Appendix III (b): Miscellaneous documents

Pages 340-343

County of Middlesex. Calendar To the Sessions Records: New Series, Volume 3, 1615-16. Originally published by Clerk of the Peace, London, 1937.

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[Note.—These are documents relating to the period from January 1612 to September 1616 included in two collections purchased by the County of Middlesex from Messrs. Myers and Co. in November 1936 and April 1937.]

4 April, 11 James I [A.D. 1613].
Indictment of Avice, wife of Henry Ellyott of Turnmill Street, button-maker, for stealing a pair of sheets worth 2s., four shirts worth 4s., two smocks worth 4s., six "handkerchers" worth 3s., a pillowbeer worth 18d., a tablecloth worth 18s. and six "neckinchers" worth 4s., belonging to Edward Hopley, at the same.
At large.
Prosecutors:—Frances Connopp, Elizabeth Hopley, Frances Ellyott. [See Middlesex Sessions Records, New Series, Vol I. p. 123].
App. III/1.

[15 April, A.D. 1613].
(fn. 1) Order by the Court for the prices of strong beer and ale to be 8s. the barrel and not more, and small beer and ale to be 4s. the barrel, the rates to continue for one whole year.
Order by the Court for the Assize of bread to be as it is in London.
Order by the Court for the rates for servants' wages to be as they were last year.
It was then agreed that, touching such further order as shall be necessary to be taken concerning a new composition to be made for the provision of his Majesty's household with the undertakers for the same for the county of Middlesex, Sir William Waad, knight, Lieutenant of the Tower of London, Sir Thomas Fowler, Sir Robert Johnson and Sir Baptist Hicks, knights, and Henry Spiller, esquire, shall meet at Hicks Hall on Tuesday next by nine of the clock in the forenoon, and shall then and there on behalf of the whole county make an absolute composition touching the said provision, either with the former undertakers or with such other persons as will from henceforth undertake the said provision, and do therein as best shall seem fitting in their discretions; and shall also, if cause require, proceed to a taxation of the county for such sums of money as shall appear to them to be necessary to be used or rated for the same, which order so by them taken the whole county shall be bound to perform and keep. According to which order the said Sir William Waad, Sir Thomas Fowler, Sir Baptist Hicks and Sir Robert Johnson, knights, and Henry Spiller, esquire, did then and there meet, and because Thomas Gawyn and Edward Dickenson, who did formerly undertake the said composition, were not bound to continue the same for any certain time and had both lately enhanced the rates of the composition formerly made with them for this county, and for that also the said Justices were credibly informed that the said Gawyn and Dickenson do undertake the composition for other counties, and do make the most part of their provision for the said foreign counties in Smithfield and other markets within this county, thereby, as they conceive, disfurnishing this county of the proper provision for the same, they did therefore then and there agree that Mr. [William] Lambe, high constable of the north part of Osulstone hundred, should presently forthwith make the said provision and undertake the same according to these rates and agreements, to wit, for the veals £82 13s. 4d. yearly and for the poultry £55 yearly, the same to continue for three whole years next ensuing; and shall also at or before the next General Sessions enter into bonds, with like sum and condition that the said Gawen and Dickenson formerly did, to John Barnes and Ralph Hawtrey, esquires, Justices, for and on behalf of the said county for the due performance of the said rates and agreements; and shall also procure a sufficient discharge to the said county every year upon the receipt of the money to be paid to the said Mr. Lambe for the said composition. [See ibid, pp. 254–5.]
Humphrey Yelverton of Ratcliffe, carpenter, respited by the Court for tippling without licence.
William Jones of Tottenham Court, victualler, respited by the Court because ill, for the like.

Came and discharged:—
Richard Raynor of Hillingdon, tanner, for good behaviour, and not to fish any more in the river of Uxbridge or Hillingdon.
John Raynor of the same, tanner, for the like.
John Miller of Hounslow, yeoman, respited by this Court because ill, for good behaviour.
Francis Blackwell of Ickenham, husbandman, for good behaviour.
Richard Harker of Ruislip, butcher, for stealing a ram.
John Lidgolde of Ashford, husbandman, by the Court at the Justice Hall, for good behaviour, for the ravishing of Margaret Marshall.
Roger Wells of Hampton, husbandman, for good behaviour.
Richard Hitcocke of East Smithfield, butcher, for the like.
John Weston of Whitechapel, chandler, for cozening John Catton at cards. [See ibid, p. 41.]
John Bardett of Turnmill Street, shoemaker, suspected to have stolen a cloak from Thomas Goodcole. [See ibid, p. 41.]
William Hockcliffe of Cow Cross, butcher, for unlawfully taking money of divers persons under colour of searching for flesh this time of Lent. [See ibid, p. 69.]
Reginald Davies of the Strand, gentleman, for the peace at the suit of Thomas Thorles. [See ibid, p. 53.]
Lewis Sermoe of the Minories, gold-drawer, for good behaviour. [See ibid, p. 68.]

Alice Odiarne of St. Gile's-in-the-Fields, widow, to give evidence against John Colte for wounding John Cartwright. [See ibid, p. 56.]
Robert Smithe of Whetstone, innholder, respited by the Court aforesaid because ill. [See ibid, p. 69.]
App. 111/2.

9 July, 13 James I [A.D. 1615.]
Indictment of Robert Hodson of Paddington, labourer, for stealing the flesh of three half sheep worth 6s. belonging to a man unknown, at the same.
Not guilty.
Prosecutor:—Thomas Lloyd. [See Middlesex Sessions Records, New Series, Vol. II, p. 348.]
App. 111/3.


  • 1. This is a page from the Sessions Register, Volume I, which clearly relates to the General Sessions held on 15 April, A.D. 1613, and should be inserted between pages 598 and 599. [See Middlesex Sessions Records, New Series, Vol. I, pp. 76–7.]