

Mary Arthur of Chancery Lane, spinster, for stealing two pewter dishes worth 6d. and twelve saucers worth 13d., belonging to William Griffen of the same, cook, at the same.
Guilty to the value of 10d., no goods, to be whipped.
Sess. Roll 553/101, 155, 176.
G.D.R. 2/92.

13 August, 14 James I [A.D. 1616].
Hugh Browne of Old Street for assaulting Alan Griffen at the same, striking him in the left part of the stomach with a sword worth 5s. which he had in his right hand, giving him a mortal wound one inch deep and half an inch wide, of which mortal wound the said Alan languished until 15 August then next following, when he died, at the same; and so the jurors say on their oath that the said Hugh killed the said Alan in manner and form aforesaid.
Guilty of manslaughter, no goods, seeks the book, does not read, to be hanged.
Prosecutor:—Edward —
Sess. Roll 553/156.
G.D.R. 2/92.
[see also p. 309].

5 June, 14 James I [A.D. 1616].
Emma, wife of Thomas Branch [Branche] of Tottenham, labourer, for practising witchcrafts, enchantments, charms and sorceries upon Edward Wheeler, an infant aged three-quarters of a year, so that he became ill and lame and died; and upon Ann Howell so that she languished and wasted away in her whole body and became lame and still so lives; and upon Joan Aldridge so that she likewise has become wasted away and lame and still so lives, all at Tottenham aforesaid.
The said Emma, being suspected to be a witch, was committed by the pleasure of the Court, respited to the next and handed in bail as appears at Hicks Hall, respited further because the evidence not complete, committed because indicted, and found not guilty.
Prosecutors:—Mary Aldridge, Katherine Barbor, Alice Smythe.
Sess. Roll 553/157–9.
Sess. Reg. 2/326, 346.
G.D.R. 2/89d, 92, 93.

Sir Georges Sandes [Sandys] of Knightsbridge [Kensington], knight, and Isaac Hawkins of the same, gentleman, for assaulting Anthony Culverwell of Little Wood Street, gentleman, in the highway at Knightsbridge, and robbing him of a cloak worth 40s. and a watch worth 40s.; and for assaulting John Foxe of St. Dionis, Backchurch, gentleman, in the said highway, and robbing him of a cloak worth 10s., a hat-band worth 2s., a ruff-band worth 2s., a handkerchief worth 2s., a pair of gloves worth 6d. and a knife worth 6d.; and of the said Sir George for assaulting John Marston of St. Dunstan's-in-the-West, gentleman, in the highway at Kensington, and robbing him of a "blacke roned geldinge" worth £10, a green saddle worth 10s., a bridle worth 6d., a silk purse worth 2s. 8d., a handkerchief worth 3s., a sword worth 3s., a pair of hangers worth 5s., a riding-coat worth 20s., a taffeta hat-band worth 4s., two pieces of gold called King James' Units worth 44s., one piece of gold worth 10s. 6d. and 18s. in money; and of the said Sir George, Isaac and Anthony Soday of Knightsbridge, all for assaulting Robert Wright of St. Anne and St. Agnes, Aldersgate, gentleman [merchant], in the highway at Knightsbridge, and robbing him of a gray gelding worth £7, a "chesnutt bay" gelding worth £8, three saddles worth 40s., a ring worth 40s., a cloak worth 30s., a hat-band worth 3s., a pair of garters worth 2d., a purse worth 5s. and 18d. in money in it.
The said Sir George not guilty.
The said Isaac guilty, no goods, to be hanged.
The said Anthony deleted, no true bill.
Prosecutors:—Alexander Dixon, Elizabeth Smythe.
Sess. Roll 553/117, 130, 160–3, 176.
G.D.R. 2/91d.

Robert Holloway [Hollowaie] of Bethnal Green for stealing two wether sheep each worth 8s., eight ewe sheep each worth 6s. 8d. and four lambs each worth 5s., belonging to a man unknown, at the same.
Not guilty.
Prosecutor:—Francis Hill of Whitechapel, butcher.
Sess. Roll 553/111, 164, 176.
G.D.R. 2/92.

William Hollingworthe of Hackney, Thomas Darby [Darbie] of Bethnal Green and John Payne of Holywell Street, for stealing three heifers each worth 46s. 3d. [?], belonging to John Grubb of West Ham, co. Essex, at Hackney; and of the said Darby for stealing a red [heifer] worth 50s., belonging to Simon Corbett of Walthamstow, co. Essex, monier, at Bethnal Green.
All guilty, no goods, seek the book, read, to be branded.
Prosecutor:—Nicholas D—, James—, Stephen Newman of Bethnal Green, Thomas—. The said Corbett to give evidence also against the said Hollingworthe for stealing four heifers.
Sureties for the said Payne, for stealing two beasts from Wanstead Common in Essex:—John Mason of Whitecross Street, weaver, and Nicholas Abell of Holywell Street, shoemaker.
Sess. Roll 553/50, 51, 60, 165, 171.
Sess. Reg. 2/340.
G.D.R. 2/92, 93.

24 July, 14 James I [A.D. 1616].
George Rider [Ryder] of Whitecross Street, haberdasher, for stealing a beaver hat worth 40s., belonging to Robert Rust of London, haberdasher, out of the house of John Ledsome at Whitecross Street aforesaid, and for having sold the same.
Not guilty.
Prosecutor:—William Ledsam.
Sureties:—John Styles of Whitecross Street, victualler, and Michael Kirke of the same, sheathmaker.
Sess. Roll 553/87, 94, 166.
Sess. Reg. 2/344.
G.D.R. 2/91d, 93.

George Thurwall [Thurwaile] of Bethnal Green for stealing a gray gelding worth —s. belonging to William Palmer of the same, gentleman, at the same.
Guilty, no goods, to be hanged.
Prosecutors:—Edward Foxe of the same, husbandman, Thomas Moore and Walter Bone, servants of Thomas Hogg of the same.
Sess. Roll 553/97, 98, 167, 176.
G.D.R. 2/91d.

Cuthbert Lockwood of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields for breaking into the house of Thomas Price [Pryce] of the same, yeoman, at the same, about eleven o'clock at night, and stealing a piece of velvet worth 30s., 17 oz. of gold lace worth 20s., two pieces of satin worth 16s. and three pieces of silk and gold fringe worth 4s., belonging to the Most Serene Lady the Queen Anne; and of Thomas Gunne and Henry Smith of St. Martin's aforesaid for receiving and helping the said Cuthbert after the said felony.
The said Cuthbert guilty, no goods, to be hanged.
The said Thomas and Henry guilty, no goods, seek the book, read, to be branded.
Sess. Roll 553/88, 168, 176.
G.D.R. 2/92.

Francis Dixon and Thomas Grimes of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields for breaking into the house of Thomas Stephens of the same, at the same, about eleven o'clock at night, alarming the household, and stealing nine candlesticks worth 22s., seven pewter dishes worth £3 and two cloaks worth 50s., belonging to the said Thomas Stephens.
The said Dixon not guilty of burglary, guilty of felony, no goods, seeks the book, reads, to be branded.
The said Grimes not guilty.
Prosecutors:—Jerome Thornton, Katherine, wife of the said Thomas Stephens, Paul Bettermy [Betterman] of the same, tailor.
Sess. Roll 553/103, 169, 176.
G.D.R. 2/91d.

Edward Heaton [Eaton], Robert Beare [Beere], and Abel Wither [Withers] of Paddington for assaulting William Martindale of Willesden, gentleman, in the highway at Paddington aforesaid, and robbing him of—girdles worth 20s., two gold rings worth 20s., a gold ring enamelled worth 8s., a sword worth —s., six ells of holland worth 13s., a purse worth 1d., and £6 in money in it.
The said Edward and Robert guilty, no goods, to be hanged.
The said Abel not guilty.
Sess. Roll 553/95, 170, 176.
G.D.R. 2/91d.

Coroner's Inquest:—

—August, 14 James I [A.D. 1616].
Inquest taken at—in Old Street in the parish of St. Giles'without-Cripplegate before Robert Bright, gentleman, coroner,— by the oath of —, Thomas Andrewes, Robert Franck, —, Nicholas Hason, Edmund Stanbridge, Thomas Elinge, William Punter, —, who say on their oath that Hugh Browne of St. Giles' aforesaid assaulted Alan Griffin, victualler, in Old Street aforesaid with a sword, wounding him in the left part of the stomach. [Right half of document missing].
Sess. Roll 553/175.
[See also p. 305].

5 September, 14 James I [A.D. 1616].
Precept, issued by Sir Thomas Fowler, knight, Nicholas Collyn, Edward Doubledaye and Francis Michell, esquires, to summon a jury to Hicks Hall in St. John Street on 6 September to try certain treasons, etc. Signed by the justices.
Endorsed by William Gore and John Gore, sheriffs, that the execution appears in a certain panel annexed to the same.
Names of jurors:—
John Mitchell of St. John Street.
William Hayward of the same.
Thomas Sparkes of the same.
Thomas Dunnyng of the same [and twenty illegible names, sixteen of which are sworn].
Sess. Roll 553/174, 174a.

10 August, 14 James I [A.D. 1616).
Jury writ for the Sessions.
Sess. Roll 553/172.

Gaol Delivery Roll.

[Document very rubbed and mostly illegible].
Sess. Roll 553/176.


p.340. Margaret Catesbye of Golding Lane, widow, taken before Francis Michell, William Bowes and Nicholas Bestney, esquires, Commissioners, to answer for her bad behaviour in her house, presented by the Jury of Annoyances "as appears on folio 39."

Helen Williams of the same, widow, taken as above, for the like. Discharged on 14 September, 14 James I [A.D. 1616].

Evan Floyde of Turnmill Street, victualler, taken as above, for the like, "as appears on folio 69."

Came and discharged:—

William Wiggens of Stoke Newington, monier, not to keep company with Anne Perkins with whom he is charged to live incontinently.

William Fairclough of Westminster, chandler, to answer concerning the taking and carrying away of pikes belonging to the Watch of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields.

p.342. Henry Caporne of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields for abusing Sir Lewis Lewkenor in open court, saying he did him wrong. Afterwards discharged.

p.344. John Shepperd of "Lillypott Lane," London, bricklayer, committed for working upon a new foundation in Drury Lane, and handed in bail to Richard Smith of Holborn upon condition that he shall appear before the Lords of the Council at their first sitting at Whitehall, and in the meantime not to go on in the building and withall to do his best endeavour to bring forth Mr. Beeston to-morrow in court, then his appearance to be spared and Beeston to be bound. On 10 September, A.D. 1616, discharged by order of the Justices.

Lawrence Stanley of Fulham, innkeeper, for abusing the Lord Bishop of London (and p.349a).

p.345. Robert Penne of Drury Lane brought to the Court for setting up a new building in Drury Lane, to appear before the Lords of the Council at Whitehall, and in the meantime not to proceed with his building.

p.347. William Warner, son of John Warner of Hackney, baker, apprenticed to Roland Borebancke of London, glover, for nine years from the feast of St. John the Baptist last past, as appears by indenture dated 5 September, A.D. 1616.

Complaint being made unto the Court by John Beane that Richard Davyes, the porter of the House of Correction, had hurt and wounded him, and being sent for to come to the Court he refused to come; it is therefore ordered that the said Davyes shall be presently discharged from being porter.

Henry Hall committed to the House of Correction for stealing lead.

Whereas the Court is informed that there is a new building to hand to be set and erected "in Drury Lane nere Lincolnes Inne feilds att and adioyninge to the Cockepitt", contrary to the law and his Majesty's proclamations; it is therefore ordered that the said new building shall presently be stayed, and the workmen committed to prison that shall hereafter presume to go forward in the said new building, and also such as shall set them on work having had warning already to forbear; and further it is ordered that all other new buildings whatsoever be likewise stayed.

Thomas Chatfield, constable of Charterhouse Lane, broker, brought to the Court for divers misdemeanours done in his office of constableship, he is presently to be dismissed from being constable and to put in very good sureties for good behaviour and appearance at the next Sessions; there are divers articles proved against him upon oath, he is committed for want of sufficient sureties and afterwards bailed by Owen Francklin of Charterhouse Lane, merchant-tailor, and Thomas Smarte of the same, shoemaker (and p. 349a).

Thomas Bates of Charterhouse Lane sworn constable.

pp.347–8. Licensed tipplers:— (fn. 1)

Peter Turke of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields. William Mote, joiner, and John Bordman, tailor, both of the same.

Bartholomew Middleton of Golding Lane. Richard Averye of the same and Roger Davyes of Thomes Street.

Edward Stanhoppe of St. John Street. Thomas Wethe and Thomas Hall, butcher, both of the same. Allowed by the Court at the petition of John Attree.

Roger Ellis of St. Katherine's. Roger Wilson of Barbican and Thomas Gardiner of Dowgate, merchant-tailors.

Henry Dawson of St. Clement Danes. John Bromeley and George Farborne, scrivener, both of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields.

John Douglas of Whitechapel. Henry Marshall and Richard Vaughan of the same.

Robert Collins of Stepney. Richard Carter and John Collins of the same.

John Boarer of Poplar. Richard Reynoldes and Thomas Hill of the same.

Daniel Crews of Norton Folgate. Edward Hayes and Robert Sheffeilde of the same.

Richard Leared of St. Giles'-in-the-Fields. William Harryson and Robert Foardam of the same.

David Price of Gray's Inn Lane. James Squyer, smith, and John Price, both of Clerkenwell.

Richard Harrys of St. Mary-le-Strand. Thomas Hodges and Robert Acton, vintner, both of Shoe Lane.


f.91. Hugh Catlin and Elizabeth Greene delivered by proclamation.

Joseph Morgin, John Ellis, Francis Bradworth, John Darke, Francis Morden and Tobias Davis respited to the House of Correction.

f.93. Margaret, wife of Peter Isam of Chancery Lane, bound over at the last Sessions being charged by George Fouche to receive stolen goods.

f.93d. John Howseman of St. Giles'-in-the-Fields, victualler, and William Hochins of the same, joiner, taken before Robert Bright, coroner. The said John made default, the said William came.

Robert Warde of East Smithfield, barber, handed in bail to John Heringe and Richard Wolthall of the same, tailors, to appear at the next Sessions, having been detained in gaol for lack of sureties for his good behaviour (and f.96 and Sess. Roll 553/176).

f.94. Richard Knotte of Charterhouse Lane, shoemaker, Thomas Buller of St. Bartholomew's-the-Great, grocer, and William Hawarde of St. Sepulchre's for Margery [Margaret], wife of the said Richard Knotte, to appear before the Justices at the next Gaol Delivery to be held in the county of Huntingdon, to answer for suspicion of stealing a purse and £30 in it from the person of Thomas Martin of St. Ives, co. Huntingdon [of Grantchester, co. Cambridge], she having been detained in gaol by warrant of the Lord Mayor of the City of London (and f.91, Sess. Roll 553/176 and Sess. Reg. 2/349a).

Ann Rawlins [Rawlinges] of St. Andrew's, Holborn, widow, handed in bail to John Hopper of Field Lane, gentleman, and Henry Mercer of Holborn, chandler, to appear and be of good behaviour (and f.91d.)


  • 1. See footnote on p. 258.